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"Picking flowers and worshiping the nine planets"



Divine Love (prema) made Radha and Krishna's minds dance as the dancing teacher before the assembly of sakhis like Vrnda. This teacher blissfully ornamented Radha and Krishna's dancing minds with moods like restlessness, eagerness, joy and others. Prema ornamented Radhika's dancing body with ornaments of blazing existential ecstasies (suddipta sattvika ) such as udbhasvara (moods that illuminate the body, such as loosening of the braids, blouse and underwear) and jrmbha (heavy breathing through blooming nostrils), with the seven ornaments that come without effort (ayatnaja) such as sobha (enjoyable beauty), kanti (blazing beauty that gives thirst to Cupid), dipti (beauty derived from age and qualities) madhurya (unconditional beauty), pragalbhata (fearless expertise in enjoyment), audarya (unconditional humility) and dhairya (patience); the ten natural moods (svabhavaja), such as lila (imitating the lover's charming dress and pastimes), vilasa (improvements of the face, eyes, gait, sitting, staying and acts arising out of union with the lover), vicchitti (beautifying the body with even a few ornaments), vibhrama (being overwhelmed with lust, wearing ornaments upside down), kila kincit (a mixture of seven moods, namely pride, desire, crying, laughing, malice, fear and anger becoming manifest simultaneously), niottayita (remembering the lover and desiring him within the heart after hearing about him), kuttarnita (showing anger and pain when the lover clasps the breasts and bites the lips, but feeling happy within), vivvoka (showing neglect towards the gifts given by the lover out of anger and pride), lalita (showing tenderness, nice bodily gestures and frowning eyebrows) and vikrti (not expressing one's pride, shame and envy verbally, but through gestures), the three bodily ornaments of sentiment (angaja), such as bhava (the first manifestations of conjugal flavour in an otherwise motionless heart) hava (showing one's moods through crookedness and movements of the eyes and eyebrows) and hela (clear indication of sexual desires), totalling twenty and maugdhya (inquiring about known things to the lover as if not knowing them) and cakita (showing fear without a cause in front of the lover) totalling twenty-two emotional ornaments (bhavalankara). Prema gradually ornamented Radhika's and Krishna's dancing bodies with these ornaments and the assembled sakhis were happy to see the beautiful dancing stage of Their bodies thus ornamented. (l-8)


Radha and Krishna gradually showed each of Their own expert artistic dancing gestures on Their limbs. Seeing Their highly expert, incomparable dancing postures, by which They made each other proud and satisfied, the assembled sakhis became very happy and rewarded the two dancers with the jewels of their bodies and hearts. (9)


Shri Radha's sweet body shone on the dancing-stage, making Krishna's nice eyes dance along with Hers. Seeing Krishna's eyes dancing, Radhika became very happy within and She ornamented Krishna with lotuslike glances from the corners of Her eyes, giving Him great bliss. The sakhis happily followed Them. (10)


Seeing Krishna before Her, Radha became stunned and Her gait became crooked. She slightly covered Her beautiful face with Her blue veil and Her eyes, that had restless pupils, became slightly curved. Thus She gladdened Her lover with the emotional ornament named vilasa. (11)


Radhika's friend (a personified emotion) eagerness dragged Her forward, shyness pulled Her backwards, unwillingness pulled Her leftwards towards Her home with loving crookedness and Her friend attentiveness forcibly pulled Her to the right. In this way Radha pleased Shri Hari with the moods appearing in Her heart. Being this forcibly pulled around by Her four mental friends before Her lover, Radha could move nor stay. (12-13)


Shyly and very sweetly Radhika bent Her neck, feet and waist. She moved Her vine-like eyebrows in such a way that Cupid's bow was defeated in his pride. Although She was beautified by loving happiness and Her limbs were fondled by Lalita sakhi, She gave great joy to Her lover with this love-ornament named lalita. (14)


Hari's dancing mind became pleased with the qualities of Radha's dancing body, so His body followed His mind in approaching Her body for an embrace. Hari said: "Dearest One! I see Your ornaments were disarranged while You hurried over here to meet Me! This has agitated My body and mind! Come, I will arrange them properly!" Saying this, He came up to Her, eager to touch Her. Shri Radhika lowered Her head out of hesitation and Her eyes moved restlessly, pleasing Krishna by adorning Her fair body with the emotional ornament named vibhrama. (15-16)


Then, when Radha proceeded to pick flowers, moved by feelings of bashfulness, coyness and attentiveness and Hari anxiously obstructed Her path, She outwardly showed anger, although She was happy inwardly. (17)


