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Chapter 9


1- Vrnda-devi, who taught the minds of the Divine Couple to dance in transcendental love, engaged these two male pupils in dancing with the two female dancers who were the bodies of the Divine Couple. She had these four dancers perform before the audience of the assembled gopis.

2- The dancing teacher Vrnda-devi then decorated her two male dancing-students the mind of the Divine Couple. She happily placed upon Them restlessness, yearning, jubilation, and other ornaments of ecstatic love.

3- Vrnda-devi then decorated the female-dancer of Shrimati Radharani's body with the various ornaments of ecstatic love; udbhasvara-bhava, jrmbha-bhava, suddipta-bhava, and sattvika-bhava.

4- Vrnda-devi then decorated the female-dancer of Shrimati Radharani's body with the seven ayatnaja-bhava (such as vilasa-bhava), the ten svabhavas (such as sobha-bhava), and the three angaja-bhava (such as bhava).

5- Vrnda-devi then decorated the beautiful female dancer of Shrimati Radharani's body with twenty-two ornaments of ecstatic love (such as cakita and maugdhya).

6-7- Vrnda-devi then decorated the expert female dancer of Shri Krishna's body with the various ornaments of ecstatic love; udbhasvara-bhava, jrmbha-bhava, suddipta-bhava, the seven sattvika-bhavas, the sabhavas,the ayatnaja-bhava (such as sobha-bhava), and the angaja-bhava (such as bhava-bhava).

8- Vrnda-devi engaged these ecstatic sentiments in dancing on the stage of the bodily beauty of the Divine Couple. When the gopis in the audience saw the graceful dancing, they all became filled with great delight.

9- The two proud and happy female dancers of the Divine Couple's transcendental bodies danced together, displaying great artistic skill. The audience of gopis became very pleased with Them, and rewarded Them with gifts of many precious gems from the gopi's own bodies and hearts.

10- Shri Krishna made the two expert dancers of his eyes dance on the glistening stage of the sweet beauty of the female dancer of Shrimati Radharani's transcendental body. This dancing greatly pleased Shrimati Radharani who showered many delightful lotus flower on the dancers from the corners of Her eyes. When the gopis in the audience saw all this they became filled with transcendental happiness.

11- When Shrimati Radharani saw Lord Krishna just before Her, her progress stopped and She assumed an attitude of opposition. Although Her face was slightly covered by a blue garment, her two starry eyes were agitated, being wide and curved. Thus She was decorated with the ornaments of Vilasa, and Her beauty increased to give pleasure to Shri Krishna, the Supreme Personality  of Godhead.

12- Radharani was drawn to Krishna. She longed to be with Him, but She felt shy because Her gopi-friends were by Her side. Although She was extremely delighted and agitated with intense ecstatic love for Krishna, She carefully concealed Her actual dealings, pretending to casually pick some flowers on the path leading back to her own home.

13- Shrimati Radharani was attracted to Krishna, but because She was surrounded by elder, stronger gopi-friends, who understood the nature of her desire. She felt timid. She neither left the place, nor approached closer to Krishna.

14- When Shrimati Radharani was decorated with the ornament of lalita-alankara just to increase Shri Krishna's love, an attractive curve was manifest by Her neck, knees and waist. This was brought about by Her timidity and apparent desire to avoid Krishna. The flickering movement of Her eyebrows could conquer the powerful bow of Cupid. to increase the joy of Her beloved's love, Her body was decorated with the ornaments of lalita-alankara.

15- the male-dancer of Lord Hari's mind became very pleased to see the beautiful transcendental qualities of the female-dancer of Shrimati Radharani's body. when He approached to embrace Her, the female dancer of Lord Hari's transcendental body followed close behind.

16- Shri Krishna said to Shrimati Radharani: My beloved, in Your haste to meet Me at this rendezvous You have placed Your garments and ornaments in all the wrong places. This shows how restless and agitated Your mind is with the desire to meet Me. Come here, and I shall fix Your garments and ornaments, putting them in the right places. Although Shrimati Radharani yearned to be touched by Her lover, Krishna, She restlessly moved her eyes, and silently shrank from His joking advances. In this way She delighted Lord Krishna by decorating Her beautiful form with the ornament known as vibharam-alankara.

17- Displaying shyness, fear, crookedness, and clever deeptiveness, Shrimati Radharani picked some flowers, and then began to move away. Amorous Lord Hari stood in front of Her to check Her departure. Although Radharani was inwardly delighted by this, She pretended to be very angry.

