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Chapter 5


1- I meditate on Lord Krishna, whom all the adults of Vraja love as if He were their son. Lord Krishna went that morning with His surabhi-cows and cowherd-friends to the shore of Radha-kunda, hoping to meet Radharani there. I meditate on Shrimati Radharani, who by noble Jatila's order left Her house to worship the sun-god. Radharani eagerly waited for Her gopi-friends to bring news of Krishna's whereabouts.

2- Lord Krishna then went outside and sounded His buffalo-horn bugle named "Mandra-ghosa". He delighted the residents of Vraja, enchanted the hearts of the beautiful Vraja-gopis, and greatly intensified their love for Him.

3- Around the cow-barns in Vraja there were heaps of cow-dung that appeared like great mountain-peaks. there were passionate bulls fiercely fighting for the sake of a cow. There were hundreds of gopas and gopis collecting cow-dung and smiling and laughing as they narrated the pastimes of Krishna. there were hundreds of gopas carefully protecting the calves. there were elderly gopis making cow-dung patties. There were many palm trees. There were many residences of cows and calves, near which the ground had become soft with sow-dung. When Lord Krishna thus saw Vrajabhumi's great opulence and exalted residents, He became happy with transcendental bliss.

4- The cow-barn of Vraja appeared like a series of large lakes. The cowherd men restraining  the calves, they appeared to be giant fishes, and the milk-pails appeared to be turtles in the great stream of milk. The faces of the gopis intently collecting cow-dung appeared to be lotus flowers growing in the water, and the white and red calves appeared to be white swans and red geese swimming in those lakes. The white cows appeared to be streams flowing into those lakes, and their tails appeared to be saivala plants growing in those streams. When Lord Hari saw the cow-barn in this way He became happy with transcendental bliss.

5- Vraja's King Nanda then let the eager surabhi cows out of their pens. Krishna who attracted the minds of all Vraja's residents, then went with the cows and His gopa friends from Vraja village to the forest.

6- Let out of their pens, the cows and female water-buffaloes met. The white surabhi cows appeared like the stream of the celestial Ganges, and the dark female buffaloes appeared like the dark stream of he Yamuna river. When the two herds met and mingled, they appeared like the sacred place Triveni, where the Ganges and Yamuna converge. The dust kicked up by their hooves appeared like drops of water which purify the intelligence, senses, and even the great demigods like Brahma, Siva, and Indra who holds thunderbolt-weapon in his hand.

7- The land of Vraja became very pleased to have lotus-eyed Lord Hari walking to her forest. the land of Vraja placed her lotus-heart under the Lord's lotus feet, to be stepped on wherever He walked.

8- When the Lord's feet touched the ground, all the grasses on the limbs of Vrajabhumi stood up in ecstatic bliss. Even when the surabhi cows trampled on the grass, it immediately sprang up in ecstasy.

 9- From children to elders all the lotus and rose-eyed residents of Vraja became like a great river, swollen with the monsoon of transcendental love and swiftly rushing f4rom the mountain of Vraja-village to the great dark ocean of Krishna.

10- Mother Yasoda became very eager to see her son, and out of intense maternal love for Him, tears flowed from her eyes, and milk trickled from her breasts, moistening her sari. Krishna's nurse Kilimba-devi, Balarama's mother Rohini, Yasoda's sister-in-law, and all the other elderly gopis became also very eager to see Lord Krishna.

11- Amorous Radharani became like a celestial Ganges river flowing towards the expansive dark nectar-ocean of Lord Krishna. That ocean appeared to be very still, for the many waves of restless glances had all became stunned by the Divine Couple's exchange of intense love.

12- Then Mangala, Syamala, Bhadra, Pali, Candravali, and all the other younger gopis also began to follow Lord Krishna.

13- When their beloved Krishna departed with His friends and cows, all the residents of Vraja became silent and motionless, like a girl whose lover has just left for a foreign country. They simply stood there, stunned and covered by the dust upraised by the hooves of the cows.

14- When Krishna reached the outskirts of the forest, He turned His neck and saw His parents and all the residents of Vraja following Him. He stopped the cows, and stood still.

15- Lord Krishna's parents were very eager to see Him, and they were crying tears out of limitless fear that some calamity might befall their son in the forest. When Lord Krishna saw their distressed condition, He became very unhappy.

