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Chapter 11


1- Vrnda-devi hid the flute in her bodice and followed Nandimukhi to the place where the gopis had assembled. Vrnda-devi asked the gopis: O friends, where are the king and queen of Vrndavana-forest. I have a request to present before Their lotus feet.

2- The gopis replied: They quarreled and went to see Emperor Cupid. If your request is very confidential, you should go to Them in Cupid's forest-palace.

3- Vrnda-devi said: You are all equal to Shrimati Radharani in your hearts, forms, and lives, and therefore my request certainly cannot be kept secret from you. Indeed, because you are the intimate counselor of Vrndavana's royal Couple I must first present my request to you.

4- Understanding that Divine Couple had concluded Their amorous pastimes, the eager gopis assembled at the now-open doors and peering into the garden, where the Divine Couple were staying.

5- When Lord Krishna began to dress Himself, He was repeatedly checked by Radharani. He finally acceded to Her demands, allowing Her to hastily dress Him as He dressed Her.

6- Using an unbroken lotus leaf as a palate, Lord Krishna pained many decorations on Shrimati Radharani's face. He neatly tied Her braids, and then said: Stand up, Your friends are waiting outside.

7- Radharani was ashamed to see Her friends, and She wanted to run away like a thief. Krishna, His eyes blossoming wide with happiness, spoke many logical arguments to defeat Her reluctance, and finally He took Her by the hand and forcibly dragged Her from the inner garden to the outer courtyard where the gopis were waiting.

8- Radharani was shyly looking away. Lord Krishna's eyes were blossoming with happiness. The gopis were very happy to see Radha and Krishna, who were more dear to them than their own lives, standing before them. They at once gathered around their friend Radha and respectfully addressed Her in the following words:

9- Where did You go when You left us? We searched for You but could not find You anywhere. Where did You go with this insolent boy? This disappearance is not very auspicious for You. It will wreck Your good reputation.

10- When Shrimati Radharani heard these crooked joking words, She became overwhelmed with embarrassment. When She saw Her lover Krishna hinting the details of Their amorous pastimes to Her friends, She became livid with anger.

11- When Her lover Krishna began to laugh out loud, Shrimati Radharani knitted Her eyebrows, and unloosed vociferous stuttered criticisms, pointing Her moving forefinger at Him. She then turned to Her laughing gopi-friends and spoke the following crooked words:

12- I wanted to return home, and you stop Me, pulling at My garment, and torturing Me by hinting that I have gone to a secret rendezvous with this reprobate Krishna. Why must I tolerate your association?

13- When I fled in fear of this maddened great snake, who hotly pursued Me, thirsting to touch Me, My friends, the thorny creepers, the labhyrinthine forest, and the mazes of red and white hundred-petaled lotus flowers, gave Me protection.

14- Kundalata then said: O Radha, You speak the truth. You are not lying, for we can clearly see on Lord Krishna's body the marking left by Your strenuous resistance to His advances.

15- We can clearly see on Lord Krishna's body the marks of Your friends the thorny creepers as well as the marks left by Your own beautiful thornlike nails as You struggled to protect Yourself. These marks are all very wonderful.

16- This debauchee Krishna, the paramour of many gopis, bears many moonlike scratched on His chest, and You, carry these inauspicious marks also upon Your breasts. This is certainly very wonderful. Please tell us the reason for this.

17- This debauchee Krishna, the paramour of many gopis, always meditates on Candravali-gopi within His heart, and You also seem to be intently meditating on the same Candravali within Your heart. This is certainly very wonderful. Please tell us the reason for this.

18- At that moment Kundalata turned to Lalita and said: My saintly friend, I don't think you should believe this theory that the scratch-marks on the bodies of Radha and Krishna were caused by the thorny bushes of Vrndavana. If this were so, then why are there no scratch-marks at all on the bodies of the chaste gopis who fled in fear of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who furiously chased them, yearning to catch and embrace them.

19- In order to hear the description of each of Shrimati Radharani's limbs, as well as to see the varieties of ecstatic love manifested upon Her face, the gopis jokingly described their friend Radha, expressing themselves in various colorful methaphors and similes as Lord Krishna intently listened, meditating on the form of His beloved.

20- Understanding Lord Krishna's desire, and in order to please Him, the smiling gopis began to describe the limbs of Shrimati Radharani, in nectarean poetry scented with the camphor of Her beautiful sweetness. Although the knitted eyebrows of restless-eyed Radharani forbade them to speak, they were encouraged by the showers of nectar falling from the gently smiling blossoming lotus face of Lord Krishna.

21- With crooked words, the gopis, using the rhetorical device aprastuta-prasamsa (where the speaker conceals the actual object of his glorification), pretended to describe Kundalata, although their words were actually meant to describe their friend Shrimati Radharani.

22- Lalita then said: O friends, just see how the clear signs of Lord Madhusudana's amorous pastimes are now present on the body of Kundalata.

