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Chapter 15


1- His hands like a creeper bearing a bunch of fresh asoka flowers to be Shrimati Radharani's earrings, eager Krishna quickly entered the lakeside grove previously hinted to Him by Vrnda-devi's glance.

2- When the intoxicated mad elephant of Lord Krishna reached the shore of the celestial Ganges river of Shrimati Radharani, the swans of Her gopi-friends at once flew away.

3- With His lotus eyes that mad elephant of Lord Krishna drank the nectar of the beautiful form of the celestial Ganges river of Shrimati Radharani. Trembling with agitation, that elephant used His hand to break apart the saivala plants of that river's bodice and the lotus flower's of Her undergarments.

4- Shrimati Radharani was so tired and sleepy that She did not awaken. With Her eyes closed She saw Her lover Krishna in Her dream. As She saw Him touching Her breasts and tugging at Her undergarment, She pretended to be displeased, and staunchly resisted His advances. She said:

5- Hari! D d d don't touch Me! Wha wha wha what do You want to to do here? Let Me sleep for a few moments more. My eyes are spi spinning around with intoxication.

6- Shrimati Radharani simultaneously smiled and wept. She spoke to Her lover in stuttered, unclear words, and used both hands to check His trembling hand. At that time She suddenly awakened and saw Her own actions, and Her lover Krishna standing before Her.

7- Shrimati Radharani repeatedly opened and closed Her eyes. Maddened by both madhvika intoxication and amorous desire, Her speech and actions were then same now She was awake as they had been before when She was asleep.

8- Because of shyness and contrariness Shrimati Radharani resisted Lord Krishna's amorous assault. Maddened with desire, and striving for victory, the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead, attacked Her. Noticing Her belt was silent, He attacked it. Seeing this attack, Radharani's ankle-bells loudly tinkled as if screaming out in fear.

9- When Lord Hari grasped the neck of beautiful-eyebrowed Shrimati Radharani, Her voice became choked with fear. Making various wonderful inarticulate warbles, She presented an emotion-laden appeal before Lord Hari:

10- With the clubs of His two broad arms Lord Krishna smashed the fortress of Radharani's contrariness. accompanied by the heroic soldier-friends of His lips, nails, teeth, chest, arms, and hands, Lord Krishna invaded and plundered the city of the body of beautiful Shrimati Radharani.

11- Understanding that great jewels were buried there, Lord Krishna's fingernails dug Shrimati Radharani's breasts. He extracted from them the jewel of Her youthfulness. He held that jewel with both hands.

12- Lord Krishna's teeth extracted the nectar from Shrimati Radharani's lips. Pressing Her body against His arms and chest, Krishna extracted the jewel of the touch of Shrimati Radharani.

13- With His hands Lord Krishna held Shrimati Radharani's hair, and with His lips He uncovered the splendid jewel of kissing that had been hidden in the different parts of Her face.

14- Shrimati Radharani was unable to tolerate the breaking of Her modesty's armor and the theft of the treasure of Her nectarean lips. Placing Her boldness as the general in command of the great military might of Her teeth and nails, She inaugurated a fierce amorous battle with Her lover Krishna.

15- Shrimati Radharani jubilantly roared like a lion. Her belt tinkled like the roll of dundubhi drums. Displaying Her military might, She violently attacked Her lover Krishna.

16- Seeing Lord Krishna grow restless under His beloved's attack, and thinking that the unconquerable Krishna had just now succumbed to defeat, Shrimati Radharani's earrings began to jubilantly dance with the dancing girl of Her pearl necklace.

17- Lord Krishna, the killer of Aghasura, then stole the jewels of Radharani's heart and lips, and hid them among His own jewels. Radharani then attacked Him with Her teeth and nails and took away aLL His jewels in retaliation. All this proves the popular maxim that a thief will eventually be robbed of all his wealth.

18- The handsome-eyebrowed heroes of Radharani's eyes stand on the chariot of Her lotus face. The honey of Lord Krishna's bodily splendor rests in the lotus flower of His face, and is carefully protected by the two bumble-bees of His eyes. The heroes of Radharani's eyes have now stolen that honey and taken it back to their lotus chariot.

19- Seeing before them the two powerful heroes of Lord Krishna's eyes, the two soldiers of Radharani's eyes fled in fear, and the army of Radharani's limbs scattered in defeat.