18- Agitated by tears, Shrimati Radharani's eyes were tinged with red, just like the eastern horizon at sunrise. Her lips began to move with jubilation and lusty desire. Her eyebrows curved, and Her lotuslike face smiled mildly. Seeing Radharani's face exhibit such emotion, Lord Shri Krishna felt a million times happier than when embraced Her. Indeed, Lord Shri Krishna's happiness is not at all mundane.

19- Alarmed, Shrimati Radharani raised Her creeperlike arm as if to pick a flower from the blossoming branch of a nearby punnaga tree.

20- Delighted by the touch of Radharani's hand, the buds on the punnaga branch at once wonderfully burst into full bloom. At the same time the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna also wonderfully blossomed with great happiness by seeing the place under His beloved's arms.

21- Although Lord Krishna had carefully studied the many texts of the philosophy of love from His saintly young teacher, He still wished to defeat Her in debate. This is certainly very astonishing.

22- Krishna: Who is this picking My flower? Radha: It is not just anyone. It is I. Who are You? You do not know who I am? No. I do not know You_ If You do not recognized Me, I think You should leave this place at once_ I am a male bumble-bee drinking the honey of these flowers. If I leave this place I shall not be able to live. If I leave this place where shall I go? Go to Your bumble-bee mate_ Are You not the bumble-bee mate I have found among these flowers? After speaking these words, Lord Madhusudana approached nearer to Shrimati Radharani. He then spoke the following words:

23- My dear girl You are very charming, and You are also enchantly beautiful. In addition to this You are also very saintly and born in a highly respectable noble family. In spite of these exalted qualification You are not so timid that You will not approach this punnaga tree. If You are not reluctant to approach this tree in the forest, then why should You be ashamed to freely wander from forest to forest? Your sudden shyness is certainly very surprising.

24- You, and I, and all our friends have come to this forest to worship the sun-god. We are all very enthusiastic to worship him. My dear girl, just look at this punnaga tree. Although the flowering malati-creepers enthusiastically embrace him, he still does not embrace them in return.

25- My dear girl with beautiful face, You look bewildered. I think You do not understand anything of the words I have spoken. Listen carefully, and I shall explain them to You. I said that this punnaga tree is cooled by various friendly and unfriendly winds. I said that although many malati-creepers embrace this punnaga tree, he never embraces them in return.

26- Emperor Cupid, the ruler of this forest, has happily appointed Me as his policeman. I have personally seen You steal a flower here, and so I shall now punish You by confiscating these two jeweled pitchers sprouted from Your youthful beauty.

27- If You had asked permission, saying: I request that I may be allowed to pick a flower, then I would not even notice You picking flowers. I am always accompanied by My cowherd friends, and I never have the opportunity to see any beautiful young girls. How can I refuse a beautiful young girl like You? Indeed, what young boy can retain a peaceful demeanor when he sees a beautiful young girl like You in a secluded place like this?

28- Furthermore, You are not alone, You are always surrounded by thousands of gopis-accomplices. You have stolen the supreme treasure in this pious kingdom, and if I do not punish You, then I Myself will be severely punished by king Cupid.

29- At that time Shrimati Radharani replied in the following words: We regularly pick flowers from this forest, but yet we have never before seen You posted here as a policeman. As for this Emperor Cupid, we have never heard of him, even in dream, so why do You uselessly chatter these lies? give up these tall stories about cupid, and tell us the truth.

30- Lord Krishna replied in the following words: Intently devoted to herding the surabhi cows, and blindly confident that everything was already protected by My great prowess, I neglected My guard-duties. Because of My neglect You were able to steal some of this forest's wealth without being detected.

31- King Cupid has already punished Me for tolerating Your crimes, but now hiding Myself, I have captured You. For Your own good I shall now hand You over to him, and that King Cupid, of whom You have never heard, You will see with Your own eyes.

32- Radharani said: Be kind. Excuse My crime. Do not punish Me. I did not know there was a policeman guarding these forests. Lord Krishna said: How is Your release possible? I have no power to release You from the hand of justice.

33- The moving and stationary creatures of the forest became very agitated to see Your crimes, and they reported all of them to King Cupid. King Cupid angrily punished Me with a stick for My incompetence, and ordered Me to bring before him this girl who has never heard of him.