23- Lalita continued: O noble friends, we can see that the phases of the moon shine in this world like a series of curved Siva-lingas. I think that the Siva-lingas of Radharani's breasts yearn to defeat them.

24- Her face blossoming with a beautiful teeth-revealing smile, Visakha spoke the following words to please Lord Krishna:

25- How is it that the many phases of the spotless full moon of Lord Krishna's fingernails have left the waning spotted moon in the sky and chosen to decorate the two Siva-lingas, that are the breasts of Shrimati Radharani?

26- Delighted by hearing these words, slender-waisted Campakalata pleased Lord Krishna with the following statement:

27- I do not know how these marks have come on Shrimati Radharani's breasts. Is it perhaps that Lord Hari's lotus hands, seeing the Lord's lotus feet dance on the Kaliya serpent's head and leave many footprints there, has now become envious, and in a spirit of rivalry has wounded the two oranges of Radharani's breasts with jubilant dancing?

28- Citra, the best among the gopis, then spoke the following words:

29- I think perhaps this golden creeper of Radharani has embraced the dark tamala tree of Lord Krishna. Perhaps the moving twigs of that trees have scratched that creeper's ripe shriphala fruits. Perhaps this is the reason for these marks on Radharani's breasts.

30- As Tungavidya, the queen of poets, spoked the following words, she delighted all the gopis except for her friend Radharani, who became filled with embarrassment:

31- I think Shrimati Radharani's glistening body is actually a tropical jungle. Within that jungle resides the maddened elephant of Radharani's lusty desires. The bulging, musk, decorated forehead of that elephant pretends to be the breasts of Shrimati Radharani. I think Lord Krishna must have taken cupid's goad in His hand and struck that elephant's forehead hundreds of times. I think this is the reason there are so many marks on Shrimati Radharani's breasts.

32- Her teeth shining like a line of moons, Indulekha happily spoke the following words:

33- I think Radharani is like a great amorous, celestial Ganges river. I think the elephant of Lord Krishna has played in Her waters and violently scratched with His trunk the lotus buds of Her breasts growing there. I think this is the reason for these marks on Shrimati Radharani's breasts.

34- In spite if her friend Radharani's stern glance intended to check her, Rangadevi proceeded to fill Lord Krishna's ears with nectar by speaking the following words:

35- I think the creator Brahma has placed two decorated golden vessels, filled with the jewels of youthfulness on Shrimati Radharani's chest. Although Radharani always conceals these vessels with care, Lord Krishna has sent the thieves of His fingernails to steal the jewels within them. These thieves violently scratched these vessels, hoping to break them open and rob the jewels within. I think this is the reason for these marks on Shrimati Radharani's breasts.

36- In order to please Lord Krishna, Sudevi then joked about Radharani in the following words:

37- I think Radharani's breasts are two valuable golden pomegranates. These two pomegranates are the favorite fruit of Lord Krishna, who wears yellow garments and who is the dearest object of love for the residents of Vrndavana forest. I think Lord Krishna has violently pounded these two pomegranates in order to extract the sweet juice within. I think this is the reason for these marks on Shrimati Radharani's breasts.

38- Taking the opportunity to speak, jubilant Candramukhi described Shrimati Radharani in the following words:

39- I think Shrimati Radharani is like an extraordinary golden pomegranate tree bearing two golden fruits. I think the bumble-bees of Lord Krishna's fingernails must have landed on two flowers of that tree and bitten these two fruits to get the sweet juice of the very rope seeds within. I think this is the reason for these marks on Shrimati Radharani's breasts.

40- Jyestha, the best of the gopis, then spoke the following words:

41- When Lord Krishna kissed Radharani's eyes with His lips, Her black mascara appears reddish like a ripe bimba fruit. When Shrimati Radharani kissed kissed Lord Krishna, Her teeth became like hungry parrots, eager to taste the fruit of Lord Krishna's lips.

42- Simultaneously encouraged by the movements of Lord Krishna's eyebrow, and forbidden by her mistress Radha's menacing glance, Kancanalata proceeded to describe Radharani in the following very clear words:

43- Just see how Lord Brahma has cleverly constructed this patrol scene to exactly resemble a young girl with a navel, a vertical line of hair on her torso, two breasts, and a face. Actually, of course, what at first appears to be a navel is actually a pond of thick nectar. What appears to be a vertical line of hairs above it is actually a single lotus stem sprouted from the waters of that lake. What appears to be two breasts, are actually two lotus flowers whose petals have closed because of the brilliant shining of the moon that exactly resembles a young girl's face.

44- Doe-eyed Madhavi-gopi then spoke the following words:

45- I think this girl Radha is actually a sacrificial arena for Lord Krishna. Her navel is the reservoir of sacrificial ghee. The three folds of skin around Her middle are the sacrificial belt. Her waist is the sacrificial altar. The vertical line of hairs on Her torso, is the sacrificial flame. Her breasts are the two sacrificial pots. Her thighs are the sacrificial seat. Her neck is the conchshell blown in the sacrificial. The demigod Cupid is the priest who offers sacrifice here. The result of his sacrifice is the attraction of the mind of Lord Krishna, the enemy of Bakasura.

