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The predictions in the Bhagavatam (12.2.25) also state that as Kali-yuga advances wealth alone will be all that indicates a man's good birth, behavior, and qualities. If one wants justice in any legal  proceeding, it will depend on his financial power. Success in business will depend on deceit. One's social position will be based on his earning power, which, of course, will depend on his ability to  deceive others. Hypocrisy will be considered a virtue. These predictions mean that all virtuous qualities will be disregarded and considered an obstacle to getting ahead in life. As virtuous qualities are  discarded, all business will be as cutthroat as possible, displays of unrestrained attacks on the competition will become acceptable. "Anything goes" will be a common business tactic. The only way you  will get any legal justice is if you have the money to pay for a better lawyer than your opponent. Thus, if you are in the right, or have a good business idea or operation, you may be viciously attacked  with no opportunity for justice if you do not have enough money. The Vishnu Purana (Book Four, Chapter 24) goes on to say that success in business will be based on dishonesty, and lying and cheating  will be the means of success in courts. As Kali-yuga goes on, there will be a decrease in morals in the business arena. There will also be no human rights to protect the innocent or powerless. There will  be no protection for laborers or employees. There will be no unions. Laws will be useless and ignored. If there are unions, they will be as corrupt as the politicians. Slave labor and politically forced  labor will be common. Rulers and police will not stop it because they will have been bribed to keep silent and do nothing.


The Vayu Purana (58.51) states that in Kali-yuga, people have a trading propensity, but due to false measures, buyers will be cheated of their due share of products. Furthermore, the Srimad-Bhagavatam  (12.3.35-36) also explains that businessmen will earn their money by cheating other merchants in petty commerce. People will engage in any hellish or degraded occupation, even when it is not a time  of difficulty. Anything will be acceptable despite how much cheating or lying is involved. Also, workers or servants will abandon any master or boss if he loses his wealth, despite how nice or qualified  the master or business owner has been. On the other hand, masters will forget any servant if he is unable to provide service, regardless of how dedicated the servant has been. Similarly, it is said that  they will also kill or ignore cows when they no longer give milk, as is also verified in the Vishnu Purana (Book Four, Chapter 38). [This indicates the despicable nature of exploiting animals that produce  food for the benefit of humanity, only to slaughter them when they are no longer productive. The Padma Purana (7.26.22-24) states that all men will give gifts [or favors] to those who have obliged  them. Bribery and dishonesty will be a way of life. This also means that all men who seek power or wealth must be slaves to those who give it. Furthermore, it states that in Kali-yuga, through affection  for friends people will lie or bare false witness toward others. They will be extremely twofaced. They will lie and talk of wicked deeds of those they do not like. They will criticize the character of others  in their absence, but will talk sweetly in their presence. And (7.26.31) people will be affectionate in words only until their mission does not succeed. The Vishnu Pur ana also states (in Book Four,  Chapter 38) that he who has much money will be the ruler of men. Men will be wholly occupied in attaining wealth, even by dishonest means, which will be spent foolishly on gratifying the senses, and  no man will be willing to part with the smallest coin. A powerful and rich man may espouse maidens of any race or tribe. And while everyone who has cars or elephants will be a raja or great man,  everyone who is weak will be a slave. This last statement seems to indicate a widening division between the rich and poor as the middle class disappears. The upper class, as indicated by their financial  power, will have more and more control over the lower and weak classes of people and will take advantage of them by force.