20- Shrimati Radharani's forehead was covered with perspiration and disheveled locks of hair. Her thighs became motionless and Her breasts heaved with deep sighs. Her arms moved languidly and Her eyes were closed shut. Clearly defeated in the amorous battle, She now delighted Her lover Krishna.

21- Obedient to King Cupid's order, Shrimati Radharani attacked Lord Krishna. Although striving to display the maximum military power, She suddenly became fatigued and all Her limbs became slackened. This was not very surprising, for after all She was only a weak woman.

22- Her garments and ornaments in disarray, Her motionless form glistening with drops of perspiration, Her eyes closed, and Her voice decorated with amorous whisperings, Shrimati Radharani rested upon the chest of Her lover Krishna. She appeared like a stationary lightning flash on a fresh raincloud.

23- moving with each deep breath, Shrimati Radharani's abdomen repeatedly touched Lord Krishna's belly. How is it that the touch of Lord Krishna simultaneously stunned Her with pleasure and excited Her to serve Him? This is certainly very surprising.

24- Doe-eyed Radharani yearned to touch and gaze at the glistening sweet limbs of Her lover. She simultaneously melted with happiness and longed to serve Her beloved Lord Hari.

25- Lord Krishna then gently disentangled Himself from Shrimati Radharani's embrace. With His own lotus hand He wiped away Her perspiration and neatly arranged Her disarrayed hair and garments.

26- In order to make a joke before Her friends, Shrimati Radharani thrice begged Lord Krishna to take time to very neatly arrange Her ornaments. He reluctantly complied to Her request. As soon as He touched Her, She became overwhelmed with bliss. She forbade Him to proceed. She spoke the following words:

27- My love, did I ask You to decorate Me with all these ornaments? Stop this useless waste of time. These ornaments do not please Me. They are too heavy. I cannot bear their the weight. They simply give Me pain. Stop this and let Me rest here for a moment in peace.

28- As Shrimati Radharani spoke these words Her eyes were closed and Her beautiful face decorated with a charming mixture of tears and smiles. As astonished smiling Lord Krishna thirstily drank the honey of His beloved Radharani's stuttered words, He found Himself intoxicated with amorous desires.

29- The gopis had waited outside for the proper moment to enter. At that moment they entered the forest-grove. They carried articles of worship in their lotus hands. They were intent on serving the Divine Couple.

30- Maddened with devotional love, the gopis served the lotus feet of the Divine Couple. The gopis brought Them betel-nuts, cool water, fragrant garlands and other nice articles. The gopis fanned Them, massaged Their lotus feet and other limbs, and rendered various other services. In this way the Divine Couple became pleasantly scented and completely free from all fatigue.

31- Glancing at Her lover with expressive, smiling eyes, Shrimati Radharani said: My love, I cannot be happy without the company of My lotus-faced gopi-friends, who are now intoxicated and asleep in the nearby groves. My love, please wake them up and bring them here.

32- Shrimati Radharani repeatedly begged reluctant Lord Krishna, and at last He consented. He left to waken the gopis just like a maddened elephant goes to sport among lotus flowers.

33- Lord Krishna thought: To whom shall I go first? To Lalita? To visakha? To Citra? In His mind He reviewed all the gopi friends of His beloved Radharani. Finally, He expanded Himself into many forms and happily entered all the different groves simultaneously.

34-In these groves Lord Krishna enjoyed with each gopi the same charming sleeping-waking pastimes He had previously enjoyed with their leader, Shrimati Radharani.

35- The expert wrestler Krishna fought with each of the powerful gopis and simultaneously defeated all of them.

36- The gopis who were at that place, diligently served Shrimati Radharani, and after a little time Radharani became tired of staying in that grove. She and these friends all went to the shore of Radha-kunda.

37- Decorated by the hands of their wild uncontrollable lover, the gopis, who had just been awakened by Krishna, showed numberless signs of conjugal happiness. Their limbs were marked with various scars obtained in the great battle fought in cupid's sacrifice, and these marks made them appear like grandly decorated sacrificial arenas of cupid. Stumbling as they walked, their arms tired from fighting with Krishna, their eyes half-closed, their heads bowed with embarrassment, and their eyebrows curved in the anger of love, these gopis approached their friend Radharani.

38- Lord Krishna also left those groves. He then met Madhumangala and some other close gopa-friends. Then He saw His smiling beloved Radharani. He and His friends approached Her.