Shri Radha's restless eyes rejoiced, becoming red of tears at the borders. Her lips trembled of joy, indicating Her conjugal desires. She smiled and frowned simultaneously. Showing Her face in this kila kincita mood, She gave millions of times more happiness to Krishna than by directly enjoying with Him. This is an indescribable mystery! (18)


Radha Went to a nearby Punnaga tree and lifted Her vine-like arm to pick some flower buds from its branches. How amazing! Both the buds as well as the tree on which they grow began to horripilate. All the buds began to blossom from Radhika's touch and the Punnaga tree itself began to blossom from seeing Radhika's arm. (i.e. Krishna's limbs were studded with goosepimples of ecstasy when He saw Radhika). (19-20)


Radha and Krishna went to consult Tarunya Bhatta, the professor of kama sastra, eager to study under Him. Although They were classmates, they still wanted to argue with each other. There is no fault in this, nor is this astonishing, for students of logic want to argue even with their own teacher! (21)


Krishna asked Radhika: "Who is there, picking My flowers?" and Radhika replied: "No one!" Krishna said: "Who are You?" Radhika: "Don't You know Me?" Krishna: "No, I don't know You!" Radhika: "Then get out of here!" Krishna: "I am a puspapa (flower guard, or honeybee), where should I go?" Radhika: "Go where the she-bees are!" Krishna: "Very well, You are such a bee amongst the flowers! Saying this, Madhusudana (a honeybee, or Krishna) approached Radhika and said: "0 bewildered housewife! 0 chaste flower thief! Are You not even ashamed before other men? How amazing! How can there be any shame in a girl that freely wanders from forest to forest? 0 Beautiful girl! If You say: "This is an ordinary forest where everyone has equal rights! We just came here to worship Mitra, the sun god (or: this is not My husband Abhimanyu's house! We came here, eager to see our mitra, or friend Krishna) then I say: although the Punnaga-tree (or Krishna, the best of men) is blooming, it will not meet with the Malati vine (or the gopis), for You have destroyed it by picking all of its flowers. I think this is what You want to express when You pronounce the labial syllables (like pa, the first syllable of the pa-varga, using words as puja, punnaga, and puspa ). I think You are expressing a complaint about this! 0 fair faced girl, You are bewildered, You don't know anything! Listen to what I say! This Punnaga (or Me) is sometimes united with the Malati vine (gopi) and sometimes not. It depends on the fortune of a favorable wind!" (22-25)


"King Cupid has placed this forest in My care and I will take both the jewels of youth from anyone who is so proud to plunder it right in front of Me! When You beg Me for permission to pick flowers, then I tell you that I am a brahmacari. I do not look at women, nor do I speak with them. If I see you all in a lonely place I cannot control Myself. And how can I be alone with women if I'm always surrounded by My friends? Nor are you all alone! You are always surrounded by thousands of flower stealing gopis like Yourself, plundering the wealth of this area. If I don't stop you all, I will be punished by the king of this area (named Cupid). I must pacify Him!" (26-28)


"And if You say: "I am always picking flowers here with My friends for the worship of the sun god! I have never seen a forest guard like You here before, nor have I ever heard the name of king Cupid even in My dreams! Why are You uselessly speaking all these false words to Me?" then I say that You are right! The reason is: "Who dares to come into this forest out of fear of the notorious power of king Cupid? I am so proud of this that I never even bother to come here! I carefully herd My cows elsewhere! Because I did not see You, You were able to plunder this forest! Now I secretly came here for a surprise check-up. Fortunately I have caught You! In the king's interest and in My own, I will punish you first and then take you all to the king's court. Then you will directly see that king whose name you have never heard before!" (29-31)


"And if You say: 'This is an ordinary forest and we did not know this guardian (You) before, what offense did we commit? Please, merciful One, forgive us and leave us!', then I will say that I am unable to do this! All the citizens of the forest, both mobile and immobile, are upset with Your indecent behaviour and they complained, so the king angrily sent Me to fetch You and to punish You according to scriptural injunctions!" (32-33)


"And when You say: 'I heard that this Vrndavana is thirty-two miles wide and that Cupid is the king of this domain! His only wealth is some grass that grows here. Who are his subjects?' then listen, I will tell You: all the beautiful girls of the world are his subjects!" (34)


