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Chapter 8


1- When the Divine Couple meet in the middle of the day They appeared very beautiful and charming, decorated with ornaments of various ecstatic symptoms. Although feigning indifference, They were filled with longing to meet each other. As They performed the sacred rituals of amorous love, they greatly enjoyed the joking words spoken by Lalita and the other gopis. They eagerly enjoyed transcendental pastimes in the forest, in the waters of Radha-kunda, and riding on the swing. They enjoyed various pastimes such as the pastime of Radha's stealing the flute, the pastime of drinking honey, the pastime of worshiping the sun-god, and various kinds of amorous pastimes. I meditate on this Shri Shri Radha and Krishna, who are served by Their eternal associates, and who are very eager to enjoy various transcendental pastimes in the middle portion of the day.

2- At that very moment, Shrimati Radharani, the beloved of Vraja's prince, approached nearby. Her mind was strongly drawn to her beloved Krishna. She yearned with every sense and limb to meet Him. As Her companion Visakha tried to console Her, the anxious Radharani spoke the following words:

3- Though the hearts of the gopis are like high-standing hills, they are inundated by the waves of the nectarean ocean of Krishna's beauty. The touch of His body is cooler than millions and millions of moons together, and the nectar of His bodily fragrance overfloods the entire world. O My dear friend, that Krishna, who is the son of Nanda Maharaja and whose lips are exactly like nectar, is attracting My five senses by force.

4- My dear friend, the luster of Krishna's body is more brilliant than a newly formed cloud, and His yellow dress is more attractive than newly arrived lightning. A peacock feather decorated His head, and on His neck hangs a lovely necklace of brilliant pearls. As He holds His charming flute to His lips, His face looks as beautiful as the full autumn moon. By such beauty, Madana-mohana the enchanter of Cupid, is increasing the desire of My eyes to see Him.

5- O My friend, this cowherd prince, whose jingling ornaments attract the ears like the pleasant rumbling of monsoon clouds, whose words are full of delightful puns on syllables and words, whose sweet flute-music charms the hearts of the goddess of fortune Laksmi-devi and all other beautiful women, who is more enchanting than Cupid, has created within Me an intense desire to constantly hear His words and music with My ears.

6- The scent of Krishna's transcendental body surpasses the aroma of musk and attracts the minds of all women. The eight lotuslike parts of His body distribute the fragrance of lotuses mixed with that of camphor. His body is anointed with aromatic substances like musk, camphor, sandalwood and aguru. O My dear friend, that Personality of Godhead, also known as the enchanter of Cupid, always increases the desire of My nostrils.

7- My dear friend, Krishna's chest is as broad and attractive as a door made of indranila gems, and His two arms, strong as bolts, can relieve the mental anguish of young girls distressed by lusty desires for Him. In this way, Madana-mohana, the attractor of Cupid, is increasing the desire of My breasts.

8- My dear friend, the all-surpassing nectar from the lips of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, can be obtained only after many, many pious activities. For the beautiful gopis of Vrndavana, that nectar vanquishes the desire for all other tastes. Madana-mohana always chews pan that surpasses the nectar of heaven. He is certainly increasing the desire of My tongue.

9- Tulasi-devi then arrived at the assembly of gopis. Placing Lord krishna's gunja-necklace and two campaka flowers in Lalita's lotus hand, she happily narrated all that had occurred.

10- Lalita took the beautiful gunja-necklace and campaka-earrings, which had both become wonderfully fragrant by the touch of Lord hari. She happily placed them on the ears and breasts of her dear friend Shrimati Radharani.

11- Touching the earrings and necklace, Shrimati Radharani felt the touch of Lord Krishna's transcendental body. Touched by Him, Her lotus eyes blossomed wide open, She began to tremble, and Her bodily hairs stood up. Although She yearned to immediately go to meet Him, She was stunned in ecstasy, and could not even move.

12- When the intelligent gopis awakened Her, sober Shrimati Radharani at once spoke the following crooked joking words to them:

13- O deer-eyed gopis, look before us, if you wish, and see the black deer of Krishna captured in the trap of Saibya's cunning words.

14- All of you are as strong as elephants. You should all try to rescue this black elephant Krishna who has fallen into Candravali's snare.

15- An intelligent person does not act rashly, thoughtlessly, or whimsically. He considers the situation soberly and then acts to obtain the desired result. O My friends, all of you please consider how to rescue our Krishna.

