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Chapter 2


1- Bathing in the morning and decorating herself with ornaments, Shrimati Radharani, invited by Vraja's Queen, cooked Lord Krishna's breakfast. When Lord Krishna awoke He went to the barn, milked the cows, bathed, and then ate breakfast with His friends. Let me take shelter of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.

2- Meditating on the infallible Personality of Godhead, and filled with the moonlight of pure love for Him, Paurnamasi completed her early morning duties and quickly went to the palace of Vraja's king.

3- Arriving at the home of Vraja's king, she saw the pleasant courtyard decorated with drops of butter and yogurt from the day's churning activities the affectionate and jeweled building, she perceived that the entire place was just like Svetadvipa, where Lord Vishnu happily rests on the glistening bed of Ananta Sesa, who floats on the wanes of the milk-ocean. Seeing all this, Paurnamasi became full of bliss.

4- The learned Queen of Vraja personally saw the arrival of austere Paurnamasi understanding her exalted position, Vraja's Queen greeted her with great delight.

5- Mukunda's mother, Yasoda-devi said: My dear friend, all of Vraja worship you. Please come here. You are most welcome here. I offer my respectful obeisances unto you. As Yasoda approached, and offered respects, Paurnamasi embraced her.

6- Paurnamasi greeted Yasoda with many blessings. She inquired about her welfare, as well as that of her husband, children, and cows. All the while Paurnamasi yearned to see Lord Govinda.

7- Vraja's Queen Yasoda also expressed her well-wishes to Paurnamasi. The two of them then eagerly entered the bedroom of Yasoda's son Krishna.

8- At that moment Krishna's friends: Gobhata, Bhadrasena, Subala, Stokakrishna, Arjuna, Shridama, Ujjvala, Dama, Kinkini, Sudama, and others, hastily and happily arrived. Balarama assembled them in the courtyard, and they called in unison: O Krishna, wake up and come with us to the cow-barn.

9- Madhumangala approached Krishna's bedroom and said: My friend, is this not the sun rising on the horizon? How is it that our friend Krishna is still asleep?

10- Madhumangala slowly entered Lord Hari's bedroom and said: My friend, please wake up.

11- When Lord Krishna heard these words He wakened. Although He wishes to rise from bed, and although He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He did not have the power to rise immediatelly. For a moment He simply rolled about on the bed.

12- Then Mother Yasoda tried to awaken Lord Hari as He slept on His jeweled bed. Her action was just like that of the Personified Vedas who awaken Lord Vishnu when He sleeps on the jeweled bed of Ananta Sesa in a palace within the milk ocean during the time of cosmic devastation.

13- Mother Yasoda at, resting her left hand on the bed. Leaning over her son she stroked His body with her right hand. She sprinkled the bed with tears of joy and a stream of milk trickling from her breasts out of motherly affection. She said: O my son, give up Your sleeping. Awaken and show us Your lotus face.

14- O my son, if the surabhi cows and calves do not see You they will not allow anyone to milk them. If this happens, then Your father, reluctant to waken You from Your sound and happy sleep, will have to personally go to the barn to reassure them.

15- Wake up and I shall wash Your face. Why are You wearing Balarama's blue garments? After this statement Mother Yasoda took Lord Krishna's garments and spoke the following words to the pious Paurnamasi:

16- O noble Paurnamasi, just see how my son's body, as colorfully anointed with red mineral pigments, and as delicate as a lotus flower, has been scratched by the restless boys in their wrestling match. This sight is very painful to me. What shall I do to prevent this sort of thing?

17- As Lord Murari heard these astonishing, affection saturated words from His mother, His eyes glistened with shame and fear.

18- Seeing Krishna burning with shame and Mother Yasoda overwhelmed with maternal love, the young brahmana brahmacari master comedian Madhumangala spoke to her the following words:

19- O mother, to speak the truth, I always try to stop them from playing in this way. Still, Krishna and His friends are both very eager for this kind of sport.

