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"Further praises of the parrots"



Shri Radha encouraged Vrnda to fondle and pacify the parrots that had come to them. Then She ordered the parrot to describe Krishna's qualities, which he and his sarika began to do to give pleasure to the assembled sakhis (I)



The suka sang: "Although the deep ocean of Ajita's qualities is unfathomable even by great souls and poets, I desire to taste it with my tongue. Although I am so insignificant, and although a ripe coconut cannot be pierced by the beak, this greedy parrot still touches its bark again and again!" (2)



"My shameless efforts to describe Han's qualities are just like the stretching out of the hands to catch the sun, efforts to smash the Sumeru-mountain with the head or trying to swim across the Pacific Ocean." (3)



"Anyone whose tongue was purified by vibrating Han's qualities even slightly can never touch any other subject anymore. Will a cuckoo, after first tasting the sweetness of the mango-pits, ever touch the bitter Nim-leaves again?" (4)



"Garga Muni told King Nanda that baby Krishna had all the qualities of Lord Narayana (Bhag. 10.8.19) and that there is no end to the greatness, supreme auspiciousness, gravity and glories of this moon of Gokula." (5)



"There is no limit to Krishna's affection for His devotees and His submission to their love, because He has many devotees and each of these devotees has innumerable glories." (6)



"Who on earth can describe this Krishna, whose form ornaments His ornaments, who is of fresh adolescence, whose spotless pastimes enchant the world, who heroicly lifted Govardhana Hill as if it was a ball, who can generously submit Himself to any soul who surrenders unto Him, whose fame inundates the whole world and thus purifies it?" (7)



"The gopis' adolescence, good qualities, beauty, dresses, sweetness, conjugal play, cleverness, splendid moods, restlessness and artfulness only become useful when they are suitable for Krishna and when they are accepted by Him!" (8)



"Shri Krishna's whole body smells of a blue lotusfiower that is smeared with musk. The fragrance of His armpits, eyebrows, hips and hair defeat the smell of Parijata- and lotusfiowers smeared with aguru and His nose, navel, mouth, hands, feet and eyes smell of a lotus smeared with camphor. Thus the whole world is inundated by the waves of His nectarean fragrance." (9)



"Han's qualities steal away the minds of the doe-like gopis and Krishna is overwhelmed by loving feelings for them, being controlled by their love." (10)


"With His flutesong Han attracts the gopis' hearts and He dances the Rasa with them, through which all His desires are fullfilled and the whole world becomes filled with happiness." (11)



"Murari shines like a blue lotusgarland on king Nanda's chesL How can even the thousand-headed Ananta count the qualities of His divine form?" (12)



"Mother Yasoda saw the whole universe in Han's body and Krishna held Govardhana Hill as if it was a lotusfiowet, but no one can measure the bliss He feels when He sees Radhika's lotusface!" (13)


"Shri Radhika shivers with anger when She sees Her own reflection in Krishna's chest, which is like a flood of natural beauty, thinking it to be another girl, and She becomes averse to Him." (14)


shri radhayananyasamordhvayahrtam mano harer dhavati naparanganam sai~ini san madhu Iampatah sada vamm param icchati kim madhuvratah


"Because Krishna's mind is stolen by the unrivalled Radha, He never runs after other girls. Why should a honeybee leave the sweetest lotusflower for any other vine?" (15)



usno ravih sitafa eva candrah sarvam saha bhus capalah samirah

sadhuh sudhiro'mbu nidhir gabhirah svabhavatah premavaso hi krishnah


"The sun is naturally warm, the moon is naturally cool, the earth naturally tolerates everything, the wind is naturally restless, the saints are naturally grave and the ocean is naturally deep. Krishna is naturally controlled by love." (16)



"Although Krishna is naturally grave, steady in mind, full of tolerance and well behaved and His body is free from all transformations and full of bliss, He becomes agitated by lusty feelings from seeing Shri Radha's face and restlessly wanders around, being subdued by Her love." (17)