16- Lalita then said: If Lord Hari does not meet us at the rendezvous, then Your prediction will have been true. If Saibya and her friends steal our Krishna, our going to meet Him will become a source of great embarrassment for us.

17- Hearing these words, Shrimati Radharani yearned to associate with the seemingly inaccessible Krishna.

18- Shrimati Radharani then said: My harsh husband, My mother-in-law Jatila, and My powerful enemies such as Nananda and Padma lurk in this forest of Vrndavana. Aside from them, during the daytime Lord Krishna is constantly surrounded by His cowherd boy friends. How will it be possible for me to cross these obstacles and meet My lover Krishna?

19- Within Her agitated mind Shrimati Radharani thought: I am so unfortunate. Today it is not very likely that I shall cross all these impediments and meet My lover Krishna. At that moment, however, an auspicious sign became manifested before Shrimati Radharani.

20- Shrimati Radharani then said: I can understand that nearby, on Govardhana-Hill, is a wonderful person, as strong as a bull, and filled with transcendental virtues. At that moment Shrimati Radharani felt a twitching sensation in Her left thigh, breasts, arm, and eye, indicating that the auspicious meeting with Her lover Krishna was now imminent.

21- Noticing these auspicious signs, Shrimati Radharani became filled with joy. Her mind became drowned in thoughts of her deep love for Lord krishna. She thirsted to hear about Her heart's beloved Lord Krishna. At that moment She saw Dhanistha approaching.

22- Seeing Dhanistha so happy at their meeting, Shrimati Radharani thought she must have been sent with a message from Her heart's beloved Lord krishna. Considering this, Shrimati Radharani became

agitated with various sentiments of ecstatic love, and Her thoughts became repeatedly anointed with the desire to hear about Krishna. Using various clever pretexts to ask about Krishna, She spoke the following words:

23- O My friend, please tell Me, how has this forest of Vrndavana become so suddenly filled with all the beauty of spring? please tell Me, who is this cowherd-prince now standing before us?

24- O My friend, this springtime sweetness bears the mark of all beauty and opulence. This sweetness is filled with hordes of chubby bumble-bees, drawn to the nectars of various blossoming flowers. This springtime sweetness reverberates with the charming conversations of the cuckoos. This springtime sweetness inflame the amorous desire of the young gopis.(O My friend, the sweetness of Lord Krishna is full of all beauty and opulence. This sweetness attracts the bumble-bees, who are drawn by the garland of forest-flowers worn by the Lord. The sweetness of Lord Krishna reverberates with His clever charming speeches and the pleasing flute-melodies of his flute. Lord Krishna's charming sweetness inflames the amorous desire of the young gopis.)

25- Dhanistha replied: Who is able to describe the glory of spring? My friend simply by seeing the beauty of spring one become agitated by hosts of amorous desires.(Who is able to describe the beauty of Lord krishna? Simply by seeing Him, You have become agitated by hosts of amorous desires.)

26- Dhanistha continued: The peak of Govardhana Hill is very splendid and beautiful. It is formed of multi-colored minerals. The rustling sounds of the bamboo growing there reassure the worried cows that streams of drinking water flow nearby. The tumultuous sounds of the birds and other creatures provide a pleasant environment. The peak of Govardhana Hill provides nourishment for all the surabhi cows. It provides the young cows and boys with a pleasant place to sport and play.(Lord krishna, the lifter of Govardhana Hill, is splendidly handsome. His limbs are colorfully decorated with various mineral pigments. He carefully protects the surabhi cows and takes care that they are properly nourished by eating the fresh grasses. He loudly plays the buffalo horn bugle. He performs many jubilant childhood pastimes. His sweet flute-playing reassures all the surabhi cows, who are all afraid that king Indra may again try to inundate Vrndavana with torrential rains.)

27- By drinking the nectar of Dhanistha's puns, Shrimati Radharani became intoxicated. In order to obtain a clear description of the activities of Her lover Krishna, Shrimati Radharani conversed with Dhanistha in the following way:

28- Radha: Where are you going now?

Dhanistha: I am going to see You.

Radha: For what purpose?

Dhanistha: To relay some news to You.

Radha: What is the news?

Dhanistha: The news is about Shri Krishna, the moon of Vraja.

Radha: What is the news of Him?

Dhanistha: The news is that Shri Krishna has become completely crushed the darkness of ignorance spread by His enemy, the demigod Cupid.