34- This forest, which has an area of 32 miles, is Cupid's kingdom, and the grass and other valuable objects in the forest are King Cupid's treasury. You ask: Who are his objects? Listen attentively and I shall describe them. King Cupid's subjects are the saintly vraja-gopis, who are enriched with the beauty and opulence of all the universe.

35-38- Lord Krishna continued: My dear girl, I think that the limbs of Your body, embarrassed by great poverty, have become professional thieves, and they wander through this forest of Vrndavana, stealing the wealth that Cupid has placed there. I think the palm of Your hand must have stolen it's beauty from the lotus petals in Vrndavana. I think Your body has certainly stolen the graceful motions of the swans and intoxicated elephants. I think Your fingernails and toenails have stolen their beauty from the mirrorlike reflections in the still ponds of Vrndavana. I think Your legs have stolen their beauty from the golden plantain trees. I think Your knees have stolen their beauty from exquisitely fashioned jeweled cases. I think Your thighs have stolen their beauty from the graceful trunks of the elephants. I think Your torso has stolen the beauty of the splendid courtyards by the Yamuna's shore. I think Your waist has stolen it's beauty from the slender waist of the lion. I think Your navel has stolen it's beauty from the ponds of nectar. I think the line of hairs stretching from Your navel to Your breasts has stolen it's beauty from the glistening black snake. I think Your abdomen has stolen it's beauty from the banyan leaves. I think Your breasts have stolen their beauty from tala fruits, shri fruits, unblossomed lotus buds, cupid's personal throne, and the frontal lobes of regal elephants. I think Your arms have stolen their beauty from lotus stalks, and cupid's rope. I think Your fingers have stolen their beauty from the petals of the asoka flowers. I think You have stolen Your beauty from the multitude of cupid's own personal potencies. I think Your bodily luster has stolen it's beauty from the flashes of lightning. I think the hair on Your head has stolen it's beauty from the swarms of black bumble-bees. I think Your teeth have stolen their beauty from the pearls and diamonds. I think Your skin has stolen it's beauty from gold. I think Your eloquent words have stolen their charm from the parrots' speeches. I think Your singing has stolen it's beauty from the cuckoos' songs. I think Your dancing has stolen it's gracefulness from the peacocks. I think Your eyes have stolen their beauty from white jasmine flowers, saphari fishes, cakora birds, khanjana birds, and the eyes of does. I think Your eyebrows have stolen their beauty from Cupid's bow. U think the movements of Your eyes have stolen their beauty from cupid's bowstring. I think Your glances have stolen their beauty from cupid's sharpened arrows. I think Your lips have stolen their beauty from roses and bandhujiva flowers. I think Your teeth have stolen their beauty from pomegranate seeds. I think Your neck has stolen it's beauty from the lines in the conch-shell. I think Your hair stolen it's beauty from the camara's tail. I think Your graceful gestures have stolen their beauty from the gentle waves in the Yamuna river. In this way everything You have has been stolen. It is actually the property of Emperor Cupid.

39-40- Lord Krishna's joking words were like nectar flowing into Radharani's ears. Hearing these words caused Her body to spontaneously manifest various symptoms of ecstatic love, which She was able to suppress and conceal only with great effort. She whispered under Her breath: What lies has this libertine Krishna placed upon My ears. I must leave this place immediately. From the corner of Her eyes charming Radharani contemptously stared at Her lover Krishna. Feigning indifference, She began to quickly exit. Lord Hari grasped the corner of Her sari, and said: Wicked girl, first You insult Me, and then You try to escape. Where do You think You are going?

41- Lord krishna's touch overwhelmed Radharani with feelings of ecstatic bliss. Her head tilted, Radharani gazed at Her beloved Krishna.

42- Shrimati Radharani's smiling glance ran from the corner of Her contempt filled eyes to Lord Krishna's lotus face, and then back again, just as a swarm of bees flies back and forth from a lotus flower. Reddened with tears of happiness by Lord krishna's touching Her sari's edge, Radharani's glance drowned Her beloved Krishna in a shoreless ocean of transcendental bliss.

43- As Shrimati Radharani pulled Lord Krishna's hand from Her sari's edge, She pierced Him with Cupid's arrows shot from the corner of Her crooked eyes. Blinded and maddened with ecstatic love, She spoke the following words to Her beloved Krishna, whose beautiful lotus face was decorated with a gentle smile as sweet as nectar:

44- My dear Krishna, I think You are the most handsome and sweet thing in all the material or spiritual worlds. You are perfectly correct to laugh at My beauty and criticize it for being a thief.

