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Chapter 12


1- At that time Vrnda- devi approached the lotus feet of shri shri Radha and Krishna, the two monarchs of Vraja-forest, and then spoke the following words: My Lordships, please hear now ( with Your gopi friends) the prayer of the six seasons.

2- The six seasons then spoke the following prayer: O king and queen, with great labor we have used all our skill and energy to make this Vrndavana forest wonderfully beautiful for Your pleasure. Please make our lives successful by placing Your merciful glance upon us, Your servants.

3- Vrnda-devi then said: O king and queen, now please hear the prayer of the moving and stationary creatures who stay in the place in Vrndavana forest where You enjoy transcendental pastimes.

4- The creatures of Vrndavana then said: O king and queen who are delighted by each other's company, please fulfill our desires. Please permit us to see You and render transcendental service unto You.

5- Accompanied by Subala, the brahmana boy Madhumangala then approached Lord Krishna and said: O Krishna, this Radharani has turned the creatures of Vrndavana forest into paupers.

6- Displaying Her bodilu luster, this Radharani has stolen away the beautiful, charming opulence of this forest. Aside for that, with our own eyes we have seen Her friends directly stealing the fruits, flowers, and other wealth of this forest.

7- Nandimukhi then approached and said:O auspicious king and queen, may all blessings fall upon You and Your gopi-friends. The noble Paurnamasi showers hundreds of benedictions upon You. Please hear her words.Please allow her words to travel now along the pathway of Your ears.

8- Paurnamasi said: The cruel emperor Cupid, recognizing You as his equals, has now crowned You both as king and queen of Vrndavana forest and he has given the bumble-bees, cuckoos, and other creatures here to be Your subjects.

9- King cupid is afraid that You may quarrel and become unhappy. I request You, therefore, to happily go now to Your kingdom(so he may be in a peaceful condition of mind).

10- Nandimukhi continued: The noble Paurnamasi then said: If Radha and Krishna quarrel, then you and Vrnda-devi carefully consider the situation, and at once tell me which one of Them is to blame.

11- Lord Hari then said to Nandimukhi : You know the truth about every thing this Radharani does. Tell Me, why has She met Me here, why have She and Her friends stolen the wealth of this forest, and why has She now stolen My flute?

12- Kundalata said: O Hari, You and Radharani are both very proud and quarrelsome. What shall You do when we take You both before King Cupid and charge You with quarreling?

13- Lord Krishna said: Give Radha to Me. I shall take Her to king Cupid. I shall tell him She has plundered his forest and stolen My flute, and for these offenses She should be punished.

14-Hearing Lord Krishna's request, Kundalata replied: Herding numberless cows, You and Your cowherd friends greedily pick all the fruits and flowers here. This forest remains in an auspicious condition only because it is nourished by the beauty of us gopis.

15- At that point one of gopis interceded on Krishna's behalf, saying: Although this weak-hearted Krishna has lied about Radharani, you should not take His offense very seriously,for in reality He loves Her deeply.

16- Kundalata then said: If Krishna has so much love for Radharani, then why did He strike the jewel of Radharani's youthfulness ( Her breasts)? Why does He remain silent, and not remorsefully confess His crime?

17- Lord Krishna said: King Cupid hinted to Me as we walked on the road, and I prayed for his mercy to Her, if I declined to punish Radharani, then I Myself would be punished very severely.

18- At that time Shrimati Radharani shot many arrows of sidelong glances from Her curved eyebrows. Wounded by these arrows, Lord Krishna's throat became choked, and He could not speak. Observing Radharani's amorous forwardness, Kundalata chastized Her by hitting Her with a toy lotus-flower. This act greatly delighted Lord Krishna.

19- Lord Krishna then pulled a letter from His turban, and handed it to Nandimukhi. She proceeded to read it aloud, but no one could understand it from the first reading. The gopis, eager to hear the letter, begged that she read it more clearly. Nandimukhi read:

20- Greetings. The lotus feet of Emperor Cupid speak this order to Nandimukhi, Vrnda, Kundalata, and all the gopis: Return at once the transcendental opulence Radharani has stolen from all the creatures of Vrndavana forest. After that is accomplished You should all form a tribunal and try the case of Radharani's accused theft of Madhava's flute.