29- Although Krishna was alone and unarmed, and although cupid was accompanied by many followers and armed with dangerous weapons, still, angry Krishna, armed with only His transcendental bodily sweetness, easily defeated the demigod cupid.

30- Rati's husband cupid is now hurling torrents of flower-arrows, bumble-bees , cuckoos, spring-breezes, and other dangerous weapons at Shri Krishna in the forest by Radha-kunda. Shri Krishna wished that You come at once to aid Him in the battle.

31- Your lover Krishna has now fallen into great danger by the force of destiny, and only Your association can deliver Him. Please quickly go to Him, if You are not callous and ungrateful, for the many times He has protected You in the past.

32- When You are present, Shri Krishna can easily bewilder Cupid. When You are not present, even though Shri krishna enchants the entire universe, He cannot protect Himself from the bewilderments of Cupid.

33- Decorated with many ornaments, Lord Hari sits on a couch of flowers in Radha-kunda's grove, which is filled with humming bees and singing cuckoos. He wonders whether You will come, He yearned for You to come. He constantly talks about You. Although He is the most powerful hero, He has lost all composure, being tortured by the cruel Cupid.

34- My dear saintly friend, handsome Lord Hari is now waiting in the grove by Radha-kunda. His complexion is the color of a fresh rain-cloud, and His exquisite garments are the color of gold. He wears glistening shark-shaped earrings and a garland of golden yuthika flowers. His body is anointed with attractive kumkuma, and His wide open eyes are like fully blossomed lotus flowers.

35- As Lord Hari waited for You on the path, He plays the flute, and the sound of His flute creates a gale that makes the blades of grass of the gopis' hearts and eyes repeatedly rise and fall. Lord Hari is repeatedly splashed by the tidal waves of the nectar-ocean of Your splendid beauty, He has now become caught in the powerful whirlpool controlled by the deity Cupid.

36- My dear moon-faced girl, please pour the flood of all Your talent on the supremely talented Lord Krishna, the killer of Bakasura. Offer Your youthful beauty to the youthful, handsome Lord Krishna. Direct Your thirst for romantic love upon the sublimely romantic Lord krishna. Offer some of Your garments to the impeccably dressed Lord Krishna, so He may wear them as a disguise. All these items are meant for Lord krishna's service. Give them to Him. That is their proper use.

37- O beautiful Radharani, Your lover Krishna is overwhelmed with love for You. Defeated by the powerful Cupid, Your Krishna is on the verge of complete collapse. Please quickly go to Him and save Him.

38- When Shrimati Radharani drank these nectarean words of Her friend, She longed to meet Krishna. Overwhelmed with ecstatic love, She became stunned and could no longer move.

39- Quickly arriving, Kundalata approached Shrimati Radharani. She twirled a toy lotus flower in her right hand as she grasped Radha's hand in her left.

40- Tulasi and Dhanistha stood in front of Shrimati Radharani. Visakha and Lalita stood at Her sides. The other gopis stood in a circle around Her.

41- Affectionate Rupa-manjari, carrying paraphernalia for worship of the sun-god, and accompanied by Dhanistha, Tulasi, and other contemporary gopi-friends followed behind Shrimati Radharani.

42- As Radharani and the gopis left the village o Vraja they noticed a beautiful woman carrying a jar of yogurt, a blue-jay, a brahmana, a mongoose, deer-herd, surabhi-cow with her calf, and a bull, passing one after another on their left side.

43- Youthful Shrimati Radharani glanced at a nearby pond and saw a blossoming lotus flower, a swarm of bumble-bees, and two dancing khanjana birds. Thinking the lotus flower was Her lover krishna's face, the swarm of bees was His moving locks of hair, and the two birds were His dancing eyes, Radharani became stunned in ecstasy.

44- When the gopis saw all these auspicious omens, they crookedly smiled and laughed. Filled with great happiness, they moved very slowly. As they walked by Her side, Shrimati Radharani, moving as lowly as an intoxicated elephant, approached the boundary of Vrndavana-forest.

45- As soon as Shrimati Radharani and Her friends entered the forest, the personified beauty of spring also entered. The beauty of spring caused the trees and creepers to bloom. She caused the cuckoos to vibrate sweet songs on their throats, and she caused the bumble-bees and sparrows to warble with pleasant waves of sound.

