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Chapter 5

Purvahana Lila - Pastimes at forenoon, 8.24-10.48 a.m.



SUMMARY OF THE FORENOON PASTIMES: I remember Shri Krishna in the forenoon, who goes into the forest with His cows and His friends, being followed by the people of Vraja. Later in the morning He goes out to the bank of Radhakunda, eager to meet Shri Radha.


I also remember Shri Radha, who is being engaged by Her elder Jatila to go out for worshiping the Sun god. Being eager to hear something about Krishna, She sends out Her friends to look for Him. She remains casting Her eyes down the road, hoping that Her friends will return with news from Him. (1)


When Shri Krishna went out to the meadows in the morning He blew His horn named Mandaghosa, which destroys all inauspiciousness in the world and gives joy to the people of Vraja. Enchanting the minds of all the gopis, and increasing Their love for Him, He went out. (2)


Krishna's bliss knew no bounds when He went out to the meadows and saw the beauty of the surrounding area. At some places there were high, mountain-like heaps of cow dung. At some places the bulls, that were agitated by the smell of the cows in rut, were fighting each other. At some places hundreds of cowherd-maidservants eagerly collected cow dung, looking very beautiful as they sang Krishna's glories and laughed at one another. Somewhere hundreds of cowherders anxiously kept the calves back when the cows were going out. Elsewhere the elderly cowherdwomen made cow dung cakes. Innumerable barns were around everywhere, calves stood under their blossoming tree-abodes, wealthy Vrajavasis walked around and the whole area was softened by scattered cow dung powder. Hari was very happy to see the barns that looked as beautiful as a lake from which rows of white cows streamed like rivers. Their flowing milk was like the water of that river and the cowherdmen that were trying to stop their calves from going to the cows were like fishes in that river. The milk pots were like turtles and the faces of the gopis that collected cow dung were like lotus flowers in that stream, the white and red calves were the swans and the Cakravakas and the cows raised tails were like moss in that river. When Krishna, the moon of Vraja, thus saw the beauty of the cow pens He became very happy and went into the forest with His friends and His cows that kept their heads up and that were selected by the king of Vraja (3-10)


When those white cows thus started for the meadows with the black buffaloes it looked like the Triveni, the confluence of the Ganga (the white cows), and Yamuna (the black buffaloes). Even Brahma, Siva and Indra consider themselves blessed when they get the touch of this dust, thrown up by the cows' hooves, that purifies their intelligence and their senses like the water of the celestial Ganga. (11)


Wherever lotus-eyed Han placed His lotus feet when He went to the forest there the enthusiastic soil of Vraja manifested one of her own heart's lotuses. Out of joy from the touch of Krishna's lotus feet the soil of Vraja shivered fully over her whole body, wearing fresh grass-sprouts again after the hooves of the cows had split up the old ones. (12-13)


A river of children, old people and women floated from the mountain like Vraja. Their lotuslike eyes emitted a flood of loving tear-showers in all directions, that quickly met with the Krishna-ocean. (14)


Yasoda, whose dress was moistened with tears and breast milk of love, eagerly came out to see her son along with her sisters-in-law and the leading women of Vraja, like Amba, Kilimba and Rohini. (15)


Just as the Ganga flows towards the ocean, the Ganga-like waves of Radha's glances were stunned from meeting Krishna, the ocean of rasa. (16)


From all sides, the gopi group leaders like Mangala, Syamala, Bhadra, Pali, Candravali and others came out to follow Krishna. The gopis stayed behind motionless and speechless, like wives whose husbands are leaving for a journey. When the Lord of their hearts, Krishna, took His friends and cows with Him, all directions were covered with dust thrown up by the cows' hooves. (17-18)


When Krishna came to the outskirts of the forest, He looked behind Him with bent neck to see that the people of Vraja and their cows, that were following Him along with His parents, were watching Him motionlessly. (19)


Krishna was sorry to see His parents in boundless anxiety about His going to the forest, unable to withold their tears, that kept them from looking at Him despite their eagerness to do so. (20)


The bee-like eyes of the gopis became greedy and thirsty after Krishna's fragrance, wandered around on the wind of bashfulness and then fell on Han's lotus face. Seeing the intoxicated, dancing Khanjan bird like eyes in Radha's lotuslike face, Krishna thought His journey would be auspicious and successful. (21-22)


The women of Vraja left their children and affectionately surrounded Acyuta, looking at Him while tears and breast milk of love moistened their clothes. (23)


Although Yasoda was sad, she thought of her son's welfare and fondled Him with her own hands, saying: "0 Child! Although we have hundreds of cowherdmen, that are expert in keeping cows, You are saying: "I will herd the cows Myself!" Why do You have such ill desires? You are just a tender child, but still You wander around on rough roads in the day, without shoes and umbrella. How can Your parents survive that thought?" (24-26)