46-Vasanti-gopi glanced at Shrimati Radharani, the beautiful and opulent daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu, and then spoke the following words:

47- I think Radharani is the great armory of king Cupid. Her eyebrow are his bows. The vertical line of hairs on Her torso is his sword. Her sidelong glances are his arrows, Her two arms are his rope-weapons. Her neck is his conchshell. Her thighs are his cakra-weapon. Her glistening cheeks are his golden shield, and Her nails are his hook-weapons.

48- Pleased to hear these words, Vrnda-devi said:

49- Shrimati Radharani's beautiful form is a nectarean celestial Ganges river, where Her arms are two lotus steams. Her beautiful breasts are two cakravaka birds. Her beautiful face, navel, hands, and feet are lotus flowers. The curling locks of hair on Her head are a swarm of bumble-bees. Her charming smile is a water-lily. Her eyes are two blue lotus flowers, and the vertical line of hairs on Her torso is moss. The elephant who plays within Her waters is the heart of Shri Krishna.

50- Understanding the desire within Lord Krishna's heart, Lalita and other gopis proceeded, one after another, to speak various verses affectionately glorifying their friend Shrimati Radharani.

51- Another gopi said: The soles of Radharani's lotus feet are a formidable army shining with regal opulence. That army is equipped with many weapons, such as conchshells, half-moons, barleycorns, lotus flowers, elephants, chariots, plows, goads, arrows, flags, bows, svastikas, fish, clubs, and shields which are decorations drawn in red lac. With these weapons the army of Radha's lotus soles has conquered all directions.

52- Another gopi said: The luster of Shrimati Radharani's feet are so beautiful that it makes the new sprouts named pallava, the lotus flower named padma, and the red lotus named kokanada appear dull and unattractive, just like a white cakaravaka bird whose glory is dimmed by the darkness of night. Radharani's lotus feet eclipse the beauty of every beautiful things. to what may the metaphor-hungry poet compare Shrimati Radharani's beautiful feet?

53- Another gopi said: the unprecedented and very wonderful spotless and reddish full moons of Shrimati Radharani's toenails eternally shine in Lord Hari's heart, making the lotus flowers of His senses blossom with delight.

54- Another gopi said: In the lawless city of Queen Radha's youthful form, the thieves of Her breasts and hips have violently attacked Her waist and stolen all its property, and bound it with ropes of three folds of skin visible there. Seeing all this, Radharani's ankles are now hiding in fear of these rapacious thieves.

55- Another gopi said: When Lord Krishna is afflicted by the burning heat of cupid's summer season, He takes shelter under the cooling shade of the two golden plantain trees of Shrimati Radharani's thighs.

56- Another gopi said: Why, on the pretext of creating Radharani's legs, did Lord Brahma fulfill cupid's request for two golden posts? I think that gift must have been given so cupid could bind the mad elephant of Lord Krishna's amorous mind to those posts using the chain of Radharani' charming sweetness.

57- Another gopi said: What appear to be Radharani's knees are not knees at all, but cupid's golden jewelry chests. Cupid feels very happy that he has now, with great endeavor, stolen the jewels of Lord Krishna's heart and eyes, and placed them in these two golden cases.

58- Another gopi said: An intelligent person may fear the blows of the elephant's hard trunks, and the plantain trees may be ashamed that their tapering stems become so narrow, still, the elephant's trunks are not so delightfully firm as Shrimati Radharani's thighs, and the plantain trees do not taper as beautiful as Radharani's thighs, which become exhausted by playing with the youthful elephant of Lord Krishna. to what may the incomparably charming thighs of Shrimati Radharani be compared?

59- Another gopi said: When Lord Krishna travels to the beautiful slope of Govardhana Hill, He does not feel the happiness He experience by seeing the beauty of the Yamuna's shore and remembering His pastimes there. In the same way, when he travels to the Yamuna's shore He does not feel the happiness of being on Govardhana Hill. However, when He travels to the beautiful hips of Shrimati Radharani He feels both kinds o happiness simultaneously. This is the glory of Shrimati Radharani's hips.

60- Another gopi said: The poet has truly said that the beautiful hips of Shrimati Radharani are more delightfully charming than the nicest pleasant river-shore. See how the swans of Her belt swim in the Yamuna river of Her braids that flow by the shore of Her hips. This is the ideal dancing arena for Lord Hari's mind. If it were not so, then why does Lord Hari's mind continually dance here with the many dancing partners of His thoughts?

61- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's waist screamed; Riding  on the back head, and trunk of cupid's powerful mad elephant, Radha's thighs, hips, and breasts, the three monarchs of the community of thieves, have together attacked me and stolen my substance. Frightened, angry, and grief-stricken, Radharani's wretched waist at once fled, and made allegiance with it's friend, the waist of the lion.