Your body is the thief that has stolen everything beautiful from the Vrndavana forest! With the palms of Your hands and the soles of your feet You stole the sprouts and water lotuses, with Your nails the mirrors, and with Your gait the baby elephants and the swans. With Your hips You stole the golden bananas and the trunk of the elephants, with Your knees golden baskets, with Your buttocks Cupid's chariot and with the your thighs the wonderful beauty of the forest's platforms, with Your waist the thinness of the lions' waists, with Your navel, lakes of nectar, with Your belly the Banyan leaves, with Your chest Cupid's seat and with Your belly hairs the beauty of black snakes. With Your breasts You stole the lotus buds, the temples of the elephants, the bael leaves and palm trees, with Your palms the charms of the reddish Asoka-leaves and with Your arms the lotus stems and the ropes of Cupid. With Your fingers You stole the Campaka buds that are Cupid's greatest power and with Your bodily luster the lightning and gold. With Your teeth You plundered the lustre of pearls and with Your curly locks that of the black bees! With Your nose You stole the beauty of the parrot's beak and with Your voice the sweet singing of the cuckoos! With Your dancing You eclipsed the cleverness of the peacocks and with the pupils of Your eyes You stole the fishes, with the thirsty look in them the Cakora birds, with the loving look in them the does and with their restless glances the wagtail birds. With the beautiful colour of Your eyes You stole the blue lotus flowers, with the colour of Your lips the bright red Bandhujiva flowers, lava flowers and red lotus flowers, with Your chewing teeth the pomegranate seeds, with Your hair the tails of the Camara does, with Your neck the conchshells and the three lines in them the thin current of the Yamuna. On top of it all, You stole king Cupid's own arrows with which he protected this forest until now, with Your glances, and You bound Me up with them. All the other items of the forest You have also invested in Your body. Thus everyone in the forest is upset and is looking all around, searching for You!" (35-38)


Hearing Krishna's joking words and relishing them like nectar for the ears, Shri Radhika carefully concealed the signs of loving ecstasy coming on Her limbs and said: "Who will listen to the talking of a lusty boy? I'm leaving!" Saying that, Radhika looked sideways at Her lover with some signs of neglect and quickly walked away while showing the emotional ornament of mugdha vivvoka (showing anger and pride towards someone who is actually dear). Hari caught the end of Her sari and said: "0 Wicked girl! Where are You going, ignoring Me like this?" (39-40)


Radha was stirred by ecstasy when She felt the mere touch of Her lover's hand and looked at Him with a bent neck, showing different moods. The dancing pupils of Her crooked eyes were like thirsty bees flying towards Her lover's blooming smiling lotuslike face. They were filled with some small tears of anxiety that reddened the borders of Her eyes. With these neglectful, crooked glances She immersed Krishna in a boundless ocean of bliss. Pulling at the end of Her sari, which was held by Krishna's hand, and looking at Him with crooked glances, Shri Radhika showered Him with Cupid's arrows, constantly piercing Him, blinding Him with desire. While looking at Krishna's sweet, beautiful smiling nectarean lotus face, She said: "And what kind of a saint are You, calling others thieves? You Yourself (with Your body) have stolen whatever sweet and charming things there are in the spiritual or in the material world!" (41-44)


The naked maidens in the Yamuna can testify of Your saintliness and righteousness when they had to pray to You for their clothes with their hands on their heads!" (45)


"Although You are a qualified prince who is worshipable in Vraja, there arc innumerable suitable girls for You to marry and You are of fresh youthfulness also, You have never married. You truely kept Your vow of brahmacarya ! There must be some extraordinary quality in You, hearing of which no girl wants to marry You! Out of sorrow for that I think You have accepted the celibacy of a horse (who becomes restless on seeing a mare). Thus You are known in Vraja as a false brahmacani" (46-48)


"If You are a brahmacari, then why are You so eager to see the faces of other men's wives? And why do You attract them with Your flute, the thief who steals our minds? You are initiated in a vow to destroy the chastity of chaste wives and maidens through Your selfish trickery, although You are still known as a brahmacari . You never planted one of these flowers, vines, trees, and fresh sprouts here, yet You call Yourself the proprietor of this forest. Rather, you uprooted so many trees while tending Your cows here, so You are truly the forest guard!" (49-Si)


Because this forest is maintained by My friend Vrnda it is known as Vrndavana. After crowning Me the Queen of Vrndavana with many jewels she handed this forest over to Me, this is well known . Are You and king Cupid therefore really the guards here?" (52)


"The forest around My lake is extraordinary and not accessible to everyone. My throne stands there in the well known kunja called Kama Sarmada (giving joy to Cupid). In this lonely place, known as Kanta Varta Sudhadhuk (the place where nectarean stories about the lover are told), I sit and hear all the nectarean news about My lover from My girlfriends. This place is inaccessible to men." (53-54)