Seeing His parents' eagerness to make Him wear shoes and an umbrella, and seeing their love for Him, Kesava said: "Our duty (as vaisyas) is to keep the cows, and this must be done without shoes. The cowherders must go just like the cows. Then only is our profession purely executed! Religious principles increase one's lifespan and reputation and they protect those who follow them. 0 Mother, how can you give this up? Only religious principles protect one from fear!" (27-29)


Although Krishna's parents were very happy and satisfied to see these good qualities in their son, still mother Yasoda was stirred by anxiety and she told the cowherdboys: "0 Subhadra, Mandalibhadra and Balabhadra! 0 boys, I hand my tender child over to you! He should always be controlled, instructed and protected and when He is naughty, I must be informed of it! 0 Boys, headed by Vijaya, stay close to Krishna with your swords, bows and arrows and always protect Him!" (30-33)


With her hand, mother lovingly touched all of her son's limbs, pronouncing the mantras with the Lord's names and the Nrsimhabija for protection, binding a protecting stone on His wrist. Krishna fell at His parents' feet and said: "Mother; father! Allow Me to go now!" They held Him to their hearts in their arms and moistened Him with tears and breastmilk, kissing Him, wiping His lotusface with their hands and smelling His head, saying with choked voices:" May Lord Nrsimha protect You, may the earth, the sky, the path, the forest and all directions be auspicious!" Shri Krishna became very happy when they thus granted Him leave for the forest, embraced Him and said: "Quickly come back home!" (34-36)


Nanda, Yasoda, Rohini, Amba, Kilimba and all the cowherdmen- and women fondled Balarama just as they fondled Han. (37)


Krishna then sprinkled the eyes of the gopis, that were like thirsty Cataka-birds, with the stream of His nectarean glance, announcing His own departure to the forest, and they allowed Him to go with their glances. (38)


When Krishna went to the forest to herd His cows, it seemed as if He made the needy does of the gopis' minds relish the sprout-like luster of His limbs. Then He locked them in the chain of His glance and took their minds along into the forest (39)


With His glance Krishna requested Radhika: "0 Fairfaced girl! Close Your eyes and wait just two or three hours! Don't be sad, after a short time We will meet in the forest. Please find some excuse to go into the forest and quickly come to Your pond (Radhakunda)!" With afflicted heart and full of humility Krishna begged permission from Shri Radhika and She granted permission with Her afflicted glance. When the arrows of Radha and Krishna's glances fell out of the sky, entering Their hearts, They both became very pleased (instead of hurt). This is the wonderful, inconceivable course of Their love. (40-42)


Krishna dragged Radha's fishlike mind along in the net of His bodily luster and Radha locked Krishna's anxious swanlike mind in the cage of Her glance. (43)


Then Krishna, keeping the cows in front of Him, headed for the forest, attracting the minds of all the people of Vraja. Han turned His neck again and saw that the people still followed Him out of loving attachment to Him. Then He told His parents: "Mother; now don't go along with Me into the forest anymore! Quickly prepare some condensed milk for Me at home! Father! The front of My ball bat was broken, please make five or six very solid new ones for Me! Mother; look! The cows have become hungry and thirsty and they are looking backwards with their faces raised, waiting for Me!" (44-47)


Yasoda replied: "Boy! I will send some nice food for Your lunch! Then quickly come back home to Your mother in the afternoon!" (48)


Krishna said: "Mother! If I hear that You are happy at home after having finished your meal, then I will eat the lunch you send Me, but otherwise I will not come back home!" (49)


Hearing this, Krishna's parents swore Him protection with their bodies, minds and words. They sprinkled His limbs with tears and breast milk, kissed Him and anxiously embraced Him, repeatedly staring at His face. (50)


Krishna's dear girlfriends were scorched by the blazing hot rising sun of intense separation from Him, but Krishna sprinkled them with drops from His wave-like glances. They drank the nectar of His beauty through the tubes of their eyes. Nandanandana's mind was filled with eagerness for leaving Vraja and going to the forest In this mood He entered the forest (52)


When the Vrajavasis looked at Krishna, all their senses turned into eyes, and as soon as Krishna disappeared into the forest, their senses stopped functioning. They thought: "We are mobile creatures, yet the immobile creatures are more blessed than us, for Krishna leaves us to see them in the forest Thinking like this, they became stunned of distress. (53-54)


The gopis' luster dried up like rivers in the summertime when Krishna, who was their life's wealth, went out to the meadows. His Cillibird-like eyebrows devoured their rishi-like sense of discrimination (in the summer Cillibirds eat the fish in the dried-up ponds). Their restless bee-like glances flew up from their lotuslike faces and their swanlike hearts fell into the mud of separation from Him. (55)


Although the Vrajavasis were stunned, they took their bodies along without their minds, which had followed Krishna into the forest In this enchanted state they took Nanda and Yasoda to the village, merely as a habit (56)