21- As the gopis were asking each other what should be done, Visakha approached Shrimati Radharani and said: In this letter king cupid claims that You have stolen Your beauty from Vrndavana-forest.

22- Lalita then said: O foolish girl, who cares what this cupid says? The actual is that this forest of Vraja is simply the a reflection of Shrimati Radharani's beautiful form.

23- We shall ignore king Cupid's order. What can he do to punish us? This is our forest. We protect and maintain it. If we gather some fruits, flowers, and other nice things from it, there is no fault for us.

24- If, however you remain inclined to obey king Cupid's order, then just look before you and you will clearly see how Shrimati Radharani, the queen of Vrndavana, already has beautiful this forest, just as She also beautifies Her friend Lalita.

25- As far as the flute is concerned, we have not seen it. This flute has become initiated to perform a sacrifice to destroy the religious principles of the chaste and saintly gopis. If we had our way we would toss it into the Yamuna and let it be carried to the sea.

26- Nandimukhi then said: O Krishna, this girl Radharani claims that She has already given Her beauty and opulence to the creatures of Vrndavana-forest. First let us determine whether Her statement is truth or lie, and then after that is decided we may consider what to do in the affair of the flute.

27- Lalita yearned to see the forest-pastimes of the dearmost Divine Couple. As Radharani began to walk, Lalita followed behind Her. Lalita said to the gopis: come with me and you shall see how Radharani decorates this forest with Her personal beauty and opulence.

28- By the association of Shrimati Radharani all the birds, deers, trees, creepers, leaves, flowers, and other creatures in the forest suddenly became golden, exactly reflecting the luster of Radharani's transcendental form. Seeing this, Lord Krishna and all the other members of that assembly could at once perceive the truth of Radha's statement, Radha had indeed increased the beauty of Vrndavana-forest.

29- Standing before the assembled gopis, Nandimukhi said: Now we may see that Shrimati Radharani, the daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu has spoken the truth. By expanding Her own beauty She has increased the opulence of this forest. In this way She inaugurated a great festival of happiness within the eyes of all of us.

30- Lord Krishna then said: Yesterday, as this Radharani was leaving for home, She stolen all the beauty of this forest. Now, fearing the arrival of king Cupid, She has at once replaced all the stolen beauty. Does She know magic that She can do such things?

31- Seeing the gopis smile and laugh, the brahmana boy Madhumangala, making a great effort, at once found a place by Lord Krishna's side. At that time the golden effulgence of Shrimati Radharani and the blue luster of Lord Krishna both combined to become an emerald-green splendor that suddenly pervaded the forest of Vrndavana.

32- Jubilant Madhumangala then said: One may ask: why have Radha and Mukunda combined Their bodily lusters to produce this emerald color? The answer is: They are both tortured by the cruel cupid. They think that by combining in this way he will not see Them, and They will thus escape his clutches.

33- Learned and intelligent Tungavidya smiled as she spoke the following words: Shrimati Radharani's golden complexion has combined with Lord Krishna's blue luster to form this emerald-green effulgence. My dear gopis, because you are decorated with the transcendental qualities of Radha and Krishna, you are all now glistening with the splendor of the green effulgence.

34- Eager to speak, Vrnda-devi, the protectress of Vrndavana forest began to motion with her hands. these motions created a little breeze. As fate would have it, the breeze entered the holes of the flute concealed on her person and caused it to sound a note.

35- All the gopis became frightened to hear the sound of the flute. Kundalata and her friends at once approached Vrnda-devi. Kundalata took the flute from Vrnda's hand. Kundalata then presented Vrnda-devi before Lord Hari and said: Here is the thief.

36- Radharani took the flute and handed it again to Vrnda-devi. Radha said: My friend Kundalata, your brother-in-law Krishna is tormenting us. If You think He is right and Vrnda has stolen His flute, then ask how she got this flute. Only if she cannot give a satisfactory answer do you have the right to punish her.