45- My dear Krishna, You certainly know everything about the beauty of the young gopis, for when, with saintly simplicity, they placed their folded hands on their heads to offer prayers to Varuna, You saw the beauty of their naked bodies.

46- My dear Krishna, as the worshippable, virtuous, supremely qualified young prince of Vraja, You could have married any one of countless beautiful girls. That You remain unmarried is proof of how vigorously You control Your senses and how firmly You are fixed in the vow of celibacy.

47- My dear Krishna, You nevertheless possess a certain attribute such that there is no girl who, after hearing of it, will agree to accept You as her husband.

48- My dear Krishna, because no girl will marry You, You are forced to remain celibate. This is no great credit to You.

49- My dear Krishna, if You are such a staunch celibate brahmachari, then why are You so eager to gaze into the faces of the wives of others? Why do You enjoy amorous pastimes with the wives of others?

50- My dear Krishna, I think that You falsely pose as a celibate brahmachari to trick others. A brahmachari is supposed to perform Vedic sacrifices. I think the only sacrifice You perform is to break the chastity of the young girls and saintly wives of Vraja.

51- My dear Krishna, we all thought that You were incharge of herding numberless surabhi cows. Now it appears You have abandoned that occupation and become policeman of the forest where trees, creepers and flowers grow without having been planted by any farmer. This is certainly very wonderful.

52- This famous forest of Vrndavana was created by the potency of Our friend Vrnda-devi. She gave it to Me, and she personally crowned Me as it's queen, showering Me with precious gems. It is not true that You and King Cupid are the rulers of this place.

53- This is My pastime-forest, on the shore of My lake. This is My grove, named kama-sarma-prada, where My throne is placed.

54- No males are allowed to enter this place, which bears the name kanta-varta-sudha-dhuk (the nectar-news of the lover). My gopi-friends always stay in this place, drinking the nectar of the news of My lover.

55- We are simply picking a single flower to serve the sun-god. Why are You so shameless and selfish that You wish to stop us?

56- My dear celibate brahmachari, You have no business in this flower-garden where young girls play. Leave this place. Return to Your cowherd friends, and protect the surabhi cows as they eat the fresh grasses of Vraja.

57- As Radharani spoke, the cakora bird of Lord Hari eagerly drank the flood of nectarean joking words flowing from Shrimati Radharani's cooling, beautifully smiling moonlike face. As the cakora-bird Hari drank, the cakora-birds of the gopis' eyes showed signs of dissatisfaction.

58- Shrimati Radharani proceeded to decorate the neck of Her lover Krishna with a garland of the blue lotus flowers of Her sidelong glances. She became afraid that Krishna might touch Her, and, expressing Her contempt for Him in a wordless breath, playfully turned as if to leave His company at once.

59- The transcendental body of His beloved Radharani was like a wonderful dancer performing before Lord Krishna. By seeing Her, He became agitated with amorous longings, and He again grasped the edge of Her sari.

60- Shrimati Radharani bent the bow of Her eyebrows and attacked Her beloved Krishna with the arrows of glances from the reddened corners of her eyes. She pierced the armor of His peaceful composure, and repeatedly stuck Him with the toy lotus flower in Her hand.

61- Struck by Radharani's lotus, Lord krishna became filled with transcendental bliss. Indeed, He was not able to measure the intense happiness that filled His transcendental body, the resting-place of numberless universes. Out of ecstatic happiness He trembled, perspired, shed tears, and the hairs of His body stood erect.

62- The touch of Lord Krishna caused Shrimati Radharani's transcendental body to blossom with happiness. The knot holding Her bodice became loose, Her silk undergarment began to slip, and the lower part of Her body began to perspire.

63- When Shrimati Radharani saw the smiles of Her amused gopi-friends, She became embarrassed, and Her eyes moved restlessly. As She struggled to protect Herself from Lord Krishna's hand, Her sari and undergarments began to fall. Although ordinarily very expert, She became bewildered and unable to protect Herself.

64- Lord Krishna then began the jubilant festival of cupid by placing His hand near Shrimati Radharani's breasts, which were like two beautiful golden waterpots filled with Her perspiration.

65- Shrimati Radharani observed Lord Krishna from the reddish corner of Her left eye and Her smiling gopi-friends with Her other eye. She hastily tried, somehow or other, to keep Krishna's hand from ripping Her undergarments.

