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Chapter 14


1- Attracted  by the fragrance of the lotus flowers of the gopis' faces, the Krishna bumble-bee flew among them, although He always checked Himself and did not stay at any one. However, when the Krishna bumble-bee approached the lotus flower of Radharani's face He became completely maddened by its fragrance, buzzing He continually hovered about it.

2- With glances from the corners of Her eyes and gestures of Her lotus hands, which brought ominous waves of sound from Her jangling bracelets, frightened Shrimati Radharani rejected the Krishna bumble-bee's advances. Eager Krishna refused to leave. Radha covered Her lotus face with the corner of Her garment, and retired to a nearby place.

3- When the Krishna bumble-bee followed Radharani to Kamalavana, the gopis said to Her: Friend, have no fear. We shall chase away this rascal buzzing Krishna-bee.

4- Blinded by great auspicious Shrimati Radharani could not see Her beloved Krishna standing before Her.

5- Understanding the contents of Radharani's heart, Lord Krishna checked the gopis from announcing His arrival. Astonished at the nature of Radharani's love, the gopis obeyed Krishna's wish.

6- Overwhelmed with love, Shrimati Radharani thought Her lover Krishna had gone to another girl friend. Angry, She approached Dhanistha and spoke the following words:

7- Radha: My dear Dhanistha, my dear actress in this deceptive comedy, where has the arrogant actor Krishna gone? Dhanistha: Friend, Your lover Krishna has gone to pick a flower for You. Radha: Cheater, He has gone to Padma's friend Candravali. Dhanistha: If He were to bring that Candravali here, whatever beauty she may have will be overwhelmingly defeated by the beauty of Your face.

8- Radha: It is not your fault. It is I who am bewildered. When I heard from your tricky messenger coming from Krishna's side that Krishna had gone deep into the forest with Saibya-gopi, I believed her.

9- Even though Dhanistha is My dearest friend, as dear to Me as My own heart, still she is trying to deceive Me. Krishna has now left Me, and He now enjoys pastimes with another girl in My favorite forest. Alas, even though He is gone, I am so bewildered that I think I still see Him with My eyes. Perhaps He will see Me again, If He stays in this universe for a long time, will He not see Me again?

10- How can I bear this? Krishna has taken Padma's friend Candravali to a secluded place in the groves around My favorite lake. Now He will be so bold as to arrange that we shall all meet together for a moment. This deceiver Krishna played with us for a little time, bantered some useless words with us, and then left us to go to this other girl.

11- Lalita then said: My friend, I have time and again witnessed Krishna's impudence. You are a simple, honest girl. You do not understand the real truth about this Krishna. Forget Him. Let us all go home.

12- Lalita took Radharani by the hand and encouraged Her to return home. Radha became frightened and distressed at the prospect of separation from Krishna. She said to Lalita:

13-O Lalita, why does My contrary mind ignore Krishna's obvious faults and imagine so many non-existent virtues within Him?

14- Lalita hinted: Just as a rice plant never exposes the rice-grains within it, in the same way women do not allow others to see the powerful creeper of amorous desires within them. Shrimati Radharani then replied to Her friend in the following words:

15- Give up this useless moralizing on womanly virtue. This talking merely assaults the ears. Consider My position. My life-breath has now left My body. My heart is now trembling and My body tossing in agony. I say: Let My honor, good-reputation, shyness, and peaceful composure all meet destruction. O My friend, I offer My respectful obeisances to you. I beg you, please show Me for a moment the beloved of My heart.

16- Lalita replied: I have seen how You are simple and pure-hearted and how this Krishna is the king of impudent rascals and the inconstant debauchee-lover of many beautiful girls. Ah, this Krishna will simply cheat You. O Radha, Your long-suffering noble goodness has already tortured and slain us. What further shall You do to harm us?

17- Shrimati Radharani then said: How can anyone cheat others more than He? This trickster Krishna is constantly torturing us. As Radharani spoke these words She noticed Her lover Krishna standing before Her. Krishna at once stepped forward and embraced His beloved Radha.

18- The gopis became very happy to see Lord Krishna embrace Radharani. Radha, however, thought that Krishna had become unfaithful. She saw Her reflection in the water of Radha-kunda, and She saw Padma's friend Candravali embracing Krishna. Radha recoiled from Krishna's embrace. She trembled with shame and anger.