62- Another gopi said: After stealing the wealth of the waist's wealth, Shrimati Radharani's poverty-stricken hips and breasts met to divide the spoils, and proceeded to quarrel over the bounty. In order to separate the two greedy protagonists, did Lord Brahma, build a fortified boundary that appears like the three folds of skin on Radharani's waist?

63- Another gopis said: Did Lord Brahma think Radharani's waist had become so thin by pining away in separation from it's friend, Radharani's youthful vitality? Did Lord Brahma fear Radharani's waist so slender it might break? Is this the reason he thrice bound it with ropes that appear to be folds of skin.

64- Another gopi said: Is this a golden lotus-petal floating on nectar-lake and pursued by a swarm or black bees? No. I think this is Shrimati Radharani's beautiful abdomen decorated with a navel and a vertical line of hairs.

65- Another gopi said: Decorated with the black musk of a vertical line of hairs and filled with regal opulence, the all-victorious abdomen of Shrimati Radharani makes the beautiful pipal leaves tremble in fear, and makes the golden new lotus petals become stunned in astonishment and shame.

66- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's hands are decorated with a golden pitcher, garland of lotuses, fan, crescent-moon, earrings, parasol, sacrificial post, conchshell, beautiful tree, altar, throne, flower, creeper, camara-wisk, and svastika, and other auspicious markings. I think She carries all these articles of worship so She may secretly serve Her beloved Krishna.

67- Another gopi said: If somewhere there were two lotus flowers decorated with the tips of campaka petals, full moons made of rubies, and the beautiful sharp goads carried by the cupid demigod, then these lotus flowers may somewhat resemble Radharani's hands, which are more beautiful than a multitude of ordinary fresh lotus blossoms.

68- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's sharp lotus nails have become fine glistening cupid's chisels for engraving various designs on the sapphire door-panel of the chest of Lord Krishna, the enemy of Bakasura.

69- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's arms are two golden lotus stems somehow unconnected to the lotus filaments of Her face. Shrimati Radharani's arms are two ropes employed by the demigod cupid. Shrimati Radharani's arms are two creepers bearing the two fruits of Her breasts and the two beautiful fresh sprouts of Her hands. Shrimati Radharani's arms are two splendid creepers tightly embracing the blossoming tamala tree of Shri Krishna.

70- Another gopi said: In order to help Lord Hari cross the great ocean of amorous desires, the creator Brahma has given Him the elaborately jeweled golden boat known as Shrimati Radharani. Since this boat is already nicely equipped with the sail of the beautiful vertical line of hairs on Her torso, I do not understand why Brahma has also furnished it with the arms that are Her arms.

71- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's left side is the splendid daughter of the demigod of beauty, and Her right side another daughter of the beauty demigod. In the same way Lord Krishna's right and left sides are the two handsome sons of the demigod of charming sweetness. The girl on Radharani's left has accepted the boy on Krishna's right as her lover, and the girl on Radharani's right has accepted the boy on Krishna's left.

72- Another gopi said: Is this a golden tablet bearing the proclamation of cupid's victory? Is it a golden sheath for cupid's sword, or a golden case for cupid's snake-noose weapon? I think not. I think this must be Shrimati Radharani's beautiful back decorated with Her braided hair.

73- Another gopi said: The greatest poets proclaim that Shrimati Radharani's shoulder slope gracefully because of the great weight of Lord Giridhari's hand which eternally rests there. I do not agree with them. I think Shrimati Radharani's shoulder slope because of the heavy burden of Her beauty, which surpasses all the goddesses of fortune.

74- Another gopi said: Perfect beauty, charming poetry, and melodious song are the three opulences resting on Shrimati Radharani's neck for the pleasure of Lord Krishna. I sometimes wonder if the creator Brahma placed these three graceful lines on Radharani' neck to commemorate He threefold opulence.

75- Another gopi said: When the nose and breasts, disputed the boundaries of their respective kingdom in the continent of Shrimati Radharani's body, the creator Brahma peacefully settled the conflict, drawing a boundary of three lines in the middle of Radharani's neck.

76- Another gopi said: When the sweet sounds of Radharani's throat are manifested, the melodious cuckoo birds become useless, nectar become bitter, and charming notes of the lute become silent. When the beauty of Radharani's throat is manifested, the graceful conchshells flee in embarrassment, and hide in the ocean. What remains for the poets to use in their metaphors glorifying Shrimati Radharani's beautiful throat?

77- Another gopi said: When golden lotus-petal on which a black bee sleeps at dawn meets with a black cuckoo resting in the window of a golden palace, and the two of them see Shrimati Radharani's beautiful chin decorated with a spot dot of musk and blessed by the touch of Lord Krishna's finger, both observers revile their own insignificant splendor and glorify the vast superiority of Shrimati Radharani's graceful chin.

