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In the age of Kali it will be extremely difficult to maintain and keep a family together. In fact, the Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.2.6) states that anyone who is able to maintain a family will be considered an  expert or hero. However, we can easily recognize that many families suffer turmoil and are affected by divorce. The husband or wife must work a long way from home or must travel for days or weeks  for the sake of the job. This adds to the instability of the family. In other instances, the father may be undependable and simply leave, forcing the wife to take the responsibility of working and raising  the family. These problems are common factors in family life in Kah-yuga. Kali-yuga is an age of reversals: What was once strong becomes weak and vice-versa. So often in Kali-yuga men become weak  in mind and body and can no longer be expected to fulfill the responsibilities that were once expected years ago. On the other hand, in Kali-yuga it is seen that women become stronger, bolder, and  more independent. In some cases, women are forced to become strong and independent due to being mistreated or left unprotected by men of little character. The Bhagavatam (1.16.21) explains that  women and children are left unhappy and forlorn by unscrupulous men who often search for young girls with whom they might have illicit sex. Yet if there is pregnancy the man often leaves the woman  to fend for herself. If the child is born, both child and mother are left in difficulty.


The Bhagavatam (12.2.5) also explains that in Kali-yuga marriage will be nothing more than a verbal agreement. So it will not be taken seriously and it will be easy for husband and wife to part ways  whenever they like, for whatever reason. Thus, the purpose of marriage will degenerate to a matter of convenience for sexual affairs, not for responsibly raising a family in a legal and purposeful  relationship. Therefore, as the Bhagavatam (12.2.3) relates, men and women will live together simply because of bodily attraction, and how good they are as man or woman will evolve around their level  of sexual prowess.


The Vishnu Purana (Book Four, Chapter 24) also confirms this, stating that marriage will be based on mutual consent. Union between the sexes will be based °n passion alone, and women will be mere  objects of gratification. And (in Chapter 38) the laws of marriage and the regulations of conduct for husband and wife will be disregarded. Unfortunately, as Kali-yuga progresses, both men and women  will lose their good qualities and become more selfish and angry toward each other over trivial things. The Bhagavatam (12.3.42-43) says that in Kali-yuga men will hate each ftt^r over nothing more  than a few coins. They will give up friendly relations and 06 ready to kill their own family or give up their own lives for such trivial c°ncerns. Thus, people will care for nothing more than rilling their  own bellies nd satisfying their genitals. They will give up all concern and protection for their °Wn parents, children, and wives. 


In the age of Kali, as the Bhagavatam (12.3.37) continues, men will become so demeaning in their attempt to satisfy their genitals that they will be controlled by women. They will reject all of their  relatives and friends to associate with the sisters and brothers of their wives. This means that there will be a time when they will base friendships exclusively on sexual ties. The Vishnu Purana (Book  Four, Chapter 38) also relates that a man's friends will be his brother-in-law or those who have a lusty wife. These explanations mean that at the time this prediction goes into effect, adultery will be  common place and many men will have an effeminate nature and be willing to engage in sex with either women or men. The gender will not matter. Friends will be those only with whom they have some  sexual connection. As a result of this, children will be born primarily by accident in an unloved atmosphere. These children will be forced to adopt any kind of means to survive because they will be,  basically, without parents. Thus, they will belong to gangs to feel a sense of family or belonging and adopt the social ways of the times. They will become unrestrained in every way. Needless to say,  such children will be so uncontrollable that there will be no possibility of educating them in an organized institution. Already we see a great increase in the way children carry guns and other weapons  to school and a great increase in the way they disrespect teachers. This is a sign of the strong influence of Kali-yuga today.


Hundreds or thousands of years from now this will be much worse. As each generation comes forth, children will reflect the lack of love they have received. They will be malnourished and lack  education and the ability to feel any common emotion. They will get progressively more merciless, unloving, selfish, mean, and violent in their attempt to survive and get what they want from life and  from others. In the distant future such children may look innocent, but their mentality will be that of monsters. They will hold no value for life. As the age of Kali proceeds, it is not only the men who  will have despicable characters, the women will also change. The Bhagavatam (12.3.34) explains that women will become much shorter. They will lose all shyness, speak harshly, and engage in thievery,  deceit, and bold audacity. They will eat too much and have more children than they can properly care for. It is also explained (Bhag.8.9.10) that independent women are never dependable in their  relationships and always seek newer sexual relations. The Narada Purana (1.41.79-80) also relates that in Kali-yuga women will be self-supporting. Even women of noble families will be unfaithful to their  husbands.


The Vishnu Purana (Book Four, Chapter 38) also confirms that as Kali-yuga continues, women will increasingly become ever fond of pleasure and follow whatever inclinations they have. Women will  become fickle-minded, short, and gluttonous. They will have too many children and little means to support them. They will pay little heed to the advice of their husbands or parents, and will be selfish  and untidy in appearance and habits. They will lie and speak in harsh language. Their conduct will be immoral and lack decency, becoming attached to similarly immoral men. Women will be attracted  only to those who have wealth, and if their husbands lose their property, their wives will desert them. Arrangements of one's hair will be all that women [or men] have to prompt their pride of beauty  because, as Kali-yuga advances, there will be no more gold, jewels, diamonds, or fancy clothes with which to decorate themselves.


The Mahanirvana Tantra (4.51) goes on to say that women will have no self-control and will be heartless and quarrelsome and cause trouble for their husbands. And men will be slaves to lust. This is  confirmed in the Padma Purana (7.26.25-27) which further relates that unchaste and adulterous women, who will also be fickle-minded, will speak pretentiously like chaste ladies to their husbands. But  in Kali-yuga people will be wicked, even selling their daughters. And (7.26.34) through indiscriminate sexual indulgence people will have many children and, therefore, will be unhappy.The  Bhagavad-gita (1.40-42) describes how the family will produce unwanted progeny when irreligion is prominent and the women become corrupt and degraded. In such a case, which becomes common in  Kali-yuga, there is an increase of unwanted population, creating a hellish situation for the family and society at large. Due to evil deeds that the community or government leaders have either allowed  or perpetuated, they devastate the welfare of the family and community. Thus, all moral and religious principles are lost and good population in human society disappears, along with all hopes for  peace, prosperity, happiness, and spiritual progress. As unwanted population increases around the world, there will be greater risks of community unrest-crime, rape, war, disease, and pestilence.  Gradually the world will be filled with chaos.


By the time this takes place in Kali-yuga, child pornography, rape, and other sexual crimes will be out of control. Politicians and law officers will be bribed into impotence, some even participating in  and profiting from these perverse activities. Children will be fearlessly seized from the streets and hardly missed by their irresponsible parents. The depravity these young children will be forced to  endure will make death a welcome end. And those that survive will be so mentally damaged that they will wreak havoc on the rest of society. Adult and child slavery will be rampant and predominantly  based on sex. It will be found mostly where people have the money to support it, which will be in the homes of the so-called wealthy and upper classes. There will be no human rights or justice and the  world will be on the edge of disaster and ruin. In these circumstances, and when this type of men, women, and children are roaming the cities, you have a picture of hell on earth.