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This chapter describes how Radha and Krishna make loVe, play in the water of Radhakunda and have a picknick with all the gopis.



Krishna held a bunch of fresh Asoka-flowers in His hand for ear decorations and eagerly entered the lotuskunja on Vrnda's indication.



radha suradhunim prapte krishna matta matangaje uddiyapasasarall marali palir anjasa


When the mad elephant Krishna reached the Ganga-river Radha (to soothe His conjugal affliction) the swan-like sakhis at once flew away (2)



pibann asau locana puskarena lavanya rupamrtam ambujaksyah vyadalayam kancuka saivalam shri karena nivi nalinim ca lolah


Drinking the nectar of Radhika's beautiful form with His lotuseyes, the Krishna-elephant removed Her moss-like blouse and Her lotuslike girdle with His restless lotushand. (3)



Radhika closed Her eyes and fell asleep. In Her dream She saw that She had come to Her lover. When Krishna carefully began to open Her blouse and girdle She stopped Him in an unfavorable mood, saying: "Hare! Do-do don't touch Me! What do-do You want? Le-le-let Me sleep for a while! My e-e-eyes are rolling of sleep!" (4-5)



In Her dream Radhika smiled and cried simultaneously, speaking unclear words with a faltering voice. She obstructed Her lover's restless hands with the movements of Her hands. Then She woke up to see that Her lover was doing exactly that which She saw Him doing in Her dream! She saw that Her words and acts in the dream were the same as in Her wakeful state because of lust and drunkenness. Although Radhika was unwilling to fight in Cupid's battle (to make love) out of shame, Acyuta forcibly and wildly attacked Her; desiring to defeat Her. Out of fear Radhika's waistbells fell silent and Her anklebells jingled loudly as if they flew up into the sky Shri Han eagerly held fairbrowed Radhika's neck with His arms and Radha piteously petitioned Him with a wonderful warbling voice. (6-10)



With His big mace-like arms Krishna smashed the fortress of Radha's unwillingness. Forcibly Krishna's best generals, vi~ His lips, His nails, teeth, chest, hands, face and arms quickly plundered the city of Her fair body Radhika hid the jewels of Her youth in Her jug-like breasts and Krishna dug them up with the spades of His nails and robbed them with His hands. Krishna bit Radhika's lips with His teeth and sucked the nectar of Her lips. He hit Her limbs with His arms and took the Cintamani-gems from Her breasts.


He held Her hair with His hands and took the Cumbaka-jewels from Her lips (kissed Her). (Radhika concealed Her naked limbs from Krishna, but Krishna removed them) Krishna's lips and teeth broke the shield of Radhika's shame and looted the wealth of nectar from Her face. Radhika did not tolerate it, though, and began the great battle of Cupid, attacking Krishna with Her generals, Her nails and teeth, headed by general Dharstya (boldness), showing Her great might. Her waistbells, seeing Her successfull attack on Krishna, showed their vigour and resounded like Dundubhi-drums. Her loud cry sounded like the roaring of a lion. (11-16)



Seeing Radhika's attack on Krishna and being happy to see Ajita (the invincible Krishna) defeated, the dancers of Her earrings and Her pearl necklace danced restlessly Krishna had stolen the jewels of Radhika's heart and lips and hid them among His own opulences, but Radha showed Her vigour by taking all Her jewels and His jewels back with the spades of Her teeth and nails. This is the result of theft: All one's wealth is taken away along with the stolen goods (viz. Radhika now stole the jewels of Krishna's youth). (17-18)



Radha's beautiful restless eyes were like two heroes that sat on the chariot of Her lotusface that had beautiful eyebrows, plundering honey from the storehouse of Shri Han's lotusface (that Krishna's honeybee eyes had stored there). These bees quickly fled and came back to Her lotusface (when Krishna looked back at Shri Radhika, She closed Her eyes out of shyness). (19)



When they saw Shri Krishna's two great heroic eyes, Radhika's eye-soldiers fled in fear and the soldiers of Her limbs also stopped fighting. (She became shy) Radhika's forehead was covered by curly locks and beads of sweat, Her buttocks were motionless, Her breasts heaved along with Her deep breath, Her arms slackened and Her eyes fell half closed. Krishna was very happy to see Her thus defeated in Cupid's battle. King Cupid had ordered Radha to attack Krishna and She tried very hard, showing great vigour, but then Her body suddenly weakened out of fatigue. This is not so amazing, women are simply weak! (20-22)