37- Vrnda said: In the forest a monkey forcibly took this flute from Saibya's hand, broke it, and then gave it to me. Nandimukhi was there. She is my witness.

38- Kundalata then placed the flute in Lord Krishna's hand. Happy to regain His flute after such a long time, Lord Krishna began to play notes upon it.

39- The beautiful sounds of Lord Krishna's flute sprinkled the entire universe with the sweetest nectar. That flute sound aroused the amorous desires of all women in the three worlds. That flute sound caused all six seasons to be manifest simultaneously . That flute sound caused the stationary living entities to move in ecstasy, and the moving living entities to become stunned.

40- The arrows of beautiful sound from Lord Krishna's flute sounded all the peaceful and sedate women for a great distance and caused them all to become maddened with amorous desires. Even those who were not women became agitated with ecstatic love by hearing the flute's sound. This is not very wonderful or surprising, for Lord Krishna is the original form of the demigod cupid.

41- The sounds of Lord Krishna's flute caused everyone to become stunned in ecstasy. They caused the stationary hills and mountain peaks to melt. They caused the rivers to stop flowing and stand still. Seeing the still rivers the thirsty birds and deer wanted to go to them to drink, but they could not move for they were stunned by the sounds of the flute. Those who were already at the river's edge could not drink, for they were overwhelmed by hearing the sound of Lord Krishna's flute.

42- The sounds of Lord Krishna's flute caused the waters of the lake to become hard like stone. The flute sounds caused the female swans to become stunned and motionless as if their feet were firmly bound. Although their husbands wished to sport with them and give them morsels of lotus stems to eat, they were also stunned and could neither move nor eat.

43- O Radha,O Krishna,O gopis, see how the sound of Lord Krishna's flute has overwhelmed this forest with ecstatic love. See how the moving creatures have become stunned in ecstasy, standing still like stone pillars. See how the unmoving living entities are trembling, the stones melting, the birds stuttering, and the blades of grass are standing upright in ecstasy.

44- Standing before her master and mistress(Shri Shri Radha and Krishna), Vrnda-devi showed Them how the beauties of all the seasons were simultaneously present in Vrndavana forest at that moment. Vrnda-devi said to Them the following words:

45- See how this Vrndavana forest is decorated at this moment with the beautiful flowers of all different seasons, such as the springtime malati and bakula, the summer vicakila, amogha, and sishrisa, the monsoon-season yuthi, nipa, and ketaki, the autumn jati, lotus, and bana, the early winter lodhra, and amlana, and the late winter bandhuka and kunda flowers.

46- O Krishna, O killer of Bakasura, here are the householder-couples of Vrndavana forest. Here are the blossoming mango trees accompanied by their wives, the blossoming madhavi creepers. Here are the sirisa trees and their wives the beautiful malli creepers. Here are the kadamba trees and their wives, the flowering vithi creepers. Here are the saptaparna trees and their wives the jati creepers. Here are the lodhra trees and their wives the flowering amlana creepers. Here are the kunda trees and their wives the phalini creepers. All these trees and creepers of the forest are very eager to serve You.

47- O Radha and Krishna, somewhere the bees and cuckoos, in other places the blue-jays and dhumyatakas, in other places the datyuhas and sikhi-catakas, in other places the swans and cranes, in other places the parrots and kikkhis, and in other places the bharadvajas and haritaka birds jubilantly warble the narration of Your glorious transcendental attributes.

48- See how the trees show the signs of all six seasons simultaneously. On a single tree one branch has new shoots, another flower-buds, and another blooming flowers,. On one branch the leaves are green and on another they are white. One branch has unripe fruit, another has fruit in the process of becoming ripe, and another has fully ripened fruit.

49- This forest of Vrndavana is decorated with the opulences and sweetnesses of all the six seasons. Filled with love for You, this forest yearns to taste the happiness of directly serving You with them.

50- Seeing You both enter the forest-cottage, this forest of Vrndavana has become very happy. On the pretext of its vines moving as the gopis walk by them, Vrndavana forest is dancing in ecstasy, and shaking its garments of sumanah-flower pollen.

51- This forest jubilantly welcomes You both by placing a wonderful carpet of multicolored flowers on the path before Your feet.