20- Lord Hari, His lotus face smiling to hear this description of His boyhood pastimes, opened His eyes for a moment, glanced at Mother Yasoda and then closed His eyes again.

21- When Paurnamasi had heard from Vraja's Queen Yasoda this affection-laden description of Lord Krishna's boyhood pastimes, she responded by speaking the following words to the smiling Lord Krishna:

22- My dear intelligent master of Vraja, You are certainly very tired because of Your endless late-night pastimes with the gopis, and for this reason it is certainly very right for You to continue sleeping. Still, if the surabhi cows do not see You, they will refuse to offer milk-laden udders to their thirsty calves. For their sake, please wake up.

23- O prince of Vraja, wake up, just see; Your elder brother Balarama, Your friends, and Your calves, all of them eager to go to the pasture-ground, are patiently waiting for You in the courtyard.

24- Lord Krishna, whose complexion is the color of a dark tamala tree, raised two clenched fists, and stretched His body wearing by enjoying nectarean pastimes, He yawned, showing the effulgence of His teeth, and then rose from bed.

25- Lord Krishna arose from bed and placed His two lotus feet on the floor. He yawned and stuttered: O noble lady, I offer My respectful obeisances to you.

26- The black ointment decorating Lord Krishna's eyes had become disordered and some flowers had fallen from His soft, disheveled hair. Overwhelmed with maternal love, Yasoda gathered His hair together and tied it neatly.

27- With her own hand Mother Yasoda brought clear mountain stream water. She happily washed her son's face, and gently dried it using edge of her sari as a towel.

28- Taking His flute in His right hand, and Madhumangala's hand in His left and followed by His mother and the noble Paurnamasi, Lord Krishna left His bedroom and entered the courtyard.

29- Filled with love, the cowherd boys rushed to embrace Lord Krishna, some touching His hands, some His body, and some the edge of His garment. With wide-open eyes they spoke to Him:

30- Mother Yasoda then said to Lord krishna: My son, go now to barn, feed the calves, milk the surabhi cows, and then quickly return home for breakfast.

31- Sent by Mother Yasoda, Krishna and His friends quickly went to the barn. As they walked on the path, the brahmana boy comedian Madhumangala looked up at the sky, and spoke the following words to Lord Krishna:

32- O friend, just see how the fisherman known as he sun spreads the nets of his effulgence over the entire sky. Now that sapphire fishes that are the stars have seen this great effulgent fishnet, they have become frightened and they have now disappeared, fleeing in all directions.

33- Thinking the rising sun to be a ferocious lion, the moon has now entered the mountain-cave of the western horizon in order to protect it's pet deer.

34- Look at the sky. This sky is a woman who has broken and spilled her necklace of stars. Her newly born child, the moon, has now left for the western horizon, and the mother sky loudly laments. What we take to be the cries of pigeons is actually her wail of suffering.

35- O Krishna with the lotus face and lotus eyes, the naturally inauspicious moon is now fleeing from the sky, defeated by Your sweetly smiling friend.

36- As they laughed at Madhumangala's joking words, the cowherd boys entered the barns of their surabhi cows.

37- As Lord krishna entered the surabhi cow-barn with Balarama and Madhumangala, He appeared like the moon rising in the evening sky with Venus and Jupiter by it's side.

38- Lord Balarama shone with a brilliant white complexion, surrounded by the white surabhi cows, He appeared just like white elephant Airavata standing among the Himalayana mountains.

39- As the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna moved among His surabhi cows who gazed at Him with upturned faces, He appeared like a bumble-bee moving in a garden of white lotus flowers.

40- Lord Krishna repeatedly called the surabhi cows, addressing each one by name: O Ganga, O Godavari, O Savali, O Kalindi, O Dhavala, O Dhumra, O Tungi, O Bhramari, O Yamuna, O Hamsi, O Kamala, O Rambha, O Campa, O Karini, O Harini.

41- Sitting beside them, and placing His milk-pail by their knees, Lord Krishna personally milks some of the surabhi cows. Some He asks His friends to milk, some He enthusiastically causes to nurse their calves, and some He pleases with massages and scratching. In this way the son of Maharaja Nanda enjoys early-morning pastimes that delight His surabhi cows.