Shri Radhika looked like a steady lightning-strike in a fresh raincloud, Her motionless body was glistening with beads of sweat, Her dress and ornaments were loosened and Her eyes were closed while She lay on Her lover's chest, and conversed with Him. Her chest heaved with Her deep breath, repeatedly touching Krishna's belly as if wanting to revive Him from His ecstatic inertia. (23-24)



Seeing Radhika's sweetness at that time, Han wanted to see and touch Her limbs. Then the sakhi (personified form) of His desire to remove Radha's fatigue came and joined that desire to touch and see doe-eyed Radhika, but exhaustion was the only sakhi that served Her body (25)



Then the desires to touch Radhika and to remove Her fatigue met, so Krishna got up and lovinly swept the sweatdrops from Her with His lotushands, wiping Her hairs and locks with His cloth. (26)



Moonfaced Radhika asked Krishna: "Arrange My clothes and ornaments", but Krishna did not want to do it, because He wanted to embarrass Her before Her friends. Only after She had repeatedly asked Him He did it, but then again She forbade Him. Agitated by the touch of His hand She told Him: "0 Lover, did I ask You to ornament Me? Give up Your vain efforts, this decoration does not please Me! I'm not able to wear all these ornaments now, I'm dizzy Give Me a little time to sleep!" (27-28)



Han drank the nectar of Priyaji's lotusface, being thirsty for the unclear pleasing words She cried out smilingly He smiled, closed His eyes and became intoxicated with lust and astonishmenL (29)



Then the girls for whom Radha and Krishna's service is their only joy (the maz~jan~ that were eagerly waiting outside of the kunja, came inside with all the paraphernalia for their service in their lotushands. These girls, that were intoxicated with love for Radha and Krishna, served Them with betelleaves, cool water, pure scents and garlands. They softly massaged Their lotusfeet and fanned Them. This relieved Radha and Krishna's fatigue and gave Them great joy (30-31)



With a hint of Her smiling eyes Radhika told Her lover: "My lotusfaced friends, without whom I cannot find happiness, are all taking rest in Their kuqja~ Please wake them up and bring them here!" (32)



Although Krishna did not want to leave Her, Radhika repeatedly asked Him to, so He came out of the kunja to make love with Her girlfriends like a mad elephant makes love with its mates. (33)



Krishna thought: "Shall I first go to Lalita, to Visakha, to Citra or to all the sakhis simultaneously?" Then He blissfully expanded Himself and entered all of their kunja's simultaneously, just as the Supreme Self simultaneously pervades all material bodies, but still remains One. (34)



Krishna played the same beautiful pastimes with these gopis in their kunja's as He played with Radhika, their groupleader, who experienced the same play in Her dream (svapna vilasa) as well as in Her wakeful state. Just to please them, Shri Krishna, the greatest wrestler, defeated all these wrestler-gids simultaneously in an armfight. (35-36)



While She took rest, Shri Radhika was served by Her maidservants in Her kunja for a while. Then She went to a bathingplace by Radhakunda. (37)



Just as the signs of a sacrifice are still visible after the place is cleaned up, so the sakhis' bodies still showed the signs of Krishna's lovemaking, even after He tried to wipe these signs out by profusely decorating them in a submisive mood. (38)



With eyebrows frowned out of loving anger towards their friend Radhika (for sending Krishna to them), lowered heads out of shame, stumbling gait, loosely hanging arms and half-closed eyes, these sakhis walked here and there until they met eachother. Krishna also left the kunja's and, taking One form again, met Madhumangala and his friends and smilingly went with them to see His smiling lover. (39-40)



The sakhis were playing a dice game of joking conversation in which the wager was the distribution of embarrassment and Shri Krishna was the master of the assembly Bold Kundalata defeated all the assembled sakhis, like Yrnda, (distributing the wager of embarrassment to them) by showing the marks of Krishna's enjoyment on their bodies. (41)



madhu ripur ati lila gadha piyusa sindhuh satata dur avagahah prema tirthavagahaih pranayi viralalokaih svadyate'sau yad anyaih kavibhir api tata sthaih sprsyate bhagyam etat


The pastimes of Krishna, the enemy of Madhu, are like a deep nectar-ocean which is always hard to enter. Loving devotees can enter into it, though, as they go in by the bathingplace of their love. Who can describe the fortune of mediocre poets like me who have been able to touch this ocean? (42)




(Watersports in Shri Radhakunda)



atha vividha vilasa srantitah klanti puma avasara njia sevabhUnayopetya turnan jalam anu jala lila vanchayalya tad antar han haridayitalyas calyamana vabhuvah