78- Another gopi said: The bandhujiva flower and the bimba fruit proclaim that Shrimati Radharani's lips are the life and soul of their dearmost friend, Lord Krishna, as well as the external reflection of the love for Lord Krishna within Shrimati Radharani's heart. The bandhujiva flower and bimba fruit both assert that they can never become equal to Shrimati Radharani' beautiful lips.

79- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's lips are famous as the life-and-soul of Lord Krishna, whose transcendental form is filled with the nectar of perfect bliss. How is it possible to say anything further to glorify Radharani's lips.

80- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's teeth eclipse the splendor of jasmine flowers, white mountain summits, and all other beautiful things. Had the creator Brahma not immediately covered Her lips and teeth, the entire multicolored universe would have become swallowed by the non-dual white light of Shrimati Radharani's teeth.

81- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's teeth are as beautiful as jasmine flowers or diamonds. They have attained this wonderful splendor by constantly tasting the bimba fruits of Lord Krishna's lips.

82- Another gopi said: The ruby-studded spoon of Shrimati Radharani's tongue serves Lord Krishna the ecstatic nectar of transcendental playful joking words songs, and charming poetry.

83- Another gopi said: In the backstage room of Her throat Shrimati Radharani keeps and actress expert at narrating Lord Krishna's transcendental glories. Why is it when the fine red curtain is lifted, and She appears on the stage, this actress disguises herself and pretends to be a tongue?

84- Another gopi said: The creator Brahma fashioned the red-cloth-covered swing of Shrimati Radharani's tongue so the youthful couple of Lord Krishna's transcendental glorious qualities and names could enjoy swinging pastimes there.

85- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's words are sweet waves in the ocean of nectar. They are filled with charming jokes and riddles, the various emotional rasas, and a host of literary ornaments decorating the sounds and meanings of words. They have become the music teacher for the bees and cuckoos. They are a nectarean tonic for the ears of Lord Krishna.

86- Another gopi said: Mixed with the ghee of Her love, the sugar of playful jokes, the madhavika juice of the emotional rasas, the camphor of gentle smiles and the pepper of feigned anger, the wonderful, nectarean drink of Shrimati Radharani's words delights the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

87- Another gopi said: Is this the nectar-stream that is he home of the swan of Lord Hari's minds? Is this the nectarean moonlight that the cakori birds of Lord Hari's thirsty eyes yearn to drink? Is this the mass of nectarean dark clouds that give life to the cataki bird of Lord Hari's handsome form? I think not. I think this must be the nectar-waves of Shrimati Radharani's smile.

88- Another gopi said: The desire-creepers of Lord Hari's transcendental qualities blossom in the garden of Shrimati Radharani's heart. Why do the flowers of those creepers pretend to be smiles when they fall to Shrimati Radharani's mouth?

89- Another gopi said: As it flows to the ocean of LOrd Krishna, the river of Shrimati Radharani's mouth becomes in some places a lake of nectar-syllables, a nectar-stream of the fifth-note, a nectar-river of singing, a river of nectar-discourses, a nectar river of sweet fragrances, and a glistening transcendental river of nectar-smiles.

90- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's mouth is a great mountain peak that reviles the insignificant summit of Mount Sumeru. From that mountain peak of Shrimati Radharani's mouth many rivers, such as the transcendental nectarean, celestial Ganges river of Radharani's smile, the beautiful nectar-river of Radharani's transcendental fragrance, the nectarean, celestial Gages river of Radharani's discourses, the nectarean Ganges river of Radharani's singing, and nectarean, celestial Ganges river of Radharani's breathing, all flow to the nectar-ocean of Lord Krishna.

91- Another gopi said: So the two travelers of Lord Krishna's eyes might have a pleasant and auspicious journey, the demigod Brahma created the lotus flower of Radharani's face. Brahma then placed two khanjana-birds of Radharani's eyes upon that flower, and noticing that the birds were very restless, secretly bound them to the golden pots of Radharani's nose.

92- Another gopi said: the creator Brahma fashioned the unprecedented full moon of Radharani's face for the pleasure of the two cakori birds of Lord Krishna's eyes. Placing the two deer of Radharani' eyes, Brahma noticed they were very restless, and so he fixed nearby the two ropes of Radharani's ears in order to bind them.

93- Another gopi said: The moon is unhappy, full of spots, and subject to diminution. The lotus flower shares these faults because the imperfect moon shines upon it. On the other hand, Shrimati Radharani's face is perfectly pure and always full. Tell me, to what object may we compare Radharani's face?

94- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's cheeks have crushed the pride of the golden mirrors. Her cheeks are two lakes filled with the nectar of transcendental beauty and surrounded  by golden shore. Her earrings are the lotus buds growing in those lakes. the picture and designs drawn in musk on Her cheeks are the moss growing on the shores and the makari fishes playing in the waters. The waters of these two lakes completely quenches the great thirst of Lord Krishna.

