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Chapter Seven


The Destruction of the World


The Vedic prophecies foretell a time when Lord Kalki will not appear at the end of Kali-yuga to bring back the age of enlightenment, Satya-yuga. When that happens this world will simply slide into  complete destruction. The Kurma Purana (2.45.5-13) describes four different types of dissolution. These are Nitya, Naimittika, Prakrita, and Atyantika. The Nitya dissolution is the death of the

individual physical body that everyone undergoes. A Naimittika dissolution is that which takes place during Brahma's night at the end of a kalpa. A Prakrita dissolution is when the entire universe is  annihilated. And the Atyantika dissolution is when one becomes perfect in spiritual consciousness and attains the spiritual abode. The Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.10.14) explains three similar types of

worldly destruction. One is due to the scheduled time of annihilation, another is due to the universal fire that emanates from the mouth of the Lord's incarnation as Ananta Sesha, and the other is due  to our quality of activities and reactions, or individual and social karma.


Karmic destruction refers to the destruction that goes on in this world due to the actions of society at large which create social karma. Some of these calamities and disasters are predicted and some  are not. Some of these karmic destructions will be in the form of war, government breakdown, economic collapse, social upheaval, industrial disaster, and outbreaks of incurable diseases. These forms  of reactions will go on throughout the age of Kali and cause many levels of worldly destruction of such things as our natural resources, land, cities, and people. As the age of Kali continues, various  forms of destruction will become so numerous that it will be pointless to expect anyone to predict all but the major disasters. There would be a need for volumes to mention all of them. Some of these  karmic reactions will be on a more personal level, such as the destruction of social foundations like marriage and the family; or the loss of economic stability, jobs, and health; even one's duration of  life. All of these are caused by things that we do to ourselves or to others. Two of the other forms of destruction mentioned above are scheduled and take place within a designated time in the plan for  the universe. The next scheduled annihilation of the world, according to the Vedic prophecies, will be at what is called the end of Brahma's day.