66- Shrimati Radharani simultaneously smiled and shed tears. With crooked eyes and stuttering voice She criticizing Her lover, although actually She longed for His embraces. With crooked activities born of crooked happiness Shrimati Radharani pretended to resist Lord Krishna's hand, although She actually had no objection to fulfilling any of His desires.

67- There was a great struggle between the hand of Shrimati Radharani and the hand of Lord Krishna. Their bracelets tinkling pleasantly, these two hands appeared like two lotus flowers filled with swarms of loudly buzzing bees, and violently moving in the wind.

68- Lalita then forced Her way between the two combatants and pushed Lord Krishna away from Shrimati Radharani. Kundavali then addressed Krishna: O Krishna pleased do not act in this way. Instead of this, You should diligently engage in worshipping the five most important demigods. This is what You should do.

69- Lord Krishna replied: O Kundalata, I now request that You become the chief priest in the sacrifice of cupid I am about to perform. Please give Me the proper paraphernalia to perform the sacrifice, and please designate the place where it should be performed. This is My request.

70- I have no qualification to act as priest, although I have heard some secret mantras from Nandimukhi. Because You are my dear brother-in-law, I shall now recite these mantras for You.

71- In this sacrifice to the deity cupid You should first place Your red lotus hand on Shrimati Radharani's left breast. Meditate

on this breast as the forehead of Ganesa, and then recite the

mantra "Namo ganesaya te" (O Ganesa, I offer My respectful

obeisances unto you).

72- Next place Your lotus hand on Radharani's right breast. Meditating on this breast as the linga deity of Lord Siva, recite the mantra "Namah sivya". Next place Your hand on the head of this crooked-eyebrowed Radharani, and recite "Hrim candikayai namah".

73- Despite all Her resistance, take Radharani' beautiful chin in one hand and the back of Her neck, where Her braids begin, in the other. Then place Your lotus face against Her moonlike face, and carefully recite the best of all mantra "Om namo visnava" (I offer My respectful obeisances to Lord Vishnu).

74- Despite Shrimati Radharani's resistance, forcibly place Your bandhujiva flower lips and jasminelike teeth upon Radharani's glistening red lips. At that time chant the mantra "savitre namah" (I offer My respectful obeisances unto the sun-god).

75- When Lord Krishna began to follow these instructions for the worship of cupid, Radharani strenuously resisted, beating Lord Krishna with Her lotus flower earrings, and vehemently criticizing Kundalata. Seeing this, Lord Krishna appealed to the gopis in the following words:

76- My dear gopi-friends, in order to become free from all obstacles in this great sacrifice to the deity cupid, I must first worship the five important demigods. Please tell Me, then, why does your friend Radharani attack and beat Me at this auspicious time?

77- Hearing this, the smiling gopis stared with crooked eyebrows, as they replied with extravagantly arrogant words, until they were stopped by the glance of Visakha. Visakha also checked Kundalata, and proceeded to speak the following words to Lord Krishna:

78- A householder in enjoined to perform his religious duties with the assistance of his wife, and the garments of both partners should be tied together to symbolize their equality. You have begin this sacrifice by completely neglecting that ritual. Why should my religious friend not become angry with You for this omission?

79- Angry Radharani stared with crooked eyebrows at both Visakha and Lord Krishna whose lips glistened with a smile. As She stared, Kundalata stealthily crept behind Her and gleefully tied the corner of Her garment with the garment of Krishna.

80- Although Shrimati Radharani remained unaware of Kundalata's action, Lord Madhava was very pleased by Kundalata's service of tying the garments. Kundalata then approached the Divine Couple and addressed the following words to Lord Krishna: How is it possible to begin this sacrifice without further introductory prayers and rituals? In order to attain perfect success in this sacrifice You should now worship the deities of the nine planets.

81- Lord Krishna said to her: Please teach Me how to worship the deities of the planets. Glancing at Shrimati Radharani's limbs, Kundalata replied:

82- The nine planets to be worshipped are the lips, two eyes, two cheeks two breasts, forehead, and mouth of Shrimati Radharani. You should satisfy these nine planets by offering each of them the blossoming bandhuka flower of Your lips.

83- Afraid of Lord Krishna, to whose garment She was tied, Shrimati Radharani said to Kundalata: My dear priest, you should teach your student how to worship these planets by having Him experiment first with the limbs of your own body.

