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Chapter 6


1- When Lord Krishna entered the forest, He turned His head and saw the Vrajavasis had returned home. This made Him very happy.

2- Lord Krishna was a maddened wild elephant released from the firm chains of the Vrajavasis's eyes, and now free to roam the jungle of Vrndavana at will.

3- Released from the inspection of older Vrajavasis, the expert artist Lord Krishna created a jubilant festival for the eyes of His friends by painting many wonderful, colorful, and auspicious pictures of His transcendental pastimes.

4- The cowherd boys danced, sang, jumped, skipped, joked, laughed, and happily played just like a herd of graceful.

5- Some of the cowherd boys playfully imitated Krishna's sober good behavior before His mother, other imitated the passionate, restless glances He exchanged with the gopis, and others imitated the broken words and faltering actions of the elders in Vraja.

6- Some cowherd boys hid among the trees and creepers. Others playfully pretended to be fair-complexioned young gopis, coyly removing the cloth covering their faces, and casting smiling, restless sidelong glances at Lord Krishna. Other cowherd boys sat down, placing their hands and feet on the ground, and playfully moved their necks, ears, and faces in various funny ways.

7- The cowherd boys pleased the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead in various ways: Some pleased Him by speaking with fallacious logic, and absurd linguistic analysis, satirizing the philosophers. Some fought with sticks, boxed, or wrestled. Some threw their sticks as if they were weapons, and some expertly twirled their sticks in the air. Some pleased the Lord by dancing, joking, or rendering various services.

8- When the goddess Vrnda-devi noticed that Lord Krishna had entered within her realm, she at once inform both the forest of Vrndavana and the moving and stationary creatures who live in Vrndavana, and who had all become despondent because of separation from their beloved Krishna. She said:

9- O Vrndavana-forest, O my friend, do not be unhappy out of separation from Lord Madhava. Rejoice for Madhava has now entered your boundaries. Please meditate on your Queen Radharani, filled with countless virtues. Please fill yourself now with opulences by becoming the place where the Divine Couple enjoy their transcendental pastimes.

10- O creepers, wake up and show some flowers, O trees, let us see your flowers, O deer, please joyfully prance about, O parrots please recite some eloquent speeches, O moving and stationary creatures of Vrndavana, rejoice for a long time. Your dearmost friend has now entered this place just to bring you transcendental happiness.

11- Then seeing that His dear Vrndavana-forest had fainted, burned by the blazing forest-fire of His separation, the dark cloud of Lord Krishna revived His forest, and announced His arrival, by showering Vrndavana with the sweet nectar of the sound of His flute.

12- Sprinkled by the showers of nectar from Lord Krishna's flute, cooled by the breezes of the touch of Krishna's body, and addressed by the calls of Vrnda-gopi, the forest of Vrndavana at once awoke and blossomed with transcendental happiness.

13- When the creatures in Vrndavana-forest drank the nectar of the sound of Lord Krishna's flute, their natures become radically altered, and they became filled with the symptoms of ecstatic love.

14- When the sound of Lord Krishna's flute was heard in Vrndavana forest, the stationary trees and plants began to tremble in ecstasy. The moving creatures became stunned and motionless, the flowers all turned white, perspired, and cried tears of honey, the birds became choked up and could not sing, and the grass and creepers stood erect on transcendental bliss.

15- When Lord Madhava arrived, the forest of Vrndavana decorated herself with many fresh blossoms. The forest appeared like a beautiful goddess of fortune eager to meet her lover Madhava.

16- In the forest of Vrndavana, the buzzing bees, the birds beautifully singing the fifth note, the trees beautifully manifesting nectarean ripe fruits, the blossoming lotus flowers, the lovely, smiling, gracefully bending creepers, and the cheerful breeze that moved like the best of dancingmasters together pleased all the senses of Lord Hari.

17- Smiling and laughing with their flowers, singing with their bumble-bees dancing with their leaves, offering nectarean drinks with their honey and food with their fruits, the trees of Vrndavana respectfully worshipped the approaching Lord Hari.

18- With their smiling flower-faces kissing the singing bumble-bees, and with their garment of leaves discreetly covering their smiles and laughter, the creepers secretly danced in that solitary forest of Vrndavana. In this way they rendered service to Lord Hari.

19- Attracted by the sound of Lord Hari's flute, the does and their husbands stopped chewing the grass in their mouths, and restlessly looked here and there trying to find the sound's source. When Lord Hari saw the does' restless eyes He remembered the beautiful sidelong of His beloved Radharani, and He became agitated, as if pierced from within.

