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Chapter 4

Shri Krishna's bath and breakfast




Nanda Maharaja very eagerly sent Krishna back borne from the meadows. There Krishna saw that His mother was very eagerly looking out for Him by the town gates, her eyes filled with tears and her dressed moistened with milk flowing from her breasts out of parental love. Seeing Krishna approaching, mother Yasoda said: "Come my child, come quickly! Why didnít You come home despite being hungry? Why are You giving me sorrow? We have prepared different dishes for You with great care, but they are getting cold!" (1-2)


Saying this, mother Yasoda caressed her son with her sprout-like hand. Eager to bring Krishna's friends in her home, she spoke to them with a voice melting out of love: "0 Boys! My son does not eat much without you, being eager to join you again in play, after eating! Therefore I wish that you come to my home to eat with my restless boy! 0 sons! You have all become hungry, so quickly go home, dress, bathe and ornament yourselves and come to my house to eat!" (3-5)


Hearing this, the boys joyfully went home while queen Yasoda took Krishna, Balarama and Madhumangala home. When Mukunda came home He showered the thirsty, dried up Cataka bird-like gopis with the waterfall of His personal sweetness, while He drank the sweet effulgent nectar of their moonlike faces with His own two Cakora bird-like eyes. (7)


Seeing Krishna coming to the bathing dais, a servant named Saranga took off all His ornaments and dressed Him in a clean thin contracted bathing dress. Krishna happily sat down on a good seat and a servant named Patri washed His lotus feet with a stream of fragrant water poured out of a shining golden pot by a servant named Patraka. Then Patri dried off those lotus feet with a towel. A barberís son named Subandha smeared Krishna's limbs with soft Narayana-oil, and then lovingly massagedHis body. Another servant, named Sugandha, massaged Krishna's limbs with a yellow, ever-cool unguent which is even softer than a pile of butter. While he gently massaged Krishna, Sugandha was overwhelmed with affection. (8-11)


Two servants, named Snigdha and Karpura, affectionately arranged Krishna's hair with soft, cool and fragrant Amalaki-paste. Raktaka bathed Krishna's naturally cool and shining limbs with cold water; handed to him by Payoda, and then dried Him of with a fine towel. Different servants then showered their Lord Krishna with lukewarm scented water brought in golden pots. They were very happy when the water poured out of the pots. Patri dried off Krishna's beautiful limbs with soft thin towels and rubbed the water out of His hair. Then he dressed Krishna in His shining golden dhoti. Krishna sat upon the cleansed dais and a servant named Kumuda scented His hair with aguru-smoke, combed His hair and made a braid in it with a string. A dressing servant named Makaranda made a tilak of gorocana, named Tamala-patra (leaf of a Tamal tree) and filled up the space in between with musk. Then he smeared Krishna's limbs with catuh sama (vermilion, musk, sandal and aguru). (12-17)


A servant named Premakanda hung golden bangles named Cankana on Krishna's beautiful wrists, Capricorn earrings on His ears, ankle bells, whose jingling defeated the cooing of swans, on His feet, and a jeweled necklace shining like the stars around His neck. (18)


Mother Yasoda walked hither and thither, overwhelmed with love for Krishna, encouraging her servants, and working herself also. (19)


Then Shrimad Balarama and Shri Madhumangala, freshly bathed, anointed and ornamented, joined Krishna, who shone in their midst. Mother took them to the dining table, which was rinsed and covered by a sheet, surrounded by golden pots and clean chairs, where nice incense was burning. When Krishna sat at the table, Shridama and Subala sat at His left, Madhumangala faced Him and Shri Balarama and others sat on His right. When they thus sat down, mother Yasoda served Krishna and all others a drink which was brought in by Citra-devi in golden pots. Being called by Yasoda, all the gopis joyfully handed her the breakfast sweets that each of them had cooked. Ranga devi handed Yasoda the laddus that Radha had brought from Her home. Radhika Herself gave her a wink to give Yasoda these Ganga jala laddus. Melting with affection, Yasoda accepted these laddus and placed them on separate golden trays, distributing them to Balarama and the other boys. (20-26)


While enjoying the rice cooked in ghee, Krishna joked with His friends and looked at Radha's face from the corner of His eye. The sakhis were very happy to see Him like this. (27)


