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"The theft of Krishna's flute"



Seeing Krishna sad because of the obstacles arising in His performance of the sacrifice of Cupid, that was to fulfill all of His desires, Kundalata told Him with a wink: "You are Pasupati, who vanquished Cupid just for fun! If this sacrifice fails, the demigods will perish and so will Your pious merit! So give up all other duties and return to Your own occupation of being subdued by love!" (1-2)


Krishna said: "Thanks for reminding Me! Did'nt You call Me the all-auspicious ancient Siva? It was He who gave His better half to His dearly beloved (Parvati)! I should always follow in His footsteps! Moreover, He gave only the left half of His body to Gauri, but I will give My whole body with My cleverness, My generosity and My submission to My devotees' love Thus I will become even more famous than Mahadeva!" (3-4)


Hearing this, Shri Radhika became scared and careful. Then Krishna came up to Her in an unseen way and took Her on His lap, eagerly embracing Her; saying: "He Gauri, come! Take My body! I am Candraka Sekhara!" Then, when Radhika ran away He caught Her at once. With faltering voice Radhika rebuked Krishna, smiling and crying simultaneously. Pulling Her hand from His hand, She stood before Him. (5-7)


Smelling the fragrance of Radhika's lotuslike face, humming bees greedily went after it. When they landed on Her ear, Radhika became scared. With restless eyes She gave up Her calm and took shelter of the embrace of the Lord of Her Life (Krishna). Krishna also held Her tight and on His chest She looked as beautiful as a steady lightning bolt in a cloud. When Radhika saw Her girlfriends smiling about this She became shy and tried to wrestle Herself loose from Krishna's embrace. (8-9)


All the female elephants of emotion, such as irsya (envy) laija (shame), harsa (joy), and vamata (aversion) suddenly pervaded Her body mind and words. Seeing Radhika's gestures, everyone became happy (10)


Shri Radhika laughed and cried at the same time, praying, scolding and blaspheming Krishna with regret or humility She loosened Herself from the bondage of His arms with Her hands, giving great joy to Krishna and to Her girlfriends. (11)


Seeing that the sakhis were happy to see Radhika and Krishna tightly embracing each other, and seeing the opulence of ecstatic symptoms such as shivering on their bodies, and seeing their faces blooming with joy, Vrnda devi told Nandimukhi: "How amazing it is that the sakhis are so happy when Radhika is tightly embraced for so long by Hari, while they are not so fortunate! When they do not see Krishna, they are anxious to see Him and when they see Him they want to touch Him. Then, when Krishna touches them, they show unwillingness and malice. Their activities are truly amazing!" (12-14)


Nandimukhi told Vrnda: "The fair browed girls of Vraja are not so astonishing! They are transcendental. Their minds and bodies are made for Krishna's pleasure only! These girlfriends, who are part and parcel of Shri Radhika, are the pleasure potency (hladini sakti) of Shri Krishna, who is like the moon for the lily-like gopis. The essence of this potency is prema, love of God. This love is personified by Shri Radha and they are the sprouts, leaves and flowers of this vine. When this love-vine is sprinkled with the nectar of Krishna's pastimes, they become a hundred times happier than if they would be sprinkled themselves! This is not so astonishing!" (15-16)


"Just as the all-pervading Lord cannot be satisfied without His blissful cit potency, so Radha and Krishna's great, self-manifest and blissful love cannot be nourished without Their girlfriends. Which man of taste will not take shelter of these gopis?" (17)


"Radha is a blooming golden vine and Krishna a blooming Tamala tree. Which conscious being will not be happy to see Their beautiful meeting?" (18)


"The fair browed girls of Vraja have such affectionate and loving hearts that they are only interested in giving pleasure to Krishna. If they show unwillingness towards Him when they unite with Him, that is also for His pleasure!" (19)


Radhika bcame overwhelmed with joy when Krishna tightly embraced Her chest as She desired, but, feigning unwillingness, She admonished Lalita, saying: "0 shameless, deceitful Lalite! You conspired with Hari's messenger Kundavalli to bring Me here and place Me in the hands of this family-guru of deceit with a wink of your eyes, and now you are callous when you see the shameless dancing of this cheater! Although your mood is sharp, you have now become mild. This is not so astonishing, since you exchanged your sharp nature for Krishna's mild nature!" (20-22)


