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Stephen Knapp grew up in a Christian family, during which time he seriously studied the Bible to understand its teachings. In his late teenage years, however, he sought answers to questions not easily  explained in Christian theology. So he began to search through other religions and philosophies from around the world and started to find the answers for which he was looking. He also studied a  variety of occult sciences, ancient mythology, mysticism, yoga, and the spiritual teachings of the East. After his first reading of the Bhagavad-gita, he felt he had found the last piece of the puzzle he  had been putting together through all of his research, therefore, he continued to study all of the major Vedic texts of India to gain a better understanding of the Vedic science.


It is known amongst all Eastern mystics that anyone, regardless of qualifications, academic or otherwise, who does not engage in the spiritual practices described in the Vedic texts, cannot actually  enter into understanding the depths of the Vedic spiritual science, nor acquire the realizations that should accompany it. So, rather than pursuing his research in an academic atmosphere t a university,  Stephen directly engaged in the spiritual disciplines that have been xommended for hundreds of years. He continued his study of Vedic knowledge nd spiritual practice under the guidance of a spiritual  master. Through this rocess, and with the sanction of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami rabhupada, he became initiated into the genuine and authorized spiritual line of lie  Brahma-Madhava-Gaudiya sampradaya, which is a disciplic succession that escends back through Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Vyasadeva, the compiler f Vedic literature, and further back to Sri  Krishna. Besides being brahminically [filiated, Stephen has also been to India several times and traveled extensively tiroughout the country, visiting most of the major holy places and gaining a wide  ariety of spiritual experiences that only such places can give. Stephen has been writing The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life series, k'hich so far includes The Secret Teachings of the Vedas and  The Universal Path o Enlightenment, and now, The Vedic Prophecies. He has also written a novel, destined for Infinity, for those who prefer lighter reading, or learning spiritual nowledge in the context  of a fictional, spiritual adventure. Stephen has put the ulmination of over twenty-five years of continuous research and travel experience nto his books in an effort to share it with those who are also  looking for higher svels of spiritual understanding. If you have enjoyed this book, or if you are serious about finding higher levels of real spiritual Truth, you will also want to get Volume One of this  series:


The Secret Teachings of the Vedas


This book presents the essence of the ancient Eastern philosophy and summarizes some of the most elevated and important of all spiritual knowledge. This enlightening information is explained in a  clear and concise way and is essential for all who want to increase their spiritual understanding, regardless of what their religious background may be. If you are looking for a book to give you an  in-depth introduction to the Vedic spiritual knowledge, and to get you started in real spiritual understanding, this is the book! The topics include: What is your real spiritual identity; the Vedic  explanation of the soul; scientific evidence that consciousness is separate from but interacts with the body; the real unity between us  all; how to attain the highest happiness and freedom from the  cause of suffering; the law of karma and reincarnation; the karma of a nation; where you are really going in life; the real process of progressive evolution; life after death-heaven, hell, or beyond; a  description of the spiritual realm; the nature of the Absolute Truth-personal God or impersonal force; recognizing the existence of the Supreme; the reason why we exist at all; and much more. This  book provides the answers to questions not found in other religions or philosophies, and condenses information from a wide variety of sources that would take a person years to assemble. It also  contains many quotations from the Vedic texts to let the texts speak for themselves, and to show the knowledge the Vedas have held for thousands of years. It also explains the history and origins of  the Vedic literature. This book has been called one of the best reviews of Eastern philosophy available.


There is also a special section on traveling to the major historical holy sites of South India with over 75 photographs of art work, sculptures, deities, architecture, and some of the most amazing  temples you will see anywhere. This section elaborates on the many ancient legends connected with these important places and what it is like to travel and see them today.

To get your copy, order it from your local bookstore (ISBN:0-9617410-1-5), or simply send $14.95, plus $2.50 for postage and handling ($7.50 for overseas orders) to:

The World Relief Network, P. O. Box 15082, Detroit, Michigan, 48215-0082, U. S. A. 