39- Mischievous Kundalata then arranged for a gambling match. The principal gopis were the contestants, Lord Krishna was made the referee, Vrnda-devi and her friends became the audience, and the prize for the winner was the right to enjoy with Krishna without any embarrassment. In that game Shrimati Radharani defeated Her embarrassed gopi-friends in a single stroke.

40- The deep nectar ocean of Lord Krishna's amorous pastimes remains always inaccessible to ordinary living entities. Only a few rare souls, filled with pure devotional love, can actually taste the sweetness of that ocean. Others, who are merely great philosophers and poets, must remain on that ocean's shore. They have no power to enter it.

41- After enjoying many different pastimes, Lord Hari and the gopis became tired. When the gopis understood that Radharani wanted to sport in the water, they took it as an opportunity to serve the Divine Couple. Soon Lord Hari, His beloved Radharani, and the gopis were moving about in the waters of Radha-kunda.

42- Their hair loosened by enjoying pastimes and clustered about their necks, their many heavy ornaments removed, and their bodies clothed in fine, white, silk garments, by their devoted gopi-maidservants, the beautiful-eyed principal gopis appeared very splendid and glorious.

43- Lord Krishna's bodily luster eclipsed the beauty of hundreds of lotus flowers or nectarean moons, His eyes were as beautiful as splendid suns or blossoming lotuses, and His sidelong glance defeated the lotus flower of cupid's great happiness. Lord Krishna appeared like a powerful, fatigued, maddened, wild jungle elephant who had eagerly entered with many fatigued female elephants into the lotus filled pond Radha-kunda, so dear to His beloved Radharani.

44- The gopis eyes and faces were like lotus flowers, their hair like swarms of restlessly moving bumble-bees, their breasts like pairs of cakravaka birds, and their bodies and arms like lotus stems. They sported in the lake in order to bring pleasure to the two maddened elephants of Lord Krishna's eyes.

45- During these water-pastimes some timid gopis remained on the shore. Other gopis splashed them with water, grasped their garments, and laughing, forcibly pulled them into the water.

46- Standing in the water up to His navel, Lord Hari laughed as He violently splashed water on all the gopis. Afraid of His splashing, some gopis fled to other places in the pond, where the water reached only up to their thighs or knees.

47- Partly visible from under translucent wet garments, the exquisite beauty of the gopis bodies became a great river that submerged the two maddened elephants of Lord Hari's eyes. A similar river also flowed from the form of Lord Hari and submerged the female elephants of the gopis' eyes.

48- Out of contrariness all the gopis pretended o be pained by the coldness of the water. Their wet faces were simultaneously filled with tears and smiles as they expressed their desire to rise from the water. Lord Krishna responded by suddenly pulling them deeper so the water was now up to their navels. Clustered about Lord Hari in the water, all the gopis appeared very beautiful.

49- The gopis played in the water fragrant with the falling pollen and honey of the rajiva, raktotpala, pundarika, kahlara, nilotpala, and kairava lotus flowers.

50- Nandimukhi, Vrnda-devi, Dhanistha, and other gopis stood on the shore observing the water-fight between Lord Krishna and the gopis. Desiring the victory of Shrimati Radharani and Her friends, these gopis showered flowers and shouted, Victory! Victory!

51- Subala, Kundalata, and the brahmana boy Madhumangala stood at another place on the shore. They desired Lord Krishna's victory, and they also showered flowers and called out, Victory! Victory!

52- The water-splashing battle between Lord Hari and the gopis then began in earnest. The gopis gently sprinkled Lord Hari, and He replied by vigorously splashing them. The gopis responded with  ferocious, constant volley of water from all directions that made Lord Hari lower His head in fear and cover His eyes, nose, and ears with His hands and flower-petal fingers.

53- To gaze at the gopis' beauty Lord Hari appeared to have thousands of eyes. To approach each gopi individually He had thousands of feet, and to embrace each gopi He had thousands of arms.

54- Manifesting thousands of hands, Lord Krishna splashed the doe-eyed gopis who stood in water up to their waists, and made their lotus faces blossom with happiness. With the same thousands of hands He affectionately stroked the many pairs of cakravaka birds that were the gopis' breasts.

