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Chapter 1


1- I offer my respectful obeisances to Shri Govinda who is like a great palace of limitless transcendental bliss for the residents of Vrajabhumi. He enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana, delighted by the association of Shrimati Radharani.

2- We offer our respectful obeisances unto that merciful Supreme Personality of Godhead who has converted all three world, which were maddened by ignorance and saved them from their diseased condition by making them mad with the nectar from the treasure-house of love of God. Let us take full shelter of that Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna Chaitanya, whose activities are wonderful.

3- The loving service of the lotus feet of Shrimati Radharani's dear friend Krishna cannot be attained by Brahma, Siva, or Ananta Sesa, although if one with great longing becomes very greedy to attain that service and devotedly remembers the Lord's pastimes in Vrajabhumi, it may be possible to attain that service. In order to describe this, I am now offering my respectful obeisances to the Lord's Vraja pastimes by writing this book, Shri Govinda lilamrta.

4- At the end of night Lord Krishna leaves the forest and enters the village of Vraja. In the early morning He milks the cows, takes breakfast, and performs other pastimes. In the middle of the day He herds the surabhi cows with His friends. At sunset He delight His friends as He returns to Vraja. During the night He performs pastimes in the forest with Shrimati Radharani. I pray that Lord Krishna may protect us.

5- All glories to the nectar of Lord Govinda's pastimes, which is contained in this book; Shri Govinda-lilamrta. If one constantly drinks this wonderful nectar with his ears, words, and mind, at every moment he will find himself more and more thirsty to drink it. He will find that the sweet taste of this nectar nourishes the body and heart, and makes one disinterested in anything else considered nectarean in the estimation of worldly men. He will find this nectar the perfect cure for the disease of repeated birth and death. He will find that this nectar makes the reader bewildered, blind, and mad with pure love for Lord Krishna.

6- Although I am an unworthy, unintelligent bungler, I nevertheless wish to describe the far away sweet , nectarean ocean of Lord Krishna's pastimes. Will not the great devotees who play in the midst of that limitless ocean laugh at me for my folly?

7- The nectar of Lord Krishna's pastimes, as revealed in Shrila Rupa Goswami's excellent plays, has drowned the thoughts of the Vaishnavas of Vrajabhumi. I fear these great devotees will gleefully laugh when I, a stuttering clown try to describe the Lord's pastimes.

8- Shrimad-Bhagavatam explains: On the other hand, that literature which is full of descriptions of the transcendental glories of the name, fame, pastimes of the unlimited Supreme Lord is a different creation, full of transcendental words directed towards bringing about a revolution in the impious lives of this world's misdirected civilization. Such transcendental literatures, even though imperfectly composed are heard, sung and accepted by purified men who are thoroughly honest. For this reason that I think even those not very inclined to generosity will always respect my foolish words filled with the descriptions of Lord Govinda's pastimes.

9- The cow of my senses who yearns to hear the narration of the Lord's pastimes in Gokula, has become very unhappy by wandering in the desert of my voice. I pray the merciful saintly devotees may lead that cow to the oasis of my ears and there feed her the nectar of Lord Krishna's pastimes.

10- At the end of night the aggressive words of frightened vrnda-devi, and the sweet verses of the male and female parrots, combined to awaken Shri Shri Radha and Krishna. The gopis gazed at the charming and happy Couple, who suddenly became afraid when They heard the rooster crow "kakkhati". Let me meditate on that Shri Shri Radha and Krishna, who long to enjoy each other's company.

11- Seeing the night about to end, Vrnda-devi ordered the obedient birds of Vraja to awaken Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.

12- The birds were eager to render some service. Obeying vrnda-devi's order they happily warbled throughout that pastime-grove in order to awaken the Divine Couple.

13- The female parrots in the grape vines, the male parrots in the pomegranate trees, the male and female cuckoos in a mango tree, the pigeons in a pilu tree, the peacocks in a kadamba tree, the bumble-bees in various creepers, and the roosters on the ground, all sang to awaken the Divine Couple.

14- In the charming grove fills with blossoming creepers, the bumble-bees greedy after honey, rested on their couch of lotus flowers. Their pleasant humming resembled the sound of cupid's conch-shell.

15- Intoxicated by drinking honey, the blissful bumble-bees buzzed to awaken Lord Govinda. They sounded like the clashing cymbals of Rati, Cupid's wife.

16- The cuckoos continually sang "kuhu kuhu" in the high fifth note. They sounded like cupid's lute.