20- When the peacocks saw Lord Murari, they became mad with love and began to dance, spreading their feathers. These peacocks' feathers at once reminded Lord Murari of Shrimati Radharani's glistening hair, disheveled during their amorous pastimes.

21- When Lord Krishna heard the happy cooing sounds of the sparrows, geese and swans in the nearby lake, He thought they were the tinkling sounds of the bracelets, armlets, belts, and ankle-bells of His newly-arrived beloved Shrimati Radharani.

22- As He gazed at it, Lord Krishna mistook an aromatic, slightly blossomed lotus flower within which moved a restless bee, for the smiling sidelong glance on the lotus-scented face of His beloved Radharani. He thought that Radharani had just then arrived.

23- When Lord Krishna saw the ripe oranges, pomegranates, bilva, and rucaka fruits, He became very joyful, for He took them all to be the opulent breasts on the transcendental form of Shrimati Radharani.

24- Wherever Lord Hari looked, He saw the form of Shrimati Radharani. This is not surprising, for the forest of Vrndavana-forest specifically manifested Shrimati Radharani's characteristics just to please the Lord.

25- Inflamed with love for Shrimati Radharani, Lord Hari could not steady His mind any more than one could catch a kasa flower blown about by a hurricane.

26- Seeing the moving and unmoving residents of Vrndavana overwhelmed with love for Him, Lord Krishna, whose mind is attracted by His devotees' love, became very pleased.

27- Lord hari enthusiastically and repeatedly asked about the welfare of the residents of Vrndavana-forest, saying: O My creeper-friends, are you all in an auspicious condition? O My tree-friends, are you all prosperous and cheerful? O deer and does, is everything well with you? O birds, is everything good with you? O bumble-bees, are you all pleased at heart? O moving and unmoving creatures of Vrndavana, are you all happy and comfortable?

28- Lord Krishna then brought the surabhi cows to graze at the base of Govardhana Hill. Pulling His mind away from it's meditation on the beloved Radharani, Lord Krishna began to play with His cowherd friends.

29- Even by playing His favorite world-famous transcendental games, and even by seeing the great beauty of Vrndavana-forest, Lord Hari was not able to check His distressed mind from always thinking of the absent Radharani.

30- Seeing His friends tired and hungry from wrestling and playing so many games, compassionate Lord Krishna assembled them all together for lunch.

31- Taking from Mother Yasoda the delicious breakfast cooked in ghee by Lalita and her friends, along with the sweetened, spiced curd, Dhanistha and the maidservants brought it to Lord Krishna.

32- Very happy to see her, Lord Krishna said: O Dhanistha, are My parents well and happy? Have they nicely taken bath, worshipped the Supreme Personality of Godhead, satisfied their subordinates, and cheerfully taken their breakfast?

33- Dhanistha replied: For Your benefit, Your parents have nicely taken bath worshipped the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the brahmanas, fed everyone and also taken breakfast themselves. They have this little snack for You and Your friends to eat.

34- Dhanistha could clearly see that the creeper of Lord Hari's thoughts yearned to climb the trunk of the tree of Shrimati Radharani's association.

35- With the sounds of His flute, Lord Krishna called the surabhi cows who had been wandering here and there. He and His friends then took the cows to the shore of the Manasa-ganga to drink it's water.

36- After the surabhi cows had drank, the cowherd boys themselves drank the cool, delicious, pure water. They bathed in the river, and played in it's water for a long time.

37- Lord Krishna sat on the shore surrounded by His friends. His jokes made them all smile and laugh as together they enjoyed eating the various foods such as the sweetened, spiced cured mixed with mangoes and other fruits.

38- Lord Krishna then said to His friends: All of you please take care of the saintly surabhi cows for a few minutes while My friends Subala and Madhumangala walk with Me to see the beauty of Vrndavana-forest in the spring.

39- At that very moment Dhanistha said to the maidservants: Please take these empty pits back to Vraja. I shall follow close behind, picking flowers for the worship of Lord Narayana.

40- Vrnda-devi then approached Lord Krishna and placed two campaka blossoms in His hands.

41- The two yellow flowers reminding Lord Hari of His beloved Radharani's fair complexion, He became overwhelmed by the desire to meet Her again. Seeing this, the brahmana boy Madhumangala took the two flowers from the trembling hand of the stunned Lord Krishna, and placed them as two ornaments on His ears.