55- Seeing Lord Krishna in this way, the brahmana boy Madhumangala joyfully recited the Vedic purusa-sukta prayer: The Supreme Personality of Godhead has thousands of feet, thousands of eyes, and thousands of arms.

56- Standing on the shore, Nandimukhi laughed as she recited from the smrti-sastra: Everywhere are His hands and legs, His eyes, heads and faces. In this way the Supersoul exists, pervading everything.

57- Lord Krishna's dark form was a raincloud ceaselessly showering water on the trembling creepers of the beautiful Vraja-gopis in all directions.

58- Thinking " Are the soles of the gopis' feet red because they are decorated with cosmetics, or because they have been so long in the cold water?" and unable to reach a definite conclusion, the garland of clouds known as Shri Krishna has now become maddened with doubt.

59- Although at first the beautiful gopis were delighted to be splashed with water by the hand of their lover Krishna, after some time they became agitated by the constant showers of water in every direction. Their hair became disheveled, their garments disarrayed, and their garlands broken. In this condition they became reluctant to continue the water-fight.

60- As He stood in the pure crystal water, Lord Krishna embraced the gopis, took away their garments, touched them with the water-waves of His hands, and decorated them with flower petals. In this way He immediately made friends with the lotuslike bodies of the gopis.

61- Seeing Her friends repeatedly defeated by Krishna without being able to utter even two syllables in their own defense, Shrimati Radharani became determined to defeat Her lover. Beginning by speaking many sweet conciliatory words, She suddenly launched a ferocious, constant shower of water.

62- Ignoring the gopis' prohibitions, Radha and Krishna began the first round of Their fight with a water-duel.

63- Surrounded by the gopis, Radha and Krishna next fought hand-to-hand, then arm-to-arm, then claw-to-claw, then mouth-to-mouth, and then tooth-to-tooth.

64- Seeing that by touching each other Lord Krishna was overwhelmed with bliss and Shrimati Radharani was deeply agitated with ecstatic love, Lalita spoke the following words to Shrimati Radharani:

65- Krishna's crown has fallen, His kaustubha gem has fled, disguising itself as the mirrors of His cheeks, His earrings are trembling, His tilaka marking has disappeared, and His garland is broken to pieces. My friend, please give up fighting. Do not cause Krishna any more suffering.

66- At one moment Krishna was victorious and Radha defeated, and in the next moment the situation was reversed. Seeing the constantly changing fortunes of the contestants in the water fight, the gopi-friends on the shore began to laugh.

67- Lord Mukunda then forcibly dragged Shrimati Radharani to a deeper part of the lake, where the water was up to Her neck, pushed Her under the water, and then pulled Her up again, just as an elephant playfully pushes a lotus flower under the waves.

68- Shrimati Radharani's face was like a lotus flower and Her hair was like saivala moss. When Her head again rose from the water, She placed Her lotus arm around Lord Krishna's neck. She yearned to escape the grip of the trunk of this elephant Krishna.

69- During these pastimes the gopis had cheerfully hidden themselves in a cluster of blossoming golden lotus flowers where the water was up to their necks. When the gopis were hidden Shrimati Radharani said to Lord Krishna: My love, where have My friends gone so suddenly? Please go at once and find them.

70- Leaving Shrimati Radharani in that place where the water was up to Her neck, lotus-eyed Lord Krishna went off to find the gopis. When He was out of sight beautiful lotus-faced RAdharani hid within a cluster of lotus flowers.

71-Lord Krishna then saw the golden lotus flowers of the gopis' faces standing a little above the water. He saw the saivala moss of their hair, and the pair of blue lotuses that were their eyes. The bumble-bee of Lord Krishna became very eager to drink the honey of these lotus flowers.

72- Expanding into many forms, Lord Hari approached each gopi. The many thirsty bumble-bees of Lord Hari's forms drank the honey of the golden lotus flowers of the gopis faces.

73- As Lord Krishna approached, Shrimati Radharani hid Herself among the gopis. Lord Krishna placed His lotus face before the lotus face of each gopi. A fierce duel between Lord Krishna and the gopis followed.

74- By stroking the gopis' breasts, Lord Krishna created waves that rocked the lotus flowers of the gopis' faces, which each held the trembling bumble-bee of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna kissed the gopis He could see their eyes move restlessly, and He could see them turn from Him, reluctant to receive His Kisses.