95- Another gopi said: In order to feed the two bumble-bees of Lord Krishna's eyes, the creator Brahma has placed two blue lotus flowers, which superficially appear to be eyes, in the lake of nectar-beauty, which superficially appear to be the face of Shrimati Radharani. to help those two lotus flowers blossom nicely, Brahma has placed nearby the two glistening moons of Radharani's cheeks.

96- Another gopi said: Is this not the king of parrots sitting in the cage of Radharani's forehead? Just see how this thirsty parrot, reaching down to taste the nectar-filled bimba fruit of Radharani's lips, pretends that his beak is only an innocent nose.

97- Another gopi said: the wonderful cupid's arrow of Shrimati Radharani's beautiful nose is now placed on the bending bow of Her eyebrows. Tipped with a pearl, that arrow has quickly broken Lord Krishna's armor and pierced the peaceful composure within His mind.

98- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani has drawn many of Cupid's flower-arrows from the sesame-flower quiver of Her beautiful nose. Lowering Her face and pretending these flower-arrows were smiles, She shot them at Lord Krishna. The deer of Lord Krishna's mind suddenly found itself the target of all these arrows.

99- Another gopi said: Ignorant poets say that the pearl on Radharani's nose has become red and black like a gunja-berry because it reflects the red of Her lips and the black of Her eye-mascara. My opinion is that black Krishna eternally resides within Radharani's heart, which has become reddened with love for Him. I think that when Shrimati Radharani sighs the red love and black Krishna become reflected on Her nose-pearl, turning it red and black like a gunja-berry.

100- Another gopi said: The creator Brahma collected from all the corners of the universe the essences of the most sublime beauty and sweetness to form the eyes of Shrimati Radharani. When he was finished he took the few useless scraps of sweetness remaining, and with them he created bumble-bees, cakori-birds, deer-eyes, fish, and white and blue lotus flowers.

101- Another gopi said: My dear beautiful-faced Radharani, Your mascara-decorated eyes are like two khanjana birds. Their ever-fresh, wonderful beauty has shattered the pride of the lotus flowers. With their graceful, playful motions they have embarrassed the charming fish. They delight the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead.

102- Another gopi said: In order to teach the two youthful and charming fish-princesses the art of dancing, the creator Brahma disguised them as a pair of eyes and placed them in the nectar-like of Shrimati Radharani's face. Wishing to arrange for their marriage with the two handsome fish princes of Lord Krishna's shark-shaped earrings, and fearing that the two restless princes might escape, Brahma confined the princes in the nets of Lord Krishna's ears.

103- Another gopi said: Two bumble-bees Prajapatis reside in the two lotus flowers of Radharani's eyes. These two Prajapatis have begotten a host of mind-born sons disguised as a multitude of sidelong glances.

104- Another gopi said: The two curving Vishnukranta creepers of Radharani's eyes have sprouted two black flowers disguised as a pair of eyes.

105- Another gopi said: Is this a splendid forehead stretching from Radharani's hair to the creepers of Her eyebrows.

106- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's splendid forehead has crushed the pride of the brilliant crescent moon. Bounded by black eyebrows and curling locks of hair, it appears like a fresh, golden madhavi petal surrounded by bumble-bees.

107- Another gopi said: Lord Brahma has written Shrimati Radharani's destiny in the following inscription on Her forehead: This girl is deeply enamored of Her lover Krishna, who is a mine filled with the jewels of transcendental virtues. Please tell me, why is this proclamation disguised as a red sindura moon-dot?

108- Another gopi said: Is this red-sindura tilaka drawn in the part of Radharani's hair and covered by Her red sari, or is this cupid's pointed arghya-patra, ceremoniously offered with the karavaguntha-gesture?

109- Another gopi said: Entering the narrow lane, that parts of the forests of Radharani's hair, the mad elephant of Lord Krishna's mind has become reddened sprinkled by the sindura there.

110- Another gopi said: Although great darkness and a splendid moon both live happily and without enmity in the continent o Radharani's body, they nevertheless fear each other's attack. Disguising itself as Radharani's braided hair the darkness has placed an army of bumble-bees at it's frontier. Disguising itself as a face, the moon has assembled as army of moon-phases for it's own defense.

111- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's curling locks of hair are a swarm of bumble-bees flying over Her ears and eager to taste the sweet nectar of Her lotus flower face. The hunter cupid has cleverly placed these bees in this place in order to lure the two deer of Lord Krishna's eyes into his trap.

112- Another gopi said: Sprinkled with the nectar of pure love, the creeper of Shrimati Radharani's thoughts has sprouted many new tendrils. Blackened by constant meditation on the dark; form of Shri Krishna, these long, thin, tendrils appear to outsiders to be hairs on Shrimati Radharani's head.

113- Another gopi said: the beautiful dark luster of Lord Krishna's transcendental form has been carefully collected by Shrimati Radharani's glance and thoughts. It has now become transformed into the glorious black substance that superficially appears to be the braided hair upon Her head.