42- Meanwhile, elderly Mukhara awakened and rose from bed. dripping the nectar of maternal love, she was very eager to visit her granddaughter Radharani's house.

43- Crooked-hearted Jatila, whose heart was filled with desires for her son Abhimanyu's welfare, spoke the following words to Mukhara when she arrived:

44- O learned friend, I request that you always engage my daughter-in-law in the worship of the sun-god. In order that my son may obtain millions of cows, and in order that his wealth, descendants, and lifespan may all increase, she should carefully perform various auspicious duties, such as bathing and decorating the deity of the sun-god.

45- Jatila continued: Every day the learned Paurnamasi instructs me: You may disregard the order of ordinary people who do not understand what should actually be done, but you must never disregard the orders of Vraja's Queen Yasoda.

46- O noble lady, your granddaughter is certainly decorated with all auspiciousness. I therefore request you encourage her in the worship of the sun-god, so that my son may obtain great wealth and opulence.

47- Jatila then said to Shrimati Radharani: O daughter, please immediately rise from bed, bathe, and offer worship to the sun-god.

48- Mukhara repeated again and again: The sun has risen, and still my granddaughter sleeps! Her limbs sprinkled with maternal love, she entered the bedroom and spoke the following words to Shrimati Radharani:

49- My dear lovely child, please wake up and rise from bed. Have You forgotten that today is Sunday? You should take Your bath and offer arghya-water to the sun-god.

50- Awakened by these words, visakha slowly rose up, and immediately said to Shrimati Radharani: friend, wake up! wake up now!

51- Hearing these words of the three gopis, beautiful Shrimati Radharani faintly agreed to rise from bed, and then promptly returned to sleep. She moved about on the bed like a regal swan, fatigued by amorous pastimes, is passively moved by the ripples in a pond.

52- Understanding the nature of the situation, Rati-manjari grasped the lotus feet of Shrimati Radharani, the Queen of Vrndavana.

53- Awakened by all this, Shrimati Radharani rose from her spacious bed. Noticing that her granddaughter Radharani was dressed in exquisite yellow garments, Mukhara became a little suspicious. She spoke the following words:

54- O Visakha, why is it that your friend Radha's garment is just the yellow garment Krishna wore last night? By some wonderful accident this pure-hearted girl from a pious family is wearing Krishna's garment.

55- When Visakha heard these words she became frightened at heart. With restless eyes she glanced at her friend Radha's yellow garment. Pointing to that garment, she called out: Aha! what is this? and proceeded to offer the following explanation to the elderly Mukhara:

56- I think your vision is not very good, and because of your bad eyes the morning sunlight combined with my friend Radha's golden complexion have made Her blue garment appear yellow. My dear elderly lady, how can you cast such aspersions on this pure-hearted girl?

57- Then Lalita and the other gopis left their own homes. Proceeding so swiftly that they sometimes tripped and stumbled, they arrived at the home of Shrimati Radharani.

58- When Shrimati Radharani entered the bathing area She found several maidservants, armed with various toilet accessories, and waiting from the arrival of their Mistress.

59- One maidservant placed a wonderfully colorful jeweled throne before Her, and Shrimati Radharani sat upon it.

60- As Lalita removed the ornaments from her friend Radharani, it appeared as if she were picking clusters of blossoming flowers from a golden vine.

61- Then the two young laundresses Manjistha and Rangavati, approached their Mistress Radharani and took Her unwashed garments.

62- Using a mango leaf toothbrush and scented tooth-powder, Shrimati Radharani brushed Her teeth, which chastizing the beauty of crystals studded with rubies. Then She took a golden instrument in both hands, and cleaned Her tongue, and then She rinsed Her mouth with water from a golden pitcher handed to Her by one of the maidservants.

63- Then Shrimati Radharani washed Her hands and face, took the bathing-garment offer by Her maidservants, and entered the bathing-place, where there were many golden pitcher filled with water.