19- When Radharani saw the charmingly handsome Lord Krishna, She became furious. Lord Krishna spoke to Her with His eyes, and Kundalata also addressed Her in the following words:

20- You are so eager to see Your lover, and now He stands before You longing to embrace You. Embrace Him! Why, with no good reason, You angrily turn from Him?

21- Shrimati Radharani then said to Kundalata: Did you not see Candravali resting on Lord Hari's chest? Rogue, you have brought Me here simply to fetch this Candravali from her home.

22- Lord Krishna then said: You do not understand. It was not the person You think it was. I did not arrange that that girl should approach Me. That was an unknown girl who approached Me and said: I am Radha's friend. I am the goddess who rules this forest. This girl proceeded to forcibly embrace Me against My will.

23- Utilizing her mystic knowledge this goddess of Vrndavana forest kissed Me, embraced Me, and clung to My chest. At first I was not able to slip out of her grasp, and in the end I only escaped with the greatest endeavor.

24- Although I begged her to stop, this lusty girl would not leave Me. O Radha, please keep Your friend at bay. She causes Me great suffering.

25- Lalita then whispered in Radharani's ear: You were the girl You saw embracing Krishna. You saw a reflection in the water of Radha-kunda. Hearing this, Shrimati Radharani looked down with embarrassment, Lord Krishna and everyone else laughed out loud. Kundalata then spoke the following words to Radharani:

26- Even though Your lover stands before Your eyes, You cannot see Him. You see Your own reflection in the water and think it is someone else. You suspect Candravali may appear at any moment. O Radharani, all this is the manifestation of Your wonderful pranaya-nartana ( the dancing of Your ecstatic love for Lord Krishna ).

27- Then Vrnda-devi said: O Radha-Krishna, O treasury of auspiciousness in this land of Vraja, behold the great abode of rangadevi before You. This place is decorated with designs and picture drawn in various aromatic substances. This is the place where jubilant festivals of springtime pastimes are held.

28- Here are many golden jars and jewel-studded sprinkling devices, all filled with water scented with aguru, kunkuma, musk, camphor, and sandalwood.

29- Here are balls of sindura, camphor, and flowers. Here are quivers filled with flower-arrows. Here are garlands of betel-leaves, and golden pitchers filled with water, sandalwood, and flowers.

30- Here are golden jars filled with camphor, kunkuma, musk, aguru, and sandalwood in both powdered and ointment form. The fragrance of these substances is carried everywhere by the gentle breeze.

31- Lord Krishna and the gopis then entered Ranga-devi's forest. They each took a water-sprinkling device, and with great love they enjoyed pastimes splashing each other with water.

32- Dressed in fine white garments, and Their mouths charmingly decorated with betel-nuts, Radha and Krishna fought an amorous battle, showering each other with sharpened cupid's arrows of restless sidelong glances, and jubilantly splashing each other with water from Their sprinkling instruments.

33- As they stood on the shore of their beloved Krishna's mind, the gopis sprinkled the lotus flower of His eyes with the nectar of the sweetness of their limbs, partly visible from behind their very fine garments sprinkled with water. Lord Krishna also sprinkled the gopis' happy lotus eyes in exactly the same way.

34- The gopis' cheeks were slightly puffed as they chewed betel-nuts. Their hair was wet with sprinkled water and their foreheads were wet with perspiration. Their braids loosened and the many flowers placed within them fell over their shoulders and beautiful breasts.

35- The gopis waists were tightly enchained by sashes sprinkled with various aromatic powders. Their charming jokes and beautiful songs inflamed the amorous desires of Lord Krishna. They stealthily hid from Lord Krishna and surprised Him by sprinkling Him with water.

36- Shrimati Radharani and the other gopis then showered their lover Krishna with aromatic powders and bouquets of flowers, from the cloth satchels they carried. With great love they sprinkled Krishna with scented water from their sprinkling instruments.

37- A flowering-vine bow resting on His shoulders, a flute and a quiver of flower-arrows tucked into His handsome sash, a jeweled sprinkling instrument in His hand, and a pouch of colorful, fragrant powder hidden in the edge of His garment, Lord Krishna playfully sprinkled His beloved gopis with fragrant water and colorful powders.