Then Lalita, who was inwardly happy with Krishna's touch, pretended to be angry and proudly rebuked Krishna, saying: "0 King of bold destroyers of housewives' chastity! What are You doing?" (23)


Krishna said: "Lalite! Ask Your friend Radhika what She began to do! She forcibly embraced Me to make Me Hers!" (24)


Lalita said: "Krishna! It is normal for a golden Madhavi vine to embrace a Punnaga tree, but I have never seen a Punnaga tree entwining a Malati vine! A vine can embrace a tree, but not the other way around!" (25)


Krishna said: "I have given My body to Radha and She accepted it What is the harm for you? I cannot take a gift like that back!" (26)


Lalita angrily said: "0 cheater! Give up Your deceitful behaviour! I am Lalita, who is known for Her heroism and Her cruelty! Leave this pure and famous girl, if You want to keep Your reputation! 0 best of honeybees! If You have any such desire, then go to Your niece Kundalata, who is very eager for this! In front of Lalita even the wind cannot touch Radha! If You don't leave Her, You must tolerate my attack!" (27-28)


When Krishna saw Lalita's angry face as she came before Him with her girlfriends, He became ecstatic and was overcome with ecstatic symptoms like goosepimples, shivering and tears. Krishna was enchanted by the touch of His lover and out of ecstasy His flute fell from His shivering hand, but He did not notice it. Everyone thought He dropped it out of fear of Lalita. Meanwhile Radhika escaped from the bondage of His arms and caught the falling flute in Her hands. Radha carefully hid that flute in Her apron. Then Visakha told Krishna: "0 Krishna! Your hands covered the Radha-star like the lunar eclipse! This was a mistake, because She is not a moon like Candravali! Just look at Your mistake!" (29-32)


Indicating the different stars in the sky, after which most of the gopis are named, Visakha said: "I am Visakha (non-different from Radha), Lalita is Anuradha (a star that follows the Radhastar), this is Jyestha, and there are Dhanistha, Citra and Bharani. And there are so many other stars (or girls) like lndulekha, but she is not fit for enjoyment, being a mere moonbeam (lndulekha means moonbeam), so go to Candravali (many full moons)!" (33-34)


Krishna replied: "Visakhe! You are trudy Sankari, the bestower of bliss, and Lalita's terrifying thunderbolt-like words make her a real Indra! 0 Visakhe! I left Candravali after enjoying her many times! Now I want to taste the nectar of the goddess Bhanavi (Radha), who is very rarely attained! The eclipse gradually enjoyed all the stars and eagerly desired to enjoy the unrivalled Indulekha-moonbeam!" (35-37)


Saying this, Hari went to Indulekha to embrace her. Seeing Him coming, Indulekha became afraid and backed away. She smiled and frowned her eyebrows, saying: "0 Impudent Rahu! Indulekha is not enjoyable for You! Go and enjoy Candravali, who is a full moon, or enjoy all the stars gradually!" (38-39)


So Hari approached Lalita in an unseen way and caught her. Lalita said: "Anuradha (me) is not attainable for You! Go and enjoy Visakha!" (40)


When Krishna touched Visakha, she told Him: "Why are You touching me after having enjoyed Radha? Don't You know that She and I are One? In Your gradual course You should now enjoy Jyestha!" (41)


When Krishna touched Jyestha in an unseen way, she became both happy and angry, and told Him: "Without enjoying Citra You will only suffer in Your gradual enjoyment of the others!" (42)


Then when Krishna suddenly caught Citra, she told Him: "Go away, You debauchee! Don't deviate from Your course! Enjoy all the stars gradually!" (43)


Hearing this, Tungavidya said: "Citre! Sometimes Rahu's course is a little curved and he attacks planets by surprise!" (44)


Citra said: "Tungavidye! You are a Libra! Soon after attacking Citra, Rahu will come and attack you!" (45) When Krishna touched her, Tungavidya said: "0 villain! Why do You want to hurt me without having attacked Rangadevi, who is a Libra, first? Leave me alone and catch her!" (46)


Rangadevi, upon being touched, said: "0 Raho! You are enjoying a Virgo, now attack the Pisces Campakavalli!" (47)


Campakalata, when being caught, quickly said: "0 rascal! Swiftly go to Sudevi, who is an Acquarius, to complete Your course!" (48)


