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 Chapter 4


1- As Krishna returned from the barn, He saw Vraja's King Nanda greet Him with great love, and He also saw His mother Yasoda running to meet Him, her garments moistened by the tears from her eyes and the milk trickling from her breasts out of intense maternal love.

2- Mother Yasoda then said: O my son, come here, come here. Why do You torture me by taking such a long time to return home, even though You must certainly be very hungry by this time? The breakfast we have carefully prepared for You is beginning to grow cold by now.

3- Her thoughts anointed with intense maternal love, Yasoda stroked her son's body with her lotus hand. She then turned to her son's friends, who were all eager to return to their own homes respective homes, and she spoke to them the following words:

4- Without you, my restless Krishna will not eat very much. He will simply gulp a few bites, and then run out to get your association. So that Krishna may eat proper meals, my sons, I always wish that you take your meals with Him at my house. Please come in and take breakfast.

5- My dear sons, each of you return to your own home, take bath, and decorate yourselves with ornaments. Then quickly bring your hearty appetites to my house and eat breakfast along with Krishna.

6- After the happy cowherd boys had  gone, Vraja's Queen Yasoda took Balarama, Madhumangala, and her own son Krishna into the house.

7- As Lord Mukunda entered the house He sprinkled the thirsty cataki birds of the gopis' eyes with the monsoon rains of His handsome sweetness. He gave the cakora birds of the gopis' eyes the sweet nectar of the moonlight of His face to drink.

8- Lord Krishna then entered the bathing-room. The servant Saranga took the ornaments from Krishna's body, and clothed Him in a nicely folded, light, fresh silk garment.

9- Lord Krishna sat on a nice seat. Patraka poured scented water from the golden pitcher in his hands as Patri washed the Lord's lotus feet and then dried them with a towel.

10- Ksuri's son, named Subandha, then affectionately massaged Lord Krishna's delicate limbs with Narayana-oil.

11- Slowly and carefully handsome Sugandha then anointed Lord Krishna's naturally cool limbs with glistening, cooling, yellow butter.

12- The affectionate servant Karpura then anointed Lord Krishna's beautiful hair with glossy, cool, aromatic dhatri-pulp.

13- As Payoda poured cool water, Raktaka, washed Lord Krishna's naturally cool splendid, and delicate limbs, scrubbing them with a silk washcloth.

14- The servants then bathed their master Krishna with delicately scented water from a series of golden pitcher.

15- Golden-complexion Patri then dried Lord Krishna's beautiful limbs and hair with a soft towel, and dressed Him in fine garments.

16- Lord Krishna then sat down on a nicely cleansed chair in the bathing room. Kumuda and Dhama then combed His tangled hair and scented it with aguru incense.

17- Makaranda then decorated Lord Krishna's forehead with tilaka marking drawn in gorocana and musk. He anointed  the Lord's body with sandalwood paste, aguru, kumkuma, and musk.

18- Premakanda then placed cankana armlets on Lord Krishna's arms, and glittering shark-shaped golden earrings on His ears. Ankle-bells whose tinkling sounds are more charming than swan's cooing, he placed on Lord Krishna's ankles, and necklace of starlike pearls he placed on the sky of Lord Krishna's chest.

19- As she caught glimpses now and then of her son, Mother Yasoda became overwhelmed with love for Him. She urged the servants to perform their duties quickly, and she also became busily engaged in various services.

20- Accompanied by the nicely bathed, perfumed, and ornamented Balarama, Madhumangala, and other friends, Lord Krishna appeared very splendid and glorious.

21- The dining room was perfumed with incense, covered with fresh cloth, and nicely equipped with golden water-pitchers and clean sitting places. Mother Yasoda brought Krishna and His friends there to enjoy their breakfast.

22- Shridama and Subala sat on Lord Krishna's left, Lord Balarama on His right and Madhumangala facing Him. The other cowherd boys sat in other places to the right and left of the Lord.

23- When everyone was seated, Citra-devi brought nectar-drinks in golden goblets Mother Yasoda handed one to her son and the other to His friends.

24- As Mother Yasoda called the gopis, each happily brought the palatable breakfast dish she had cooked.

25- Rangadevi took the "Ganga-jala" khanda-laddus that Shrimati Radharani had carefully brought from home, and on Radharani's signal, handed them to Yasodaji.

26- Mother Yasoda then affectionately placed laddus on the golden plates before Lord Balarama and the boys.

27- As Lord Krishna ate the breakfast cooked in ghee, he joked with His friends and made them smile and laugh. When the gopis observed Him glancing at Radharani's face from the corner of His eye, they became full of happiness.

28- Mother Yasoda pointed to the uneaten laddu on Lord Krishna's plate and said: This laddu is very good. It is very sweet. It is delicious. It is beautiful. O my son, You must eat it.

29- When one of the boys expressed the desire to eat particular food, Krishna would laugh, that food from His own plate, and playfully toss it to that boy.

