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Chapter 18


1- Hearing these words, Shrimati Radharani, the queen of Vraja became very pleased. Taking the male parrot in Her hand She began to affectionately stroke him with Her finger, and asked him to recite more prayers. Lord Krishna then took the female parrot in His hand and acted in a similar way.

2- Shrimati Radharani said to the male parrot: My dear parrot, you should now glorify Shri Krishna, who is staying in this lakeside cottage. He lifted Govardhana Hill, and He is a great hero among the cowherd men. He is very peaceful and saintly, and His body has the splendid luster of a monsoon cloud.

3- Shrimati Radharani said: My dear parrot, now recite this prayer: O Krishna, O mine filled with the jewels of transcendental qualities, O reservoir of sweet honey which intoxicates the youthful gopis, o crown among all handsome men, O ocean of pure nectar, O delight of the people of Vraja, O best of heros, all glories to You.

4- Shrimati Radharani continued: My dear bird, now recite this prayer: O Krishna, O Lord who rescued us from fear of Aghasura, Bakasura, Sakatasura, and the blazing forest-fire, O Lord whose feet are so beautiful that they have robbed the fresh lotus flowers of their pride, O Lord who gives shelter to those who offer obeisances to Your lotus feet, O lifter of Govardhana Hill, all glories to You, all glories to You.

5- Shrimati Radharani continued: My dear parrot, now you should glorify Lord Krishna, who lifted Govardhana Hill and at various times heroically battled with the enemies of His devotees. He wears garlands of jasmine blossoms and melodiously tinkling ankle-bells. He is a deep ocean of transcendental good qualities.

6- Shrimati Radharani continued: My dear parrot, now you should meditate on charming Lord Govinda, who is decorated with splendid armlets and large earrings which swing to and fro. Lord Govinda has become the associate of the beautiful, amorous gopis. He has transformed the caves of Govardhana Hill into His own palatial residence. He sports in the waves of the Yamuna, and He is like a great ocean filled with the waves of innumerable transcendental pastimes.

7- Shri Krishna said to female parrot: My dear parrot, now you should glorify My beloved Radharani. Her enchanting face has defeated the beauty of innumerable lotus flowers, and Her host of transcendental qualities has stolen away the pride of all other women in the universe.

8- Shri Krishna said: O parrot, now recite this prayer: O Shrimati Radharani, O charming heroine, O swan who performs pastimes in the lake which is the heart of Lord Krishna, the hero of Govardhana Hill, You are the expert fine-arts teacher of all the young girls in the universe, and You are supremely fortunate and opulent.

9- Shri Krishna continued: Shrimati Radharani is a mine filled with the jewels of transcendental qualities, and She is an ocean filled with the auspicious nectar of ever-increasing pure love. The saintly girls of all three planetary systems worship and aspire to attain Her beauty and opulence. She is the queen of the glorious realm of Vrndavana-forest, and She is the original, splendid goddess of fortune.

10- Shri Krishna continued: Shrimati Radharani is the original goddess of fortune, who has appeared in this forest of Vrndavana. With Her transcendentally beautiful bodily features, Her host of transcendental good qualities, and Her pure, unalloyed transcendental love, She has brought the unconquerable Supreme Personality of Godhead completely under Her control.

11- The beautiful heroine Shrimati Radharani embraced the handsome hero Shri Krishna. She repeatedly kissed Him, pressing Her lips against His.

12- Under the expansive desire-trees along the Yamuna's shore, the partridges delight the Divine Couple with the extraordinary sweet sounds of their cooing.

13- Flying away from Shri Krishna's hand, the female parrot alighted on the flowerlike hand f her mistress, Shrimati Radharani. The male parrot also flew onto the hand of his master, Shri Krishna. With great pleasure, the two parrots continued to recite prayers glorifying the Divine Couple.

14- The male parrot then spoke to his consort: My dear parrot friend, now you should describe the transcendental pastimes of Lord krishna, whose bodily luster is as charming as a tamala tree, a dark monsoon cloud, and a swarm of bumble-bees. These pastimes of Lord Krishna are as splendid as diamonds, as aromatic as sandalwood and jasmine flowers, and as cooling as the moon and camphor. These pastimes are as sweet as honey from the blossoming lotus flower.

15- The male parrot continued: The fame of Lord Krishna, who is like a splendid moon shining in Gokula, dances without cessation. The termites which are Lord Krishna's transcendental qualities have bored their way into the bamboo posts which are the hearts of all the women of the universe.