52- The splendor of Your moonlike faces has caused the moonstone studded pavements here to melt. Vrndavana forest has now taken that moonstone-water, mixed it with the syamaka grains, durva grass, and exquisite lotus flowers growing by the path, and presented the mixture to You both as water for washing Your feet.

53- This Vrndavana forest now offers You both arghya water mixed with durva-grass, sumanah flowers, and various new shoots. The forest also offers You acamana water mixed with jaya fruits, cloves, jati fruits, and fresh buds, that have all fallen on the path before Your feet.

54- Vrndavana forest offers You both madhuparka with its streams of honey. This forest offers You fragrant bath-water cooled by the breeze and the cloud's shadow.

55- Vrndavana-forest places upon Your limbs multicolored garments and ornaments made of fresh sprouts and many varieties of flowers. The beauty of these flowers is only a partial reflection of the splendor of Your bodies, which defeat the glistening mirrors made of jewels.

56- Vrndavana-forest jubilantly anoints Your limbs with the fragrance of its own sandalwood, musk, aguru, and kunkuma, carried in the breeze. This forest dusts Your bodies with the scented-powder of many kinds of flower-pollen.

57- Vrndavana-forest jubilantly places on Your transcendental bodies garlands of bakula, vicalika, and yuthi flowers, earrings of lovely, fresh malati flowers, crowns of amlana flowers, sashes of kunda flowers, and many other ornaments made of various other flowers.

58- This forest offers You the multitude of its delightful, flowers, tulasi-leaves, tulasi-manjaris, and various sprouts. This forest offers You many garlands made from them.

59- This forest offers arati to You. On the pretext of a swarm of bumble-bees carrying waves of aromatic pollen from various flowers, it offers You incense. On the pretext of moving campaka flowers it offers You a lamp. It offers You foodstuff in the form of its own delicious fruits.

60- This forest presents You with tambula made from its own betel-nuts and betel-leaves mixed with plantain blossoms, camphor, cloves, cardamom, and other palatable ingredients.

61- This forest showers You with sumanahs, bakulas, and many other flowers, as the parrot community proclaims: Victory! Victory! All glories to You!

62- The campaka trees are priests, their branches moving in the breeze are their moving arms, their twigs are hands, and their golden flowers are flames. These campaka-priests wave their flower-flames before You as the birds and bees sing with melodious voices. In this way the forest of Vrndavana jubilantly offers arati to You.

63- The wind repeatedly moving its flower-and-fruit-laden branches first up and then down, this forest of Vrndavana humbly and jubilantly offers numberless prostrated obeisances at Your lotus feet.

64- This forest of Vrndavana arranges various courtly entertainments for You. The forest arrangs that the birds offer prayers to You, the bees provide instrumental music with their humming, the bees provide vocal music by singing sweetly on the fifth note, the parrots and similar birds narrate Your pastimes and glories, and the peacocks dances for Your pleasure.

65- Vrndavana forest now raises a parasol above Your heads. This parasol consists of flower-pollen and drops of madhvika-nectar carried by a whirlwind.

66- Arranging that the breeze move the camara wisks of its vines and the fans of its plantain and palm leaves, this forest fans You both. It worships You by performing the festive ananda-satra ceremony in this way. By pleasing You in this way, Vrndavana forest also pleases all living entities automatically.

67- O Mukunda, this gentle breeze is an expert waver, who takes the curved waver's shuttle of this swarm of bees, and fashions an awning of flower-pollen to shield You both from the sun's heat.

68- O king and queen of Vrndavana, this part of the forest is known as Vasanta-kanta. The king of all seasons happily resides in this place. He yearns to serve You with his various opulences.

69- Lord Hari was very pleased to see the opulences of Vrndavana forest. He turned to His sweetly beautiful beloved Radharani and described the forest's splendor in the following words:

70- My dear Radharani, whose teeth are as beautiful as jasmine flowers, look at these bumble-bees. After collecting all the available nectar, they have now turned their backs on these jasmine flowers, and greedy for more honey, they are now flying to the top branch of this mango tree.