30- Seeing Mother Yasoda earnestly serving the breakfast, and seeing the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead eating slow deliberation, the comical brahmana boy Madhumangala spoke the following words o Mother Yasoda:

31- My dear mother, if your son does not eat very much, then just give His portion to me and I shall devour it all. I shall then embrace your son and transfer all the nourishment to Him. Then He will grow fat.

32- Krishna's digestion is weak and He cannot eat these heavy foods cooked in ghee. O Mother Yasoda, it is better to give Him vegetables instead and only a slight taste of these heavy grains.

33- Lord Krishna then filled the brahmana boy Madhumangala's plate with five double-handfuls of food, and said to Him: Here is a little something for you to eat.

34- Loudly salivating, the brahmana boy Madhumangala began to jubilantly devour the food on his plate. He then said to Lord Krishna:

35- O my friend, see how I am eating. Madhumangala proceeded to eat two morsels and then he called to Mother Yasoda: O mother, please bring me some yogurt.

36- Lord Krishna then said: O cowherd boys, just look at the restless monkey-king who dances in our midst, hungry for rich foods and yogurt. Hearing this, Madhumangala placed the contents of his plate, one by one, on the plate of the hungry boys. After everything was distributed, he proudly announced: See, I have eaten it all.

37- When Mother Yasoda returned bearing a cup of yogurt, Madhumangala said: O mother, I have already eaten everything without the yogurt. Now it is time for dessert. Give me a large cup of that sweet-rice.

38- Rohini poured the sweet-rice into golden cups and distributed them to the cowherd boys as Shrimati Radharani gently fanned Lord Krishna with a fresh plantain leaf.

39- Vimala-devi and the other maidservants brought various delicious foods on golden plates and handed them to Shrimati Radharani. She handed them to Lord Balarama's mother Rohini who carefully served these palatable dishes to all the cowherd boys.

40- Shrimati Radharani repeatedly brought saka, amla, and other vegetable dishes and Mother Rohini served them to the assembled cowherd boys.

41- On other plate Mother Rohini served capaties anointed with ghee, and made of fine strained whole-wheat flour the light brown color of leaves in middle of a plantain tree.

42- Dhanistha brought sweet, spiced cured and other dishes prepared by Lalita and her friends. Mother Yasoda placed the cured in many cups, and with great love and happiness distributed these cups to the cowherd boys.

43- The fortunate and glorious gopis became filled with bliss by seeing the face of their beloved Krishna, the abode of all transcendental bliss. They were drawn by His delicate, sweet handsomeness, and overwhelmed by a great rising tide of love for Him.

44- With vigorous appetites the cowherd boys relished the four kinds of food which were as sweet as nectar. They joked, laughed, and made their friend Krishna laugh also.

45- The boys ate the various kind of foods, chewing the various delicacies licking and sucking palatable foods meant to be eaten in that way, and happily drinking various nectarean beverages.

46- As He secretly placed the bumble-bee of His sidelong glance upon the lotus flower of Shrimati Radharani's face, lotus-eyed Lord Krishna relished the various kinds of food made sweeter than nectar by the touch of Her hand. When Mother Yasoda saw her son eating with such a vigorous appetite, her mind became filled with intense transcendental bliss.

47- Timidly glancing at Lord Krishna, Shrimati Radharani relished the nectar of His transcendental handsomeness. As She meditated on Him, she was very careful to conceal from eyes of others, the splendor of Her intense, all-encompassing love for Him.

48- For a little while Shrimati Radharani was alone and Lord Balarama's mother Rohini was no longer by Her side. At first Her jubilant, sweet, intoxicated eyes danced on the form of Lord Krishna, but then She shyly placed them on Her own hand instead. As the king of heroes, Lord Krishna, gazed at Her, He saw Her as the most tender, sweetest food for His senses. Agitated with love for Her, His breakfast appetite slackened.

49- Seeing her son listlessly picking at His half-eaten breakfast, Mother Yasoda became very agitated at heart. She spoke the following words:

50- My son, why do You not eat this carefully prepared feast? Why have You no appetite? You should eat. Your declining to eat is a great curse upon my head.

51- I have taken great trouble to bring Maharaja Vrsabhanu's daughter here to cook this breakfast millions of times more delicious than nectar, and still You refuse to eat it! What shall I do? O my son, Your not eating is killing me.

52- Mother Yasoda then spoke the following words to Rohini: O Rohini, just look at this restless boy, He is weak from hunger, and still He will not eat, why is this?

53- Overwhelmed with maternal love, Rohini-devi, the mother of Lord Balarama the killer f Pralambasura, turned to Lord Krishna, who had previously killed the demon Aghasura. She caressed Him and spoke the following words:

54- I have labored, and Shrimati Radharani, who is as delicate and lovely as a jasmine flower has also labored hard to cook this breakfast-feast for You. Why do You torture me, Your poor mother, by refusing to eat it?

55- O my son, just see how Your poor mother is suffering. I fall at Your feet and beg You: please listen to me. Later in the day as You wander in the forest You will feel very tired and hungry if You do not eat now. Please eat heartily at this breakfast-feast.

