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Chapter 3


1- While Krishna milking the cows in the barn, Queen Yasoda became intent on preparing His breakfast. Her thoughts drowning in the nectar of love for her son, she repeatedly gave orders to the house servants, even though they were already fully attentive to their respective duties out of love for Krishna.

2- She called all the maidservants and said to them: Quickly prepare breakfast for hungry Krishna and Balarama that are about to return from milking the cows.

3- She said: Now collect the following items for Krishna's breakfast: vegetables, herbs, roots, lotus stems, fruits, leafy vegetables, fresh and dried ginger, ground masa beans, cukra, turmeric, black pepper, camphor, sugar, cumin, milk, cream, tamarind, asafetida, trijata, buttermilk, vatika cakes, salt, a jar of water, oil, wheat flour, ghee, yogurt, tulasi leaves, husked and unhusked rice, and the vaskayani-milk, that Nanda Maharaja brought this morning for making sweet-rice.

4- In this way Mother Yasoda ordered the maidservants to quickly collect the various ingredients for Krishna's breakfast. Her thoughts filled with love for her son, she then caked for Rohini-devi, and spoke to her the following words:

5- O friend Rohini, our delicate, slender young boys are sometimes hurt by fighting with the stronger, more restless boys as they protect the surabhi cows during the day. How many cowherd men and servants have I in this house to stop Them? None of these servants are able to stop These boys from going out during the day. O Rohini, I am very afraid for Them. What shall I do?

6- Just see how our sons have become skinny and weak by not eating. All day They wander about the dense jungle, dancing and playing, and when They return home in the evening They are exhausted, but not very hungry.

7- O beautiful Rohini, please go into the kitchen and with great care, cook a very palatable breakfast for our sons, so They may eat with a great appetite.

8- Balarama's mother immediately consented, and she happily entered the kitchen. The kitchen had been nicely cleansed by the maidservants, and the cooking ingredients were all assembled there.

9- Intent on pleasing her son, Queen Yasoda was busily engaged in cooking many kinds of sweets. She anxiously awaited the arrival of Shrimati Radharani.

10- At that moment there was the sudden arrival of Kundalata, who was the wife of Subadra, the son of Upananda. As Kundalata offered respectful obeisances, Queen Yasoda spoke to her the following words:

11- Radharani was once blessed by Durvasa Muni, who said: May whatever You cook be as palatable and sweet as nectar, and may whoever eats Your cooking live a long life. Knowing about this benediction, I have called Radharani from Her home so She may cook for Krishna and Balarama.

12- Tell Radharani's husband that although my son generally eats only a few morsels, if He is given especially palatable foodstuffs cooked by Radharani, He eats with a vigorous appetite, and for this reason he should let Radharani come here to cook. When he grants his permission, quickly bring Radha all Her friends to this place to cook breakfast for Krishna.

13- What fault could there be in asking that Shrimati Radharani come here to cook for Krishna? All the residents of Vrajabhumi are maddened with love for Krishna. They will all agree to do whatever is best for Him.

14- The creeper Known as Kundavalli blossomed with happiness to hear the cooling nectar of Yasoda-devi's words. Kundavalli became very eager to unite the female bee Radharani with Her lover the male bee Krishna.

15- Intelligent Kundavalli then approached crooked-hearted Jatila and recited Queen Yasoda's message asking for the presence of Jatila's daughter-in-law Shrimati Radharani.

16- When Jatila heard Queen Yasoda's request, she began to fear what Lord Krishna might to do to her daughter-in-law Radharani. After a moment's reflection she remembered Paurnamasi's instruction to be always obedient to Yasoda-devi. She then affectionately spoke the following words to Kundavalli:

17- On the one hand my saintly, chaste daughter-in-law Radharani, who is full of the sweet madhvika nectar of the greatest virtue should not associate with the fickle, fault-finding rake who is Nanda's son, and on the other hand I cannot disobey the noble Paurnamasi's order to always abide by Queen Yasoda's wishes. O child, my heart dances between saying yes and no. What shall I do?