When Sudevi was touched she said: "0 Madhusudana! The blooming golden vine Kancanavalli will fulfill all of Your desires!" (49)


Kancanavalli, on being caught, said: "0 Krishna! Why does a Cakora bird like You come here (to a golden vine)? Go and quench Your thirst on Candramukhi (moonfaced girl. A Cakora bird lives only on moonlight)!" (50)


When Krishna thus came up to Candramukhi in an unseen way to kiss her, she turned her head away and said: "0 Cheater! Why don't You leave other men's wives and kiss Your own wife the flute if You want to kiss someone?" (51)


Hearing this, Krishna remembered His flute, that had fallen from His hand long ago. For a moment He was astonished and then He looked at Kundalata, who hinted to Him that Radhika had taken it. Radhika saw her hint and secretly handed the flute to Tulasi. Tulasi carefully hid herself behind Lalita and Visakha, keeping the flute. Meanwhile Krishna went up to Radhika and, wanting to grab Her, told Her in false anger: "You thief! My mind is free from fleeting restlessness, but You pierced it with Cupid's arrows with Your glances! It is not astonishing that You took away My flute! I will bind You with the ropes of My arms, plunder Your clothes and ornaments and take You to the kunja-prison to deliver You to king Cupid there!" (52-56)


When Radhika heard this, an extraordinary mood arose in Her and She left, ignoring Hari. Krishna stopped Her and held Her on the pretext of looking for His flute. Hari told Her: "0 Thief! Why are You vainly trying to escape? Until You give Me My flute back I will not let You go out of My arms!" (57-58)


Lalita, feigning anger; moved her bow-like eyebrows and quickly came up to Hari, saying with a proud smile: "0 You who are polluted by associating with other men's wives! 0 destroyer of the housewives' chastity! Go! Go! Don't pollute Radha, who is freshly bathed for Her surya puja, by touching Her! 0 villain! You are intoxicated by drinking the nectar of Saibya's lips, so go to her at Kusuma Sarovara! 0 rascal! It was she who took Your flute! If You don't believe it, then go and ask Tulasi! The wicked men are cheating, but the righteous have to suffer for it! Though Saibya took Your flute, You are blaming Radhika for this!" (59-62)


Then Lalita hinted to Krishna with her eyes: "Tulasi has the flute that You want!" Then, when Krishna wanted to approach Tulasi to get it, Radha escaped from His embrace, like a lightning-strike leaving a cloud. (63)


With a light hint Tulasi winked at Rupa Manjari and put the Murali in her hand. Then Tulasi wanted to run away, but Krishna caught her by force, making her shiver and horripilate of ecstasy. Tulasi bent her fingers and placed them on her face, piteously crying: "0 Merciful One! Alas! Alas! Leave this unworthy maidservant of Yours, I beg You! I don't have the flute You're after! I saw it in Saibya's hands today!" Saying this, Tulasi hinted to Him at Rupa manjari. (64-66)


Then Madhusudana left Tulasi and went to (Rupa) manjari (like a bee going to a bud), looking fcr His flute, after smelling its honey. Rupa manjari cleverly hinted to Lalita to quickly take the flute over and Lalita took it, standing there just like a sain~ (67)


Krishna quickly went up to Rupa manjari in an unseen way and bound her in His ropelike arm. Looking for His flute in her blouse, he said: "0 thief, where did you hide My flute?" (68)


Rupa manjari stopped Krishna and told Him: "Am I a thief? Well, did You find Your flute on me? Anyway, You're lucky to have Your desires fulfilled by sticking Your hand in my blouse! Now go and call all the cowherd wives with Your flute! You are so eager to pollute all the chaste housewives by embracing them. You just hid the flute Yourself to find an excuse to look for it on their bodies!" (69-70)


Then Rupa manjari hinted to Krishna with her glance that Lalita had the flute. When Krishna then went to Lalita, Rupa manjari escaped from His embrace and Lalita, seeing Krishna approaching, fearfully gave the flute to Kundavalli. Seeing Krishna coming, Lalita angrily told Him: 'Hey, stay away! Why have You come? If the flute is not on me, then You will soon reap the fruit of Your impudence!" (71-72)


"0 Cheater! Why should Radha's girlfriends, who do not care to tread carelessly on Cintamani-gems with their feet even, steal this bamboo-flute of Yours?" (73)