Although Han and His beloved girlfriends were tired of their different pastimes, they went to play in the water of Radhika's lake, being encouraged by their maidservants, who desired to serve Them in this waterplay (43)



grivantam samyam ati keli vimukta kesah samvastrftabhinava sukla sucina celah sevaparali nicayair avatar itati bharanga bhusana cayah sudrso vabhus tah


These manjaris helped the fair-eyed sakhis to take off their heavy ornaments and nice saris. They tied up their loosened hairs that had fallen into their necks and dressed them in fine white bathing-garments. (44)



udyat sudhamsu sata puskara nindi kantih prodyad vibhakara vikasvara puskarakhya kandarpa saumanasa puskara fit kataksah sranti prsanti kara puskara keli lolah


samvestftah sakala puskaranibhfrabhih krishnah priya dayita puskarinim jagahe srantah sramakulita puskarini ghatabhih svairi vanecara madotkara puskariva


Shri Krishna, whose bodily luster defeated that of hundreds of moons in the sky, whose eyes were like lotusfiowers blooming in the blazing sun, whose glances were like Cupid's flower-swords that eclipsed the lotusflowers, became eager for the lotus-pastimes that would relieve the love-fatigue of Himself and His girlfriends, as if He was an elephant surrounded by she-elephants who freely enjoys in the forest and who is eager for conjugal pleasure. In this way they entered the lotus-filled lake. (45-46)



To give pleasure to Krishna's eyes, that were like mad elephants, the gopis shone as beautifully as the kunda Their eyes and faces shone like lotusflowers, their locks like swarms of bumblebees, their breasts like Cakravaka-birds, their bodies like vines and their arms like lotusstems. Some gopis were hesitant to enter the water and stayed on the shore, but they were sprinkled by these gopis that had already gone into the water. They fearfully tried to flee, but were forcibly pulled into the water by their clothes by the others, who were laughing Some gopis stood into the water upto their knees, others fearfully went in upto their bellies. Han had gone in upto His navel, smiling and focibly splashing them with water. (47-49)



The mad elephants of Han's eyes dived into the rivers of the gopis' beautiful bodies, that became visible through their very thin wet clothes, and the gopis' elephant-like eyes also relished the sweetness of Han's limbs. Some gopis were unwilling to go into the water and shivered of cold, their faces smiled and cried simultaneously Krishna pulled them all into the water upto their navels, where they stayed with Him. The gopis played in the water of that lake which was scented by flowerpollen and honey oozing from the Rajiva-, Pundarika-, Kahlara- and Kairava-lotuses, as well as the red and blue lotusflowers. (50-52)



On one side of the lake Nandimukhi, Yrnda, Dhanistha and others stood on a bathing platform, showering flowers on Radha and Her gopis, desiring their victory and shouting 'jaya'!, while Subala and Kundalata stood on the other side of the lake on a bathing platform, showering Krishna with flowers, desiring His victory (53-54)



Then Shri Han began His waterplay with the gopis. He increased their enthusiasm by softly splashing them with water and they splashed Him back. Then Krishna constantly showered them, making them lower their heads out of fear, and cover their eyes, noses and ears with their fingers. (55)



Han accepted a thousand eyes to look at the gopis' beauty, a thousand feet to walk up to them and a thousand arms to embrace them. He took a thousand hands (like the thousand-handed sun, who showers water, making the lotusfiowers bloom and making the Cakravaka-birds happy), to fondle the Cakravaka-birdlike breasts of the doe-eyed gopis that stood up in the water upto their bellies with fully blooming lotusfaces. (56-57)



Madhumangala, seeing Krishna's play, happily recited the verse sahasra pat sahasraksa sahasra bahur isvara (the Lord has a thousand arms, a thousand eyes and a thousand glances come from them) from the Veda's, as a joke. (58)



Nandimukhi (Madhumangala's brahmana-sister), standing on the bank of the kunda, laughed and reacted by reciting the verse sarvatah pani padam tat sarvato'ksi siro-mukham (everywhere are His bands and feet, everywhere are His eyes, heads and faces) from the Purana's. (59)



In this way Krishna was like a row of clouds showering water in all directions in a crooked way to move the vine-like Vraja-gopi& Thinking: "Are the sakhis' footsoles red of lac, or because they have been in the cold for so long?", Krishna became mad with doubts. (60-61)



The beautiful gopis became ecstatic when they were touched by the water that was constantly splashed all around by Shri Krishna, but they were unwilling to continue the waterfight since their vine-like arms had become tired and their braids, garments and garlands had loosened. (62)