56- Saying: I have already eaten quite a lot, and My hunger has fled far away, Nanda's son Krishna, who is generally quite restless and untameable, sat back languidly and muffles a belch. When Mother Yasoda and Rohini saw all this they became overwhelmed with happiness.

57- With her fingers Mother Yasoda pointed out the various foods and said: This is very delicious, and that is super-delicious. O my son, I swear it is. Mother Yasoda repeatedly spoke in this way, her eyes flooded with tears. She wished that her son, whose belly was already quite full, should continue eating until He had devoured everything.

58- Motherly love pushing tears from her eyes and milk from her breasts, unsatisfied Mother Yasoda repeatedly forced her unhungry son to eat all the sweet ripe-mango juice, sadava milk, sikharini, karambha, amiksa (three curd-preparations), vegetables, yogurt, kala-pupa, and vatakas (two kinds of cakes), and she placed them before Him.

59- After eating these delicious foods, and drinking  these beverages as sweet as nectar, all the satisfied cowherd boys became very eager to go into the forest.

60- The boys then wiped their lotus hands and faces with aromatic powder, scrubbed their teeth with soft brushes, and rinsed their mouths with water as the servants poured from golden pitchers.

61- The servant Jambula then brought cooling, fragrant, splendid betel-nut patties mixed with cardamom, cloves, and camphor. As the cowherd boys chewed the betel-nuts they happily patted their filled-up stomachs with their left hands.

62- The boys then happily chewed ripe betel-leaves prepared by the hand of Rasala. Then they eagerly took a nap on a hundred large beds as the servants fanned them.

63- As the servants fanned the cowherd boys with peacock-feather fans, Vilasaka peeled the outer leaves from some betel-nuts, and then gave them to the Lord to chew.

64- Shrimati Radharani then washed Her hands and feet, left the spacious kitchen, and entered the courtyard. There She gazed at Her lover Krishna through the window, perspired out of ecstatic bliss, and was fanned by the maidservants. When Vraja's Queen Yasoda saw Her, she expressed her concern that Radharani was certainly very tired from the morning's cooking activities. With great effort Mother Yasoda convinced Radharani to take breakfast Herself. As soon as Shrimati Radharani happily sat down, both Mother Yasoda and Rohini ordered that the breakfast be brought from the house.

65- Mother Yasoda then ordered Dhanistha to bring the breakfast cooked in ghee. Dhanistha secretly mixed the food with remnants from Lord Hari's plate, brought it from the house, and placed it before them.

66- Out of shyness Shrimati Radharani bowed her head, covered it with Her sari and declined to eat. Seeing this, Krishna's mother, Yasoda became filled with sentiments of maternal love. She then spoke the following words:

67- O my daughter, why are You shy before me, Your mother? I love You in the same way I love my son Krishna. I beg You, please do not be shy before me. Let me see Your eating this breakfast, that sight will bring a pleasant coolness to my burning eyes.

68- hundred of times I vow that You are all my daughter. Why are You so shy? O Lalita, O gopis, O my daughters, please eat. In this way Mother Yasoda fed all the gopis a delicious feast palatably seasoned with many sweet words.

69- Within her heart Mother Yasoda wished that Radharani could become her son's bride. She had Dhanistha to bring from the house many ornaments, exquisite garments, red-cosmetics, sandalwood paste, betel-nuts, and jeweled boxes containing gifts suitable for a newly-married bride. Vraja's Queen Yasoda happily and affectionately presented all these gifts to Radharani, honoring Her as a newly acquired daughter-in-law surrounded by Her girl-friends.

70- After this Visakha, Dhanistha, and Subala met secretly. the two gopis gave to Subala the yellow upper garment of Krishna that Shrimati Radharani had mistakenly taken on the previous night, and Subala gave them Radharani's blue sari that Shri Krishna had taken at the same time.

71- Bursting with happiness, the servants then affectionately decorated their master Krishna with exquisite clothing, ornaments, garlands, and fragrant ointments.

72- Wearing the tilaka marking named "bhakti-ccheda", anointed with sandalwood paste, kumkuma, and colorful mineral pigments, dressed in exquisite new garments, wearing a peacock-feather crown, signet-rings, earrings, a gunja-necklace, a jewel-necklace with the kaustubha gem in the center, a vaijayanti flower-garland, armlets, bracelets, golden anklets, ankle-bells, and an ornamental chain, and wearing on His chest a necklace of large pearls in which He alone could see the reflected form of Shrimati Radharani, carrying a buffalo-horn, bugle tucked into the left side of His belt, and His wonderfully colorful jewel-studded flute tucked into the right side, carrying a straight staff in His left hand, and twirling a yellow toy lotus flower in His right hand, enchanting the minds of the doe-eyed gopis, and accompanied by His cowherd-boy friends, each of them laughing and joking with Him, and each of them also carrying a flute, buffalo-horn bugle, and staff, lotus-eyed Lord Krishna left His house to go into the forest.

73- Thus ends the fourth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's breakfast pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa  Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.