18- O mother, although you have certainly spoken the truth about Radharani, a host of rascals has misinformed you about Krishna the prince of the cowherds. Just as the rising sun is appreciated by the pious lotus flowers, and abhorred by the demonic owls who remain in sinful darkness, hooting for the satisfaction of wolves and other nasty beasts, in the same way Krishna is glorified by saintly persons and reviled by the lowest of men.

19- In one sense your fear to protect Radharani is justified, for Krishna's sweet handsomeness certainly maddens all the young girls in the universe. Still there is no need to fear, for I myself shall become Radharani's shadow. I shall ensure that Radharani never comes before the path of Krishna's eyes.

20- My daughter, because your reputation as a pious, chaste girl is spread throughout this village of Vraja, I shall place the virtuous Radharani in your hands. I trust that you will save Her from the lusty glances of Nanda's son Krishna.

21- Jatila called for Radharani, and said to Her: My child, Kundavalli has just come here from Vrajabhumi. I want You to immediately go with her to Queen Yasoda's house, and engage there in the worship of the sun-god.

22- Although Shrimati Radharani was delighted at heart to hear this order, she pretended to be reluctant. She said to Her friend Kundavalli: I have duties at home, and I don't want to go to Yasoda's house. A chaste girl does not go visiting the homes of others.

23- Pious Kundavalli grasped Radha's hand and pulled over. She said: My chaste friend, why are You afraid? I shall protect You. With that Radharani at once rose and happily departed with Her friend.

24- Lalita and the other gopis then took laddus and other palatable foods to offer Krishna for breakfast, and followed their friend Radharani to Krishna's house.

25- As they were proceeding on the road, Kundavalli noticed that her friend Radharani was overwhelmed with transcendental bliss, and because of this the corner of Her bodice was beginning to fall. Kundavalli then turned to Radha and affectionately spoke the following joking words:

26- Although Your husband has been away on business for the past three or four days, and although he always spends the entire night protecting his cows in the pasture, still I cannot help but notice the bites and scratches on Your breasts. These marks clearly indicate Your faithfulness to Your husband.

27- Glancing at Shrimati Radharani's slightly squinting, wide-open, crooked eyes Lalita turned to her friend Kundavalli and said:

28- Perhaps a daring parrot in the jungle bit Radha's breasts, taking them to be pomegranates, or perhaps some parrots violently bit Her lips, taking them to be ripe bimba fruits. My friend, what is the need for these feeble speculations? You and I know the real reason for these marks.

29- Hearing these words, Shrimati Radharani remembered Her pastimes with Lord Krishna, and She trembled, as if tossed about by waves in the ocean. Kundavalli noticed all this, glanced at a nearby lake, laughed and jokingly called out the following ambiguous words:

30- My dear charming lake full of lotus flowers, why are you happily trembling for no apparent reason? Do you tremble because the bumble-bee, who is the jasmine creeper's brother-in-law, is now wandering nearby and will soon drink the honey of your lotus flowers? (My dear beautiful, lotuslike Radharani, why are You happily trembling for no apparent reason? Do You tremble because Lord Krishna, Kundavalli's brother-in-law, is now wandering nearby, and will soon drink the honey of Your association?).

31- To Kundavalli, who was expert at fashioning golden ornaments of joking words to delight the ears, intelligent Visakha spoke the following words:

32- My dear friend Kundavalli, this lake is blooming with lotus flowers and trembling with great love because of the active bumble-bee wandering over it's water. As for the lotus-like Radharani, She is trembling out of fear of the bumble-bee's younger brother, Lord Krishna.

33- As She heard these charming jokes, Shrimati Radharani felt intense live for Lord Krishna, and trembled with longing to see Him. Overwhelmed by love, She walked very slowly until finally she and Her friends arrived at the home of Nanda Maharaja.