17- The male cuckoos warble with amorous bliss as their wives sit by their side in the mango tree. These female cuckoos taste the tender buds of that tree and with open throats sing a soft, sweet sound to waken the Lord. They sound like the melodious of Rati.

18- I think cupid's regal tiger appeared disguised as this pigeon, and on the pretext of warbling he is fiercely roaring. His roars chase away the deer of the gopis peacefulness, piety, and shyness, as well as the jackals of their pride.

19- Save for Lord Krishna, who is able to lift the mountain of Shrimati Radharani's peaceful composure? Save for the Maharaj Vrsabhanu's daughter who is able to chain up the mad elephant of Lord Krishna, and bring Him into submission? Considering this, I wonder- How is it possible for these peacocks to waken the Divine Couple with their reverential early-morning songs?

20- The rooster in the forest called out ku ku ku ku. It sounded just like a novice brahmacari reciting the Vedas.

21- Although awakened by the soft sweet sounds of the birds, the Divine Couple pretended to remain asleep, deeply embracing each other with closed eyes.

22- Staying in a golden cage nearby, Shrimati Radharani's favorite pet female parrot had observed all of that night's pastimes. As the sun was about to rise that scholarly bird spoke the following sweet words to the Divine Couple:

23- O Krishna, O friend of Gokula, O ocean of nectar, awaken. Arise from Your bed that glistens like the moon. Awaken Your beloved affectionate Radha, who rests on Your shoulder, fatigued by the night's pastimes.

24- The dawn, by nature merciless to these young girls, in now rising on the horizon. O Master of Vraja, quickly leave this place by the Yamuna's shore and secretly return home.

25- O Radha, O my lotus-faced friend, it is not wrong for You to sleep now at the end of night, Indeed all Your limbs are very tired from enjoying so many pastimes. However, the eastern horizon has now become reddened. It appears just like Your rival Candravali, red with anger because she cannot tolerate Your happiness.

26- Night has gone, and the sun has risen. O Radha, O lotus-eyed friend, please rise from Your lovely bed of blossoming flowers.

27- The parrot named Vicaksana is a vastly intelligent philosopher, and a great orator. He is full of deep love for Lord Krishna. He enthusiastically recited the following cheerful, charming, clear verses, which delighted the hearts of all hearers. These verses were the ideal words for awakening Lord Krishna.

28- O Krishna, all glories to You. O root of Gokula's good fortune, O lotus flower that attracts the bumble-bees of the young vraja-gopis, O Shri Govinda who causes Nanda Maharaja's bliss is continually increase, O infallible Personality of Godhead, O origin of the surrendered soul's happiness, all glories to You.

29- O Krishna, O lotus flower that attracts the thirsty bumble-bees, that are the eyes of all the cowherd folk. O Supreme Person, please go now to the worshippable abode known as Vrajabhumi, where the residents have great faith and love for You.

30- O Krishna, just see how eastern horizon has become reddened with the intense desire to see You. It appears just like a young girl dressed in red garments and anointed with red kumkuma powder. O Krishna, the sun is rising. Please give up Your sleeping in this secluded grove.

31- Although praised by her friend the moon, the girl known as night has become afraid of the rising sun, and has quickly left the sky. Because she has left, You should also immediately leave this riverbank with Your beloved Radharani.

32- It seems that a cakravaki bird has suddenly placed a red patala flower on the far away eastern horizon. The owls have become silent. They run to hide in the holes of trees. I think the sun is now rising. O Krishna, please give up Your sleeping.

33- The female parrot named Suksmadhi was the personal student of Vrnda-devi from whom she learned the art of composing very charming poetry, This parrot become intoxicated by drinking the honey of great love for Shrimati Radharani and as a result, all her feathers were standing in ecstasy. Carefully trying to waken Shrimati Radharani, this parrot made the following sweet words dance on her tongue:

34- O Radha, O beloved of Vraja's prince, please go home immediately, while Vraja's paths are not crowded with travelers.

35- My dear girl with the beautiful face, please wake up and go home immediately. The quickly moving sun is about to rise.

36- O my friend, wake up, wake up. Do not be obstinate. Do not be lazy. Act properly. Those who are intelligent act properly according to the time and circumstance. Waken Your lover. Be careful. Do not awaken the sham that this world may cast upon You.

37- As They embraced each other, Radha and Krishna only pretended to be asleep. No matter how much Their friends tried to waken Them, They would not rise from Their spacious bed.