"We come here to pick flowers for our worship of the sun god. Who are You to stop us, calling other people's private places Your own? Has Your ladylove I-In (shame) also left You? 0 brahmacari! You have no business here in the flower garden where women freely ramble! Go to the meadows of Vraja and herd Your animals there with Your cowherd boys!" (55-56)


Like a Cakora-bird Hari drank the cool nectarean jokes from Radhika's smiling, moonlike face that had beautiful restless doe-like eyes and the sakhis' eyes were also like unsatiated Cakori birds. (57)


Radhika bent Her neck as if She was afraid of Krishna's touch and adorned Him with a garland of blue lotuslike glances. She playfully walked on as if neglecting Him, while chastising Him with unclear words. (58)


When Krishna saw Radhika's dancing wonderful body like this, He approached  Her with great desire, catching the end of Her blouse with His hand. Seeing Radhika's restless glances and crooked eyebrows that were like Cupid's arrows, coming from the reddish corners of Her eyes, shattering the shield of His patience, and repeatedly feeling the tender blows of the toy lotus in Her hand, Krishna felt unlimited happiness. His body, although it contains the whole universe, was unable to keep all the ecstasy which came out as perspiration, tears and goose pimples. (59-61)


Radhika's body blossomed from Krishna's touch. The strings that held Her blouse and Her girdle loosened and She could only keep Her girdle sticking to Her thighs with the moisture of Her perspiration. Radhika became very upset, trying to obstruct Krishna's hands and holding up Her girdle at the same time. Her girlfriends smiled with restless eyes as She managed to escape and ran away to stop Her girdle from slipping with Her expert hand. (62-63)


Krishna then eagerly initiated Cupid's festival by coming up to Shri Radhika to keep His hand on Her shining golden jug-like breasts that were moistened with perspiration. Quickly Radhika obstructed Krishna's hand while She held up Her girdle, looking at Krishna through the corner of Her ruddy left eye and at Her smiling girlfriends with the other eye. (64-65)


Although Radhika was full of loving joy and eagerness She was as if unfavorable to Krishna and She chastised Him with unclear words in a faltering voice that was mixed with laughter and crying. With crooked eyes She looked at Krishna, trying to stop Him from fulfilling His desires. (66)


Just as two lotus flowers that are beautified by swarms of humming honeybees meet through the movements of the wind, Radha and Krishna's lotuslike hands, that had sweetly jingling bangles, met. (67)


Then Lalita intervened and stopped Krishna. Kundavalli said: "Krishna, You must worship the five deities!" (68)


Krishna said: "Kundalate! You should be the conductor of this sacrifice! Tell Me where and with what paraphernalia it must be performed!" (69)


Kundalata said: "I am not the conductor, but since You are my dear cousin-in-law I will secretly tell You what I heard about it from Nandimukhi!" (70)


To remove all obstacles of this sacrifice one must first worship Ganesa. So imagine Radhika's left breast to be Ganesa's head and place Your reddish lotus hand on it (as an offering of red lotus flowers), saying ganesaya namah." (71)


Then You offer Your lotus hand to the other breast which is shaped like a siva linga, and say namah sivaya. Then again You place Your hand on Her head, even if She frowns Her eyebrows, and say: brim candikayai namab. " (72)


"Then You hold Her chin with one hand and the end of Her braid with the other, even if She uses both hands to obstruct You, and offer Your lotus mouth to Her moonlike mouth, saying om namo visnave svaha (73)


"Then again You must say savitri namah and forcibly offer Your Kunda (white flower)-like teeth and Bandhujiva (red flower)-like lips to Her shining red lips, even if She tries to stop You!" (74)


Seeing Krishna commencing His worship, Radhika rebuked Kundavalli and beat Krishna with Her ear-lotus. When Krishna saw Her like that He said: "Dear girlfriends! I started the worship of the five deities to remove all obstacles to Cupid's sacrifice. Now why is Your friend Radha sad?" (75-76)


With smiling faces and eyebrows frowned out of false pride, the sakhis rebuked Hari. But Visakha stopped them and winked to Kundalata, as if saying: "You secretly tie Their clothes together!" Then She looked at Krishna and said: "The scriptures say that one must sacrifice together with one's wife, therefore I am tying Your clothes together. Why shouldn’t our friend Radhika, who is fixed in religious adherence, not be angry if You perform this sacrifice without tying Her up to You?" (77-78)