Much rare information is also found in volume iwo 01 mis series:

The Universal Path to Enlightenment


Although all religions and spiritual processes are meant to lead you toward enlightenment, they are not all the same in regard to the methods they teach, nor in the level of philosophical understanding  they offer. So an intelligent person will make comparisons between them to understand the aims and distinctions of each religion, and which is the most elevating. This book presents a most interesting  and revealing survey of the major spiritual paths of the world and describes their origins, histories, philosophical basis, and goals. This book will help you decide which path may be the best to give you  the highest levels of spiritual understanding.



You Will Discover

the essential similarities of all religions that all people of any culture can practice, which would  bring  about  a  united  world  religion,   or  "THE  UNIVERSAL  PATH  TO


-how Christianity and Judaism were greatly influenced by the early "pagan" religions and adopted many of their legends, holidays, and rituals that are still practiced today.

-about evidence that shows Jesus may have traveled to the East and learned spiritual knowledge, and then made bhakti-yoga the essence of his teachings.


—who were the real Vedic Aryans, the founders of the earliest of religions and organized cultures, and how widespread and influential their civilization was to other cultures, such as

Egyptian, Greek, Oriental, etc., and how their Vedic teachings are still found in Christianity and other traditions today, which makes them the source of the world's spiritual heritage.

-the philosophical basis and origin of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Sikhism, and many others. -about the different yoga systems, such as raja-yoga,  hatha-yoga, bhakti-yoga, mantra-yoga, etc., what their goals are, and how practical they are in this age. —about the different mystic powers and experiences that can be attained through yoga.

-what the qualifications are of a genuine spiritual teacher.


-the bliss and results of attaining spiritual enlightenment or experiencing the Absolute. —and, most importantly, what is the real purpose of a spiritual path that you should strive for,

and how to practice the path that is especially recommended as the easiest and most effective for the people of this age to attain real spiritual enlightenment.  —and much more information not easily  found elsewhere.


There is also a special section on seeing spiritual India. You will tour the famous temples and holy places of Eastern India, from Madras in the South to New Delhi in the North. You will learn about  some of the most important and sacred temples and towns in the world where several of the major religions originated. Almost 100 photographs are included of a variety of temples, holy sites, art,  sculptures, and people engaged in all aspects of life in India and Nepal. A great adventure and reference for those who want to travel in this area.


To get your copy, see your local book store to order it (ISBN 0-9617410-2-3), or simply send $14.95, plus $2.50 for postage and handling ($7.50 for overseas orders) to: The World Relief Network, P. O.  Box 15082, Detroit, Michigan, 48215-0082, U. S. A.


Toward World Peace: Seeing the Unity Between Us All


This book points out the essential reasons why peace in the world and cooperation amongst people, communities, and nations have been so difficult to establish. It also advises the only way real peace  and harmony amongst humanity can be achieved. In order for peace and unity to exist we must first realize what barriers and divisions keep us apart. Only then can we break through those barriers to  see the unity that naturally exists between us all. Then, rather than focusing on our differences, it is easier to recognize our similarities and common goals. With a common goal established, all of  humanity can work together to help each other reach that destiny.


This book is short and to the point. It is a thought provoking book and will provide inspiration for anyone. It is especially useful for those working in politics, religion, interfaith, race relations, the  media, the United Nations, teaching, or who have a position of leadership in any capacity. It is also for those of us who simply want to spread the insights needed for bringing greater levels of peace,  acceptance, unity, and equality between friends, neighbors, and communities. Such insights include:


        The factors that keep us apart.

        Breaking down cultural distinctions.

        Breaking down the religious differences.

        Seeing through bodily distinctions.

        We are all working to attain the same things.

        Our real identity: The basis for common ground.

        Seeing the Divinity within each of us.

        What we can do now to bring unity between everyone we meet.

This book carries an important message and plan of action that we must incorporate into our lives and plans for the future if we intend to ever bring peace and unity between us.

To get your copy, order it from your bookstore (ISBN.0-9617410-5-8), or send $5.95 plus $2.00 for postage and handling ($3.00 for Canada, $5.00 for overseas orders) to: The World Relief Network,  P.O.Box 15082, Detroit, Michigan, 48215-0082, U.S.A.