38- Shrimati Radharani pressed Her hips against Lord Krishna's knees. She pressed Her breasts against His chest, and placed Her face next to His face. She placed Her arms around His neck, and She placed His arms around Her. In spite of all this, Her lover Krishna still did not show the slightest sign of waking.

39- Although Lord Krishna suspected that His beloved Shrimati Radharani was embracing Him, and although in His independent mind He had already decided to give up sleeping, rise from bed, and immediately go to Vrajabhumi, He was not able to even slightly move a single limb of His body.

40- The parrot named Daksa, who had expertly taught Lord krishna's pastimes to hundreds of thousands of parrots, was staying in the nearby grove. His feathers standing up out of ecstatic love for the Lord, the parrot Daksa spoke the following words:

41- O Krishna, we all know that You are very tired from enjoying so many pastimes in this forest of Vraja, and You would like to continue enjoying Your sleep. Soon, however, the maidservant at home will begin to churn the yogurt. Soon Your mother, Yasoda-devi, will rise up. She will immediately notice Your absence and tell everyone of it. O krishna, please quickly and secretly return to Your bedroom at home before Your absence is detected.

42- Now that it is dawn, Kalindi and Your other surabhi cows wait for You with raised ears and faces. Mooing, they call to their thirsty calves. They are distressed by their overladen milk-bags. They wait, eager to see You with their eyes. O Krishna, please go to them now.

43- Having finished her morning duties, Paurnamasi may enter Your bedroom with Your mother in order to see You. Please go home at once before she has a chance to do this.

44- After hearing the parrot's words, Lord Hari pulled each of His limbs from Shrimati Radharani's embrace, and rose from bed in order to quickly and stealthily return to Vraja.

45- The gopis were already awake. Vrnda-devi assembled them together. They all faced the forest-path and observed the sweet pastimes of the Divine Couple.

46- In a nearby Kadamba tree was staying a peahen named Sundari who was filled with ecstatic devotion. At that moment Sundari left her husband's side and flew from the tree into the courtyard of the cottage where the Divine Couple were performing pastimes.

47- Her husband, the peacock named Tandavika immediately flew down from the Kadamba tree. Spreading his tail feathers he continually danced before Lord Hari with great joy.

48- At that moment the doe named Rangini left her husband's side under the mango tree and quickly entered that grove. With affectionate restless eyes she gazed at the Master and Mistress of her life.

49- Her husband was the deer named Suranga, and he was the personal pet of Lord Hari. After leaving the base of the Kadamba tree and energetically running into that grove, he directed wave after wave of glances at the lotus face of Lord Hari.

50- After rising, Lord Krishna happily sat on the bed and taking beloved Radharani in His arms, placed Her on His lap. As exhausted, closed-eyed Radha pretended  to remain asleep, charming Lord Krishna gazed at Her sweet beauty.

51- Shrimati Radharani's eyes moved restlessly like two Khanjana birds, and Her curling locks of hair seemed like a swarm of black bees moving on Her forehead. The infallible Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna gazed at Her, drinking with His eyes the nectar of Her gently smiling lotus face.

52- Shrimati Radharani awakened and yawned gracefully. Her finger struck the Lord's arms, pleasing Him. Lord Mukunda became completely charmed by gazing at Her transcendental beauty.

53- As the sun rose Shrimati Radharani awakened from Her pretended sleep. She sweetly smiling, slightly showing Her teeth. She was exhausted by the previous night's pastimes. Her hair was disheveled, Her flower-garland crushed, and Her jewel-necklace broken. She opened Her eyes and with restless eagerness gazed at with moving eyes on the face of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna,. the moon of Vraja, saw His beloved Radha in this way, He became filled with boundless happiness.

54- Languid with fatigue from the intense amorous pastimes of the previous night, Shrimati Radharani seemed like a golden lotus flower placed on the lap of the glistening tamala tree that was Her lover Krishna. If a lightning flash would permanently stay on a fresh dark rain cloud, it might be said to resemble Shrimati Radharani sitting on Lord Krishna's lap.

55- Lord Hari's face was decorated with a gentle sweet smile, eyes languid with bliss, glistening earrings, moving locks of hair fragrant as lotus flower and teeth marked with Shrimati Radharani's black eye-cosmetics. As Shrimati Radharani gazed on Him with lotus eyes, She became very eager to again enjoy transcendental pastimes in His company.