46- When Shrimati Radharani looked at the forest of Vrndavana, She thought it was in truth the desire-fulfilling transcendental form of Her beloved Krishna. She thought the splendor of the dark creepers in Vrndavana was actually the beauty of the transcendental limbs of her beloved Krishna. She thought the beautiful sesame flowers were the tilaka marking on the forehead of Her beloved. She thought the large arjuna trees where Visala, Arjuna, and other cowherd friends of Her beloved. She thought the fertile land was Lord Balarama, the elder brother of Her beloved. She thought the feathers worn by the peacocks were actually decorations on the crown of her beloved. She thought the flowers blossoming on the punnaga, amala, and campaka trees were flowers in the garland worn by Her beloved. She thought the many kancana and vidruma trees were gold and coral ornaments worn by her beloved. She thought the splendid tamala trees were the luster of the body of Her beloved. She thought the glistening gunjas were a gunja-necklace worn by her beloved. She thought the shade-giving kadamba trees had provided a place where Her beloved had sat down to rest. She thought the pleasant rustling sounds of the bamboos moving in the breeze were the sweet music of Her beloved played on his bamboo flute. She thought the resplendent pitana trees were the kumkuma powder worn by her beloved. She thought the many blossoming manmatha trees were the intense amorous desire of Her beloved. She thought the charming sporting of the handsome forest-birds were the beautiful pastimes of Her beloved krishna.

47- Whatever Shrimati Radharani saw She considered to be a limb of Lord Krishna, the enemy of Aghasura. the continual sight of Her beloved in this way became like arrows striking Her heart, and maddening Her thoughts. This is certainly very wonderful.

48- Shrimati Radharani was decorated with a garland of fresh flowers surrounded by intoxicated bumble-bees, and She was accompanied by jubilant gopi-friends. Her friend Visakha then led Her to a shady place. It was very clear that Radharani was greatly agitated by the awakening of amorous love for Her beloved Krishna.

49- Shrimati Radharani was consummately beautiful, Her form was as charming as a graceful creeper, and Her breasts were very large and pleasantly cool. She had the transcendental power to satisfy senses of Lord Krishna.

50- When the gopis looked at Vrndavana-forest, they thought it exactly resembled the form of Shrimati Radharani. They thought the beautiful birds in the forest were just like the ecstatic feelings of Radharani.

51- Shrimati Radharani thought: Why is it that even though My friends, the best and most expert of gopis diligently search the forest and caves of Vrndavana, still they cannot find Shri Krishna? Why is it that this lusty, greedy rake Krishna willfully abandons us? As Shrimati Radharani walked in the forest, She noticed on Her left side a black deer playing with many does and a peacock playing with many peahens. Bewildered by feelings of ecstatic love, She thought the deer and peacock were Her lover Krishna, and the many does and peahens were the gopis. Thinking in this way She became extremely agitated.

52- When Shrimati Radharani saw a dark tamala tree, it's roots covered by a flowering golden-jasmine creeper, and it's top branch the home of a dancing peacock, She became convinced that She had just seen Her lover Krishna, with His dark complexion, yellow dhoti, and peacock-feather crown.

53- Shrimati Radharani became convinced that Her lover Krishna must be with some other gopi. Bewildered by the snake of jealousy, passionate Radharani angrily moved Her fearsome eyebrow, and spoke the following words to Dhanistha:

54- Radha: My dear Dhanistha, what is this?

Dhanistha: Where?

Radha: What do you see before your eyes?

Dhanistha: This forest of Vrndavana.

Radha: What else do you see?

Dhanistha: I do not see anything else.

Radha: Shri Krishna, the shining moon of all deceivers, is dancing now before your eyes. O wicked Dhanistha, why do you not see Him? Why have you blindfolded yourself so you cannot see Him

55- Thinking She had just seen her lover Krishna dancing with another gopi, Shrimati Radharani said to Lalita and the others: My dear friends, just see this wonderful and auspicious dancing of the king and queen of cheaters.

56- Intoxicated by the honey of Shrimati Radharani's words, Dhanistha became also convinced that Shri Krishna was standing before them, arrogantly dancing with another gopi.

57- Dhanistha then said: O gopis, a clever, enthusiastic, false messenger has brought us here to make us dance with these two cheaters.

58- Just look at this deer Suranga who left his mate Rangini to sport with these other does, and will not stop his immoral behavior even after seeing he is in my presence. Does he not act in this way because he copies the actions of his master, the libertine Krishna?

59- Here is Krishna's pet peacock Tandavika, who rejects the association of his own mate, My pet peahen Sundari, and instead boldly plays with a host of other peahens. He has clearly learned this from his master Krishna.

