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The Golden Age in Kali-yuga: A Time for Upliftment


In spite of all that has been said about the dark future of Kali-yuga, all is not yet lost. As mentioned at the end of Chapter Three, there are plenty of good possibilities and benefits ahead. So do not give  up hope. Although we can certainly see in any newspaper how various portions of the Vedic prophecies are starting to appear, there is, nonetheless, a 10,000 year period in the 432,000 years of  Kali-yuga when everything can change for the better. This is a very important period of time we must note because, according to the Vedic descriptions, it has many advantages and will show a rise in  people's consciousness, spiritual awareness, enlightenment, knowledge, unity, and harmony in many areas of life. However, this will happen only if we make a concerted effort to make the right positive  changes, otherwise we could lose the opportunity. The time in which this takes place is called the "Golden Age in Kali-yuga," which we are in right now.


In this Golden Age of Kali there will be a struggle, or polarization, between the forces of light and darkness. The forces of darkness are formidable now and getting stronger, but the forces of light and  those who are working to bring more light into this world are also quite strong and progressing. If we keep working to bring in the forces of light and to spread genuine spiritual knowledge, this world  can be made into a place that provides a higher, spiritually progressive, level of existence. But this depends on whether the downward or deteriorating tendency of the age of Kali can be curbed. That is  possible only by working to increase the level of spiritual awareness throughout the world. Despite all of the wars or changes on the planet that are predicted to happen in the next several years, these  are not absolute. These can be lessened or even eliminated by changing the vibratory level in the atmosphere by transforming the social consciousness. The more we change ourselves, the more we also  change our future. In the decade of the late 1980s and early 1990s we have seen so many changes in favor of the dismantling of what are no doubt manifestations of the forces of darkness, such as the  tearing down of the Berlin Wall, changes in the Soviet Union, and other governmental and social alterations worldwide. There are also increasing changes occurring in our understanding of things that  are no longer healthy, such as the consumption of red meat, the smoking of cigarettes, stress in our jobs, violence on television and in movies, and so on. We are also learning more about the ancient  ways of making our lives, homes, and work spaces more nurturing and healthy for inner as well as outer growth and development. There is increased interest in the ancient alternative methods of  medicine, and interest in finding alternatives to fossil fuels. There is also a greater interest and clearer understanding that there is more to life than this mere physical level of existence, as we can  plainly see by all of the published accounts of those who have had the "near death experience" or have journeyed into the light.


Also, more people are recognizing that life is meant to be more than a mere struggle to exist while trying to raise a family. Life does not have to be based solely around acquiring the almighty dollar,  the accumulation of which becomes the basis of our happiness as well as the cause of much of our unhappiness when we do not get dollars. More people are seeing that life is for understanding the  lessons we are meant to learn in this human experience that force us to take another look at who and what we really are. Rather than wondering why certain things happen to us, people are beginning to  realize that incidents, whether good or bad, lead us to accomplish progressive evolutionary transformations in our consciousness; changes in our view of what we are meant to do in this life. Thus, life  does not need to be a struggle at all. However, if we were more tuned into what life is offering us, we may be less subject to learning life's lessons the hard way through difficult situations. It is often  said that a person will learn more about him or herself through difficulties, challenges, or tests in life, rather than through times that are easy. Normally this may be the case. But if we are more aware  of the purpose of life, we may learn as much about ourselves through happy and fun times, too. For example, in this lifetime you may be here to learn about yourself because of some karmic  adjustment that needs to happen due to some past life debt. You may need to develop some latent talent from which you, as well as other people, may benefit. Or you maybe here to help bring in  evolutionary changes in society. The possibilities of your purpose and where you fit are endless. Everyone has a purpose and a reason for being. By understanding this, we can see that the world and our  perception of ourselves is changing and growing.


This is not so surprising for those of us who know what is meant to take place in this Golden Age in Kali-yuga. This trend of development will continue because it is predicted that much of the ancient  knowledge that was lost for hundreds and thousands of years, especially in the dark ages, will again be revealed. We can see that this is presently happening. Therefore, many of the recent discoveries  and achievements and information that we are using today to enhance our lives is knowledge that has been around from long ago that we are now only rediscovering. This is very evident when we study  the ancient sciences of the Vedas, which we have related in the previous volumes of this series, The Secret Teachings of the Vedas and The Universal Path to Enlightenment.


This tendency to rediscover and use the ancient wisdom and to bring in the forces of light and spiritual development is predicted to last another 10,000 years. In the Brahma-vaivarta Purana, Sri Krishna  foretold that after 5,000 years of Kah-yuga have passed, His mantra upasaka (the devotee who worships His holy names) will appear in this world and spread the chanting of Krishna's names all over the  planet. This is said to be what will cause a change of consciousness wherever it goes, and in whomever it contacts. The extent to which this is established will determine the degree to which the negative  influences of the age of Kali will be stifled. This period of global spiritual awareness will continue until approximately 12,000 A.D. Lord Krishna goes on to say that when this period ends, the full force  of Kali will take hold and all of the changes of Kali-yuga, as mentioned in the previous chapter, will begin to manifest without hindrance. Therefore, we should take advantage of this time while we have  the opportunity. In some ways, this Golden Age in Kali-yuga is like the last gas station on the edge of the desert. It is our last chance to prepare ourselves and fill our car with gasoline before we enter  the danger zone. Similarly, this Golden Age in Kali-yuga is our last chance to improve ourselves, individually and collectively, before facing the full onslaught of Kali-yuga.