16- The male parrot continued: My dear parrot friend, Lord Krishna, the enemy of the demons and the enjoyer of the rasa-dance, went to Radha-kunda, which was very charming to see, filled with many nectarean lotus flowers and gracefully moving swans.

17- The male parrot continued: My dear parrot friend, now you should glorify Lord Krishna. The mischievous girls who are the sounds of His flute have loosened the sashes tied about the gopis waists. By describing Krishna's glories, these girls have created within the gopis' hearts the desire to enjoy Lord krishna as their lover.

18- The male parrot continued: Even when the beautiful- eyebrowed, slender-waisted, saintly gopis were in the presence of their husbands, they remained always rapt in meditation on their lover Krishna.

19- The female parrot then said: My dear parrot friend, now you should describe the beautiful heroine, Shrimati Radharani. In the fragile cottage which gently trembles with the pleasant breezes carrying the enchanting aroma of the lotus flowers growing in the deep waters of Radha-kunda, Shrimati Radharani enjoys pastimes with Lord Govinda, sitting with Him on the moving swing.

20- Shri Krishna said: Every day Shrimati Radharani comes to this forest with Her friends. We long for Each other's association and We meet, although She acts very contrarily.

21- Shri Krishna continued: O Radha, when it is kissed by You, My mouth yearns to constantly drink the nectar of Your lips.

22- Shri Krishna continued: When I tremble with amorous desires and yearn to touch Shrimati Radharani, Her contrary friends afflict Me with their charmingly sweet glances and words. These glances and words delight My eyes and ears, and increase the desire in My heart to attain Radha's favor.

23- Then Vrnda-devi brought some grapes, pomegranates, and seeds, and the Divine Couple, Radha and krishna, affectionately fed the two parrots with Their own hands.

24- When they heard that the Divine Couple wanted to perform gambling-pastimes, the two parrots flew away into the green forest-grove named Sudevi-sukhada.

25- Lord Hari sat down at one side of the colorful dice-playing arena, and one by one all of His friends sat beside Him. On the opposite side Shrimati Radharani sat down with Her friends.

26- Lalita and Madhumangala were appointed referees. Sudevi remained as Shrimati Radharani's side to assist Her, and Subala assisted Lord Hari.

27- Nandimukhi and Vrnda-devi remained in the middle, and Kundalata became the leader of the audience. Shrimati Radharani, the supreme Goddess of Fortune, chose the black side of the dice-board, and Lord krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, chose the yellow side.

28- Krishna's pet deer Suranga and Radha's pet fawn Rangini were wagered in the dice-match. When the first part of the game was concluded, it was clear that Krishna had won. Madhumangala, holding Radha's fawn by the halter, brought it to Lord krishna.

29- Krishna's flute and Radha's vina were wagered on the second throw of the dice. Radha won this time. Lalita took the flute, hid it from Krishna, and broke it into pieces.

30- Radha and Krishna's necklaces were wagered on the third throw of the dice. Thinking that Radha had cheated in the game, Madhumangala called out: Krishna, put an end to this game at once.

31- When the Kalokti female parrot heard this, she mistakenly thought that Madhumangala wanted to kill her, and became frightened, she flew onto the tip of a nearby branch and plaintively begged for them to spare her life. Seeing the parrot misunderstanding, the entire assembly laughed with great delight.

32- A playful dispute followed. Lord Hari put down His dice, and although Radha's side refused to give Him the prize, He announced: I am the winner.

33- Radha and Krishna grasped the two necklaces which had been wagered, and began to fight over them, striking each other with their hands. At that time Madhumangala, Kundalata, the gopas and gopis, all heatedly argued the outcome of the gambling match.

34- As the gopas and gopis were arguing, Nandimukhi and Vrnda-devi announced: It is not possible to clearly determine who has one this throw of dice.

35- Nandimukhi and Vrnda-devi said: Let us now make a peace-settlement, and agree that victory or defeat belong to neither party. Let Radha and Krishna each keep their own necklaces, and let us resume the gambling match.

36- In the fourth throw of the dice Radha and krishna wagered their friends in the game. When Radha won, Madhumangala became very frightened and incited the assembly by saying: She did not win. The dice were mixed, and for this discrepancy it cannot be considered that She has won. At that moment the gopis began to bind Madhumangala and a great quarrel arose between the gopas and gopis.