Yasoda lifted her index finger at Krishna, warning Him to eat by saying: "This is very nice, eat this! This is very sweet, this is pleasant and this tastes good!" Hari laughed and repeatedly gave each of His friends their own favorite dish from His own plate, knowing what they liked. (28-29)


Seeing Acyuta's weak appetite and His mother's efforts to make Him eat, Madhumangala, the expert joker; told Vrajesvari: "If Krishna does not eat much, then give everything to me, 0 mother! I will nourish Him simply by embracing Him! Thus He will also become strong! Because there is something wrong with His digestive fire, Krishna cannot eat dishes cooked in ghee, so, mother; just give Him some light rice and vegetables!" (30-32)


Then Krishna laughed, took five to six handfuls of food grains from His own plate and put it on Madhumangala's plate, saying: "Eat this!" (33)


Madhumangala, sitting on Krishna's left, slapped his left armpit. Commencing his full meal, he said: "O friend! I'm eating!" and took two handfuls of food. Then he told Yasoda: "Mother; give me some yoghurt! "He said to the boys: "Look! This naughty monkey is dancing, hoping to get some yoghurt or cooked rice!" The boys all looked where Madhumangala was pointing at, and meanwhile Madhumangala put all his own food on their plates. Then he proudly announced: "I have eaten everything!" (34-36)


Seeing mother Yasoda coming with a plate of yoghurt, he told her: "Look mother! I have eaten yoghurt, now just quickly give me a lot of sweet rice!" (37)


Rohini quickly served them sweet rice which was prepared by Radha and kept cool by Her by fanning it softly with a fresh banana leaf; from golden plates. Then Rohini gradually served the best rice, which was handed to Her by Radha Herself and which was kept on golden trays by maidservants like Vimala. She served one dish after the other; up to the amla. Each dish was handed to her by Gandharvika (Shri Radhika). Rohini served soft white rotis cooked with thoroughly ground wheat and sprinkled with ghee on different plates. (38-41)


On separate plates Dhanistha brought savouries and other dishes prepared by Lalita, and Yasoda served them with great loving joy (42)


Seeing the moonlike face and the very sweet soft luster of their heart's lover; Shri Radha and Her friends, who were auspiciousness personified for Krishna's abode, became very happy, filled with deep emotions. (43)


After eating these four kinds of sweet nectarean dishes (licked, chewed, drunk and sucked) with gusto, Madhumangala and his friends made Krishna laugh with their jokes. Insatiably, some boys chewed their chewable food, licked their lickable food, drank their drinks and sucked their suckable food (44-45)


As He secretly fixed His honeybee eyes on Radhika's lotuslike face, lotus eyed Krishna gave great joy to His mother; who saw Him slowly eating all the dishes that were as sweet as nectar by the touch of Radha's hands. (46)


Shri Radha was satisfied by looking at Her beloved's nectarean beauty. Hiding Her own mood (feelings) She attracted His mind with the glances from the corners of Her restless eyes. (47)


Shri Krishna, the king of lovers, looked at Radha's restless dancing wagtail bird-like eyes and lost His appetite, even when Balarama's mother served Him soft sweet rice with her own hands. (48)


Mother Yasoda became upset when she saw that Krishna ate so little, and left a third part of His meal uneaten, so she said: "0 Son! All these dishes have been prepared with great care, why are You refusing them? I swear on my head! Eat a little more, You are hungry! I diligently brought King Vrsabhanu's daughter here to cook for You, and everything was cooked by Her! Though all these dishes are billions of times sweeter than nectar; You will not eat! Alas! Alas! What shall I do? This is killing me!" Then she told Rohini:" Look, Rohini! Although this whimsical, weak boy is hungry, He will not eat!" (49-52)


Then Balaramaís mother Rohini, whose body was filled with motherly love, fondled Krishna and said: "Boy, Radha, who is more tender than a jasmine-flower; and myself have prepared these sweets with great care! Why are You making Her; Your mother; and myself sad by not eating? Look! Your mother is distressed by thinking that You will be tired of roaming in the forest! I beg You, Heed my words and eat something!" (53-55)


Krishna replied: "I have eaten so much", but then He began to eat profusely to hide His ecstatic transformations (from seeing Shri Radhika, and hearing Her name. In this way He gave great joy to His mothers. (56)