114- Another gopi said: The Yamuna river of Shrimati Radharani's beautiful black hair is braided with the Sarasvati river of a string of jewels, and a Ganges river of pearls and flowers. In this way the decorated, braided hair of curving-eyebrowed Radharani have become just like the pilgrimage place Triveni, where the Sarasvati, Ganges, and Yamuna rivers converge.

115- Another gopi said: When the camari does and the peacocks saw Shrimati Radharani's braided loosened in Her transcendental pastimes, they both became afraid that the beauty of their tails would at once appear very insignificant by comparison with it. With great embarrassment they both fled, the camari does running to the mountains, and the peacocks hiding in the forests.

116- Another gopi said: All Shrimati Radharani's limbs are scented with kumkuma. Her navel, eyebrows, hair, and eyes bear the fragrance of blue lotus flowers anointed with aguru and musk, Her breasts, ears, face, nose, hands, and feet, bear the fragrance of lotus flowers anointed with camphor, and Her sides, and nails bear the fragrance of ketali flowers anointed with sandalwood paste.

117- Another gopi said: Filled with all transcendental qualities to delight Lord Krishna's senses, noble Radharani appears very splendid and beautiful. She may be compared to Herself only, and to no one else. Her limbs are all consummately beautiful, and they may also be compared to themselves only, and to no other objects. they crush to pieces any attempt to compare them to anything else.

118- Another gop said: Shrimati Radharani is just like the incomparable sweetness of Lord Krishna, the enemy of Aghasura. Lord Krishna's transcendental sweetness is just like the incomparable Shrimati Radharani.

119- Another gopi said: Radharani's pure love is boundless, Her virtues incomparable, Her beauty unequaled, Her character perfectly charming, and Her youthfulness supremely wonderful. Lord Krishna is wellaware of all Her virtues. Why should He not be completely under Her dominion?

120- Another gopi said: Although Shrimati Radharani is very pure and chaste, there are still malicious rumors of Her infidelity. Although She is; full of transcendental love, Her superiors try to check Her expression of it. Although She yearns to always associate with Lord Krishna, the enemy of Bakasura, She cannot. These three facts are a sharp trident that has struck our heart.

121- Another gopi said: If one asks about the origin o love of Krishna, the answer if that the origin is in Shrimati Radharani alone. Who is the most dear friend of Krishna? The answer again is Shrimati Radharani alone. No one else. Shrimati Radharani's hair is very curly, Her two eyes are always moving to and fro, and Her breasts are firm. Since all transcendental qualities are manifest in Shrimati Radharani, She alone is able to fulfill all the desire of Krishna. No one else.

122- Another gopi said: Beautiful Shrimati Radharani remains in this forest of Vrndavana. Her fragrant, gracefully bending from decorated with pictures and designs drawn in musk, sandal, and other substances, and Her limbs blossoming with happiness, She eternally embraces Lord Madhusudana, the jubilant Supreme Personality of Godhead.

123- Another gopi said: A beautiful madhavi creeper grows in this forest of Vrndavana. this gracefully bending, fragrant creeper has sprouted many delightful leaves and flowers that have become the shelters of many bumble-bees. This creeper eternally embraces  handsome, blossoming nage-kesara tree.

124- Another gopi said: Although Shrimati Radharani has never heard the techniques of the various arts from the mouth of a teacher, still She has now become the art-teacher for doe-eyed vraja-gopis, who astonish the women of the three worlds with their skill, and who delight Lord Krishna, the ocean of all transcendental artistic talent.

125- Another gopi said: The creator Brahma has fashioned the character of Shrimati Radharani in a very wonderful way. Although Radharani considers the principles of religion, the pious older women of Vraja, and even Her own rejected husband, to all be as unimportant as pieces of straw, She is nevertheless the most pious and chaste of all girls, and Her transcendental pastimes are the proper object of the most reverential worship.

126- Another gopi said: Whether awake, dreaming, or in sleep, Shrimati Radharani constantly engages Her mind, body, words, and all Her senses in Lord Krishna's service without ever diverting them to any other activity.

127- Another gopi said: The expert dancers of Shrimati Radharani's playful glances have stolen away Lord Hari's peaceful composure and completely defeated the graceful charm of the saphara fishes, deer, cakori and khanjana birds, bumble-bees, blue and white lotus flowers, and cupid's entire arsenal of flower-arrows.

128- Another gopi said: Everyone knows the impoverished cakori birds, cakravaka birds, and lotus flowers fix their consciousness on the moon, clouds, and sun to gain the nourishment to sustain their lives. O Radharani, please tell us why You have timidly fixed Your consciousness in constant meditation on Lord Krishna?

129- Another gopi said: My dear Shrimati Radharani, when the personified constant meditation of the cakoras, catakas, and lotuses sees Your unwavering meditation on Lord Krishna, he become embarrassed at his own great fickleness.