Krishna forcibly took away the gopis' garments in the clear water, so the gopis quickly made friends with the lotusfiowers of the lake, who offered them their leaves as hand for protection. (63)



Bcing repeatedly defeated by Krishna, the two colours of the gopis' faces (the red colour of their lips and of the pairspots on them) were washed oft, but sweet-voiced Radhika repeatedly showered Her beloved, desiring to defeat Him. (64)



Radha and Krishna left Their friends behind and began to fight with Eachother. Being surrounded by Their friends, They first fought with water, then with the hands, then nail to nail, mouth to mouth and finally teeth to teeth. They became very happy from Their mutual touch. Krishna became stunned and Radhika became restless. Seeing this blissfull mood appearing in Radha, Lalita said: "Krishna's crown fell oft, the reflection of His Kaustubbagem took shelter of Your cheeks, His earrings trembled, the tilaka on His forehead was washed away and His garland is torn to shreds! So stop fighting, sakhi! Don't injure Krishna any more! He's suffering!" (65-68)


Just as Krishna sometimes defeated the gopis and was sometimes defeated by them, so their supporters were also defeating and being defeated in turn. (69)



Mukunda forcibly dragged Radhika into the water upto Her neck. Sometimes He pushed Her under water and sometimes He made Her surface again, like a lotus kept on the restless waves by an elephant. Restless Radhika held Her lotusstem-arm around Krishna's neck, covering Her lotusface with Her moss-like hair. In this way the Radha-lotus swam in the pond with Her Krishna-elephant. (70-71)



Meanwhile the sakhis joyfully hid themselves in the cluster of blooming golden lotusflowers, where they immersed themselves upto their necks. Radha told Krishna: "Where have My friends gone? Go into the water and look for them!", so lotuseyed Krishna left Radha in the water upto Her neck and went to look for Her girlfriends in the cluster of blooming lotusflowers. Then lotusfaced Radha also hid Herself between the lotusflowers. (72-73)



Madhusudana became eager to drink the honey of the gopis' golden lotusfaces that came up from between the couples of blooming blue lotusflowers (their eyes), seeing moss-like hair growing over them, moved by the waves. (74)



Han became thirsty like a honeybee for drinking the honey from the gopis' golden lotusfaces, so He went up to them. (75)


Radhika secretly met Her friends and Krishna quickly came up to their lotusfaces with His lotusface. In this way Cupid's battle expande(£ The lotusfiowers on the water swung along with the waves made by the unwilling gopis' breasts, so the bumblebees were unable to sit on them and flew away This made Krishna very happy, for they reminded Him of the faces of the gopis who were unwilling to kiss Him. (76-77)


The gopis became tired of these different sports and their bodies became very thin, so their bangles fell off. With love Krishna gave them new bangles made of lotusstems on the sides of their old ones, that would stop them from falling. (78)



kumuda visa maralambhoja cakrotpalani smita bhuja gati vaktroroja netrair v~~itya nivida kuca nitambasphalanaih kampayitva jalam api sarasi sa ksobhitasid vadhubhih


The gopis' smiles defeated the shining of the lilies, their arms the beauty of lotusstems, their gaits the elegance of swans, the faces the beauty of lotusflowers, their breasts the Cakravakabirds and their eyes the lustre of blue lotusflowers. The busy movements of their breasts and buttocks made the water of the lake tremble. The gopis' movements caused waves and the water that were swept up by the wind, making it impossible for the pairs of birds on them (or gopis' breasts) to move or stand still. Although the moons of the gopis' faces had risen, the Cakravaka-couples did not feel their usual separation from eachother, but were very happy to see the gopis' Cakravaka-like breasts. When Radha's moonlike face rose in the lake even the lilies and the blue lotuses (both nightflowers) bloomed in the day Thus the honeybees blissfully relished the nectar of these flowers as well as the dayflowers like lotuses, day and night (79-82)



While the sakhis watched how wonderfully the honeybees simultaneously enjoyed the lotuses and the lilies Hari hid Himself in a cluster of blue lotusfiowers. When the gopis began to search for Him, they mistook one of the blue lotuses to be His face and they kissed it in great ecstasy Then, when they realised their mistake, they looked at eachother in embarrassment. (83-84)



But then Citra by chance saw Krishna's face by the side of Radha's face in the blue lotuseluster and told her friends: "Just see how wonderful this lotuscluster is to us!" (85)