56- Embarrassed by Their staring at each other, Shrimati radharani retracted Her roving glance from Lord Krishna. As Lord Krishna gazed at the gently smiling face of His beloved, He began to burn with the desire to again enjoy pastimes with Her.

57- Shrimati Radharani's neck was bent and Her cheeks decorated with a beautiful smile. Lord Krishna lifted Her bowed head with His left hand, placed His right hand on Her chin, and repeatedly kissed Her mouth and face.

58- The touch of Her lover's lips plunged Shrimati Radharani into the ocean of happiness. Still, She pushed Him away with Her hand, withdrew Her eyes from Him, and softly said to Him: Don't, don't. All of this delighted the onlooking gopis.

59- Shrimati Radharani's friends laughed to see all this, and they jokingly encouraged Her resistance with many words. After this the entire party entered the dangerous forest, which was filled with the sounds of various wild animals.

60- Seeing the smiling faces and roving eyes of Her gopi-friends, Shrimati Radharani got up from Her lover's lap. In this way She doubled His transcendental happiness.

61- Shrimati Radharani quickly got up, snatched Krishna's yellow upper garment and anxiously covered Herself with it. She sat by Her lover's side and looked at Her friends with embarrassment.

62- Shri Shri Radha and Krishna were both fatigued by the previous night's transcendental pastimes. their lips bore the marks of each other's teeth, Their bodies bore the marks of each other's nails, the aromatic cosmetic decorations artistically drawn on each other's bodies were broken, Their garments and hair were loosened, and Their jewel necklaces and flower garlands were broken. When the gopis saw their dear Master and Mistress in this way, they became filled with happiness.

63- The bed was colorfully marked with red kumkuma from the limbs of the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead, red lac from Shrimati Radharani's lotus feet, as well as sandalwood paste, red sindura, and black mascara. All these marks on the bed clearly revealed to the gopis the nature of the Divine Couple's pastimes on the previous night.

64- The bed was colorfully decorated with many crushed and wilted flowers, red betel-nut juice, and the clear signs of lover's pastimes. When the gopis saw this bed they remembered their friend Shrimati Radharani. They considered that this bed exactly resembled Shrimati Radharani's transcendental form.

65- With their own eyes the gopis drank the nectar of seeing Shrimati Radharani's face, lowered with intense embarrassment. In the same way they also drank the nectar of Lord Hari's lips which gave voice to a series of funny puns and jokes.

66- Wishing to see the sweetness of Shrimati Radharani's love for Him, Lord Hari uncovered His chest, glanced at the gopis, and spoke the following words:

67- Seeing her lover, the moon, about to depart at dawn, the star Radha is now fearful of being separated from him. In her frustration she has made one hundred astonishing marks upon his chest. My dear gopis, just look at these marks.

68- Seeing Her friends laughing at Krishna's joke, Shrimati Radharani angrily shut Her eyes, and again opened them, She knitted Her eyebrows, and stared at Her lover Krishna from the corners of Her squinting crooked eyes, as if She were about to kill Him.

69- As Shrimati Radharani stared at Her lover's smiling face, Her eyes glistened with contempt. the corners of Her squinting eyes were dark red, and filled with tears. They were filled with crooked malice, and they trembled with restlessness, fear and shame. Their pupils were blossomed wide. The sight of Shrimati Radharani's eyes in this way greatly delighted the eyes of Her lover Krishna.

70- In this way the Divine Couple became plunged in the ocean of the bliss of ecstatic love. As the gopis drank the sweet nectar of the Divine Couple's early-morning amorous pastimes, they became intoxicated with delight, and completely forgot the duties they were supposed to perform at that time.

71- Vrnda-devi saw that the Divine Couple were plunged in the nectar ocean of Their own pastimes, and the gopis were blinded in the intoxication of love for Them. Apprehensive of he coming sunrise, Vrnda-devi gestured to her pet female parrot, who was perfectly competent to understand the hints of her mistress.

72- In order to warn Her of embarrassment before elderly family members, fearful punishments from Her husband, and the ridicule of the people in general, the female parrot named Subha addressed Shrimati Radharani in the following words:

73- O Radha, soon Your mother-in-law will rise from bed. She will call into Your bedroom: O Radha, Your husband has taken a great quantity of milk and just now left the village of Vraja. Wake up, wake up. Now is the time for You to perform auspicious deity worship at home. Why are You still sleeping? My dear lotus-eyed friend, You should leave this grove and slip stealthily back into Your bedroom before Your absence is detected.