42- Considering Vrnda-devi, Dhanistha, Subala, and the brahmana boy Madhumangala to be most learned in the six arts of politics and diplomacy, Lord Krishna approached them for counsel in His proposed conquest of the supreme empire of the touch of the transcendental limbs of Shrimati Radharani.

43- Accompanied by Vrnda-devi, Dhanistha, and Subala, and taking Madhumangala's hand in His own left hand, LOrd Krishna walked to kusuma-sarovara lake.

44- When He saw kusuma-sarovara lake resplendent with many groves of blossoming trees and creepers, and filled with pleasant tumultous cooing of birds on it's waters and shores, Lord Krishna became filled with hope that He might meet Shrimati radharani there, He approached the shore of that lake with His companions.

45- Lord Krishna then spoke the following words: If either Vrnda-devi, Subala or the brahmana Madhumangala were to go to Radha's home and try to speak with Her, then Jatila would become suspicious, argue, and forcibly keep Radha at home.

46- On the other hand, if I were to play upon akarsani flute, all the gopis would quickly assemble here. All of them together would then spoil My transcendental pastimes with the most intense, proud, bitter rivalry.

47- Jatila blindly trusts Kundavalli, even though Kundavalli is expert at cheating her. O dhanistha, please approached Kundavalli. When you ask her, she will certainly bring Radharani here out of affection for us both.

48- Vrnda replied: O Lord, what You say is true. Even if one of Radha's friends comes here to pick flowers. Radha will immediately learn that You are here.

49- As Lord Krishna and His four friends planned how to bring Radharani to that place, Tulasi-devi arrived with her friend Kasturika. Tulasi was very glad to see Lord Krishna.

50- Tulasi-devi, even in dream, never leaves the side of her friend Radha. For this reason Lord Krishna and His friends considered that Shrimati Radharani must certainly be nearby. They all became jubilant on that account, and Lord Krishna gazed at the pathway, eager to see His beloved Radharani.

51- Jubilant Tulasi placed a garland in the hand of the brahmana boy Madhumangala. She then opened a little case, of betel-nuts, and placed it in the hand of Subala.

52- The garland was wonderfully fashioned by Shrimati Radharani with the greatest artistic craftsmanship, and it's sweet fragrance was enhanced by the touch of Her hand. When Lord Hari saw this garland His mind became agitated with great love for Her.

53- Smiling Madhumangala then placed the garland around Lord Hari's neck. Touched by Shrimati Radharani's hands, this blissful garland made the hairs of Lord Hari's body stand erect in ecstasy by it's touch.

54- When Tulasi joked that Shrimati Radharani had now come, Lord Mukunda took her words seriously. Yearning to see His beloved's face, He spoke with the smiling, laughing Tulasi in the following words:

55- Lord Krishna: Is your friend Radharani happy and well?

Tulasi: Because You are Her master She is always happy.

Krishna: Where is She now?

Tulasi: She is at Her home.

Krishna: Why does She not come to this forest?

Tulasi: Because Her mother-in-law Jatila has ordered Her to do various chores at home.

Krishna: What chores has She done?

56- Tulasi: Distracted by love for You, She did not know what She was doing, and She tried to churn butter from a pot of water.

Krishna: What happened by Her churning?

Tulasi: Her mother-in-law became angry and forbade Her to leave the house.

Krishna: Please bring Her here on some pretext.

Tulasi: We tried, but no one could convince Jatila. Even Vrnda-devi could not trick her.

Krishna: Alas, fate has become My enemy. I shower on this cruel fate.

57- When Lord Krishna understood that Tulasi had only been joking, He became very depressed, agitated with love for the seemingly unattainable Radha.

58- When Tulasi saw that Lord Krishna had become depressed, she became very unhappy also. When Vrnda-devi and Dhanistha chastised her with angry glances she humbly spoke the following words to Lord Krishna:

59- O my Lord, O bliss of Vrajabhumi, I fall at Your feet and beg You: please do not become unhappy. When I said: See how Your beloved has come, I was only joking.

60- Hearing again that His beloved had come, the restless prince of Vraja ardently yearned to see Her. He happily removed the two campaka flowers from His ears, placed them in Tulasi's hands, and then spoke the following words:

61- Were is She? Were is She hiding? If I have not committed any offense, why is She angry with Me? Oh, if this is another joke, it is certainly in very bad taste to place it upon My tortured mind. Oh, Oh, please show Me My beloved.

