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It is obvious to many that the forces of darkness are getting stronger as the years go by, as the Age of Kali advances. Moral standards decrease while crime increases. Similarly, the forces of light are  also getting stronger, and new levels of knowledge are coming into this earthly plane, the likes of which we have not understood before. The characteristics between the forces of light and darkness are  becoming more distinct. Therefore, the people of this earth will participate in this polarization and will be required to decide with which force they will participate: The spiritual and progressive level,  or the descending and materialistic one.


As this polarization increases, the future of the world becomes twofold: One aspect will be the obvious physical and geographic changes, as described in the last chapter. The other will be the more  spiritual changes. The physical, social, and geographic changes will not be viewed or experienced as so drastic by those who flow into the higher dimension, while the planet earth will display a hard  and difficult life for those who remain absorbed in the lower materialistic and fearful level of consciousness. The earth will accommodate both levels of dimension, but the views of existence on earth  will be very different from each level. There will, indeed, be a higher and progressive energy shift, as predicted by the Vedic scripture, and it is already in progress. In this cycle, the planetary changes,  whether they seem good or severe, will be a cleansing process to help bring in the needed progress and new species of humanity, at least while the Golden Age within Kali-yuga continues. What this  means is that we are at a decisive point. There will be a transformed world. It will be attained by force through an apocalypse, or through cooperation by a planetary awakening. Whether the whole  population awakens is not necessary. Only a certain percentage need be enlightened in this way because the power of light will far exceed and overpower the force of darkness or materialism, at least  enough to keep the positive changes available for those who wish to participate in them. Naturally, not everyone will be interested. This polarization during this age of Kali means that people will  vibrate on different levels. As the consciousness of those who are spiritually inclined develops, they will become increasingly open to extraordinary experiences. They will become more in tuned with  levels of higher realms, and beings who exist in those realms. Communications between us and those of higher dimensions will also increase. After all, higher consciousness means you vibrate and  perceive that which is on higher levels of existence. The more spiritual you become, the more you can perceive that which is spiritual.


As genuine religionists, devotees, and sages become successful in the process of spiritual development and begin to disappear from the face of the earth, or disengage themselves from materialistic  society, or rise above the earthly plane before the Golden Age in Kali-yuga comes to an end, they will reach higher dimensions that will be imperceptible to those on the lower levels. The vibratory  levels of their thinking and consciousness will bring them to higher dimensions of existence. Thus, they will separate themselves from the rest of society, and the severe changes in Kali-yuga, described  in Chapter Four, may not be so applicable to them. They will have risen above it, even if remaining ia this earthly existence. An example of this is Srila Vyasadeva. The Vedic texts state that Srila  Vyasadeva, the compiler of the Vedic literature, still lives at Badarikashrama in the Himalayas, although no one can see him. And there are other descriptions of sages and masters who have been living  in the region of the Himalaya mountains who are hundreds of years old. Yet how can Vyasadeva live there without being seen for so many thousands of years? This is possible because he lives in a  higher dimension of energy which makes him imperceptible to our eyes. We may be standing right next to him and not see him. Also, because he is living on a subtler platform, he does not have the  same physical needs nor will he age as we do. This is why the Puranas describe various siddhas, perfected living beings, who will be waiting for the end of Kali-yuga to reveal themselves and help begin  the new age of Satya-yuga. This is described in Chapter Six. During the Golden Age in Kali-yuga, the whole world can enter a higher vibratory level and rise into a higher level of consciousness.  Remember, consciousness is not merely a state of mind but also a vibrational level. The higher the consciousness, the higher the vibratory level of energy in which that person perceives, understands,  lives, and sends out to others. This is the opportunity that this Golden Age in Kali-yuga Provides for us, to whatever degree we develop it.


Adjusting the level of our consciousness is also the way we can change the  course of our future. In spite of the predictions that are provided, or the prophecies we find in various texts, we can reduce  the severity of them. We can decide for ourselves what level of consciousness we want to develop and in which we want to exist. The higher the social consciousness is, the less severe the changes will  be in society and throughout the planet, and the more  harmonious tilings will be globally. In other words, there would be less need of the earth changes for the cleansing of the planet. Remember, the  world only reflects the consciousness of the inhabitants. When the inhabitants work in harmony with nature, what is the need for nature to cause repercussions to our actions? When nature and people  are balanced, the world will give what we need. Thus, we can create a very bright and positive future for ourselves and this planet simply by elevating our consciousness.


It may be difficult for some to understand, but pure souls or devotees with cleansed or pure consciousness can directly perceive themselves as spiritual beings in a human body while also perceiving  the spiritual identity of others. They can recognize how the spiritual world pervades this material strata, though it is imperceptible to most. When they are in this consciousness, they can see the planet  as an island, a space ship you might say, and our bodies as suitable vehicles for existing on this particular planet. Such persons can also lift their consciousness to detach from the body or bodily state  of mind and enter various levels of the spiritual dimension, though their body is still acting and perceived on the material plane. In other words, the body may still be here, but the consciousness and  vision of the pure soul has entered another dimension and is perceiving things from that spiritual level, yet he or she is still interacting within this material realm. One minute they may be participating  in the drama of life on this planet. The next minute they can see themselves as merely wearing the material body like a temporary costume, aloof from their activities on this plane of existence and  absorbed in knowing that they are spiritual beings, part of the spiritual dimension. In this consciousness, they know that wherever they go they are already home because the spiritual dimension  pervades everything. The spiritual dimension is eternal and unlimited while the material dimension is temporary and finite. So they go through life in this world like a tourist traveling in a foreign  country: They observe, even participate in activities, but they remain detached and aloof at the same time. The point is that during the Golden Age in Kali-yuga, such pure souls and devotees will live  among the general populace of this earth. Though they may not be known or appreciated by many, those who can search them out can take advantage of such persons by learning from them. They can  learn the process of changing their own consciousness for the most positive developments and, thus, be directed to the goal of life and return to the spiritual dimension. However, we need to  remember that after this Golden Age in Kali-yuga is finished, all such spiritual persons, even knowledge of such people, along with all information of the Supreme and the genuine, fruitful spiritual  process, will fade away and cease to exist. Then the darkest portion of Kali-yuga will proceed.