"With His qualities Han steals the patience and virtue of even the goddess of fortune and He binds Her down with them even from afar. If He can do this with Laksmi, then what to speak of the gopis, who are melting with love for Him?" (18)



"The fairbrowed maidens of Yraja worship Krishna with padya (footwater) through their perspiration, arghya (water for the hands) through their ecstatic goosepimples, acamana (mouthwater) through their nectarean affectionate words, scents through their nice rfragrance, flowers through their soft smiles, food offerings through their playful nectarean embraces and with pan through their nectarean kisses." (19)



"Krishna appears to different people in different ways - as the giver of profuse wealth to greedy materialists, as the most merciful saviour to the distressed, as Cupid to the young girls, as death to His enemies, as the Supreme Lord to His good devotees and as a friend to the people of Vraja." (20)



"Dogeaters that are devoted to Krishna are eaual to brahmanas and brahmanas that are averse to Krishna are equal to dogeaters. The gopis always relish the nectar of His love, discarding the poison of bashfulness. Krishna's pure fame colours the whole world bluish. In separation from Him the moon feels as hot as fire and the sun feels as cool as nectar. My obeisances to this Krishna!" (21)



"Krishna killed all His wicked enemies like Putana, but still even now the great poets constantly sing of His many magnanimous qualities, such as His compassion!" (22)



"One sakhi says: 'That is not Krishna's body, it is the stream of the Yamuna! That is not Krishna's face, it is a blooming lotus in the Yamuna! That is not Krishna's hair, it is a swarm of bumblebees! 0 greedy girl! Why are your eyes running after this~" (23)



"First Cupid entered the minds of the fairbrowed gopis, causing different transformations there, after this the flutesong of the prince of Vraja entered it. Glory to Gokulacandra's sweet fluteplaying, that creates lust in the minds of the lotuseyed gopis, that takes away their patience and their shame for public opinion, that cuts down their religious principles and that takes them from their husbands' laps. It stuns all mobile creatures and moves all immobile creatures of Vrajal" (24-25)



"People may say that there are many qualified people in this world with tasteful pastimes and jewel-like opulences, but the best of beautiful sages have ascertained that only Krishna, the prince of Yraja embodies all this." (26)



"The gopis, being agitated with love for Krishna, told His flute: "Listen 0 cruel flute! Dear friend, are you showering nectar or poison with your sounds? It can kill us or revive us! Don't give us any other intolerable condition than this!" (27)



"Foolish demons are envious of Krishna, the Lord of the Universe, but He bestows all enjoyment on those who desire iL He gives all wealth to the greedy, He is the very form of bliss for those who desire happiness and He bestows sovereignty to those who want to rule the world." (They bite the hand that feeds them) (28)



"One doe-eyed gopi came home after tasting the nectar of playing with Krishna and saw one of her superiors, an old lady, there. Fearfully she remembered that Krishna had placed His hand on Her shoulder, so she said: "0 Dearest One! Go away! I see one of my superiors has come!" (29)



"Krishna is the bestower of bliss and He removes unlimited distress by calmly lifting the mountain (Govardhana or Radhika's breasts). He is grave and fully qualified, He is the beautiful youthful teenager who steals the minds and eyes of everyone in the world. The minds of all the chaste young girls are absorbed in this conqueror of Mura!" (30)



"Han takes the lives of the wicked and the envious, He forcibly takes away Indra's sacrifice and the dwellingplace of Kaliya, but He gives them all auspiciousness in return." (31)



Iaksankapalir alike giridhatu citre

vaksasy uroja mada Iaksanam ambudabhe radhalayad upagatasya hareh prabhate

kaiscinna niti nipunair api paryacayi


"When Han comes from Radhika's home in the morning He has Her red footlac on His forehead between the usual red mineral pigments of Govardbana Hill, and He has the musk from Her breasts on His chest, that is of the same cloudblue colour. In this way even the most clever knitpickers cannot notice anything!" (32)