There is one amazing golden moving lotus (Shri Radhika) that is covered by long hanging moss (Her hair) and has two dancing wagtailbirds (Her eyes) in its middle and restless honeybees moving towards a blue lotus (Krishna). (86)



A blue (Krishna's face) and golden (Radhika's face) lotus moved along beautiful waves of amorous desire. They were first separate, but constantly moving waves brought them together and separated them again. (87)



The blue lotuses (Krishna's hands) covered the couples of Cakravakas (gopis' breasts) coming up from the water. Seeing this, golden lotuses came up from out of the water (the gopis hands) to obstruct these blue lotuses. This poetic ornament named atisayokti (see chapter Eleven) gave great joy to the gopi£ (88)



Krishna took Radha amongst the sakhis , shining like a blue lotus surrounded by golden lotuses. They made music by slapping their hands on the water. This is called jala manduka vadya, playing like waterfrogs. Sometimes this sounded like Pataha-drums and sometimes like Dundubhi-drums. (89-90)



The fragrant water of the lake became even more fragrant and cool from the bodies of Han and His goddesses and was colored white, blue and yellow from their melted-off body unguents. In this way the kunda took over all of Han's pure qualities. (91)


Han and the gopis were like an elephant and his mates spashing eachother with their lotuslike hands. Now they came upon the shore, out of the blue lotusciuster. The maidservants anointed Krishna and the gopis with unguents and scented oils after first bathing eachother with loving joy Then they came out of the water onto the shore of Radhakunda. The water that dripped from the wet clothes on the golden limbs of the gopis looked like showers coming from white autumn-clouds (the wet clothes) on small golden mountain peaks (the gopis limbs), and the water that dripped from the tips of their open braids looked like strings of pearls in an Ekavalinecklace that shone in the Lord's heart. (92-95)



By some good fortune those who could not see Krishna even in a dream could now enjoy His company unhindered. Thinking like this, the doe-eyed gopis drank the long-desired sweet nectar of Krishna's company, but their thirst for Him only doubled by this. How amazing! Those who are fortunate can see Krishna, although it is usually impossible. Only through ecstatic love this vision is attained. Krishna could not be bound in His childhood (as Damodara) even with innumerable ropes, but now that same Krishna was gladdened and captured by seeing the gopis' limbs through their wet clothes. This is not so astonishing! (96-98)



After the manjaris had cleaned the limbs and hair of Krishna and the gopis and had given them thin dry clothes to wear, Krishna and His dear girls quickly entered the lotustemple. When Krishna entered the southern wing of the lotustemple and sat down on a nice platform there He was decorated with many flower ornaments by Shri Radhika and Her girlfriends with loving expertise. Shri Radhika dried and scented Krishna's hair with aguruincense, combed it and surrounded it with a jasmine-garland and Jat-, Rangana-, Yuthika-, Bakula- and golden Yuthi-flowers, clusters of the best Ketaki- and Campaka petals and peacockfeathers. She beautified His temples with pairs of gunja-strings and pearl strings. She bound up His hair in a gradually ascending knot and beautified it with peacockfeathers and twigs. In this way the roots of His hairs became very thick and the ends (by His shoulders) very thin. The honeybees became attracted to the fragrance of this crest, that enchanted the world like a whisk. The bee- eyes and lotuslike hearts of the gopis became absorbed in this crest, that never left (these eyes and hearts) anymore. Even Krishna Himself was enchanted by seeing the mere shadow of this crest, whose sweetness was drunk by the whole world! (99-103)



Then Lalita made nice moonlike vermilion tilak on Han's forehead with spots of sandal and musk around IL This tilak looked like Cupid's golden disc that slices the gopis' hearts. (104)



Citra smeared kunkuma and khora on Krishna's limbs which made restless waves of natural beauty that reminded Citra of Krishna (the khora) and the gopis (the kunkuma) during the Rasa dance. Citra, whose character was purified by feelings of friendship for Krishna, also made very beautiful pictures on His body, that eclipsed the luster of a new monsoon cloud. These pictures were like a ropenet that the hunter Cupid spread out the catch Shri Radhika, who has eyes like restless wagtail-birds. (105-106)



Then the gopis happily made a nice dress for Krishna with different colours of fragrant lotusbuds, flowers and twigs. They made earrings, necklaces, waistbells, anklebells, bangles and armlets. This dress was like the rope of Cupid that bound up the eyes of the doe-like gopis. The manjaris dressed Radha according to the season with flowers and ornaments, and then they dressed up the sakhis. (107-108)