34- When Shrimati Radharani arrived She bowed down to offer respect to Yasoda-devi, the mother of Lord Mukunda. Yasoda lifted Shrimati Radharani, embraced Her with both arms, happily smelled Her head for a long time, and affectionately kissed Her on the face, as her own face became covered with tears.

35- Mother Yasoda then embraced each gopi and inquired after her welfare. Eager to prepare her son's breakfast, without delay she affectionately spoke the following words to the assembled gopis:

36- My daughters, you are all famous in Vrajabhumi as the most expert cooks who can create a great variety of the most palatable dishes. For this reason I am requesting you to cook a nice breakfast for my son, so He may have a little appetite and eat something.

37- My dear daughters, some of you should cook salty preparations, and others should cook preparations with yogurt. Some should cook preparations with ghee and others should cook sweets.

38- My dear Radha, You are the most learned scholar in the art of nectarean cooking. Please go into the kitchen now, and diligently help Balarama's mother Rohini to cook sweets and vegetables for Krishna's breakfast.

39- My daughter, please carefully cook amrta-keli cakes and sweet karpura-keli which Krishna considers to be millions of times sweeter than nectar. In all the three worlds no one knows how to properly cook these, save for You.

40- My child, please make granthi-lai nectar, of which my son is very fond. Please also make pancamrta nectar with camphor, cardamom, and other spices.

41-O mother Lalita, please make the curd-preparation rasala. Visakha, you make the preparation sadavam and Sasilekha, you make the curd-preparation sikharini. My daughter Campakalata, you make the preparation mathita.

42- My daughter Tungavidya, please prepare amiksa from boiled milk, yogurt and various other ingredients. O mother Citra, please prepare matsyandi-panaka from various ingredients.

43- Ranga-devi, you prepare khanda-manda. Sudevi, you prepare various kinds of ksira-sara. Vasanti, you prepare subhra-mrdu-phenika. Mangala, you prepare kundalika.

44- Kadambari, you prepare candrakanti. Lasika, you prepare tandula-curna-pidi. Kaumudi, you prepare many different kinds of saskuli. Mother Madalasa, you prepare indu-pinda.

45- Sasimukhi, you prepare vataka cakes made of yogurt and other ingredients. Sumukhi, you prepare palatable sweet sarkara-pattika. Manimati, you prepare many varieties of sweet-cakes.

46- Kancanavalli, you prepare wheat-flour laddus, Manorama, you prepare manohara laddus. Ratnamala, you prepare mauktika laddus.

47- Madhavi, you fry modaka, tila-kadamba, and khanda-pattika laddus in the best pure oil.

48- Rambha, you prepare karambha with plantains, sugar and other nice ingredients in a golden pot. Manojna, you prepare ripe mango-juice mixed with milk and a large quantity of sugar.

49- Kilimba, please take the butter that I have churned this morning from aromatic milk and yogurt, and prepare aromatic ghee.

50- O Ambika, here is some milk that Vraja's king Nanda personally milked from the white surabhi cows this morning. Please boil it so that Krishna and Balarama may drink.

51- Girls, please go, rinse large clay pots. other pots, cullis, dugdha-salas ladles, and spoons, and bring them here to me.

52- O Dhanistha, please take various cooking utensils from their cupboards and place them in these pots.

53- Ranganamalika and Tulasi, go to my cupboards with these maidservants and bring various cooking utensils, and place them in the proper places.

54- O Indumukhi, please bring amratakas, mangoes, puras, kariras, dhatris, limpakas, kolis, and rucakas that have been pickled in oil and salt for a long time. Please bring fresh ginger and other palatable roots, and also bring sugarcane juice and fresh tamarind. Please also bring dhatris, mangoes, badaris, and other fresh fruits and berries. Place everything in these golden pots.

55- O Sanda, Subha, Bharani, Pivari, and Mistahasta, immediately bring a large quantity of milk from the barn and slowly boil it in these large kettles.