"Radha's wealth of love increases along with Krishna's sweetness by the day. And the sakhis' wealth of joy also increases when They play in the kunja's." (33)



"The beauty of Krishna's feet eclipse that of the lotusflowers, His face the lustre of the moon, His eyebrows are as nice as honeybees and His lips are as sweet as nectar. His eyes are as restless as lotusflowers, His teeth are as bright as pure Kundaflowers, His voice is as sweet as nectar and His smile shines brightly His hands look like fresh blossoms, His nails like full moons, His cheeks shine like mirrors and His body shines like a deep blue raincloud The gopis' eyes, thinking His face to be a lotusfiower, come there like thirsty bees to drink its honey Krishna is like the moon for the saints and like an affectionate father for those who worship Him. He is the king of the kunja's, He is like a thunderbolt for the demons and He is like Cupid for the ladies. There is no hero as magnanimous as He is and no one can play like Him. Who in the world equals Krishna? May that Krishna, whose lotusface is kissed by the doe-eyed gopis, protect us." (34-36)



"Vrndavana's vines give joy to Krishna with their breast-like fruits, their smiling flowers and their lip-like nice sprouts." (37)



"Krishna's flute ful fills everyone's desires, like mystic perfection to the yogis, devotion to Lord Vishnu to the worshippers and the desires of Lord Narayan through His Cit-potency." (38)



sudhadhareva madhura kaumudiva susitala

kirtih shri krishna candrasya gangeva jana pavani


"Shri Krishnacandra's fame purifies the people like the Ganga does, is as sweet as a stream of nectar and as cool as the moonlight." (39)



krishnasyanupamanga shrir anga shrir iva madhuri madhuriva gunalyasya gunaliva susitala


"The beauty of Krishna's body is incomparible, His sweetness is like His sweetness, His qualities are like His qualities in coolness." (40)



"Han's lovers are overwhelmed with feelings of love for Him and He has as many clever tricks as He has lovers. His humour is as incomparible as His cleverness and His playfulness is as unlimited as His humour." (41)



"Subala and Krishna's dear friends know His thirst for intimate play, so they make a nice bed for Him in the nikunja and carefully bring His ladylove there to make love with Him. How amazing they are!" (42)



dhanyam vrndaranyam yasmin vilasati sadaiva ramanibhih prati kunjam prati pulinam prati girkandram asau krishnah


"Blessed is Vrndavana, where Krishna always enjoys with the gopis in every kunja, on every bank of the Yamuna and in every mountain-cave!" (43)



"The Pulinda-girls became lusty from seeing Krishna and hearing His flutesong and they smeared the kunkuma from Krishna's feet, that came from Radhika's body and that stuck on the grass of Vraja, on their breasts to please their hearts and to extinguish their lusty feelings." (44)



"The vines of Vrndavana are very fortunate, since they please Krishna with their flowerlike smiles, their fruitlike breasts and their sproutlike lips." (45)



"The wives of the demons that Krishna killed angrily hid in the caves of Govardhana Hill where they were satisfied by the Pulinda's with food and sex, after which they praised Shri Han's spotless qualities" (46)


Kamsa was told by his friends: "There is nothing to fear from Krishna! He is soft as flat-rice! We have defeated even the king of the demigods!" Hearing these words from the demons Kamsa became proud. But where is their pride now that Krishna killed them all, I don't know!" (47)



"In this way Krishna's qualities are unlimited, His pastimes are unlimited and His glories are unlimited! I wanted to purify my voice with even a drop of this, but my hopes for counting Krishna's qualities are in vain!" (48)



In this way the suka and sarika-parrots immerse in an ocean of descriptions of Han's qualities and come up again with blossoming minds. Then again they prayed to their king and queen with descriptions of Their qualities:



(Eight prayers to Shri Krishna)




ambudaiyanendraniia nindi kantida mba rah kunkumodyad arka vidyud amsu divyad ambarah shrimad anga carcitendu pita nakta candanab svanghri dasyado'stu me sa ballavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra nandana (prince of Yraja), whose luster defeats that of the clouds, blue collyrium and sapphires, whose divine cloth shines like kunkuma, the rising sun and lightning and whose body is smeared with camphor, kunkuma and yellow sandalpaste, give me the service of His lotusfeet!" (50)



ganda tandavati panditandajesa kundalas eancini padma sanda garva khandanasya mandalah ballavisu vardhitatma gudha bhava bandhanah svanghri dasyado'stu me sa ballavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra nandana, whose Makara-earrings expertly swing on His cheeks, whose face eclipses the pride of the moon and a cluster of lotusfiowers, and who binds the gopis with His ever-increasing intimate love, give me the service of His lotusfeet!" (51)



nitya navya rupa vesa harda keli cestitah keli narma sarma dayi mitra vrnda vestitah sviya keli kananamsu nirfitendra nandana svanghri dasyado'stu me sa ballavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra nandana, whose enchnting form, dress and play are ever fresh, who is surrounded by playful joking blissfull friends and the splendour of whose playforest defeats that of Indra's Nandana-forest, give me the service of His lotusfeet!" (52)



prema hema manditatma bandhutati nanditah ksauni lagna bhalo lokapala pall vanditah

l=A_ _nitya kala srsta vipra gauravali vandanah svanghri dasyado'stu me sa ballavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra-nandana, who is praised by His friends that are decorated with the golden ornaments of love, who is worshipped by the demigods, who bow their foreheads down for Him on the earth and who personally bows down to His superiors like the brahmana's, every day, give me the service of His lotusfeet!" (53)



lilayendra kalitosna kamsa vatsa ghatakas tat tad atma keb vrsti pusta bhakta eatakah virya sila Illayatma ghosa vasi nandanah svanghri dasyado'stu me sa ballavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra nandana, who curved the pride of Indra and Kaliya as a mere sport, who killed Kamsa and Yatsasura, who maintains His devotees, that are like Cataka-birds, with the rainfall of His pastimes, and who gave joy to the people of Yraja with His prowess, His behaviour and His playful sports, give me the service of His lotusfeet!" (54)



kunja rasa keli sidhu radhikadi tosanas tat tad atma keli narma tat tad ah posanah prema sila keil kirti visva citta nandanah svanghri dasyado'stu me sa baflavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra-nandana, who satisfied Radhika and Her friends with His joking, ambrosial Rasaplay in the kunja and who gives joy to the world with His love, His character, His pastimes and His glories, give me the service of His lotusfeet." (55)



rasa keli darsitatma suddha bhakti sat pathah sviya citra rupa vesa manmathali man mathah gopikasu netra kona bhava vmda gandhanah svanghri dasyado'stu me sa ballavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra nandana, who shows the pure righteous path to His devotees with His Rasa-play, who stirs the mind of even Cupid with His wonderful form and dress and who shows His feelings to the gopis from the corners of His eyes, give me the service of His lotusfeet." (56)



puspacayi radhikabhimarsa Iabdhi tarsitah prema vamya ramya radhikasya drsti harsitah radhikorasiha lepa esa han candanah 3vanghri dasyado'stu me sa ballavendra nandanah


"May that Ballavendra nandana, who is eager to touch Radhika when She picks flowers, who becomes happy to see Her face expressing loving unwillingness and who is like Hari-sandalpaste smeared on Her breasts, give me the service of His lotusfeet!" (57)



astakena yas tv anena radhika'subalfabham

_ _sanistaviti darsane'pi sindhujadi durlabham tam yunakti tusta citta esa ghosa kanane racihikanga sanga nanditatma pada sevane