37- Shri Krishna then said to Shrimati Radharani: There may be some dispute about the changing of the dice. Let Us therefore forget that throw of the dice and begin another time.

38- Shri Krishna continued: Let Us play again, and the dice will determine who has one and who has lost. If You throw either ten or four it will be considered that You have won.

39- If You throw six or five together with one, then You will win, but if You throw five with another odd-number, then I will win.

40- We will stake Our bodily limbs as the prize. Whoever is victorious in this game will win the body of the other as the prize.

41- When Shrimati Radharani threw the dice they rolled to the number ten. The gopis jubilantly laughed to see their friend's victory, but Krishna appeared to be grief-stricken. He spoke the following words to Radha:

42- Please take My arms, chest, hands, lips, cheeks, and face. You have fairly won these ten parts of My body in this gambling match.

43- Shrimati Radharani then said to Kundalata: O exalted Kundalata, I have now won these limbs of Lord Krishna in this gambling-match. Bring Me My prize. Take each of he limbs I have won, and place them on My limbs. Place His arms upon My arms, His chest on MIne, His hands in My hands, His face on Mine, His cheeks on Mine, and His lips on Mine.

44- Then Lord Hari picked up the dice and rolled the winning number four and five. The Lord appeared to blossom with happiness at this turn of events. Kundalata addressed Him in the following words:

45- My dear Krishna, You have fairly won proud Radharani's eyes, cheeks, lips, corner of the mouth, breasts, and forehead. Come here and forcibly take this prize with Your lips, as Radha's friends look on.

46- Then Lalita said: My dear Lord Hari, since You are the actual winner in this gambling match, Your ten limbs which Kundalata gave to Radharani should be reclaimed by You. As we all watch please take back these ten limbs with Your lips.

47- Kundalata then said: My dear Krishna, I took your ten limbs and placed them on Lalita's left cheek. If You want them You may take them from there. When Lord Krishna heard these words He became very eager to kiss Lalita's cheek.

48- Kundalata said: When Shrimati Radharani threw the number ten on the dice board, I took Her prize and placed in on Lalita's cheek. When Lord krishna heard this He said: Following your instruction I shall now kiss Lalita's left cheek in order to reclaim My limbs. Lord Krishna then eagerly rose to kiss Lalita.

49- Lalita angrily turned her face away and scolded both Kundalata and Lord krishna. Krishna repeatedly appealed to His beloved Radha: Return to Me My limbs which I fairly won back in this gambling match.

50- With crooked eyes and stuttering voice Shrimati Radharani angrily reproached the libertine Krishna who thus proposed that He will kiss all of Radha's limbs in order to regain the prize lost by Him in the gambling match. Bending Her eyebrows, and simultaneously smiling and lamenting, She restrained Her lover Krishna with both Her hands. All of this greatly delighted Lord Krishna.

51- As the gambling match was progressing in this way, the intelligent female parrot suddenly appeared and said: Jatila has just come here from Vrajabhumi.

52- When Radha and Krishna heard this, They and Their friends trembled with fear. Assembling together They all quickly went to the grove named Kunjenara.

53- Lord Krishna stayed in the grove of Kunjenara, but Kundalata nd Shrimati Radharani went to the temple of the sun-god. Elderly Jatila entered the temple, and spoke the following words to Kundalata:

54- Why are you so late? Kundalata replied: We could not find even one brahmana boy to perform the worship of the sun-god. All the brahmana boys had been led away by the other boys early in the morning.

55- Joining these boys was a young brahmana boy named Visvasarma. This Visvasarma lives in Mathura. He is a student of Gargacarya, and he is very expert in the worship of the sun-god.

56- As Krishna was herding the cows in Kamyawana, He asked that Visvasarma come there. Visvasarma and Madhumangala went there to take their bath in the Syama-kunda.

57- We went there and appealed to this Visvasarma to come with us to perform the worship of the sun-god. He at first agreed, but as he as about to come on the path with us, Madhumangala, who holds a grudge against you for once criticizing him, blasphemed you in many words, and forbade Visvasarma to go.

58- Old Jatila said: Where is he now? Kundalata said: He is sightseeing in this forest. Go to him and persuade him to come here. He will not be able to resist your influence.