"The sound of this dry wooden flute, which is full of holes (or faults) agitates all the three worlds! You became the husband of this Murali, so it is very auspicious that it fell from Your hands!" (74)


"Now the housewives can keep their girdles and braids tied and happily do their household work. The does can freely graze and the rivers can peacefully stream towards the ocean!" (75)


"Your Murali fell from Your hand and was lost for You as a result of the suffering You caused to the naked maidens who were suffering from the cold when You stole their clothes. Whoever causes suffering to others must suffer himself!" (76)


"This flute is just a dry bamboo reed, one hand long and full of holes! Alas! I now everything lost for the king of Gokula?" (77)


Kundalata, seeing Krishna pretending to be sad after hearing Lalita's joking sarcastic words, secretly gave to flute to Shri Radhika and went up to Krishna, slyly saying to Radha: "Alas! Who has stolen Krishna's flute?" Then she told Krishna: "0 Krishna, what can I say? What is the loss to You when an old piece of bamboo, worth less than half a dime, and which is full of holes, falls from Your hand? Let it fall! It's good! Why are You sad? You are the son of the cowherd king! Alas! All the cowherd girls are joking about You! I would die of embarrassment!" (78-79)


Krishna said: "Kundalate! You don't know the glories of My flute, that is why you speak like that! That is not so astonishing, because My flute never reveals its qualities (as an conjugal enchanter ) to you as it does to the other girls (because you are my relative)! Whatever I wish, which is otherwise impossible to get, My flute callously gives Me, just like the cit-potency fulfills all of Lord Narayana's wishes! This flute of Mine is endowed with all potencies to fulfill any wish! Shri Radhika and Her friends are aware of it's extraordinary capacity!" (80-82)


Lalita said: "Your flute is very expert in getting things itself. Why wouldn’t Your lusty lover know this?" (83)


"Your flute binds the elephant-like hearts of the gopis with its nectarean stream of sound, stealing the mass of their pure, flawless pious merit What to speak of other ladies, even Rama (Laksmi), Gauri (Parvati), Sauri (Samjna, the wife of the sun) and all other ladies in the three world are enchanted by it. 0 Krishna! The qualities of Your famous, perfect Murali are wonderful!" (84)


Krishna said: "Lalita is very harsh and she is a very thorny fortress of crooked words! She secretly stole My flute and still she blasphemes both Me and the flute!" Saying this, Krishna wanted to grab the end of Lalita's sari, but Lalita took some distance and said with frowned eyebrows and a smiling face: "0 Krishna! I am that Lalita! You know me very well in many ways! I'm leaving now with my friends! Your tricks won't work with me!" (85-87)


Saying this, Lalita left, but Krishna caught her cloth and said: "You won't be able to go home that easily without first giving Me My flute! 0 Lalite! If you did not steal My flute, then why do you run away so fearfully? After showing Me that you don't have it on your body you can either go or stay!" (88-89)


Lalita pulled her cloth out of Krishna's grip and looked at Him in a crooked way, saying: "You are maddened by lust! Go and search the body of Your niece! We did not take Your flute, nor did we see it anywhere, but if You still will not leave us alone, then You can tell us Your price and we will pay You through Kundavalli! And if that is not enough for You, then we will cut another bamboo flute for You! We have two friends from the Pulinda-caste (outcastes), named Malli and Bhrngi, who live close to Govardhana Hill. If we tell them, they will bring You a new bamboo-flute, without holes or faults!" (90-92)


Krishna replied: "Those Pulinda-girls are most fortunate, for they are very attracted to Me! They smeared their faces and breasts with the vermilion that My lotus feet printed on the grass to soothe their lusty desires! They also brought Me gunja-beads and mineral pigments from Govardhana Hill. They are My maidservants, how did they become your friends?" (93)


"If You disrespect Me by taking My flute, 1 will bind you up and punish you, and whoever wants to protect you may try it!" (94)


Then Yisakha came up before Lalita and smilingly told Krishna with a soft voice: "0 Krishna, if someone’s belongings are lost, he can find some help in finding it back, so be intelligent and find someone to help you search for it. You won't have success by using crude means" (95-96)


Campakavalli said: "Anyone who will help Him will ask a lot of money for it! Why would Krishna spend so much on a piece of bamboo?" (97)