"Anyone who praises Radhika's lover with these eight prayers, will please that Shri Krishna, who is hardly seen even by laksmidcvi and will attain the service of His feet while He enjoys Shri Radhika's company in the forest of Vraj"







kunkumakta kancanabja garvahari gaurabha pitanancitabja gandha kirti nindi saurabha ballavesa sunu sarva vanchitartha sadhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, whose luster and fragrance steals the pride of a golden lotusflower smeared with vermilion, and who ful fills all of Ballavesa suta's (the prince of Vraja's) desires, give me the service of Her lotusfeet."




kauravinda kanti nindi citra patta satika krishna matta bhrnga keli phulla puspa batika krishna nitya sangam artha padmabandhu radhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, whose wonderful silken sari eclipses the beauty of coral, who is the blooming flowergarden where the mad Krishna-bee plays, and who worships the sun, the friend of the lotusflowers, to get Krishna's eternal association, give me the service of Her lotusfeet!" (60)



saukumarya srsta pallavali kirti nigraha candra candanotpalendu sevya sita vigraha svabhimarsa ba~Iavisa kama tapa vadhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, whose tenderness defeats that of the fresh blossoms, whose body is served by cool items as camphor, sandalpaste and lotusflowers and who soothes Ballavisa's (Krishna, the lord of the gopis burning of lust, give me the service of Her lotus feet!" (61)


goddess of fortune, the wealth of whose youthful form is unrivalled and whose pastimes, qualities and character are matchless, give me the service of Her lotusfeet!" (62)



rasa Iasya gfta narma sat kalali pandita prema ramya rupa vesa sad gunali mandita visva navya gopa yosid alito'pi yadhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, who is expert in dancing the Rasa, singing, joking and other arts, who is adorned with a loving and charming form, dress and qualities, and who is the greatest of all the world's young gopis, give me the service of Her lotusfeet!" (63)



nitya navya rupa keli krishna bhava sampada krishna raga bandha gopa yauvatesu kampada krishna rupa vesa keli lagna sat samadhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, whose form is ever-fresh, who makes the gopis shiver with Her wealth of love for Krishna (Her rivals shiver of sorrow and Her friends of bliss), and whose mind is always fixed on Krishna's form, dress and play, give me the service of Her lotusfeets" (64)



sveda kampa kantakasru gadgadadi san~ita marsa harsa vamatadi bhava bhusitancita krishna netra tosi ratna mandanalidadhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, who is ornamented with moods of joy, envy and unwillingness and signs of ecstasy like perspiration, shivering, goosepimples and choking voice, and who wears the ornaments of attraction that give joy to Krishna's eyes, give me the service of Her lotusfeet." (65)



ya ksanardha krishna viprayoga santatodita neka dainya capaladi bhava vrnda modita yatna Iabdha krishna sanga nirgatakhlladhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, who is very distressed when She is separate from Krishna for even half a second, who is gladdened by many moods like humility and restlessness, and who is freed from pain when She attains Krishna's company after great efforts, give me the service of Her lotusfeet." (66)



astakena yas tv anena nauti krishna vallabham darsane 'pi sailajadi ghositadi durlabham krishna sanga nanditatma dasya sidhu bhajanam mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"To anyone who prays to Krishna's beloved with these prayers, Radha, whose audience is rarely attained even by Parvati and other goddesses, and who is happy in Krishna's company, will swiftly make that person the



visva vandya yauvatabhi vanditapi ya rama rupa navya yauvanadi sampada na yat sama sila harda Iilaya ca sa yato'sti nadhika mahyam atma padapadma dasyadastu radhika


"May Radhika, whose youthful beauty is praised by all the girls in the world, who is worshipped even by the heir to Her ambrosial service!" (67)



Drinking the suka and sari's nectarean descriptions of Krishna's qualities, all the assembled sakhis drowned in a shoreless ocean of bliss. (68)


In the great poem Govinda Lilamrta, which is the result of service to Shri Rupa Gosyami, who is a honeybee at Shri Chaitanya's lotusfeet, the encouragement of Shri Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the association of Shri Jiva Gosvami and the blessing of Shri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, this was the seventeenth chapter, dealing with the midday pastimes.