84- Bending Her neck, Radharani noticed the knot which tying Her garment with Krishna's garment. Although Her face blossomed with happiness because this knot was the fulfillment of Her real desire, She still pretended to have become angry with Krishna, Lalita, Visakha, and Kundalata. As She struggled to quickly untie the knot, She spoke the following words:

85- In this gross and immoral vaudeville act Krishna is the male dancer. Visakha is the leading female dancer, Lalita is the leader of the audience, and Kundalata is the clown.

86- This Krishna is a shameless, immoral degenerate. Even if countless wives crowed His lap, He will still chase after some other woman.

87- Rejecting Radharani's criticism, Lord Krishna began forcibly kissing Her mouth and face. She resisted, determined to stop Him and untie the knot holding Them together.

88- In the ensuing struggle neither part could gain the upper hand. Proud Lalita approached Them. With feigned anger she chastised Lord Krishna. She began to untie the knot.

89- Lalita said: If You wish to tie the marriage-knot, and if You cannot find a suitable young girl in Vraja, then ask Your sister-in-law Kundalata, and she will be more than glad to become Your matchmaker.

90- Lalita untied the knot and pulled the garments apart. Smiling charmingly and moving her eyebrows, Lalita glanced at Lord Krishna and hinted that He continue His aggressive advances. Lalita said:

91- Your priest Kundalata was certainly very bewildered when she engaged You, her ignorant disciple, student, in the worship of the planetary deities, but neglected the worship of the deities who preside over the directions. This is a great fault on her part.

92- Kundalata then said: I am not bewildered. It is you who are the fool. Everyone knows that in a sacrifice for the cupid deity one should worship the planetary deities before worshiping the deities who preside over the directions.

93- Lord Krishna then asked Kundalata to named the deities of the various directions. Kundalata winked at the gopis, and began to speak:

94- Just see: The deities of the directions are so eager to be worshiped by You and fulfill all Your desires that they have now personally appeared before us.

95-97- This girl Visakha is actually the incarnation of Lord Siva, the regent of the Northeast. This Lalita is the incarnation of Lord Indra, the regent of the eastern direction. Sudevi is the incarnation of Agni, the regent of the Southeast. Tungavidya is the incarnation of Yamaraja. The regent of the southern direction. Citra is the incarnation of Nairrtya, the regent of the southwest. Rangadevi is the incarnation of Varuna, the regent of the western direction. Indulekha is the incarnation of Vayu, the regent of the northwest. Campakalata is the incarnation of Kuvera, the regent of the north. Shri Rupa-manjari who expert at making arrangements for the nectar of transcendental mellows, is the incarnation of Lord Brahma, the regent of the upper worlds. Expert Ananga-manjari is the incarnation of the Lord Anantadeva, the regent of the nether worlds.

98- These girls are all incarnations of the demigods who control the directions. They are all Your sincer well-wishers, and they have come here specifically to receive Your worship. If You worship them properly, You will attain the fulfillment of all Your desires.

99- At that moment the gopis began to loudly complain: O foolish, degraded, bold, arrogant, wicked, shameless Kundalata, do not encourage your brother-in-law to worship us. Observing all this, Lord Krishna quickly approached the gopis to began His worship.

100- When the gopis saw Lord Krishna moving towards them, they became filled with anxiety for their own protection.

101- Lord Krishna approached the restless-eyed gopis one-by-one, and began to worship them as incarnations of the demigod. Before half the ceremony was completed, each gopi fled to take shelter of her friends, either fabricating some excuse, or quickly leaving without any words.

102- One gopi fled muttering humble apologies. Another arrogantly criticized Krishna and then fled. Another fled so quickly that she left her cape behind, and others fled in various ways.

103- When Lord Krishna saw the gopis' faces nicely decorated with a mixture of smiles, frowns, tears, and restlessly moving, crooked, reddish, blossomed wide-open eyes, He attained the wonderful transcendental delight He wished to find by performing these pastimes.

104- The gopis fled, taking shelter around Shrimati Radharani, as if She were a secure fortress to protect them. The gopis' glistening, restless eyes were like thirsty cakora birds rushing towards the moon of Lord Krishna's face.

105- Seeing the beauty of naughty Shrimati Radharani, and seeing the blossoming lotus faces of the gopis, the bold bumble-bee Madhusudana became determined to approach them and drink their honey.

106- Neglecting the other gopis, Lord Krishna immediately approached Shrimati Radharani. She began to angrily criticize Him. Stunned and frightened, He gradually turned His glance to the face of Kundalata.

107- Thus ends the ninth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.