Tungavidya said: "0 Foolish Campakalate! You don't understand, listen! This flute is Krishna's only wealth! What will He not give to get it back? After He found the thief by the grace of His detective, Krishna will take His flute back from that thief and punish him. Then He will reward His detective with wealth that He took from the thief! This is His custom!" (98-99)


Visakha said: "0 Proprietor (Krishna)! First tell me how You will punish the thief and how You will reward the detective! I ask You in Your own interest!" (100)


Krishna said: "I reward anyone who helps Me finding My flute with the flower garland from My body, My jeweled necklace, a Karamardaka fruit and a Cumbaka jewel! And I punish the thief of My flute by binding her in the ropes of My arms and taking her into the prison of the nikunja, where I will take the jewels of youth from her two jugs (breasts), dress and jeweled ornaments as an conjugal punishment!" (101-102)


Visakha said: "This is proper for the son of the cowherd king to do! The flute will surely return to Your hand when You are not miserly! Only Kundavalli knows where the flute is and I know it from her, but I have not seen it myself, so it is difficult for me to speak about it. But You may ask her to find it and give her some reward!" (103-104)


Visakha then happily told Kundalata: "Sakhi ! How fortunate that you have come! Take this valuable reward and help your cousin to find His flute back!" (105)


Visakha whispered something in Kundalata's ear while Radha secretly gave the flute to Tulasi. Hari eagerly looked at Kundalata's face, and Kundalata told Visakha: "Sakhi Visakhe! I swear to you, I don't know who the thief is! I'm not an outsider (to Krishna's family) like you all! Whatever belongs to my cousin Krishna is also mine! If I knew where the flute was, I would tell Him, even without a reward! Visakhe! You surely know who stole the flute! Tell me who has the flute and accept the reward of the jewels! If you help, Lord Krishna will surely get the flute back in His hand! You can either take your reward first or find the flute first.! will be the referee when Krishna gets His flute back and you get your reward!" (106-110)


Krishna also understood Kundalata's hint and eagerly came to Radhika's side to get His flute back. He was stunned by Radhika's sharp, arrow-like glances and Kundalata told Him from behind: "Krishna! That krishna rasa that You fill up Your flute with has now colored the whole world bluish! This bluish fluid has now beautified Radhika's chin as a musk-drop. Radha has taken His flute, that can be seen by the blue drop on Her chin! Not knowing it was there, She did not remove it! 0 Krishna! Fortunately You first saw this sign of Your flute as the chin decoration! Quickly remove the drop with Your lips (by kissing it), then cleverly take Your flute back! Punish the thief and reward the detective! Surely Your flute must be with Radhika! Take it from Her or not, it's no loss to me! The detective Visakha wants to receive the reward in front of me! Give it to her please!" (111-115)


Krishna said: "First I will remove the mark of My flute from Radhika's chin, and then I will quickly reward Visakha! After that I will lock up Radhika in the kunja-prison, take the flute from Her and give Her the punishment!" (116)


Saying this. Krishna approached His beloved and began to bite Her lips. Seeing this, Lalita stopped Him by standing in between them with false anger and telling Krishna: "How amazing! Radhika has not done Her surya puja yet today, but You contaminated Her with Your biting! Go away, quickly! You have no respect for social customs and the demigods?" (117-118)


Hari said: "He Radhe! It's not My fault or because of My teeth! If You show this drop so clearly, then that is Your fault! 0 moonfaced Girl! Out of fear of You, this musk drop has entered the fortress of My teeth, although it was nicely situated on Your chin. Having the some colour as Me, it accepted Me as a friend!" (ll9-120)


Kundalata told Radhika: "Show Your skill in excellent poetry by reciting bindu cyuta poem. Out of envious rivaky Krishna, the king of poets, will recite the bindv agama poetry." (121)


"If a qualified person shows his qualities the knowers of qualities will not find faults in it They will be satisfied, so adorn Krishna with the jewel string of Your bites!" (122)


Radhika said: "He Kundalate! If you are blooming of affection for your cousin’s attributes then offer your own flower-like teeth to His sun-like lips!" (123)


Feigning anger; Kundalata told Acyuta: "Hare! Radha, Mukhara's fine granddaughter; is Herself also Mukhara (talkative), and this Lalita here is very harsh, whereas You are very soft and scared. Now will You get Your Murali back? All these gopis are very bold, numerous and crooked. You are alone and soft. Save Your dress and ornaments and return to Your cowherd boy friends! These gopis, who make no distinction between sin and virtue and who are lusty after paramours, take me to be just like them! Although my cousin is just a boy, you girls, being fixed in piety and pure chastity, should not peak with Him! They are slandering us again. I'm going home! Give Visakha the rest of the reward and let me loose!" (124-128)