56- Shrimati Radharani then removed Her outer cloak, signet-rings, and other ornaments, and placed them in Tulasi's hand. She then washed Her own hands and feet with water presented by Dhanistha. She bowed down, placing Her head on the ground to offer respects to Balarama's mother Rohini, who in turn treated Her very affectionately, as if Radharani were her own young daughter. After this, Shrimati Radharani entered the kitchen.

57- While the gopis were happily engaged in these duties, Vraja's Queen Yasoda gave the following instructions to the devoted menservants:

58- Payoda, my son, please perform with kumkuma, aguru, camphor, and sandalwood, the Yamuna-water that collected last night, placed in jars with cloth-covered spouts, and cooled by the gentle-breezes and moonlight in the courtyard. Please bring these jars to the cleansed, moonstone-studded bathing-chamber.

59- O Varida, please bring water scented with aguru, camphor, cloves, jasmine flowers, and patala flowers, for my sons Krishna and Balarama to drink.

60- O barber's son Sugandha, here is some medicinal narayana-oil which, out of love for my sons I obtained long ago from the physician Kalyanada. Please massage Krishna and Balarama with this oil.

61- O barbers Sugandha and Karpuraka, please anoint the bodies and hair of Krishna and Balarama with cooling, fragrant amalaka-oil.

62- O Saranga, please quickly fetch two scented, silken, golden bathrobes, as splendid as moonlight, for Krishna and Balarama.

63- O Bakula, please bring Krishna's turban, upper garment, dhoti, and double belt which are all as splendid as the reddish-gold sunrise. In addition to these garments, which He wears while herding the surabhi cows, also bring His dancing-costume, sewn with many colors by the most expert tailor.

64- O Suvasa, Vilasa, and Gandhi, please fetch musk, camphor, aguru, and sandalwood paste, and place them in these boxes studded with pearls and jewels.

65- O Talika, please bring the yellow pigment gorocana for making tilaka marking on Krishna's forehead. O Sucitra, please bring mineral pigments from Govardhana Hill for decorating Krishna.

66- O Puspahasa, Sumanah, and Madhukanta, please immediately string various garlands of campeya, pundraka, golden yuthi, and other flowers, all scented with aguru and camphor.

67- O Sairindhra, Mali, Makaranda, and Bhrngi, last night with long and carefully deliberation I set aside many jeweled golden ornaments. Please go now to the treasury room and fetch these ornaments so that my sons Krishna and Balarama may wear them on this auspicious day of amrta-yoga, when the sun is conjoied with the constellation pusya.

68- O Salika, my son, please make a crown of many peacock-feathers. O Mallika please make necklaces of white and red gunja.

69- O Jambula, place these golden betel-nuts on a silk cloth and quickly pick out the unusable chaff.

70- O Suvilasa, my son, please quickly cut these glistening washed betel leaves with this sharp knife as sharp as a dhatri leaf, and then mix the cut betel leaves with this fragrant camphor.

71- O Rasala and Visala, take this ground cardamom, cloves, catechu, and other spices, place them on a cloth, purify them and mix them with these betel-nuts.

72- As the gopas and gopis were busily engaged in these duties, Mother Yasoda intently looked at the path, waiting for the arrival of her son. When she saw some gopas carrying burdens from the barn, she asked them: Where is Krishna? Why is He delayed?

73- Some gopas said to her: Krishna is tending the young calves as they eat the tender grasses. Other gopas said: Krishna is playing with the boys and encouraging the bulls to fight each other.

74- To Raktaka, who was very always eager to serve, Mother Yasoda said: My son, please bring Krishna here. She also said to the boy Madhumangala: Child you also go and bring my restless son here at once.

75- After dispatching the boys, Mother Yasoda entered her spacious kitchen and asked Balarama's mother Rohini: What have you and Radharani cooked? please show it all to me.

76- Within the spotlessly clean kitchen Rohini showed Mother Yasoda the rows of earthen pots filled with various nectarean condiments and other foodstuffs. Rohini praised Shrimati Radharani in the following words:

77- My dear pious friend Yasoda with the beautiful face, look at these pots of palatable, nectarean sweet-rice, more beautiful than the glistening moon, that have been prepared by the expert cook Radharani. Look also at this pot of hearty, sweet samyava (wheat and milk), that I have prepared.