Then Vrnda took Radha and Krishna to a beautiful platform in the north of the lotustemple where They saw many kinds of fruits and eatables served on separate banana leafplates, barks, and clay cups. Krishna sat down on a seat of white flowers covered by a white sheet, with Subala on His left and Madhumangala on His right side. (109-111)


Radha and Her friends appeared before Krishna and His friends and served them, while Vrnda brought in the dishes. (112)



First they served them white, red, green and yellow liquid and solid coconut pulp on barks shaped and coloured

I¼_ _like conchshells, along with different other kinds of squeezed fruitL They served the kernel from the smashed coconuts and Krishna and His friends relished it. Then they gradually served them different kinds of mangoes that varied in form, colour and ripeness and were prepared in different ways Krishna and His friends enjoyed the freshly ripened sliced fruits without peels and pits. They ate juicy fruits that were cut along with their peels and ripe fruits that could be licked or chewed and they sucked juicy, very ripe and sweet mangoes that pleased their mouths. They ate pitless Kantaki-fruits that looked like golden lotus- or Campakaflower-buds, and many kinds of Pilu-fruits, dates, grapes, Baelfruits, Lavali and Palmfruits, rose-apples, banana's and nuts, many different nice fruits, water chestnuts, palmseeds, Ksira-, Tuta- and Nasapati-fruits, nectarean guaves, oranges, Kamaranga and Vikanka-fruits. They ate everything which was easily eaten, like Kardamaka, Bijura, elephant apples and many kinds of seeds, like those of the pomegranate, Karonda, melons and different kinds of roots like Gudalu and different flowerbuds that miraculously melted in the mouth. They ate different kinds of seeds, like lotusroots, lotusseeds and lotusstems, Piyalfruits, that look like Pilu-fruits, Ksira Sara pies with sugar and different delicious milksweets that looked like oranges, Bael and mangotrees with their fruits and flowers, home-made by Radhika. (113-1 28)


Just to please Krishna's five senses Shri Radhika had brought many different laddu's and sweets like Candrakanti, Gangajala, and big iaddu's with sugar, camphor; cloves, cardamom and black pepper squeezed in condensed milk from Her home. (129-130)



Radhika and Her dear friends brought tasty jackfruits and mango-juice with honey, sugar and camphor; as well as camphor- and nectar-pies and lotus-eyed Han and His friends gradually ate everything that they served them. With their teeth they cut the leaves, flowers, fruits, trunks, branches and the roots of the ksira sara trees (a kind tree made of barfi) (131-133)



Madhumangala made faces of disgust and pleasure while he jokingly criticised some preparations and praised others, making the gopis laugh. (134)



The boys drank camphor-scented water to their satisfaction and washed their mouths with scented water served by the sakhis. Then Han lay down to rest on a flowerbed in the lotustemple and Tulasi and her dear friends served Him there with betelleaves, massaging His feet, fanning Him and other services. (135-136)



Madhumangala and Subala also lay down on cool beds in the southern wing of the lotustemple, chewing betelleaves. (137)



Then Shri Radhika and Her girlfriends happily sat down to enjoy the nectarean remnants of Krishna's food, being served by Shri Rupa Manjari and Yrnda. Nandimukhi, Kundalata and others were joking to increase the joy of their meal. (138-139)



Then they all washed their mouths and went to the inner quarters of the lotustemple, where Radhika lay down, surrounded by Her girlfriends. Tulasi served them the remnants of Han's chewed betelnuts and gave Nandimukhi, Dhanistha and Kundavalli the leaves. Then Tulasi, Vrnda and Rupa manjari took their meal with all the other maidservants. The maidservants finished their meal and the others took rest on a platform outside, on the eastern wing of the lotustemple. (140-143)



Then Shri Radhika gave Her chewed pan to Vrnda to distribute it to Her maidservants, so Vrnda took it outside. (144)



Krishna pulled His shy beloved by His side and while laughing He gave Her His chewed pan, from His lotusmouth into Her lotusmouth. Then He blissfully made Her take rest by His side. Shri Rupa manjari and her main maidservants served Radha and Krishna for a while by fanning Them and so on. Then the Loving Couple attained a blissfull state of sleeping. (145-146)


 In the great poem Govinda Lilamrta, which is the result of service to Shri Rupa Gosyami, who is a  honeybee at Shri Chaitanya's lotusfeet, the encouragement of Shri Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the  association of Shri Jiva Gosyami and the blessing of Shri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, this was  the fifteenth chapter, dealing with the midday pastimes.