74- The moon and stars, who enjoy various pastimes at night, have now disappeared behind the veil of the sky. In the same way, my pious friends, you should disappear from this grove and return home.

75- The moon's path in the sky is now reddened by the sun's rays, and the royal highway is becoming crowded with travelers. My dear pious girl, do not stay on this forest-path. For Your own welfare You should now walk on the path that leads to the village of Vraja.

76- The parrot then turned to Lord Krishna and said: My dear Krishna, even though this girl's mother-in-law is filled with apprehension worrying about her daughter-in-law's whereabouts, and even though this girl's harsh husband, appropriately named Abhimanyu, angrily accuses her as His imbecile mother rejoices. and even though it is now sunrise, You still refuse to leave the company of this pious girl. You should now leave Her to protect Her from grave danger.

77- The female parrot's words were like a Mandara Mountain that churned the milk ocean of Shrimati Radharani's heart. The restless fishes of Her eyes unhappy at the prospect of separation from Her lover, Shrimati Radharani rose from bed.

78- Hearing this, and seeing His beloved Radha's beautiful face and frightened restless eyes, Lord Krishna held Her blue silk sari and quickly rose from bed.

79- Frightened, holding hands, and wearing each other's garment, the Divine Couple then left that forest grove.

80- Holding the flute in His right hand, and Shrimati Radharani's hand in His left hand, Lord Krishna left that forest grove. He appeared just a dark monsoon cloud embraced by a flash of lightning.

81- Many jubilant gopis then left that forest-cottage. One carried a golden pitcher, another a golden-handed fan, another a splendid mirror, another a wonderful cup filled with kumkuma and sandalwood paste, another a jeweled case filled with betel-nuts, and another a female parrot in a cage.

82- Another sweetly smiling gopi carried from that cottage a golden, sapphire-studded, mango-blossom shaped case containing the cosmetic sindura within.

83- One gopi collected the glittering pearl fallen from Radharani's necklace during the previous night's embraces. Firmly holding these pearls in the edge of her sari, this gopi left the forest-cottage.

84- Rati-manjari picked up from the bed an earring fallen during the previous night's pastimes. She quickly took it from the cottage and again placed it on her Mistress' ear.

85- Rupa-manjari picked up Shrimati Radharani's bodice from a corner of the bed. Later, when they were alone, she returned it to her intimate friend.

86- Guna-manjari picked up the betel-nuts chewed by the Divine Couple, took them outside, and distributed them to the gopis.

87- Manjulali picked up from the bed the flower-garland fragments and sandalwood paste crumbs fallen from the bodies of the Divine Couple. Going outside, she distributed these to all the gopis.

88- The gopis' friend Radha was dressed in Krishna's yellow garment, and Radha's beloved Krishna was dressed in Radha's garment, which were as blue as a monsoon cloud. When the gopis saw this they pointed to the Divine Couple, gazed at Them with squinted restless eyes, and placed their hands over their mouths to cover their jubilant laughter.

89- Seeing the waves of the gopis' laughter, the Divine Couple became struck with wonder. Their eyes blossomed wide, and They dove into the flooding ocean of the happiness of transcendental love.

90- Shrimati Radharani's cloud-blue silk garment seemed merge into the blue complexion of Lord Krishna so that Shrimati Radharani could not perceive what was garment and what was Lord Krishna's body. In the same way Lord Krishna's yellow garment seemed to merge into the golden complexion of Shrimati Radharani so that Lord Krishna could not perceive what was garment and what was Shrimati Radharani's body. Shrimati Radharani seemed like pure white milk within a golden conch-shell.

91- Lalita angrily criticized the coming of dawn for interruption of her drinking the nectar of the Divine Couple's pastimes. Naturally sharp-tongued, she spoke the following words to her friend Shrimati Radharani:

92- O Radha, just see; because this red dawn has interrupted the pastimes of You and Your lover, and these exalted gopis, he has occurred a great heap of sinful reactions, become fatally diseased, and died. That is the fate of this red dawn no longer visible in the sky.

93- Shrimati Radharani gazed at the red early-morning sky with eyes red with anger at the interruption of Her amorous pastimes with Lord Krishna. When She heard Lalita's joking words She began to smile, and She spoke the following sweetly charming words:

94- Even without thighs the sun-god is able to quickly travel in the sky from the western to eastern horizons, giving us a night that seems only half a moment. If the demigod Brahma had given him thighs, there would hardly have been any night at all.