60- Smiling Dhanistha then spoke the following words: O saintly Radha, we are all very happy that You have revealed to us the actual meaning of these dances by the deer and peacocks. Your explanations have revealed to us what we did not understand before.

61- Whether the beloved is easy to meet or remote and inacessible, it is the nature of lovers to always worry and imagine that so many obstacles may come between them and their beloved.

62- Dhanistha then turned to the gopis and said: My friends, let us immediately go to Krishna, describe this wonderful dancing of the deer and peacocks, and hear His interpretation of them. Because He is aware of Radha's good qualities He shall certainly affirm His love for Her, and express His desire to desire enjoy pastimes with Her.

63- Shrimati Radharani became surprised to se Her friends smiling so cheerfully. When She saw the trees embraced by their creepers, She remembered her beloved Krishna, and became a little embarrassed to have accused Him so strenuously.

64- As Shrimati Radharani noticed the Vrndavana forest happily blooming because of the it's contact with Lord krishna, She became very thirsty to drink the nectar of the wonderful sweetness of Krishna. In this condition She became mad with love of krishna and filled with various illusions. When the gopis noticed this they smiled and becoming themselves very eager to also meet Lord krishna began to walk very quickly to the place of rendezvous.

65- With unexpected suddenness Shrimati Radharani arrived at the temple of the sun-god in the flower pleasure-garden named Madana-rana.

66- With great devotion slender Radharani bowed down before the deity of the sun-god and begged with folded hands: O lord, please be merciful to Me and remove all the obstacles that stand between Me and Lord Govinda's lotus feet.

67- Her eyes, face, and heart blossoming with happiness, Shrimati Radharani again bowed down before the deity, and then left the temple with Her gopi friends.

68- Following Lalita's order, Tulasi and Dhanistha carried the paraphernalia of worship as they left the temple and entered the nearby garden with the other gopis.

69- Sweeter than many lotus flowers anointed with kumkuma, the tidal waves of the celestial Ganges river of the fragrance of Shrimati Radharani's transcendental form, suddenly inundated the forest of Vrndavana. When Lord Krishna filled His nostrils with this fragrance, he became overwhelmed with ecstatic love. The hairs of His body stood up, and; He moved about erratically like an intoxicated bumble-bee.

70- Perceiving the forest filled with Shrimati Radharani's sweet fragrance, Lord Hari considered that She must be very far away. He anxiously sent Vrnda-devi to find Radha, and bring Her to Him.

71- Eager to meet Radharani, Lord Krishna sent Vrnda-devi to fetch Her. When Vrnda-devi entered Nava-kunja, the personal abode of Vrndavana's king, she met Shrimati Radharani. When Radharani saw her, She thought Vrnda-devi to be the personified form of the fulfillment of all Her desires.

72- Vrnda-devi then gave to Her, Lord Krishna's two lotus-flower bumble-bee earrings, which were anointed with the fragrance of His transcendental body.

73- These flowers, touched by Lord Krishna, bore the distinct fragrance of His transcendental body. Perceiving this, Shrimati Radharani became mad with ecstatic love. At once She enthusiastically spoke with Vrnda-devi in the following words:

74-O My beloved friend Vrnda, where are you coming from?

I am coming from the feet of Shri Krishna.

Where is He?

In the forest on the bank of Radha-kunda.

What is He doing there?

He is learning dancing.

Who is His master?

Your image, Radha, revealing itself in every tree and creeper in every direction, is roaming like a skillful dancer, making Him dance behind.

75- Shrimati Radharani said: My dear Vrnda-devi, you are mistaken. It is not My form that Shri Krishna follows. Inspired by Padma-gopi and Saibya-gopi, Lord Krishna has became like a bumble-bee madly intoxicated by the hurricane=flood of Candravali-gopi's sweet transcendental fragrance.

76- Vrnda-devi said: The same expert krishna who killed the whirlwind demon Trnavarta has also stopped the whirlwind of Saibya-gopi and her friend Padma-gopi. feigning love for Candravali He has tricked them to take their friend to Gauri-tirtha for a rendezvous with Him that will never happen.

77- Shrimati Radharani said: What do we care what this Krishna does? Let us all bathe in the waters of the Ganges which flows from the lower planets into this lake of Syama-kunda. Then let us worship the sun-god according to the order of our superiors, and after that let us all go home.

78- Radha: Where are you going?