38- Lord Krishna sprinkled the gopis with water from His sprinkling device. The water traveled through the air and descended on the gopis in hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, and tens of millions of individual streams.

39- In this way Lord Krishna and the gopis threw red sindura and fragrant powders on each other from the vessels they held. Striking their targets, or missing and hitting the ground, these missiles splattered into hundreds of thousands of tiny drops.

40- Splattered with drops of red kunkuma and black musk, the fair-complexioned gopis appeared like creepers bearing golden flowers, which had then become the resting places for hosts of sleeping bumble-bees.

41- Sprinkled with drops of kunkuma-water from the fine nozzle of Radharani's sprinkling device, Lord Krishna's body appeared like an evening sky hosting hundreds of nectarean moons.

42- Splattered with camphor-powder, red sindura-powder, and flower pollen (all become like pastes mixed with drops of aromatic water), the bodies of Lord Krishna and the gopis presented a wonderfully multi-colored appearance.

43- The shower of multi-colored aromatic powders and drops of scented water appeared like a wonderfully colorful parasol reaching from the earth to the sky and extending in all directions.

44- When Lord Krishna smeared His beloved Radharani's body with fragrant ointment, She pretended to be angry with Him for touching Her with His hand. As She quarreled with Her lover, a certain restless-eyed gopi stealthily approached Him from behind and suddenly doused Him with a pot of aromatic water.

45- Whenever one of the gopi would approach Lord Hari and anoint His body with fragrant colored powders, He would embrace that gopi to His chest, reciprocate by smearing her face with fragrant powders, and drink the nectar of her beauty with His eyes.

46- Shrimati Radharani also approached Lord Krishna and anointed Him with fragrant colored powders. He fulfilled all His desires by embracing Her to His chest for a long time. When the gopis saw this they became shy, and they at once arranged their disarrayed garments in a more demure fashion.

47- The gopis combinedly attacked Lord Krishna, showering Him with the sharp cupid's arrows of their sidelong glances, and expertly reciting the magic mantras of their joking words.These weapons pierced Lord Krishna's vital organs and overwhelmed Him with amorous desires. Lord Krishna then retaliated by showering the gopis with the powerful weapons of His own smiling sidelong glances, repeatedly wounding them with amorous desire.

48- Lord Krishna appeared like a cloud that had descended to earth and assumed a manlike form, and the gopis were like many glistening forks of lightning. These lightning flashes cast the aromatic powders of their splendid effulgence upon the cloud, and the cloud reciprocated by showering torrential rains of aromatic powders upon the lighting flashes. This nectarean rain was caught and drunk by the cataka birds of the eyes of Vrnda and the other gopi-observers.

49- As Lord Krishna enjoyed these pastimes with the gopis, He gradually approached the swing made of lotus flowers. Encouraged by the hints of Vrnda-devi and Kundalata, He forcibly took the water-sprinkling device and the previously stolen flute from His beloved Radharani's lotus hand, and then ascended the lotus-swing with Her.

50- Smiling Kundalata then said: O beautiful-faced Radharani, give this flute back to Krishna. Don't condescend to touch this flute, for it is simply a matchmaker eager to arrange Your meeting with Krishna. Kundalata then turned to Lord Krishna and said: O Madhava, this water-sprinkling device is the property of this young girls. You have no right to it. Please return it at once. Radha and Krishna then proceeded to obey these orders of Kundalata.

51-Lord Hari placed the water-sprinkling device in Shrimati Radharani's left hand,and took the flute She placed in His left hand. On the pretext of this exchange, They touched each other's lotus hands.

52- Vrnda-devi and Kundalata placed the swing under Lord Hari. He sat there and forced the reluctant Shrimati Radharani to sit beside Him.

53- As the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead sat on the swing with His beloved Radharani, the delighted gopis surrounded the swing, pushing and pulling it from front and back, and singing loudly.

54- The gopis moved the swing so vigorously that Shrimati Radharani became afraid. Her body trembled, and Her eyes moved about restlessly. She clung to Her lover Lord Krishna.