71- Lord Krishna continued: My dear sweet-voiced Radharani, look at these cuckoos. Abandoning their vow of silence they have begun to warble sweetly, as if drinking kasaya-rasa. See how they fly to this budding mango tree.

72- Look at these madhavi, svarna-yuthi, and other smiling creepers embracing the trees of Vraja. Look at these splendid, blossoming campaka, bakula, tamala, punnaga, tilaka, mango, vanjula, and kesanagara trees before us.

73- O moon-faced girl with lovely teeth, look at these beautiful trees and creepers. Here are punnaga trees embraced by sapta;a creepers, baku;a trees embraced by graceful; ;avanga creepers, kovidara trees embraced by kubja creepers, campaka trees embraced by ketaki creepers, asoka trees embraced by svarna-yuthi creepers splendid kimsuka trees embraced by patali creepers, mango trees embraced by madhavi creepers, kesanagara trees embraced by white satadalika creepers.

74- Within this forest are atimukta trees, madhavi creepers, and the exalted Vrajavasis, who are above the petty benediction known as liberation from this world. Carpenters come here to get the wood of the atimukta trees, garland-makers come to get the flowers of the madhavi creepers, and those who aspire for liberation come to associate with the great souls who have already surpassed the liberated stage. I think these trees are all aspiring transcendentalists who have taken birth here as trees in order to associate with the Vrajavasis.

75- This forest has become like cupid's arrow-factory. The trees and creepers here are like the workers who create cupid's flower-arrows. The bumble-bees are like inspectors, traveling from flower to flower. On the pretext of making loud buzzing sounds, these inspector-bees announce the good and ill of each worker's product.

76- This female bee now sees her lover within a flower. Seeing her own reflection beside him, and thinking this to be a rival female bee, she burns with jealous anger. Even though she is very thirsty, she adamantly refuses to enter that flower and drink its nectar.

77- Lord Krishna continued: My dear lotus-faced girl, look at these plantain trees. These leaves are their lips, and these fruits are their teeth. These trees are very happy to see that the two of Us have met each other in this forest. They are laughing and trembling with happiness, and the bumble-bees flying from their flowers are the tears of happiness gliding from their eyes.

78- Look at this. Here is a male bee performing the rasa-dance with many female bees in the flowering vines. The male bee has now taken his favorite and hidden her among the lotus flowers. He has now left the rasa-dance to enjoy with his beloved.

79- Madhumangala showed Vrndavana forest to the dear Divine Couple, and then said:

80- O king and queen of Vraja-forest, the beauty of summer has now noticed Your arrival. He is very eager to serve You with his various opulences.

81- Noticing Your arrival, the tittibha birds now warble like dundubhi drums, the dhumyata birds like bheri drums, the crickets like jhallari drums, the cuckoos like lutes, and the blue-jays like diddima drums. As all these instruments play, the parrots recite prayers, the bumble-bees sing, and the vines have begun to dance.

82- The summer season is very happy and eager to present to You garments of lovely patali flowers, garlands of sirisa flowers, and various ornaments of malli flowers.

83- Wishing to serve You, the summer season has given me these perfectly ripe pilu, karira, dhatri, rajadana, panasa, mango, bilva, vikankata, jalaka, and talabija fruits to present before You.

84- Look at these trees and creepers. Fearing that the heat of the blazing summer sun, encircled with suryakanta gems, would cause You discomfort, these trees and creepers are now shading You with their branches and fanning You with their blossoms moving in the breeze.

85- Look at this plantain tree surrounded by saplings. This tree appears like a mother affectionately caressing her seven children fulfilling their desires, and feeding them with the milk from the breasts of its curved flowers.

86- O Hari, look at Your beloved Radharani. See how her beautiful nose is like a cuckoo's beak reaching to taste the ripe mango fruit of Her lips. See how Her friends are smiling to hear this. See how she has now bowed Her head in embarrassment.

87- On the shores of this lake a tamala tree enjoys the rasa-dance with these beautiful jasmine creepers, filled with many glistening restless bumble-bees, and smiling with blossoming flowers because angry cupid has appointed them the best of all athletes. This tamala tree is actually Lord Krishna, the prince who rules the cowherds' village, the creepers are the beautiful gopis, and the bumble-bees are the gopis playful, moving eyebrows.