Mother Yasoda, asking Krishna to eat all the sweets, showed them with her fingers, repeatedly saying: "Boy! This is very sweet, that is very sweet". Her eyes filled with tears and being determined to fill up Krishna's belly, she told Him: "Eat!" (57)


Repeatedly and untiringly Yasoda encouraged her son to eat the samosas. Cooked Mangoes, Sikharini, lemonade, milk, Amiksa, curries, yoghurt, fruits and many varieties of cakes and pies, while her dress was moistened by her breast milk flowing out of parental love, and her loving tears. (58)

After eating all these sweet drinkable, chewable and lickable soft sweets, all the boys were satisfied and they became eager to go out to the forest. They washed their mouths, washed their lotuslike hands with scented clay and brushed their teeth with soft toothpicks. Then they washed their mouths with water brought in golden pots by the servants. (59-60)


A servant named Jambula massaged Krishna's belly with his left hand to stimulate His digestion and he served cool and splendid khadir-powder with cardamom, cloves and camphor to make a pleasant flavour in His mouth. (61)


Krishna took a fresh pan leaf from His eager servant Rasala and took another hundred steps to lie down on His huge bed, where His servants started fanning Him with a peacock feather fan. The servant Vilasaka served his dear Lord more soft betel leaves. (62-63)


Shri Radha left the kitchen, washed Her hands and feet and entered another room where She was fanned by Her maidservants while She gazed at Her Beloved through the window with Her girlfriends. When She began to perspire of ecstasy mother Yasoda thought it was from Her fatigue of cooking, so she ordered Rohini to bring Radha some food from the house while she personally sat next to Her. Dhanistha secretly mixed some remnants of Han's meal cooked in ghee with the rice-in-ghee brought from the house by Rohini, and gave it to Radha and Her friends. Seeing that Radhika shyly covered Her face with Her veil, not eating anything, Krishna's mother; who was melting of affection, told Her: "Mother! Think of me as Your mother! Why are You so shy? I love You as much as I love my son! I worship You! When I see You eating You cool off my eyes! Eat while I watch You personally!" (64-68)


Then she told Radhika's girlfriends: "0 Girls! You are also all my daughters! Why are you shy? Eat something!" Speaking such affectionate words to Lalita and her friends, Yasoda took hundreds of oaths to make them eat her sweetmeats. (69)


Her heart eager with desires to marry her son, filled with affection, Yasoda carefully placed many suitable ornaments (for this) in nice baskets at her home, as if Radha was her own daughter-in-law. Dhanistha brought these baskets to Shri Radha along with betel leaves, sandalpaste, vermilion and new clothes. Queen Yasoda was very happy to see Radhika surrounded by Her girlfriends, as if She was her own daughter-in-law. (70-71)


Visakha brought Krishna's yellow dhoti of last night from Radha and gave it to Subala through Dhanistha. Subala in return gave Radha's blue cloth to Dhanistha. (72)


The servants, who were expert in their service, decorated their Lord with oils, scents, garlands, clothes and ornaments, their limbs blooming with affection. They put tilaka on Krishna's forehead with their fingers, smeared His limbs with musk and sandal paste, drew pictures on His body with mineral pigments, dressed Him in fresh clothes, put a peacock feather crown on His head, hung His rings and earrings, His gunja necklace, jewel necklace, medal, Kaustubha-jewel, Vaijayanti flower garland, armlets, bracelets and ankle bells on, and they hung a necklace of big pearls on His chest, which only reflects Gandharvikaís (Radhika's) image in them. On the left side of Krishna's sash they tucked His horn and on the right side His Murali-flute, which was studded with wonderful jewels. They placed His Lagudi-reed in His left hand and His play lotus, which lotus-eyed Krishna playfully twirled around, in His right hand. (73-76)


Krishna then met His cowherd friends, who also all had flutes, horns and sticks, and who smiled, dressed and enjoyed just like Him. Surrounded by them, lotus-eyed Krishna left His home for the forest, churning the minds of the fawn-eyed gopis. (77)


In the poem Govinda Lilamrta, which was the result of service to Shri Rupa Gosvami, who is a honeybee at the lotusfeet of Shri Chaitanya, the encouragement of Shri Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the association of Shri Jiva Gosvami and the blessings of Shri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, this was the fourth chapter; filled with descriptions of Krishna's breakfast-pastimes.