130- Another gopi said: Sarasvati, Bhu-devi, and Lilasakti are the most highly qualified of all beautiful young girls. Laksmi-devi is superior to them. The gopis, who are filled with great pure love for Lord Krishna, are superior to Laksmi. Candravali is the best of the lovely gopis. However, Shrimati Radharani is superior even to Candravali, for Radharani eternally arouses the intense thirst of Lord Krishna.

131- Another gopi said: Straining to exhibit all her love, beauty, and various good qualities, Candravali is able, with great difficulty, to conquer Lord Krishna and bring Him under her control. When, however, Shrimati Radharani causally exhibits Her own virtues, Lord Krishna at once forgets all about Candravali. If Lord Krishna then cannot remember Candravali, how can He remember any of the other gopis?

132- Another gopi said: It is not true to say that beautiful Radharani has no faults. She has numerous faults. For example: Her hair is curly, Her breasts are very firm, and Her eyes exhibit a glittering transcendental greediness.

133- Another gopi said: O my friend, the two cakori birds of Shrimati Radharani's eyes are now engaged in continually drinking the nectarean moonlight of Lord Krishna's smiles. The two thirsty bumble-bees of Lord Krishna's eyes have now landed on the lotus flower of Shrimati Radharani's face.

134- Another gopi said: Even though She may not be decorated with nice ornaments, if She is near Her lover Krishna, Shrimati Radharani becomes naturally decorated with ornaments of Her intense love for Him. These ornaments make Her blossom with happiness and also fill Her lover with happiness also. If however, She is separated from Her Krishna, then even if She is decorated with all Her favorite ornaments, She wilts, and Her mind becomes thin and emaciated.

135- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani constantly remembers Lord Krishna. She meditates on Him as being always present at Her side. She meditates on Him as a jewel-ornament She always wears on Her cheeks and breasts. She constantly sees Him before Her.

136- Another gopi said: Defeated by Lord Krishna's superior handsomeness, the cupid demigod could not find any way to avenge himself until he noticed Krishna's lover Radharani. Cupid stole Her away, and, just to spite his rival Krishna, repeatedly tortures Her.

137- Another gopi said: If Lord Mukunda touches Radharani, then Radharani's gopi-friends feel transcendental happiness and manifest the ecstasy symptoms of trembling, perspiring, crying tears, and standing up of the body's hairs. If Lord Mukunda earnestly drinks the nectar of Radharani's lips, then all the gopis feel intoxicated by this drinking. This is certainly very wonderful.

138- Another gopi said: Decorated with all transcendental qualities, Lord Krishna is the best of males. Decorated with all transcendental qualities, Shrimati Radharani is the best of women. Their fame constantly dances in this world.

139- Another gopi said: Lord Krishna gave Shrimati Radharani a large, lovely garland of amorous scratches, and generous Radharani reciprocated by giving Him a lovely necklace of amorous bites. Lord Krishna drank the nectar of Radha's lips and gave His own lips to be tasted by Her teeth. The nearby gopis glimpsed now and then a little of these exchanges of transcendental gifts.

140- Another gopi said: When Shrimati Radharani meets Her beloved Krishna, Her beauty increases to become something completely unlike what it had been before. The graceful movements of Her eyes and form become something different and more graceful. The happiness in Her heart expands to become something completely different.

141- Another gopi said: This lotus flower of Shrimati Radharani is filled with the honey of beauty and charming tenderness, and it floods all the directions with its pleasant fragrance. Why should the bumble-bee of Lord Madhusudana leave this exquisite lotus and go to the scentless, thorn-filled ketaki flowers of the other gopis?

142- Another gopi said: Shrimati Radharani's transcendental beauty expands with the association of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna's handsomeness increase with the presence of Shrimati Radharani, who blossoms with happiness. The creator Brahma has arranged that They should complement and increase each other's splendor.

143- Another gopi said: Noticing Shrimati Radharani, who had been fashioned by some other creator, Lord Brahma become embarrassed, and he determined to fashion a young girl who would be Her equal. Although he carefully assembled all the best ingredients, none of the girls he created were at all equal to Radharani. They were all completely useless in comparison to Her.

144- Another gopi said: When the creator Brahma saw the beautiful face of Shrimati Radharani, he considered the lotus flower and moon to be ugly and impure by comparison. To proclaim their inferiority he arranged that the lotus flowers be regularly visited by grotesque black bees, and the moon be painted with many black spots.

145- Another gopi said: No one can count Shrimati Radharani's transcendental qualities, and no one can describe Her glories. Even the goddess Sarasvati cannot properly praise Her transcendental opulences. My friends, you are perfectly aware of all this. What is the use of all our words of praise? They can never do justice to Her.

146- Lord Krishna heard the gopis ornately ornamented poetry describing the transcendental form of their friend Radharani, and at the same time gazed at His beloved Radharani, whose crooked eyes alternately blossomed wide with happiness, and shrank with embarrassment. In this way Lord Krishna's ears and eyes felt great transcendental bliss.

147- Thus ends the eleventh chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the description of Shrimati Radharani's transcendental form. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.