64- Shrimati Radharani then donned a delicate silk tunic. Some expert maidservants approached Her and anointed Her with fragrant oils.

65- The two barber's daughter, Sugandha and Nalini, arrived. They were very expert at hairdressing and giving massages with fragrant oils.

66- Then they affectionately massaged Shrimati Radharani's naturally splendid and cool limbs with a great quantity of glistening, cool narayana-oil.

67- Then they anointed Shrimati Radharani's hair and splendid limbs with fragrant ground amalaka, and then, using clean silk washcloths and abundant streams of water, washed them.

68- Dipping golden cups into golden water pots, and pouring the scented waters over Her body, the gopis bathed Shrimati Radharani.

69- Then they dried Her limbs and hair with a fine silk towel and dressed Her in exquisite garments.

70- In the dressing room the gopis decorated Her with ornaments suitable for the early morning. She appeared as graceful and beautiful as a youthful and amorous goddess of fortune.

71- Lalita then dried her glistening, curling hair with fragrant incense smoke, and combed it with the jewel-toothed comb named Svastida.

72- Lalita decorated Radharani's hair with bakula flowers, strings of pearls and he splendid jewel that Krishna had taken from Sankhacuda. Lalita fixed Her braids, tied them with a ribbon, and decorated them with golden jeweled ornaments and red flower blossoms.

73- Citra then dressed Shrimati Radharani in a red garment sewn with gold and rubies, and above that she placed the silk garment named Meghambara, which is as splendid as a swarm of bumble-bees. Over this garment hung two tight braids of curling hair tied with ribbons and decorated with gold and two red flowers.

74- Then, upon Shrimati Radharani's hips she placed a five-colored sash decorated with jewels. There were clusters of flowers at it's ends, and there were small bells on a golden string.

75- Visakha then anointed Shrimati Radharani's back, arms, and breasts with camphor, aguru, kumkuma, and sandalwood.

76- With a steady hand Visakha drew the decorations known as Kamayantra on Shrimati Radharani's forehead. On Her temples, extending down to Her cheeks she drew designs and pictures in musk, and everywhere she placed sandalwood dots. She painted many moons in musk and sandalwood, and she placed a thick line of red sindura in the part of Shrimati Radharani's hair.

77- Using musk-paste, Citra then drew bunches of flowers, crescent-moon, lotuses, dolphins, and mango blossoms on Shrimati Radharani's breasts.

78- I think that simply by seeing the movement of the two bows which are Shrimati radharani's eyebrows, cupid has become languid and helpless, and in this condition he has laid aside his bow, arrows, and lance, placing them within the treasury room of Shrimati Radharani's breasts. I think the fish blossoming flowers, and crescent moons drawn on Shrimati Radharani's breasts are actually these weapons of cupid.

79- Covered by a red bodice studded with pearls and wonderful multicolored jewels Shrimati Radharani's breasts appeared like two mountains beautifully decorated by a curved rainbow at sunset.

80- Ranga-devi then placed on Shrimati Radharani's ears, a pair of gold and emerald earrings. They appeared like a green leaf on a golden palm-tree or like a dark bumble-bee in a partly-blossomed golden lotus flower.

81- Then Citra placed on beautiful Shrimati Radharani's ears two beautiful golden earrings as splendid as the sun. They each had a large sapphire in the middle, surrounded by rubies and diamonds, and then by many pearls.

82- Using the jeweled stick in her hand, Visakha placed a dot of musk on Shrimati Radharani's lovely chin. Greatly beautifying Radharani's moonlike face, that dot seemed like a bumble-bee perched on the petal of a lotus flower.

83- On the tip of beautiful, large-eyed Shrimati Radharani's nose she then placed a golden pearl ring. That pearl chastising the beauty of a ripe lavali fruit hanging from a slender stem, and bitten by a parrot's beak.

84- Seeing the cakora bird of Radharani's eyes yearn to drink the splendor of the dark moon of Lord Krishna's face, Visakha anointed Radharani's eyes with black mascara which was the personification of the beauty of Lord Krishna's transcendental form.