Hari laughed at Visakha, saying: "Come, 0 chaste girl, come! Take the jewels!" and embraced her. Then the sakhis also laughed and surrounded them. Then Krishna began to quarrell with the sakhis and a great tumult arose. Radha took the opportunity to sneak away and hide in a kunja, carefully stifling Her ornaments as She went (129-130)


Meanwhile Tulasi fearfully hid the flute and went to the kunja where Vrnda was. Vrnda took the flute from her and kept it at her chest, saying: "0 Flute! Although you are from the smallest of all good families, your dynasty became glorious, since you caused all these wonderful pastimes of Radha and Krishna!" (132)


Visakha's eyes became restless when she heard her friends laughing, With great effort she loosened herself from the tight bondage of Krishna’s arms and rebuked Him with faltering voice, saying: "0 King of cheaters! We are not Your relatives, nor Your helpers! You are an outsider, how are we supposed to accept gifts from You? Give the reward to the detective, Your own niece-in-law Kundalatal" (133-134)


Visakha said: "Kundalate! Why have you become bewildered although you are usually so bold? You want to give up the gift of your cousin out of illusion and pollute us with it instead!" (135)


Kundalata said: "Visakhe! The donor Krishna gives charity to the best of dvijas (teeth or brahmana girls)! Why are you angry, and why should I commit the sin of forbidding such virtue? If Krishna donates with love, then why should you hesitate to accept it? You should repay Him with the double amount!" (136-137)


Citra said: "Visakhe! It's your own possession, why do you reject it as if it is someone else's? With this wealth you became aristocratic! If you don't like it, then you can give it to Kundavalli!" (138)


Kundalata said: "Citre! Krishna gives His own jewels! If you don't accept them, then what should He care? Let His wealth remain in His home! Krishna! You should'nt deal with these misers, just exchange gifts with Radha!" (139-140)


Hearing this, Hari began to search for Radha, and when He could not find Her; He asked Lalita: "Where is She hidden? The thief is taken away by a crook like you! If you don't bring Her before Me, I will give you a just punishment!" (141)


Lalita said: "I'm not a witness to that! Who knows where She went? You can play kings and queens with Radha, I'm going home!" (142)


One sakhi said: "Radha has gone home!", another one said: "She's gone to worship the sun god!", and another one said: "She has gone to Manasi Ganga to purify Herself after You touched Her!" (143)


When the sakilis said that, Krishna looked at Kundalata's face, and Kundalata blinked with her eyes towards a nikunja indicating that He should enter it. After Krishna entered that nikunja, Kundalata and her friends closed all its four gates with vine string doors, remaining outside themselves. (144-145)


Radha tried to flee when She saw Her lover approaching, but She was unable to reach the doors of the kunja and Krishna took Her to the bed by force. (146)


Krishna was like an elephant afflicted by the forest fire of lust, finally attaining the cooling Ganga-river named Radha, and privately enjoyed Her as He wished. (147)


Radhika's ornaments loudly resounded when She stopped Krishna with Her arms from opening Her blouse and girdle. Krishna's voice faltered when He demanded: "gi-gi-give Me My flute!" Radha replied with happy faltering voice: "No no no!" Krishna took the jewels of Radha's youth and Radha anxiously tried to stop Him. During Their play the general of Cupid's battle named Dharstya (boldness) chased away the sakhis' patience, shyness and unwillingness. (148)


When the mutual vigour of Their beautiful and intense festival of union became manifest a stream of nectar appeared in the form of loving screams like cooing from the throats. In a joking manner the Divine Couple ornamented each other with scratches and bites, increasing each other's beauty. Glory to Radha and Madhava's sweet play in the solitary kunja!


In the great poem Govinda Lilamrta, which is the result of service to Shrila Rupa Gosvami, who is a honeybee at Shri Chaitanya's lotus feet, the encouragement of Shri Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the association of Shri Jiva Gosvami and the blessings of Shri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, this was the tenth chapter, which deals with the midday pastimes, that give so much joy to Shri Radhika and Her girlfriends.