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If we are going to succeed in becoming free from the influence of Kali-yuga and use this Golden Age in the best vay possible, then we must cooperate in allowing for a new species of humanity to enter  this world. This new species will not be based on physical changes but on the development of spiritual consciousness, and the goal of working toward the perfection of human lifematerially and  spiritually. This new species of humanity and spiritual warriors are those who are not afraid to investigate higher dimensions of reality, new areas of spiritual experiences that are beyond the limitations  of conventional and fear-based religions. After such investigations, they will help make such knowledge and experience available for the welfare of others. This is happening now and growing all the  time. Everyone who is concerned about themselves and the planet should be eager to be a part of this new species of humanity and help in this process of change, for any real solutions must be based  on a spiritual foundation. Any plan-making endeavors for solutions without a spiritual foundation will simply go through the six basic changes that all material elements go through, which is birth,  growth, maintenance, producing some by-products or reactions, dwindling, and then vanishing, only to be replaced by something else. Humanity needs more than this sort of guesswork or speculative  resolutions that come and go. It needs a change of consciousness. This means that the light workers and spiritual warriors on this planet must work to bring in and spread as much light and spiritual  knowledge as possible. Another thing that this new species of humanity will want is genuine knowledge of the spiritual strata. Therefore, genuine spiritual knowledge must be made available without  misinterpretations or the contamination of those who have ulterior motives. Ignorance is the cause of all the anomalies of human society that King Yudhisthira could perceive at the onset of the age of  Kali, as described earlier in Chapter Three. The way to overcome such ignorance and the problems that accompany it is to inject pure spiritual sound vibrations into the atmosphere. This will counter  all forms of pollution in this world, beginning with the pollution in our consciousness, thoughts, and desires, for this is indeed the starting point of all pollution. This pure sound vibration is in the  form of chanting the maha-mantra and the recitation of the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Therefore, anyone who wants to become a part of the new species of humanity or the new breed of spiritual warriors to  help bring about a new revolution in society and in spiritual consciousness should participate in this process.


One fact that we need to recognize is that the world has enough of everything. There is no scarcity of food or material resources. It is wrong to think that there is scarcity due to overpopulation on this  planet. Mundane economists put forward this theory. There is, however, a great burden in the lack of cooperation in the management of the planet's resources caused by a lack of spiritual awareness  among the world's leaders. Even if there may be a shortage of food in one area of the world, there is plenty of food in other areas. Nevertheless, because of a lack of cooperation, one country or  another suffers starvation because of the artificial system of economics, as previously described, that sets the stage for competition, envy, and a lack of efficiency and unity between countries and  communities. The only real solution is to bring in this new human species, the new breed of spiritual warriors, who can pave the way for a revolution in spiritual consciousness. People must recognize  the spiritual nature of each other and of all beings in this world.  With the right consciousness we can, indeed, make proper use of things to live comfortably without enmity between each other and  nature. And if a new species of such like-minded people act together in this way, it will have extremely powerful effects on this planet. If, however, humankind insists on seeing each other on the basis  of bodily and cultural differences, then their vision is no better than that of the cats and dogs who are always howling, barking, chasing, and fighting with one another. Society will be no better than  that of polished, two-legged animals, like that described in the previous chapter. There is no excuse for humankind to remain on such a base level when they have the higher mental and intellectual  facilities that they do. They must rise above the animalistic platform by their spiritual progress. Only through this means will humankind reach a level of evolutionary development in which they can  begin to see beyond bodily and cultural distinctions and work together in spiritual harmony with themselves, nature, and the Supreme Will. In this way, this age of Kali will lose its dark influence. It can  become like the Golden Age of Satya-yuga. There is no better nor a more needed time for this to happen than right now. Let us not forget that the influence of Kali-yuga can be inflicted only upon  those who are not developed enough in spiritual awareness.