59- Jatila said: You and Dhanistha go and bring that boy here. If he will not come, then bribe him with the reward of a nice palatable candy. He will surely come then.

60- Repeatedly requested by old Jatila, the two girls departed on their mission, and quickly returned with Madhumangala, and Krishna, who was dressed in the guise of a Brahmana, and who appeared like the vedas personified.

61- Old Jatila was very respectful to the disguised Krishna, and Krishna delighted her with the following benediction: May your son become the master of many cows, and may your daughter-in-law be endowed with all-auspiciousness.

62- As Jatila was beginning to worship Krishna, He asked her: What is your daughter-in-law's name? The old lady said: Her name is Radha. Hearing this, Krishna became struck with wonder, and spoke the following words:

63- Radha is filled with all good qualities. In this village of Vraja She is famous for Her saintliness and chastity. You are certainly very fortunate to have Her as your daughter-in-law. Krishna then turned to Radha and spoke the following words:

64- You should now select Me to perform this great ritualistic sacrifice in order to please the sun-god. As the priest, I should be worshipped by You, for otherwise I cannot perform the rituals properly. Your worship should take the form of touching Me with these blades of kusa grass. Because I am a brahmacari I am not allowed to touch a woman, however, You may touch Me. Therefore let Us begin the sacrifice. Touch Me with this kusa grass and recite the following mantra.

64-You should select Me as Your lover in this sacrifice for the demigod cupid, for without selecting a lover this sacrifice cannot be performed. Under the circumstances I cannot openly touch You, however You may touch Me with the elephant-goads which are Your fingernails. Therefore please chant the following mantra and touch Me in this way.

65- O Visvasarma, Your exalted family brings auspiciousness to the entire world. You are very pure-hearted, and You are the best of Brahmanas. I hereby formally choose You as the officiating priest in this ceremony.

65- O My Lord, You are like a splendid sun which brings auspiciousness and pleasure to the entire world. You are very handsome, and You are the most expert of lovers. I hereby formally choose You as the officiating priest in this ceremony honoring the demigod cupid.

65- O My handsome friend standing before Me, I offer My respectful obeisances to You. You are full of love for Me, the goddess of fortune, and You dispel the great darkness created by cupid's absence.

66- My dear Radha, chant this mantra and offer yourself to the yellow-garmented friend who is standing beside You. In this way He will become submissive to You and fulfill all Your wishes.

67- Madhumangala then repeated many auspicious Vedic mantras. When the worship of the sun-god ended, Krishna instructed Shrimati Radharani in the following words:

68- O Radharani, in order to properly conclude this sacrifice to the sun-god, You should give many cows in charity to the chief-priest.

68- O Radharani, in order to properly conclude this sacrifice to cupid, the master of the senses, You should offer the limbs and senses of Your body in charity to the chief-priest.

69- Old Jatila had placed two of Shrimati Radharani's golden rings on a plate of nice foodstuffs and offered them to the sun-god. With great devotion she then offered these sacred remnants to Lord Madhava, who smiled and spoke the following words:

70- We are pure vaishnavas and will not accept the remnants of offerings to other gods. furthermore I am a brahmana boy, vowed to act in the purest way, and I cannot accept charity from the other castes. Therefore I cannot accept your offering.

71- Because I am the student of Gargacarya, I know everything about astrology, palmistry and other sciences. From this position of knowledge I consider that the satisfaction of you residents of Vrajabhumi is the best gift that could be given to Me.

72- As old Jatila intently listened, Kundalata said to Lord Hari: The elderly lady would like to ask You what benefit do You think You will obtain by staring so intently at the hand of her daughter-in-law?

73- Lord Hari replied: I am not looking at this girl. However, if you think I am, then in order to please you, I shall deliberately look very far away, so that you may not accuse Me.

74- Shri Krishna continued: Just hold out the chaste girl's hands before Me, and see how I am not looking at them. When Kundalata held out Radha's hands, Krishna could not help but stare at them. When He saw them He began to tremble. Tears fell from His eyes, and the hairs of His body stood up in ecstasy.

75- In order to conceal the actual nature of His ecstatic response, Lord Krishna pretended to be astonished, and said: This is certainly very wonderful. This girl has on Her hands the same auspicious marking as the goddess of fortune. I think She may be the goddess Laksmi herself.

76- If this girl caste Her merciful glance upon us, then we shall become full of all opulence and good-fortune. Wherever this girl stays becomes full of all opulence, good-fortune, and auspiciousness.