55- As a result of the vigorous movements of the swing, Shri Shri Radha and Krishna's hair became disheveled, Their flower garlands began to wilt, and their earrings, flower-sashes, and various ornaments moved to and fro.

56- As the swing moved with such violence, Shrimati Radharani became afraid. By glancing at Her restless eyes, the gopis could understand Her desire.

57- understanding that Radharani was feeling a little out of sorts because of the ferocious swinging, and in Her heart wanted Her gopi-friends to serve Her in various ways, the gopis stopped the swing and stood before Her.

58- Lalita and Visakha carried betel-nuts, Campakalata and Citra carried fans, Tungavidya and Indulekha carried golden pitchers filled with nectar, and Sudevi and Rangadevi carried fragrant ointments and powders, Filled with love and happiness, these gopis eagerly stood before Shrimati Radharani as She sat on the swing.

59- Lalita and the other beautiful gopis served the most dear Divine Couple with this paraphernalia. Following the hints of the Divine Couple's glances, the gopis gathered around Them like the petals of a lotus flower.

60- At that time a very wonderful event occurred. Although the gopis surrounded the Divine Couple, each gopi saw Radha and Krishna as if they were standing face to face.

61- When Vrnda-devi, Kundalata, and the other gopis again began to enthusiastically move the swing, another wonderful event occurred.

62- Embraced by Shrimati Radharani, Lord Hari appeared before each of the gopis standing on the lotus petals around Him. At the same moment each gopi saw Him standing face to face before her.

63- If the top portion of the sun shone through a mass of dark clouds shooting lightning flashes through the bottom half, and if that sun were rocked back and forth by great storm winds, then poets would compare this extraordinary sight to dark-complexioned Lord Hari, dressed in a yellow dhoti, and moving to and fro on His swing.

64- Understanding the hint in Shrimati Radharani's glance, Lord Krishna, the enemy of Aghasura, placed His right arm around Lalita's neck, and His other arm around the shoulder of His beloved Radharani. In this way He appeared like a dark cloud in the midst of two lightning flashes.

65- Kundalata then said: Friends, look at this effulgent circle moving before us. The full moon of Lord Krishna has now risen between the two stars Radha and Anuradha (Lalita).

66- Lord Madhava brought Visakha and the other gopis one by one onto the swing. One by one He embraced their right shoulder as He enjoyed His swinging pastimes in their company.

67- Shrimati Radharani then descended from the swing. She proceeded to move the swing as two-by-two, beginning with Lalita and Visakha, the gopis rode on the swing with Her lover Lord Krishna.

68- Understanding the hint in Shrimati Radharani's glance, Lalita and the other gopis stepped from the swing, and on various pretexts placed Kancanalata and other gopis one by one on the moving swing.

69- Two by two gopis took turns riding on the swing at the left and right sides of Lord Govinda. Shrimati Radharani and the other gopis sang as they happily moved the swing.

70- By this time all of Radha's friends had taken a turn riding on the swing. Lalita whispered something in Radha's ear. Radha laughed and then ascended the swing.

71- As Shrimati Radharani staying on the left side of Her lover, and as Her gopi-friends moved the swing, another wonderful event occurred. Lord Hari appeared between each two gopis, thus manifesting Himself in many places at once.

72- If a tamala tree grew on a flying golden mountain, and if that tree were embraced by a blossoming golden creeper and surrounded by a forest of tamala trees and golden plantain trees, it might resemble the sight of Lord Krishna enjoying His swinging pastimes at that moment.

73- Following Visakha's hints, Lalita and the other gopis happily moved the swing with great vigor, causing Shrimati Radharani and the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Krishna to move to and fro.

74- Shrimati Radharani became agitated by the vigorous swinging and began to clutch Her lover Krishna out of fear. Lord Krishna noticed this. He smiled, and taking Her with Him, descended from the swing, entering among the smiling gopis.

75- Surrounded by the lightning flashes of the principal gopis, the black cloud of Lord Krishna showers the nectar of His pastimes upon the world, thus extinguishing the thirst of the cataki birds of the eyes of Kundalata, Vrnda-devi, and the other gopis. All glories to that Lord Krishna, who enjoys His swinging pastimes in Vrndavana forest in this way.