16- Although they were at first scattered in all directions by the great whirlwind of shyness, the bumble-bees of the beautiful gopis' eyes were so eager to drink the honey of Lord Krishna's lotus face that nothing could prevent them from landing within it's petals.

17- When Lord Krishna saw the two happily dancing khanjarita birds that were otherwise known as the eyes in Shrimati Radharani's louts face, He considered that all His activities had become auspicious, and His own eyes had reached their perfection.

18- The mothers of Vraja did not notice their own sons, as they fixed their tear-filled eyes on the form of Lord Krishna. Intense maternal love pushed the milk from their breasts, moistening their garments as they surrounded the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead.

19- Overwhelmed with fears for her son's safety, Mother Yasoda hugged Him with both arms.

20- Mother Yasoda said: O my son, You cannot take care of all these cows alone. Although many expert cowherd men are my subjects, who among them would be foolish enough to claim that he could take care of all these cows unaided? Aside from this, You are a delicate young boy. If You wander all day long in the forest barefoot and without even a parasol, how will it be possible for Your poor parents, constantly worried about Your safety, to remain alive and in one piece.

21- Seeing His parents overwhelmed with parental love, and clutching His parasol and shoes in their hands, Lord Kesava spoke the following words:

22- Lord Krishna replied: Our prescribed duty is to protect the cows, and to do this properly we should not accept more luxury than the cows in our charge. The cows do not wear shoes or carry parasol. Why should we?

23- O mother, how can I give up my prescribed duty of protecting the cows? By faithfully performing prescribed duties one attains a long life and good reputation. When one encounters fearful situations he will be protected if he has previously performed his prescribed duties.

24- Nanda and Yasoda felt boundless happiness to directly see the good qualities of their son. Mother Yasoda, however, remained anxious for His safety. She called all the cowherd boys, and spoke to them the following words:

25- My dear Subhadra, Mandalibhadra, and Vatsa, and balabhadra, I am placing this delicate, restless boy in your charge. He is under your order. Please always teach Him and protect Him, and if He becomes restless and refuses to obey your order, then report it to me at once.

26- My dear Vijaya, my dear cowherd boys, please arm yourselves with swords, bows, and arrows. Surround my boy and always protect Him.

27- Affectionate Mother Yasoda then touched her son's body, and in order to protect Him, chanted various nrsimha-bija mantras invoking the names of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In order to protect Him she also tied a jewel-armlet around His wrist.

28- Lord Krishna said: "I accept your order", and fell at the feet of His parents. They lifted Him up, and embraced Him with both arms, sprinkling Him with the tears from their eyes and the milk from Mother Yasoda's breasts. They kissed His lotus face and stroked it with their hands. They smelled His head. Choked with tears, they could not speak.

29- Nanda and Yasoda blessed their son, saying: May glorious Lord Nrsimha protect You on the land, in the sky, on the pathway, and in the forest. May He bring all auspiciousness to You. After receiving this blessing Lord Krishna's affectionate parents gave Him permission to proceed into the forest, and Lord Krishna felt very happy in transcendental bliss.

30- Lord Krishna and Balarama were then embraced by their parents, Nanda, Yasoda and Rohini, their nurse Kilimba-devi, the elderly gopis full of maternal affection, and all the cowherd men and gopis.

31- Jubilant Lord Krishna sprinkled the thirsty cataka birds of the gopis' eyes with the nectarean shower of His sidelong glances. By the movements of His eyes He hinted to them what route He would take after entering the forest.

32- When Lord Krishna saw the poor, hungry does of the gopis' minds, He invited them to graze on the fresh sprouts of His personal handsomeness. Then, when they were within His territory, He strongly bound them with the chains of His passionate glances.

33- With His eyes Lord Krishna spoke the following message to console the distressed Shrimati Radharani: My dear girl with the beautiful face, please do not be unhappy. We shall not be separated for long. After an hour or an hour and a half we shall meet again at the outskirts of this forest. Please be kind to Me and meet Me at Radha-kunda.

34- With a humble glance Lord Krishna presented His request. When Shrimati Radharani, pretending to be both shy and arrogantly contrary, responded with a sidelong glance of assent, Lord Krishna became delighted.