88- Shri Shri Radha-Mukunda smiled to hear Madhumangala's words. Vrnda-devi gave Them bunches of sirisa flowers, and They placed them on each other's ears.

89- With His own lotus hand, Lord Krishna placed scented powder on the hair of His beloved Radharani. She then anointed His hair and arm-pits with scented powder, and decorated His crown with peacock feathers.

90- As He touched Her breasts, Lord Krishna said to His beloved Radharani: My beloved, this summer's heat has caused Me great pain, and therefore I am fleeing to take shelter of the mountain fortress of Your breasts. May I become cooled in this way?

91- O My beloved, Your face is an effulgent golden jambu river studded with candrakanta gems. Many amorous pairs of birds bath in this river, drink its waters, and play on its shores.

92- Subala then said to Shri Shri Radha-Krishna: Look at the beauty of the monsoon-season in this part of the forest. The peacocks have mistaken You for a monsoon cloud accompanied by a lightning flash. Blinded with love for You, they jubilantly dance, as if they had suddenly gone mad.

93- Look at these jasmine creepers. They smile and laugh with pride because their sweet aroma has attracted the restless bumble-bees to sit in their flowers. They are just like the gopis, who are very proud to have attracted the bumble-bee Krishna.

94- This part of the forest is beautified with the constant rains of the monsoon season. This place is filled with splendid dark clouds, yuthi flowers, and charming, playful bumble-bees.

95- In this place the sky is filled with clouds, the land with water, and the directions with blossoming kadamba and arjuna trees.

96- Listen to the jubilant chirping of the birds. The cuckoos sing alalapi, the datyuhas sing kokavi, the catakas sing samrarati, and the saluras sing pariroravi.

97- The ducks sing viraravi, the peacocks sing dandhvani, the kopastikas sing praninanadi, and the swans sing prasamsvani.

98- Carrying a blue sari of clouds, a pearl necklace of small white cranes, and a rainbow-ornament, this monsoon-season wishes to serve You as the gopis do.

99- This monsoon-season serves You by placing at You lotus feet pralamba-garlands of kadamba flowers, beautiful hair-ornaments of kutaja flowers, crowns of ketaki-petals, and various kinds of garlands fashioned of beautiful rangana and yuthi flowers.

100- The beauty of this monsoon-season is so great that it can be compared only with Your beloved Radharani. The ripe tala fruits in this monsoon-season are like Shrimati Radharani's breasts anointed with kunkuma and musk, the ripe jambu-fruits are like Her glistening hair, and the ripe kharjura fruits are like  Her beautiful fingers.

101- The scriptures pose the following rhetorical question: Except for Shri Krishna, who can enjoy sublime transcendental pastimes? Except for this forest of Vraja, where is there a place suitable for the Lord's pastimes? The datyuha birds reflect these questions as they now warble: who else? who else? where else? where else?

102- "The scriptures pose the following rhetorical question: what are ordinary clouds that sometimes sprinkles sprinkle water in some places, certain places in comparison to Lord Krishna, whose pastime clouds eternally shower the sweetest nectar? What is this ordinary two-month monsoon, only one of six seasons, in comparison to the eternal monsoon of Lord Krishna's pastimes? The frogs reflect these questions as they jubilantly croak in all directions: What? What?

103-Look! These bumble-bees have become like a monsoon-cloud, this       shady grove of kadamba trees has become like a dark monsoon-day, and this sweet forest-honey has become like a great monsoon-shower

104- Look at this peacock playing with his beloved. Now he sees a host of peahens before them. Now he shields his beloved with his extended feathers, and dances with her as if they were alone in a private place.

105- Embraced by the lightning flash of Shrimati Radharani, the dark cloud of Shri Krishna greatly increases the beauty of the monsoon season. That cloud delights the catakas birds of the gopis' eyes, and showers the nectar of its own transcendental pastimes upon this world.

106- Thus ends the twelfth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes.

Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessings of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.