Carefully the gopis took their groupleaders (yuthesvaris) that had fainted, back home with them in a mechanical way, like one doll taking another along. (57)


Although Kundalata was suffering separation from Krishna herself, she took the unconscious Radha back home with Her girlfriends. (58)


Although the Vrajavasis had fixed their minds on Krishna and were unconscious, they performed their duties out of habit only, until they could see Krishna again, without external sense, like liberated souls. (59)


Meanwhile, Jatila became eager to make cow dung cakes and she looked down the road, seeing if her daughter-in-law was returning from Nandisvara. Just then Kundalata awoke Radha from Her swoon and took Her along to Jatila, eager to quickly and expertly arrange for Her next meeting with Krishna. She told Jatila: "0 Revered One! Obeisances unto you! I bring you your auspicious daughter-in-law back! Krishna has not even cast His glance on Her shadow! Look! Queen Yasoda was very happy with Her expert cooking, and has decorated each of Her limbs with garments and ornaments more valuable than the jewels from all the earth's oceans together! These divine ornaments, that are studded with countless jewels, are very rarely obtained even by Sacidevi, the Queen of heaven!" (60-62)


Jatila was very happy that Kundalata served her purposes so well, bringing her daughter-in-law safely back home and making her gain wealth and piety, so she praised her; saying: "0 Girl! Come, come! Are you well? I praise your good qualities! Because you are so fond of my daughter-in-law I bless you with seven sons! You are most chaste yourself and dashing in your efforts to protect other girls' chastity! I consider you to be like myself; now I have one request to you: That man whose wife is fixed in loyalty to him gains good cows, sons, wealth and a long lifespan. This I have heard from Paurnamasi, who knows the smrti- scriptures, therefore I entrust Radha to you. You can protect Her religious principles! The saints say that wealth and sense-enjoyment come from doing pious work This can never be false, so if my son makes his wife perform this work he will obtain immense wealth! Therefore, engage Radha in the worship of the sungod, so that my only son will be blessed with a spotless, unblemished family through Her religious observance!" (63-68)


Then she told Radha: "Radhe! Get a copper pot, milk from red Kapila-cows, yoghurt, ghi, foods fried in ghi, canesugar; Java-flowers, Kesara, red sandalpaste and a garland of lotusflowers from the house and go to worship the sungod with Gargi or any expert brahmana- boy and take Kundalata with You!" (69)


Then she told Lalita: "Lalite! You are bold and chaste! Don't leave this girl alone, and offer your obeisances to any direction where the smell of Nanda's son hangs (stay away from there). 0 Girl, it's getting late now, there are many cow dung cakes to be made! I entrusted this duty so that I can do my work without having to worry!" (70-71)


With joy-filled hearts Kundalata and Lalita said: "0 revered mother! Don't worry and finish your work! We will protect your daughter-in-law as the eyelids protect the eyes!" (72)


Although the sweet-limbed gopis were intoxicated from drinking Jatila's honey-like words, their minds were blooming of joy, they still went home patiently with Shri Radhika. (73)


Coming home, Shri Radhika sat down on Her dais where Her maidservants joyfully washed, wiped and massaged Her lotus feet and fanned Her. (74)


One garland-making girl from the forest, named Narmadi was sent to her Queen Radha by Vrndadevi with garlands of Malli, Rangana Karnikara, Bakula, Amogha, Saptala, Jati, Campaka, Nagakesara, Lavanga, lotus and other flowers that were slightly blooming and were touched by honeybees. (75)


Shri Radhika showed Her skill in making garlands by making a Vaijayanti garland scented with black aguru and camphor; like a victory flag for Krishna's limbs, that are the abode of Cupid. She made betel leaves with cardamom, camphor; nutmeg, catechu etc., that will color Krishna's moonlike face, give joy to His eyes and mind, and which was scented with Her heart's passion for Him and the smell of Her hands. (76-77)


Lalita sent Tulasi and Kasturi to Krishna with the garland and the betelleaves, saying: "Tulasi! Give this to Han, ask the location of the trysting kunja from Vrnda and Subala and then quickly come back here!" (78)


Shri Radhika and Her friends expertly made Karpura Keli, Amrta Keli and other kinds of amazing laddus for satisfying all of Krishnacandra's senses. (79)


Although Her own friend Tulasi had already gone out to look for Krishna and She Herself was absorbed in Krishna's service, Radha was still eager to see Han's moonlike face like a Cakori bird, thinking one second to be like hundreds of thousands of millennia. (80)


In the poem Govinda Lilamrta, which was the result of service to Shri Rupa Gosvami, who is a honey bee at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya, the encouragement of Shri Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the association of Shri Jiva Gosyami and the blessing of Shri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, this was the fifth chapter; dealing with Shri Krishna's forenoon pastimes