95- Lord Mukunda gazed at Shrimati Radharani, the enchantingly beautiful queen of His heart, and drank the nectar of Her face. Intoxicated with bliss, He forgot all about returning to Vraja. He spoke to Her the following words:

96- O Radha, just see; one of the sun-god's wives has noticed her husband enjoying with one of her rivals. Red with anger, she stands now on the eastern horizon.

97- O Radha, just see; although the sun-god is the peaceful king of all brahmanas and although he removes the darkness of night for the benefit of all living entities, still he has become intoxicated by drinking varuni liquor and has fallen into the western horizon. I think that his shy, smiling lotus flower wife very happy to attain his association, has met him at this eastern horizon at dawn, kissing his mouth with her retracted red petals.

98- Seeing the dark-moon night come to an end, the black cakora birds have become frightened. They follow the receding darkness trying to find their friend the moon, and take shelter of him. They call out to him, saying "kuhu kuhu".

99- Intoxicated with the delightful pleasures of spring, this forest is now filled with the cheerful sound of the pigeons and other birds.

100- My dear girl with a beautiful lotuslike face, just see how this male bee has become reddish by playing among the white kairavi lotuses. See how he follow this female bee who has spent the entire night among the blue nalini lotuses.

101- Thinking her blushing lover has arrived, with it's beak the delighted red goose kisses the red lotus flower.

102- This soft-spoken swan named kalasvana is now gazing upon us, and his feathers are standing up in transcendental bliss. He has left his playful wife and he is now approaching us on the shore of the Yamuna.

103- My dear girl whose face is as beautiful as a lotus flower, this female swan named Tundikeri is now following her husband, carrying in her beak the lotus-stem half-eaten by him. She has now placed her glance upon the lotus flower that is Your face.

104- This breeze from the peaks of the Malaya Hills plays over Yamuna's water, and carries the fragrance of the lotus flowers growing there. It has become the dancing teacher for these young girls whose delicate features resemble the tendrils of lovely creepers. It removes the fatigue and perspiration of the young lovers in this forest.

105-106- During this charming, playful conversation the smiling gopis became maddened with bliss, and the Divine Couple completely forgot about the necessity of returning home. Seeing this, Vrnda-devi became afraid of what that day might bring to the Queen of Vrndavana. She dropped some hints of he impending catastrophe to an old female monkey named kakkhati, who was sitting in a nearby tree. kakkhati understood everything, and she spoke the following verses as a warning:

107- Here comes austere, respectable Jatila, dressed in a red sari, and appearing like the coming of dawn.

108- Hearing of crooked Jatila's arrival, Radha and Krishna became frightened. Although They yearned to continue Their amorous pastimes, and although They were praised by the entire village of Vraja, They began to flee from that place.

109- picking up their falling garments and moving garlands, the Divine Couple ran along a forest road. Seeing Them, and also hearing the name "Jatila", the gopis also became afraid and fled.

110- Hearing the sound of Candravali's followers on His left, Lord Krishna thought crooked Jatila to be right behind Him, He ran to Vraja, craning His neck, and aiming His eyes in all directions. He was especially eager to catch a glimpse of His beloved, who was trembling in fear, and running by His right side.

111- Holding Her garments and hair with Her hands, and burdened by the heavy weight of Her breasts and hips, Shrimati Radharani quickly and gracefully ran to Vraja, afraid that Jatila was following close behind.

112- Her restless eyes clouded  with love and fear, Rupa-manjari followed her peerless friend Radha, hoping to guide Her home, and then satisfy Her with various kinds of services.

113- Running ahead, Rati-manjari prevents anyone from stopping Shrimati Radharani. The fears in Rati-manjari's heart are like soldiers who seem to be shooting many arrows in the form of a series of restless glances.

114- Radha and Krishna fearfully stepped into Their own courtyards, restlessly peeked in at the doors of Their elders, and stealtily entered Their own apartments. Now unafraid, and very tired, Their slept in Their own beds.

115- Just as Lord Vishnu sleeps, surrounded by the Personified Vedas at the time of cosmic annihilation, in the same way, the infallible Supreme Lord Krishna concluded His pastimes, returned home, and also slept. The pious gopis, who are expert at assisting the Lord in His pastimes, also returned unnoticed to their own homes.

116- Thus ends the first chapter of Govinda-lilamrta entitled: the Lord's end of night pastimes in the grove of Vrndavana. Shrila Raghunatha das Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.