77- Lord Hari asked Jatila: What is your son's name? When the old lady said the name of her son, then Lord hari reflected for a moment. He became full of astonishment, and spoke to her the following words:

78- O elderly Jatila, in the course of son's lifetime he will be obstructed by many grave obstacles. However, because of the influence of this saintly and chaste girl these obstacles will never prevail. They will always be overcome.

79- When elderly Jatila heard this, she became delighted. Taking Shrimati Radharani's priceless beautiful jeweled ring, she placed it before Lord krishna.

80- Lord Krishna said: I cannot accept foodstuffs or anything else from those who are not brahmanas, because Gargacarya has ordered Me in this way, and therefore, I shall immediately leave this place. O Madhumangala, you may eat these foodstuffs offered to the sun-god.

81- At that point Subala arrived and said: O Visvasarma, Madhumangala, the leader of all the boys, has been waiting all this time to enjoy this feast of milk-products, fruit, and palatable eatables.

82- Madhumangala then said: O elderly Jatila, please give me the charity you had formerly offered Visvasarma with the intonation of the auspicious word svasti. Jatila then took the gold ring from her own finger and gave it to Madhumangala.

83- By obtaining these things Madhumangala became very jubilant, and he repeatedly truck his elbows, making a loud sound. He tied the foodstuff in the border of his garment, and glorifying Jatila-devi, he happily danced.

84- Be merciful and accept the priestly remuneration, which is offered to You. Do it so that this girl Radha, who is performing this sacrifice, may become prosperous and attain auspiciousness. It is proper for the brahmanas to accept these remnants of sacrifices. Do not think that it is improper for You to accept it.

85- Requested by elderly Jatila, Madhumangala approached Krishna and said: My dear Krishna, because You have refused to accept the priestly remuneration of this sacrifice, it cannot be considered to be properly completed.

86- Although Krishna resisted and repeatedly refused the offering, Madhumangala said: There is no fault, laughed, and forcibly tied the two offered rings in the edge of Krishna's garment.

87- Jatila then said to Krishna; My Lord, when I have the good fortune to receive You as a guest in Vrajabhumi, I shall amply reward You for becoming the spiritual master of Radha and myself during our worship of the sun-god.

88- After speaking in this way, Jatila offered obeisances to the sun-god and the two brahmanas. Very happy, and thinking herself fortunate and successful in her activities, Jatila returned home with young girls.

89- Followed by Lalita, Shrimati Radharani walked home. On the pretext of doing much girlish chattering, She repeatedly exposed Her beautiful neck with great boldness before Lord krishna. Although She tried to lick the honey of Lord krishna's lotus face with the surging waves of Her sidelong glances, the poor girl never became satisfied, and always hankered to continue drinking in that way.

90- Beautiful-eyebrowed Shrimati Radharani became like a golden pitcher filled with the nectarean milk of Her pastimes with Her dearly beloved Krishna, and in this condition She greatly pleased the eyes of Her friends. Then again She also became quickly burned by the poison of Krishna's separation. Her complexion became discolored, and She experienced great agony. The sight of this burned the eyes of Her friends.

91- Lord Krishna appeared like a splendid blue lotus flower blossoming because of the shining of the moon which is His contact with His beloved Radharani. When the blazing sun of separation from Radharani began to rise, the lotus flower of Lord Krishna began to wilt, and within a moment He no longer looked like Krishna, but appeared to be someone else.

92- Unhappy at heart, Krishna approached His friends in the company of Madhumangala and Subala. His friends became delighted to see Krishna again, and each one struggling to be first, they all embraced Him. They spoke the following words:

93- O Krishna, we are completely unable to bear any separation from You. When You left us for half a moment our minds became agitated with great suffering and we hankered to go searching for You. Therefore we take it that Your going away leaving us was a sign of Your great hard-heardtedness towards us. O dear friend, these feelings of ours clearly show how we are melting with intense love for You.

94- The expansive ocean of the manifold midday pastimes of Lord Hari, the companion of Shrimati Radharani, is very splendid, unfathomable, and shoreless. I am very fortunate because, although i remain confined to the shore and am not allowed to enter the waters of this ocean, the breeze of Shrila Rupa Goswami's mercy has carried a single drop from that ocean and sprinkled it upon me.

95- Thus ends the eighteenth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessings of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service i have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.