76- Lord Krishna and the gopis then entered a cool, shady place where goblets of madhvika nectar awaited them. In that place the Lord tasted the happiness of peaceful rest.

77- Decorated with various ornaments and dressed in yellow garments, Lord Krishna sat down in that place surrounded by the gopis whose eyes were as beautiful as lotus flowers. He appeared like a jeweled sapphire locket placed within a golden necklace.

78- Five gopis then took camara whisks in their hands, which were more beautiful than hosts of lotus flowers, and began to fan Shrimati Radharani, who was exhausted from these many pastimes, and Her lover Lord Krishna, whose bodily luster defeated the glory of cupid.

79- The gopis massaged Radha and Krishna's lotus feet and fanned Their bodies. When Their fatigue had dissipated, Vrnda-devi brought Them a goblet of madhvika nectar.

80- beautiful Radharani and Lord Krishna, the enemy of Bakasura glanced into Their cup and saw a golden lotus flower standing next to a blue lotus flower. Each blossoming flower had two khanjana birds dancing within its petals. This sudden appearance of two lotus flowers was certainly very astonishing.(These flowers are the reflections of Radha and Krishna's faces, and khanjana birds are Their dancing eyes).

81- The greedy bumble-bees of Shrimati Radharani's eyes at once flew into the blue lotus flower, and overwhelmed by the flood of sweet honey of that flower's beauty, became unable to leave it. The bumble-bees of the eyes of the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead flew into the golden lotus flower in the same way and met the exact same fate.

82- As Shri Shri Radha and Krishna drank from this goblet, they became intoxicated. In this intoxicated condition the cup of madhvika nectar from which They drank, became a mirror in which They saw each other. Each other's beauty became the nectar They drank. Each other's faces became the goblets where that nectar was contained. Their eyes became bumble-bees that drank the honey of each other's beauty. Their other senses became the eyes with which They saw each other. By drinking each other's beauty in this way They became intoxicated. Their hearts and minds became filled with amorous desires, Their limbs became stunned, and the hairs of Their bodies stood up in ecstasy.

83- Kundalata then said: My dear Radha and Krishna, now that Your eyes have drunk the honey of each other's lotus faces, please engage Your tongues in drinking this cup of nectar-beverage, sweetly scented with the reflections of Your lotus faces and lotus eyes.

84- Lord Krishna, the younger brother of Balarama, took the cup, placed it near His beloved Radharani's lotus face, and said: Drink. Bowing Her head, She shyly took it from His hand.

85- Shrimati Radharani, whose face is sweet as nectar, shyly covered Her face with the edge of Her sari, smelled the madhvika nectar, and then placed it to Her lips. After making the nectar drink very fragrant by the touch of Her lips, She again placed it in the hand of Her lover Lord Krishna.

86- Shrimati Radharani offered Her lover Krishna His favorite madhvika honey beverage. That beverage was produced from the fruit of the trees and creepers of His favorite forest, and it was scented with the touch of Her lips and the joking words of Her gopi friends. Lord Krishna eagerly took it and drank.

87- Lord Krishna placed the cup of nectar, now scented with the touch of His lips, in the hand of His saintly beloved Radharani. She shyly covered Her face with Her sari, and drank from the cup.

88- Vrnda-devi, Kundalata, and their friends then took the remnants of what Radha and Krishna had drunk, and mixed these remnants with many other full cups of nectar. They then happily placed a cup before each gopi.

89- After the cups had been placed before each gopi, Lord Krishna expanded His own mystic power, and appeared by each gopi's right side, although no one could see Him.

90- Only each individual gopi and no one else could see their beloved Krishna standing by her side. They saw Him offering them the honey nectar to drink, and they also saw Him personally drinking from their cup.

91- As the gopis drank this kadambari nectar they became intoxicated. Their lotus eyes blossomed wide open, became reddish at the corners, and began to roll to and fro. The sweet fragrance of the gopi's bodies seemed to invite the bumble-bees, who are always delighted by sweet aromas. The moonlight of the gopis' smiles and laughter caused their lips to blossom with happiness. The faces of these intoxicated beautiful-eyed gopis thus became goblets to enable the  thirsty tongue of Lord Krishna's eyes to drink the nectar of the gopis' beauty.