78- O pious friend, look at these varieties of cked made with butter, plantains, siri, and different kinds of flour.

79- Look at the piyusa-granthi, karpura-keli, and amrta-keli that Radharani has prepared. I must admit that I cannot cook as nicely as She.

80- Here are two kinds of mung cakes-plain, and mixed with buttermilk. Here are four kinds of sweetened or salty dhal.

81- Here are twelve kinds of bitter preparations made with tamarind, amrataka fruit, cukra, mangoes, and other foodstuffs. Some are strongly bitter, some bittersweet, and others bitter in various ways.

82- Here are many varieties of preparations, such as baddha-rambha, navya-garbha, navya-mukulamsa, mana, kandambu, kacvi, mukhamsa, aluka, kusmanda, dindisa, cakrabha, khandajalaka, canakaksodha, pankakta, and dhrta-bhrsta.

83- Look at these varieties of foodstuff, such as these chick-pea cakes fried in ghee some mixed with bitter buttermilk and some moistened with water.

84- Here are varieties of cakes, fruits, roots, and vegetables prepared with black pepper, cloves, and other spices, and here are karkaru, jyotsnika, and alavu pumpkins cooked with yogurt and mustard. O beautiful Yasoda, all this was cooked by Shrimati Radharani.

85- Here are your son's favorite flowers fried in ghee, and here are kovidara buds fried in ghee and mixed with yogurt.

86- Here are two kinds of flower-cakes fried in ghee and mixed with yogurt, and here are delicious patola fruits fried in ghee.

87- Here is a large kusmanda cake made with kacvimana and alu roots. Here are preparations made with shredded bitter nalita leaves, and here are other preparations made from cavika.

88- Here is dugdha-tumbi prepared with sugar, cardamom, and pepper, and here are the sweet ksira-kusmanda, sweet dadhi-suranka, dhatri-suranaka, and kara and bilva fruits both fried in ghee. All this was prepared by Radharani.

89- Here is a cooling sweet and sour preparation made from tender plantains and ripe pumpkin cooked together and mixed with sugar and yogurt.

90- Radharani has cooked this vegetable dish consisting of nalita, methi, sata-puspika, misi, patola, vastuka, vitunna, and marisa. This dish is so tasty that it smashes the pride of the sweetest nectar.

91- Here is nectarean tamarind sauce mixed with kadamba, and here is the palatable dark leafy vegetable nalita mixed with raw mangoes.

92- I have cooked these yukustaka, mudga, and masa dhal soups. These soups are as sweet as three wells of nectar.

93- From whole-wheat dough carefully kneaded by your maidservants, I have cooked these capatis, which are as round as a series of full-moons.

94- I have just now washed this rice in a silk-strainer, and as Krishna returns from the barn I shall boil it for His breakfast.

95- My dear Yasoda, rest assured that we have completed Krishna's breakfast of grains and vegetables. We have already cooked, are cooking now, or are about to cook all the required preparations.

96- Seeing this beautiful, aromatic, enchanting breakfast, Mother Yasoda became delighted, astonished, and curious to know how the preparation of such a feast were possible. Rohini then spoke to her the following words:

97- My dear Yasoda, you should know that this unprecedented breakfast-feast has been created by expert hands of Shrimati Radharani. She is it's actual cause.

98- Shrimati Radharani perspired because of long kitchen-labor, and She shyly bowed Her head because of Rohini's praise. Looking at Her, Queen Yasoda's thoughts became filled with love,and she ordered one of her maidservants to fan the glorious Shrimati Radharani.

99- When Vraja's Queen Yasoda went to the dugdha-grha, and saw the many varieties of foodstuffs the gopis had prepared, she became very happy. She then went to the gateway of her house to eagerly wait for her son's arrival.

100- Thus ends the third chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's sunrise pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessings of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.