75- The gopis became exhausted by enjoying all these pastimes, and as a result their limbs became a little emaciated. When their lotus flower armlets and bracelets began to slip from their thinner arms, Lord Krishna affectionately held them in place.

76- The gopis' smiles defeat the beauty of blossoming flowers, their arms defeat the beauty of the lotus stems, their graceful motions defeat the swans, their faces defeat the golden lotus flowers, their breasts defeat the cakravaka birds, and their eyes defeat the blue lotus flowers. Lord Krishna's stroking their firm breasts and hips agitated the water of Radha-kunda.

77- These pastimes generated great waves in the water. The waves clashed with the wind blowing in the opposite direction. The water and wind checked each other's movements. They could neither move nor stand still. They could be neither agitated nor peaceful.

78- The nectarean moons of the gopis' faces then arose from their hiding places. When the few cakravaka birds in that lake saw the glistening breasts of the gopis they believed those breasts to be cakravaka bird couples like themselves, and they no longer felt lonely. Thinking themselves at a grand social event filled with handsome cakravaka bird couples, they became filled with happiness.

79- When the moon of Shrimati Radharani's face arose, all the creatures in the pond thought night had arrived. Even though it was still daytime, the blue and white lotus flowers bloomed, and the bumble-bees began to enjoy drinking their honey.

80- As the gopis gazed with rapt attention at the wonderful pastimes of the bumble-bees among the lotus flowers and water-lilies, Lord Krishna hid within a cluster of blue lotuses.

81- The gopis immediately began searching for Krishna. Maddened with transcendental bliss, the gopis thought the lotus flowers were actually Krishna's faces. Each gopi began eagerly kissing the lotus flower before her, until, noticing the activities of her friends, and understanding the actual situation, she became filled with embarrassment at her folly.

82- By chance Shrimati Radharani stood next to the lotus face of Her lover Krishna. Citra noticed this and said to the gopis: Friends, look at this great wonder among these lotus flowers.

83- Citra continued: Here is a wonderful golden lotus flower, it top covered with saivala moss and a garland of moving black bees, and its middle the home of a pair of dancing khanjana birds. Next to this golden lotus is a blue lotus flower, also decorated with saivala moss, bumble-bees, and a pair of khanjana birds.

84- This golden lotus flower is tossed about by the glistening waves of amorous desire. Those waves have carried this delicate lotus a great distance. Those waves caused this golden lotus to cling to the blue lotus flower. Whether this golden lotus touches the blue lotus or not, these waves cause it to tremble with agitate.

85- Citra continued: Two cakravaka birds have now risen from the water. Two blue lotus flowers have suddenly appeared and covered those cakravaka birds. Two red lotus flowers have now also appeared on the scene. By speaking these outrageous metaphors, Citra delighted the gopis.( The two cakravaka birds are Shrimati Radharani's breasts, and the red lotus flowers are Her hands and the two blue lotus flowers are Lord Krishna's hand )

86- Taking Shrimati Radharani with Him, Lord Krishna stood in the midst of the gopis. He appeared like a blue lotus flower surrounded by golden lotus flowers.

87- Splashing in the lake, Lord Krishna and the gopis sounded like frogs jumping in the water. Sometimes they sounded like pataha drums,and sometimes they sounded like dundubhi drums.

88- As Lord Hari and His beloved gopis sported they made the water more fragrant and cool. They colored the originally crystal clear water with the black musk, white sandalwood, and red kunkuma that had anointed Their bodies.

89- Appearing like a male elephant splashed by many female elephants and splashing them with His lotus hand, Lord Hari emerged from the cluster of lotus flowers in the water and entered the dry land.

90- The gopi-maidservants then massaged Lord Krishna and His intimate gopi friends with scented oils. After this, these maidservants happily bathed Them in the water, and afterwards they also bathed themselves. After this They all entered the sacred shore of Radha-kunda.

91- When the maidservants emerged from the water the fine white garments on their golden bodies were dripping with water. The girls appeared like golden mountain peaks surrounded by white autumnal clouds showering incessant rain.

92- The glistening drops of water trickling from the loosened hair of the maidservant gopis appeared like beautiful strands of pearls. This was the thought within Lord Krishna's heart.

93- Although it is very difficult to see Lord Krishna even for a moment in a dream, the doe-eyed gopis were able to gaze at Him for a very long time, they associated with Him without obstruction. As they drank the nectar of His sweetness with their eyes, their thirst to drink, doubled, and then doubled again.