85- Seeing a golden line on lotus-eyes Shrimati Radharani's neck, Visakha became afraid, thinking it to be the imprint of Lord Hari's hand, she immediately covered that golden line with many jewel-necklaces.

86- /visakha then placed in the hollow of Shrimati Radharani's neck a golden locket, studded with diamonds and sapphires, and formed in the shape of a large-bellied swan whose beak is tied with a string.

87- Visakha then took the fine pearl necklace named Gostana and placed it around Shrimati Radharani's neck and breasts. This necklace has glistening sapphire flanked by two gold beads as it's central gem.

88- Visakha then placed a necklace of gold beads, sapphires, moonstones, rubies, pearls, and corals around Shrimati Radharani's neck and breasts.

89- Visakha then placed on Shrimati Radharani's neck and breasts a wonderful pearl necklace that had a gold locket flanked by two lapis lazuli stones.

90- Pleased by Her singing and dancing during the midnight rasa-dance, Lord Hari had given Shrimati Radharani a royally opulent necklace of gunja. Visakha then placed that necklace around Shrimati Radharani's neck and breasts.

91- Visakha then placed a necklace of splendid pearls around Shrimati Radharani's neck. These pearls appeared like a moon and many beautiful large stars decorating the evening sky of Shrimati Radharani's breasts.

92- Around Shrimati Radharani's neck and breasts Visakha then placed four glistening slender chains of gold, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

93- Hanging down Her back, Shrimati Radharani's braids are decorated with flowers, tied with ribbons, and pressed by the cluster of necklaces at Her neck. I think these braids are actually a serpent climbing a staircase mercifully created by the demigod Brahma from the foothills of Shrimati Radharani's hips up to the mountain summit of Her head.

94- Upon Shrimati Radharani's arms Visakha then placed flower garland, a blue ribbon, and the golden armlets named Harirangada, which were studded with nine kinds of gems.

95- Lalita then decorated Shrimati Radharani with many artfully fashioned glistening sapphire bracelets. these bracelets were more beautiful than the charming sight of a swarm of black bees gathered around the stem of a red lotus flower to sip the honey there.

96- Lalita then placed a pair of golden bracelets among these sapphire bracelets. These golden bracelets appeared like the outer halos of suns and moons during an eclipse.

97- Lalita then placed on Shrimati Radharani's wrist a bracelet made of many ribbons with glistening golden drum-shaped charms.

98- Lalita then placed on Shrimati Radharani's finger a signet-ring, decorated with various jewels and carrying the inscription "Radha". This ring decimate the happiness of Shrimati Radharani's rivals.

99- Visakha then fastened two sets of wonderful, golden, jeweled anklets above Shrimati Radharani's lotus feet. the tinkling of these anklets resembles the pleasant cooing of cataka birds. Simply by hearing these tinkling sounds, the swan of Lord Krishna's mind has become enchanted and lost all it's composure.

100- Visakha then placed on Shrimati Radharani's ankles two sets of glistering jeweled bells. These bells seemed to be the music-teachers of the gently cooing swans in the Yamuna river.

101- Sudevi then placed various glistening jeweled rings on Shrimati Radharani's toes. These rings were fashioned with such wonderful artistic craftsmanship that they astonished even the creator Brahma.

102- Then at the moment of sunrise, Narmada, the daughter of a florist, gave a toy-lotus flower to her friend Visakha. Visakha's lotus face it up with a smile and she then place that toy lotus flower in the lotus hand of lotus-eyed Shrimati Radharani.

103- Then at precisely the opportune moment, the barber's daughter Sugandha placed a mirror before Shrimati Radharani.

104- Shrimati Radharani then turned to the mirror and gazed at the form She had so carefully dressed and ornamented to please the eyes of Shri Krishna, just as all beautiful women dress themselves to gain the glances of their lovers. She then trembled with longing to met Her lover Krishna.

105- Thus ends the second chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's sunrise pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessings of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.