35- Radha and Krishna then shot arrows of sidelong glances at each other. These arrows quickly traversed the air, piercing each other's hearts, and making them overwhelmed with transcendental bliss. It is extremely difficult for anyone to understand these wonderful loving exchanges of the Divine Couple.

36- Lord Krishna caught the fish Shrimati Radharani's mind in the net of His transcendental handsomeness. Shrimati Radharani trapped the eager swan of Lord  Krishna's mind in the cage of Her amorous glances.

37- Driving the surabhi cows before Him, and attracting the minds of the Vrajavasis behind Him, Lord Krishna and His friend began to enter the forest.

38- Turning His neck, Lord Hari noticed that His parents and all the residents of Vraja, drawn by love for Him, were still following Him. He then approached them and spoke the following words:

39- My dear Mother, please return home at once and do not try to follow Me into the forest. If I allow you to follow Me it will be a sin on My part, and I will be forced to visit the hellish world. O My dear father, please return to Vraja-village at once, It is not possible for the boys to play ball-games if you grown-ups are always hovering about.

40- O mother, these surabhi cows are hungry and thirsty. They need to be taken into the forest to eat and pasture to eat and drink. Because I have stopped, they must also stop and wait, craning their necks and lifting their faces to see what is the delay.

41- Mother Yasoda then said to her son: At midday I shall send a nice lunch. Eat Your lunch, and then at day's end quickly return home.

42- Lord Krishna replied to her: If you two cheerfully return home and prepare My lunch , then I will be able to eat something and return home. If you do not return to cook, I shall not have any lunch.

43- Using their bodies, minds, and words Lord Krishna's parents attempted to protect Him with various charms and amulets. Agitated with love for Him, they repeatedly kissed Him and embraced Him, moistening Him with tears and milk. They continuously gazed at His face.

44- Scorched by the rising sun of imminent separation from Krishna, His beloved gopis thirstily drank the nectar of the ocean of Lord Krishna's beauty. The lotus flowers of their eyes were thus sprinkled with drops from the waves of that ocean.

45- After thus speaking to His unhappy parents who longed to leave Vraja-village and follow their son, Lord Nandanandana entered the forest.

46- The eyes and other senses of the Vrajavasis were all fixed on the form of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna entered the forest, all the Vrajavasis immediately disappeared from His sight.

47- Thinking "Krishna is now entering the forest and abandoning us", the residents of Vraja became depressed. Stunned, they appeared like motionless pillars.

48- when handsome Lord Krishna entered the forest, the flowing rivers of the gopis began to wither and dry up. the lotus flowers of the gopis' eyes began to wilt, and the bumble-bees of the gopis' eyes became extremely restless. The swan of the gopis' lives began to flounder in the rising mud of separation from Lord Krishna. The voracious cilli birds of Lord Krishna's eyebrows devoured the saphari fishes of the gopis' thoughts.

49- Making a great effort, the Vrajavasis unwillingly returned home, taking the bewildered king and queen of Vraja with them. They returned home, however with their bodies only, and not with their minds, for their minds had following Lord Krishna into the forest.

50- The leaders of the various groups of gopis had all fainted out of separation from Krishna, and with great effort the gopis were carrying them home. They looked like stone statues riding in various carriages.

51- Radharani became unconscious, and Kundavalli personally took Her to the village of Vraja, along with the other gopis, who were all very distressed at heart.

52- Although the Vrajavasis had fixed their minds on Lord Krishna and were not aware anything else, somehow or other they were able to perform their duties, just as a liberated soul, free from the body's encagement may sometimes perform ordinary duties.

53- As they were walking on the path, Kundavalli saw agitated Jatila eagerly collecting cow-dung. Realizing the emergency nature of the situation, expert Kundavalli quickly revived the unconscious Radharani by telling Her they were about to meet Lord Krishna.

54- O noble Jatila, I offer my respectful obeisances unto you. Here is your lovely daughter-in-law Radharani, please protect Her so the libidinous Krishna will not see even Her shadow on the ground.

55- because of Radharani's expert cooking, Vraja's Queen Yasoda has given Her all different kinds of garments and jeweled ornaments. these limitless, splendid, priceless ornaments cannot be bought even by Indra's wife Saci and their equal cannot be found even by searching the entire earth with all it's seas, continents and islands.