94- When Lord Krishna saw the maidservant-gopis' bodies, partly visible through the translucent wet garments, His happiness expanded unlimitedly, far beyond the happiness of direct conjugal love. This is not very surprising, for Lord Krishna is limitless and all-powerful. When He was only a small child, and His waist was the size of an adults' hand-span, His mother was unable to circle that tiny waist, even with an endlessly long rope.

95- The maidservants dried the bodies and hair of Lord Krishna and His beloved gopis with silken towels, and then dressed them in fresh clean garments. Krishna and the gopis then went to the lotus flower palace named Padma-mandira.

96- Lord Krishna went to the south where the ground was inlaid with mosaics and there was a cottage of lotus flowers. Assisted by Her gopi-friends, Shrimati Radharani decorated Lord Krishna, who was more dear to Her than Her own life-breath. She lovingly placed on Him many flower-ornaments and other ornaments also.

97- Shrimati Radharani then dried and scented Her lover Krishna's hair with aguru incense smoke. She carefully combed it, and bound it with a garland of malli flowers, and with other garlands of jati, rangana, yuthika, bakula, golden yuthi, and campaka flowers, ketaki petals, peacock feathers, gunja, and pearls, each placed one above the other. These bushes of flowers and peacock feathers formed a great crown with a broad base at Lord Krishna's forehead, and a narrow pinnacle at the top. The flowers in this crown were so fresh that they attracted swarms of bumble-bees. This crown appeared like a great, beautiful camara whisk, and it enchanted the residents of the entire universe.

98- The bumble-bees of the gopis' eyes rest on Lord Krishna's flower-crown and never leave it. This crown always rests in the lotus flower of the gopis' hearts and never exits. The momentary sight of this crown's reflection repeatedly drags the mind to the remembrance of Lord Krishna. This crown overwhelms the entire world with its splendor.

99- Lalita then decorated Lord Hari's forehead with a moonlike tilaka mark, she placed a single musk-dot in the center, and many sandalwood dots on both sides of it. These tilaka marking were cupid's cakra-weapons to cut the hearts of the gopis.

100- Citra then decorated Lord Krishna's body with beautiful designs drawn in kunkuma. When she looked at Lord Krishna she became agitated by the strong waves of the sight of Lord Krishna's beauty. The marking she had drawn on His body reminded her of Lord Krishna's dancing with each gopi during the rasa-lila.

101- Citra then drew colorful tilaka pictures on her friend, Krishna's limbs, whose glistening, friendly luster defeats the beauty of dark monsoon clouds. These tilaka pictures were like cupid's flower's net to catch the khanjana birds of Shrimati Radharani's eyes.

102- The gopis jubilantly decorated the body of their lover Krishna with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, armlets, a belt, and glistering splendid anklets made of fragrant flower buds and blossoms of many different colors. These flower ornaments became like cupid's rope for binding the does of the gopis' eyes.

103- The principal gopis then decorated Shrimati Radharani with flowers as She sat behind a screen. These gopis were in turn decorated by the maidservant-gopis.

104- Vrnda-devi then took Lord Krishna and the gopis to a charming place where the ground was paved with mosaics. There they saw a great variety of fruits and other foodstuffs in plates and cups fashioned from palasam sala, plantain, and balkala leaves.

105- Lord Krishna then sat down on a seat of flowers to eat His lunch. Subala sat at His left and Madhumangala at His right.

106- Shrimati Radharani and Her friends then approached Lord Krishna and began to serve Him lunch. Vrnda-devi, the deity of Vrndavana-forest, brought the various courses, and Shrimati Radharani placed them before Lord Krishna and His friends.

107- Shrimati Radharani first served Them pieces of coconut,the color of conchshells, and neatly cut in the forms of little conchshells. She also served Them many different preparations, some without grains, some with grains cooked to a soft consistency, and some with slightly crunchy grains. These preparations were naturally many different colors, some white, some red, some green, and some yellow.

108- Shrimati Radharani and Her friends gave Them water, and when this was drunk, they again ate the delicious foodstuffs made with grains.

109- Shrimati Radharani then gave Them delicious mangoes of various colors, shapes, and stages of ripens.

110- Lord Krishna and His friends enjoyed eating delicious pieces of skinned mango at the first stage of ripens.