Vrnda: I am approaching Your lotus feet.

Radha: Why have you come to see Me?

Vrnda: To describe a very wonderful and auspicious event.

Radha: What is it?

Vrnda: By the mercy of Your glancing on it the forest of Vrndavana has now become decorated with the beautiful features of spring.(By the mercy of Your glance the forest of Vrndavana has now become decorated with Lord krishna's ecstatic feeling of love for You.)

79- Bold and talkative Kundalata then said: My dear Vrnda, do not speak these false messages. Afraid that Radharani may meet the rascal Krishna, the pious Jatila has placed Radharani in My care, asking me to take Her to the temple to worship sun-god.

80- The waters of the sacred Ganges flow from the lower planets into the Syama-kunda lake. After Radharani bathes in that lake, I shall bring Her to the temple to worship the sun-god.

81- Jatila has ordered that if Krishna directly goes to the Manasa-ganga, or if even there is the slightest scent of Krishna in the air, we should not take Radharani to that place.

82- Vrnda-devi then said: My dear Kundalata, how has Lord Hari made you afraid to go the Manasa-ganga. Listen, and I shall tell how we will remain unseen by Him, even if we go there.

83- At present the lovesick Krishna is in the grove by Radha-kunda. If we traverse the jasmine garden on the west and approach Syama-kunda from the east, we may bathe in it as long as we like, and then leave without having been seen by Him or anyone else.

84- Lalita then said: My dear Kundalata, you are acting just like a bewildered inexperienced, immature little girl. Why are you so afraid of your brother-in-law Krishna?

85- We shall see the beauty of the jasmine-garden, bathe in Syama-kunda, and then depart. What can this Krishna do to us?

86- Lalita continued: We girls may bathe and sport in a secluded place where no male may enter or see. My dear Vrnda-devi, please go at once, and block the entrance to this place. If Krishna comes, forcibly turn Him away. How can He enter if you prohibit Him?

87- Vrnda replied: I am very meek and gentle, and Krishna is very passionate and ferocious. It will be very difficult for me to keep Him away. Lalita responded; My friend, you are as powerful as a peacock. I am confident you shall easily chase away this Krishna.

88- Then Kundalata said: My dear Vrnda, you are mistaken. If Krishna wishes to place even half a limb in this forest of Syama-kunda, no one of you has the power to stop Him.

89- Vrnda-devi said: Just see the beautiful jasmine creepers clinging to these punnaga trees. I think these creepers are very eager to be tasted by the bumble-bees.(Just see Subhadra-gopa's beautiful wife Kundalata. I think she is very eager to take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Madhusudana, and be enjoyed by Him.)

90- Hearing this funny pun, all the gopis began to smile, except for Shrimati Radharani, who longed to meet Krishna, and whose limbs trembled out of deep love for Him. Vrnda-devi noticed all this, and proceeded to described Radharani's intense thirst to meet Krishna:

91- My dear Lalita, please hear this one question, and answer it at once. The question is: What should a gopi-breeze do when the king of cataka birds becomes overwhelmed with thirst by seeing a monsoon cloud on the horizon?(gopi-breeze is Shrimati Radharani, the king of cataka birds is Shri Krishna, and the monsoon clouds are the nectarean pastimes of Shri Shri Radha and krishna)

92- Lalita answered: That breeze should push those clouds from every direction towards that cataka birds. That breeze should cause those clouds to inundate that cataka bird day and night with monsoon-=rains of ever-fresh transcendental nectar. That breeze should do this at once, without waiting another moment.

93-Lalita continued: If this cataka bird is determined to drink only the water of these clouds, and will drink nothing else, then this breeze should at once carry these clouds to him, and make him happily drink their rains of nectar.

94- Lalita continued: If however, these dark cloud are actually dry and nectarless, then no matter how swiftly the breeze carries them, they will not give any pleasure to the cataka bird.

95- Hearing all this, Vrnda-devi said: My dear gopi-friend, all of you please go to Syama-kunda, take bath there, and then worship the sun-god. I shall post myself here, and prevent any unwanted persons from entering.

96- After all the gopis had left, clever Vrnda-devi called her two pet female parrots. Laghu-suksma-dhi and Subha. She asked Laghu-suksma-dhi to quickly go to Vraja and ensure that Abhimanyu's mother Jatila remains peacefully at home. She sent Subha to gauri-tirtha to ensure that Candravali stays there, peacefully waiting for the expected krishna.