92- Lord Hari became maddened with intoxication by drinking the beauty of the passionate doe-eyed gopis. He placed His lips to the gopis' mouths, which had all become cups of intoxicating nectar.

93- Vrnda-devi and her friends then presented varieties of madhvika nectar and different kinds of spicy condiments before the king and queen of Vrndavana and Their gopi-friends.

94- The sight of Radha, Krishna, and Their gopi friends enjoying this food and drink became like a sweet nectar that caused the eyes of Vrnda-devi and her friends to become intoxicated for a long time.

95- The touch of each other's lips became the appetizer that excited Lord Krishna and the gopis to continually drink the honey beverage before them. Eating this appetizer increased Their thirst and soon They became intoxicated by tasting the honey of amorous desire. It was the taste of each other's lips, and not the honey beverage that caused Their intoxication.

96- By the arrival of springtime, which naturally brings amorous desires, by drinking the intoxicating madhvika nectar, and by the touch of Lord Krishna, the beautiful gopis became extremely agitated.

97- The gopis' garments and ornaments began to slip from their limbs, they laughed out loud for no reason, they enthusiastically answered questions that had never been asked, and they chattered nonsense. All this revealed that they had become intoxicated by drinking the varuni beverage.

98- The intoxicating caused by drinking madhvika nectar made the gopis repeatedly stumble as they walked to Nidhuvana forest with their lover Krishna. It made their voices falter, and their hair and garments become disarrayed. In this way the gopis' intoxicated state increased the happiness and love felt by Lord Krishna, the enemy of the Mura demon.

99- Faltering and stuttering as they spoke, tripping as they walked, their hair and garments in disarray, the corners of their eyes reddish, their mouths fragrant with liquor, their eyes rolling to and fro, their speeches filled with jokes, their glances restless, and their actions marked with a lack of reserve, the gopis were wonderfully intoxicated. The beautiful-eyed gopis trebled state of intoxication greatly pleased their lover Krishna.

100- natural feminine shyness forced the lotus-eyed Vraja-gopis to conceal their intense love for Krishna deep within their hearts. However, the agitation caused by drinking madhvika nectar forced that love to travel to the gopis' lotus eyes and take up residence there.

101- Her eyes rolling with intoxication after drinking the fresh madhvika nectar, a certain agitated young gopi spoke the following words:

102- La La La Lalita, loo loo loo look at this! why are Radha, Krishna, their f f f friends, the fo fo fo forest, the ea ea ea earth, and the s s s sky all spinning around in circles like this?

103- Lord Krishna's face was so beautiful and fragrant that it chastised the blossoming lotus flowers whose fragrance attracts the bumble-bees. Lord Krishna had become maddened with the intoxication of amorous desires by drinking the nectar of the gopis' lips, that had just tasted the madhvika nectar. Lord Krishna's eyes have defeated the blossoming red restless bumble-bee laden lotus flowers moving in the breeze. That Lord Krishna enjoys splendid amorous pastimes among the gopis just like a thirsty bee enjoys among many lotus flowers.

104- Two sleepy, playful, intoxicated gopis intently served the Divine Couple, while the other gopis became increasingly eager to sleep.

105- Impelled by madhvika intoxication, the Divine Couple wished to enjoy amorous pastimes in private. Understanding this, Kundalata asked Lord Krishna to pick some asoka flowers to decorate His beloved. As He was picking the flowers, Radharani, served by Her devoted gopi-friends, and Her eyes rolling with intoxication, entered Lalita-kunja, the king of groves, and fell asleep on a bed of flowers.

106- Their yawning lotus mouths bearing the most wonderful aroma of fragrant liquor, their eyes rolling about in intoxication, and their garments in disarray, the gopis stumbled after Shrimati Radharani.

107- These groves were filled with flower petals, yellowed with lotus pollen,filled with the charming sounds of humming bees, wonderfully colored with gunja berries and blossoming flowers, and carefully equipped with vessels of scented water and betel-nuts. Their eyes like restless khanjana birds because of intoxication, all the gopis entered these groves and fell asleep on beds of flowers and lotus petals.

108- Thus ends the fourteenth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.