56- Thinking that her daughter-in-law Radharani had attained both religious merit and great material wealth, Jatila became enthusiastic to arrange further services to Queen Yasoda. Thinking in this way, Jatila spoke the following words glorifying Shrimati Radharani:

57- My child, come here, come here. I greatly appreciate Your good character. I can see You are very chaste and devoted to my son, and as my daughter-in-law, You are very affectionate to me also. I grant all blessings to You. May all auspiciousness befall You.

58- I can see that You are chaste, saintly, and eloquent. I can see that You protect the good character of the other girls also. I have great faith in You and for this reason I am speaking these prayers to glorify You.

59- Paurnamasi, who is a great scholar of the smrti-sastras, has taught us that when a pious wife upholds religious principles, her husband attains great wealth, mastery over many cows, good children, and a long life. For these reasons, my child, I am now advising You to remain always chaste and pure in conduct.

60- Great saintly persons have declared the great truth that by following religious principles one attains both wealth and sense-pleasure. For this reason, my child, if You remain chaste and religious, You will become very wealthy indeed.

61- My son Abhimanyu is very pious, and all his relatives are also pure and faultless. For this reason, my child, I am asking You to uphold the family tradition, and dutifully engage Yourself in the worship of the sun-god.

62- My dear daughter Radha, please take a copper pot, nice ghee, yogurt and milk from a brown cow, food cooked in ghee, a rose, sugar, kumkuma, a leaf and a garland of lotus flowers, take Your friend Kundalata, Gargamuni's daughter, and also take a brahmana boy expert at deity worship to help You, leave the house, and go to the temple to worship the sun-god.

63- My dear Lalita, you are strong, mature, and religious-minded, and therefore I am asking you to always accompany your friend Radharani. She should not be left alone under any circumstances. Most of all, I beg you with folded hands, please do not let Her catch even the faintest scent of that libertine, the son of Maharaja Nanda.

64- My dear children, the sky is already full of sunlight. It is growing late. The two of you should, therefore, pay careful attention to your duty of worshiping the sun-god.

65- When Lalita and Kundalata heard these words they became very happy at heart. they then spoke the following words to Jatila: O noble lady, please rest assured that we shall diligently discharge the task you have given us. We shall protect your daughter-in-law at every moment, just as the eyelids and eyelashes are always ready to protect the eyes.

66- When the charming, beautiful gopis drank the honey of Jatila's words, they became intoxicated and their bodies and minds blossomed with transcendental bliss, although externally they appeared peaceful and composed as they followed Shrimati Radharani to Her home.

67- When Shrimati Radharani returned home She sat down on a couch. With great happiness Her maidservants attended Her, washing, drying, and massaging her lotus feet, fanning Her, and rendering various other services.

68- Garlanded with many flowers, and accompanied by all the gopis, Shri Narmada-devi collected the results of Vrnda-devi's forest-flower-picking expedition, and placed before her mistress Shrimati Radharani, a great host of delicate, blooming, malli, rangana, karnikara, bakula, amogha, lata, saptala, jati, campaka, nagakesara, lavanga, and other flowers.

69- Taking a needle and thread, Shrimati Radharani expertly sewed these flowers into a vajayanti garland scented with camphor and Krishnaguru. This garland appeared like a colorful flag to raise above the spires of the palace of amorous love known as the body of Lord krishna.

70- In order to please the eyes, mind, and moonlike face of Lord Krishna, Shrimati Radharani with Her own hands placed on betel-leaves: betel-nuts mixed with camphor, cardamom, and jasmine flowers, and scented with the deep love from Her heart.

71- Then Lalita said to Tulasi: O Tulasi, find out from Vrnda, Subala, or the other devotees where Lord Hari is now in the forest, and bring Him this garland and betel-nuts. following these orders, tulasi and Kasturika brought the garland and betel-nuts to Lord Hari.

72- Expert Shrimati Radharani and Her friends then began to cook many wonderful amrta-kelis, karpura-kelis, and other wonderful kinds of laddus just to satisfy Lord Krishnacandra's transcendental senses.

73- Even though She had sent Her dear friend to find Lord Krishna, and even though She personally remained always immersed in Lord Krishna's service, still the cakora bird of Shrimati Radharani was so filled with longing to see the moon of Lord Krishna's face that She considered every moment away from Him to last as long as millions of yugas.

74- Thus ends the fifth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's morning pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.