97- After this Vrnda-devi went to a cottage where the gopis were fashioning paraphernalia for serving the Divine Couple. Seeing the many different articles, she became very pleased, and loudly praised the gopis there.

98- Vrnda-devi employed many gopis in fashioning paraphernalia for the Divine Couple's pastimes in many different places. They made many articles for the Divine Couple's pastimes of holi, sitting on the swing, drinking madhvika nectar, amorous encounters in the forest, exchanges in the forest, playing in the water, water-sports, forest-picnic, and afternoon nap.

99- Relating the news of the Divine Couple's imminent arrival. Vrnda-devi delighted the moving and non-moving creatures of Vrndavana, who all assist the Divine Couple in Their pastimes.

100- Vrnda-devi then entered the grove where Lord Krishna was staying. She yearned that the full ;moon of the sight of the Divine Couple would rise over the nectar-ocean o divine love, and inundate her with a series of great tidal waves.

101- Then, eager to personally witness the Divine Couple's transcendental pastimes, Nandimukhi left the gopis and joined Vrnda-devi in that grove.

102- Waiting in that grove, Lord krishna directly saw His beloved Radharani as She passed along the bakula-tree-lined road with Her friends. Seeing Her, He became overwhelmed with amorous desires. Stunned, He could not move from that spot.

103- When Shrimati Radharani saw her lover Krishna standing by the road, She became astonished and overwhelmed with intense love. the gopis thought krishna to be a tamala tree, and they all laughed at Radharani, causing Her great embarrasment.

104- As They glanced at each other, the Divine Couple became intoxicated with transcendental bliss, and Their hearts became conquered by seeing each other's limitless transcendental qualities. In the following words They guessed about the identity of what They had just seen:

105- Is this the deity of bodily luster? Is this he goddess of youthfulness? Is this personified transcendental opulence? Is this personified sweetness? Is this personified slender gracefulness? Is this the ocean of beauty? Is this the flowing river of transcendental bliss? Is this the great monsoon rains of nectar? Perhaps this is actually a beautiful girl who delights senses in this way.

106- Lord Krishna continued: The beautiful face of this person is like a moon that delights the cakora birds of My eyes. This person is like a host of lotus flowers that delight the bumble-bees of My nose. This person is like a flood of mango-juice inundating the cuckoo of My tongue. This person is like an assemblage of pleasantly jingling ornaments that delights My ear. This person is like a river of nectar that extinguishes the blazing forest-fire of My lust. This person is like a blossoming kalpa-vrksa tree that fulfills all My desires. I think this person must be My beloved Shrimati Radharani.

107- Shrimati Radharani then said: Is this a dark tamala tree? Is this a fresh raincloud? Is this a sapphire mountain-peak? Is this a mountain-range of black cosmetic? Is this a swarm of intoxicated bumble-bees? Is this the dark current of the Yamuna river? Is this a cluster of blue lotus flowers? Is this the sidelong glance of the deer-eyed gopis? Is this the handsome demigod Cupid? Is this the pious monarch of all sweetness? Is this the expanded ocean of nectar? Is this a blossoming amara tree? I think this is My lover, Lord Krishna. How is it that I have become so fortunate as to meet Him in this place?

108- Shrimati Radharani said: O My friend Visakha, I am bewildered. I do not know whether this is My lover Krishna or a blue lotus flower standing before the two bumble-bees of My eyes. Please tell Me the truth, what is this beautiful object standing before Me? After speaking these words, Shrimati Radharani's bodily hairs stood up in ecstasy, Her voice became choked up, and Her eyes moved restlessly about. As the gopis smiled and laughed, Visakha answered her question in the following words:

109- Standing before You is the dark tilaka-marking that will be drawn in musk on Your forehead. Standing before You is the series of designs and pictures that will be drawn in musk on Your breasts. Standing before You is the musk-dot that will be placed on Your chin. Standing before You is the black mascara that will adorn Your eyes. Standing before You is the pair of blue-lotus ornaments that will adorn Your ears. Standing before You is the garland of blue lotus flowers that will rest upon Your neck. My dear friend with the beautiful face, Standing before You is Your lover Lord Krishna. Standing before You is Your Supreme good fortune.

110- By seeing each other the Divine Couple became overwhelmed with ecstatic love, and Their hearts, minds, and bodies became agitated with intense bliss. For a moment They stood stunned, unable to move or act.

111- Thus ends the eight chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.