111- Not using Their lips, They licked the thick nectar of the skinned mango pieces with Their tongues.

112- Lord Krishna and His friends became delighted by sucking the sweet nectar from other ripe mango-pieces.

113- Lord Krishna and His friends ate cut-up pieces of seedless kantaki fruit and golden lotus and campaka buds.

114- They ate many kind of fruits, such as pilu, grapes, dates, tala, bilva, jambu, lavali, and lakuca fruits.

115- They ate many varieties of fruit. They ate plantains, badaris, srngatas, tala seeds, ksirikas, and tutakas.

116- They ate various fruits such as anjiras, amrtankas, nasapatis, narangas, kamarangas, and vikankatas.

117- They ate susenas, matulangas, and kapittha fruits. They ate peeled pomegranates and varieties of seeds.

118- They ate mayambus, sukhasas, karkatis, karvuras, gudalus and kesarajas. They ate various kinds of roots and herbs.

119- They ate lotus roots, succulent lotus seeds, and lotus stems. They ate delicious piyala, pilu, and baddama seeds.

120- They ate cream-sweets made at home by Shrimati Radharani in the forms of narangas, rucakas, mangoes, and other fruits.

121- They ate sweets made in the shapes of flower-and-fruit-bearing bilva, pomegranate, shrirya, mango, naranga, rucaka, and other trees.

122- They ate candrakanti, gangajala, and other kinds of laddu candies that Shrimati Radharani had prepared at home. All these delighted the five senses of Lord krishna.

123- They ate many large laddus made with sugar, camphor, cloves, cardamom, pepper, and other palatable ingredients.

124- They drank nectar drinks made with the juice of mangoes, panasas and other fruit, and prepared with honey, sugar, and camphor. They also drank karpura-keli, amrta-keli, and other similar keli-drinks brought by the gopis.

125- Shrimati Radharani served these preparations one after another, and lotus-eyed Lord Krishna and His two friends ate them all.

126- Lord krishna and His friends ate cream-candies formed in the shapes of trees complete with leaves, flowers, fruits, branches, trunks, and roots.

127- The brahmana boy Madhumangala jokingly criticized and praised the foods offered by Shrimati Radharani. His jokes made all the gopis burst into laughter, their faces wrinkled with mirth.

128- Lord Krishna and His friends drank their fill of camphor-scented water, and then rinsed their mouths with scented water presented by the gopis.

129- Lord Krishna then went inside the palace of lotus flowers and lay down on a bed of beautiful flowers. Tulasi-devi and the other gopis offered Him betel-nuts, massaged His feet, fanned Him, and rendered various other services to Him.

130- Subala and the brahmana boy Madhumangala chewed betel-nuts and then rested on a nice bed in the cool shade in the mosaic-paved courtyard to the south of the lotus palace.

131- Shrimati Radharani and Her gopi-associates, such as Rupa-manjari, and Vrnda-devi, the deity of Vrndavana forest, then sat down together. Longing to taste the nectar of their lover Krishna's lips, they all happily ate what remained of the meal they had just then served Him.

132- As the gopis, ate they were pleased by the clever jokes spoken by Nandimukhi and Kundalata.

133- All the gopis then rinsed their mouth and entered the lotus palace. Shrimati Radharani lay down on a bed there, surrounded by Her gopi-friends.

134- Tulasi-devi gave the betel-nuts to Nandimukhi, Dhanistha, and Kundalata.

135- Then Tulasi-devi, Rupa-manjari, and Vrnda-devi, the deity of Vrndavana, and the maidservant-gopis, all ate the remnants of Lord Krishna's lunch.

136- When these gopis finished eating they went to the mosaic-paved place in front of the lotus palace. In that place they all fell asleep

137- Shrimati Radharani then gave her betel-nut remnants to Vrnda-devi and these gopis. Chewing on these betel-nuts, Vrnda-devi went outside.

138- Lord krishna then dragged His timid beloved Radharani to His side. Repeatedly laughing, He took the chewed betel-nuts from His own lotus-mouth and placed them in Her lotus mouth. He happily lay down by Her side.

139- Rupa-manjari and her friends then fanned Radha and Krishna, and served Them in various other ways. In this way Shri Shri Radha and Krishna tasted the happiness of sleep.

140- Thus ends the fifteen chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessings of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.