62- Intelligent Tulasi could neatly judge what should be done in varying time, places, and circumstances. Wishing to quickly bring Shrimati Radharani, she spoke the following words to Lord Krishna, who was filled with longing to see His beloved Radha.

63- O lotus-eyed Lord, rest assured that Your beloved Radha loves You and longs to see Your beautiful face. Jatila dispatched Radha and Kundavalli from the house to worship the sun-god in the temple, but before they left they asked me where they should go in order to meet You. Please tell me to which pastime-grove should I bring them?

64- When Lord Krishna heard these words He became very pleased and sighed with relief. He then took a gunja-necklace from His own neck and gave it to Tulasi as a reward for her service.

65- Vrnda-devi glanced at the expression on Lord Krishna's face to see His desire. She then turned to Tulasi and said: At once bring Radharani to this place; Kandarpa-keli, which is situated in the grove Sukhanda-kunja on the shore of Radha-kunda.

66- Vrnda continued: O friend, I am very eager to help arrange for the Lord's pastimes, and therefore I shall go with you to Radha-kunda at once.

67- As Lord Krishna's beloved Candravali waited at the rendezvous, Saibya appeared before Vraja's prince Krishna to take Him to her. However, when Saibya noticed the presence of Vrnda-devi, and Tulasi, who was wearing the gunja-necklace from the Lord's own chest, she became very agitated at heart.

68- Noticing Krishna's dear friend Tulasi conversing with Vrnda-devi in the Lord's presence, Saibya considered that Shrimati Radharani must also be nearby. Saibya became very unhappy at this, and she spoke the following deceptive words:

69- My friend Candravali is performing a great festival today to celebrate her completion of the Durga-vrata. She has sent me here to invite Radharani to the festivities.

70- I could not find Her at home, and I could not find Her in the forest. Now, by good fortune, I have found Her. O Tulasi, please tell me where is your friend Radha?

71- Aware that Saibya was lying, Tulasi replied with as lie of her own:

72- Your friend Syama has already come to invite Radharani to the great durga-vrata festival. Personally carrying many gifts, Radha has already left for the festival with her friends and relatives.

73- Lalita sent me to both gather fruits and flowers for the festivities and also to bring Vrnda-devi. Vrnda and I shall now depart for the festivities.

74- After speaking these tricky lies, Tulasi, accompanied by Vrnda and Dhanistha, and pretending to ignore Lord Madhava, left.

75- saibya clearly wished to speak further with Lord krishna. The Lord glanced at her with crooked eyes, and pretending to suppress His apathy towards Tulasi-devi, spoke the following words:

76- O Saibya, please do not speak anything to stop them. Let Tulasi-devi depart. Now that they are gone, please tell Me, is your friend Candravali well and happy? Where is she?What is My beloved Candravali doing now?

77- Saibya became very happy to hear this. She said to Lord Krishna: Although her mother-in-law tried to keep her at home, with great endeavor I have brought her here, on the pretext of taking her to worship the goddess Durga in the temple.

78- Candravali yearns for Your company. She is staying nearby in the village of Sakhisthali. I have come here because Padma sent me to go at once and find You.

79- Unhappy within and cheerful without, quick-witted Lord Hari delighted Saibya as He cheated her by speaking the following lies:

80- Knowing that My friends are nicely protecting the surabhi cows in Pramada-radha forest, I have come to this place, hoping to see Candravali. Ah, My friend, you have cheated her elders and brought her to nearby Gaurti-tirtha. How fortunate I have become!

81- At that point the brahmana boy Madhumangala burst into the conversation and said: O Krishna, Dhanistha just ran here with a message from Vraja's King Nanda. The message is: O Krishna, please remember to follow the instruction I have given You. Lord Krishna then said: O My noble friend, this morning a messenger from Maharaja Vasudeva warned My father that KIng Kamsa has sent some thieves into the forest to steal the surabhi cows.

82- Lord Krishna continued: My father said to Me that all the cowherd should very carefully protect the cows. This is the meaning of Dhanistha's message.

83- Lord Krishna continued: O My friend, do not worry if these obstacles cause some delay. Rest assured that I shall soon meet Candravali at the rendezvous you have just now arranged.

84- After deceiving Saibya in this way, Lord Murari and His friend Madhumangala set out in the direction of the surabhi cows. Happy Saibya hurried to her friend Candravali.

85- Thus ends the sixth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's morning pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.