Radha looked at Visakha with frowning eyebrows and lips trembling with anger while Kundalata joyfully went up to Radha and Krishna from behind and tied Their clothes together. After doing this unnoticed, she came before Them and, wanting to please Madhava with Her service, said: "This is the auspicious beginning of the sacrifice, what about the rest? All perfection is attained by worshiping the nine planets!" (79-80)


Krishna told her: "Then tell-Me the procedure of this worship!" Then Kundalata, hinting at Radhika's limbs with her glance, told Krishna: "Offer blooming Bandhujiva flowers (or kiss) to the nine planets that are Radha's lips, eyes, cheeks, breasts, forehead and face, to please Her!" (81-82)


Radhika replied: "Kundalate! You are the conductor, so why perform this sacrifice with your own pupil (Krishna)? First offer your own body for this worship!" Then She tried to run away out of fear of Krishna, but could not because of the knot that tied Their clothes together. With bent neck Radhika looked at the tied borders of Their clothes. Although She felt Her desires were fullfilled, and although Her face bloomed with of joy, She rebuked Krishna, Kundalata and Her girlfriends, and quickly began to loosen the knot, saying: "Krishna is the impudent dancer, Visakha is the impudent dancing girl, Lalita is the leader of the assembly and Kundalata is the laughing spectator! Because He has no wife of His own, Krishna treats another man's wife as His own to fulfill His desires! Greed is the root cause of immorality, but as a result His girlfriend shame has left Him!" (83-86)


Krishna promptly stopped Her from loosening the knot and began to kiss Her, but Radhika stopped Him and eagerly went on to loosen the knot. In this way They both obstructed each other in Their doings. Then Lalita proudly came there, rebuking Krishna with false anger and loosened the knot. (87-88)


Lalita said: "Krishna! If You want to tie Yourself to Your wife, there is no scarcity of marriagable girls here in Vraja, so tie Your cloth to Kundalata, Your cousin’s wife!" (89)


When Krishna was freed from the knot Radha went to some distance. Restlessly moving Her eyebrows and smiling sweetly, She told Kundalata, blinking at Krishna's face: "The conductor and executor of this sacrifice are both ignorant! The scriptures say that one must first worship the protector of the directions (dik palah ), otherwise there is a flaw in the sacrifice!" (90-91)


Kundalata said: "I am not ignorant of the procedure of this sacrifice to Cupid! First one must worship the nine planets and then the ten protectors of the directions!" (92)


Acyuta said: "Kundalate! What are the names of the rulers of the directions and what are their positions?" Kundalata, blinking at her friends, said: "Look! They have all come on by themselves, standing in their own directions, eager to fulfill Your desires! Visakha is Durga, Lalita Indra, Sudevi Agni, Tungavidya Yama, Citra Nairtti, Rangadevi Varuni, lndulekha Vayu, Campakalata Kuvera, Rupa Manjari here in front of You is Brahma, giving You the bliss of spiritual flavours and Ananga Manjari is Sesa. These deities maintain the directions for Your benefit. They have now come before You to bring Your worship to perfection!" (93-98)


Hearing this, all these sakhis furiously rebuked Kundalata, saying.  You shameless sinner! Go and do this worship with your own cousin-in-law and use your own body (deity)!" Seeing this, Krishna enthusiastically came before them. Seeing Krishna coming, all the sakhis became scared and eager to protect themselves. Each of them saw Him going towards the other girls and towards themselves as well! (99-100)


In whatever direction Krishna looked, the restless-eyed sakhis fled away. He stopped them and, although they were worshiped only half, they all managed to escape, one with the help of others, some by some trick and others by surprise. Some humbly begged Krishna to let go of them, others proudly chastised Him forcibly pulling their clothes out of His grip. (101-102)


How amazing! Although Krishna could not remove the obstacles to His sacrifice, He still had His desires fulfilled by seeing the borders of their reddish crooked restless and fully blossoming eyes, that were crying and laughing simultaneously The sakhis fled in all directions, taking shelter of fort-like Radhika. Surrounding Her, they made their Cakori bird-like eyes feast on Krishna's moonlike face, restlessly drinking its nectar. Seeing this, Madhusudana became thirsty and began to attack them. When Krishna broke into the Radha-fortress with a sudden jump, Radhika angrily shouted and stopped Him. Krishna became stunned and stood before Her as if He was afraid, staring at Kundalata's face. (103-106)


In the great poem Govinda Lilamrta, which is the result of service to Shri Rupa Gosyami, who is a honeybee at Shri Chaitanya's lotusfeet, the encouragement of Shri Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the association of Shri Jiva Gosyami and the blessings of Shri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, this was the ninth chapter, dealing with the midday pastimes.