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Chapter 20


1- At the end of the day Shrimati Radharani and a gopi-friend cooked many delicious foods for Her lover Krishna. When Her friend brought the remnants of Krishna's meal, Shrimati Radharani ate it with great pleasure at heart. Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, was nicely bathed, dressed in nice garments, and caressed by His mother Yasoda. He went to the barn, and as the last rays of daylight shone, He milked the surabhi cows. He then returned home and ate His supper. I meditate on that Divine Couple, Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.

2- Vraja's Queen Yasoda returned home, sent her son to the bathing-arena, and then dispatched many servants to assist Him. To Dhanistha, who was standing nearby, she then spoke the following words:

3- My daughter, please go to Radharani and beg some of Her delicious and auspicious laddus and vataka cakes, which are so much liked by Krishna. Bring them to me now, so my two Sons, Krishna and Balarama, may eat them, and attain a very long life.

4- Following the Queen of Vraja's order, Dhanistha went to Shrimati Radharani and begged the foods from Her. Instead of merely sending the foods, Radharani was eager to bring them personally.

5- Vrnda-devi sent Malati-sakhi to Radharani's home with a specific mission. Malati approached Radharani, and in the course of conversation dropped the hint: The grove named Shri Govinda-sthala is the ideal place for a lovers' rendezvous.

6- Shrimati Radharani cooked many different delicious foods, placed them in nice, new clay jars, and then covered the jars' mouth with cloth.

7- Shrimati Radharani then took the clay pots and placed them in a large, colorfully decorated wooden box. She wrapped the box in white cloth and gave it to Tulasi-gopi and Kasturi-gopi.

8- Shrimati Radharani gave betel nuts and leaves to Tulasi-gopi. Radharani then gave everything to Dhanistha. Dhanistha had perfectly understood the hint about the rendezvous in the forest.

9- Assisted by Tulasi and Kasturi, Dhanistha brought this gift of foods to Vraja's Queen Yasoda. They all opened the package and removed the various jars of nice foods.

10- Mother Yasoda then took both these food-gifts, and along with nicely prepared foods from her own kitchen, placed them in nice vessels, and gave them to the brahmana boys so they might offer them to Lord Narayana.

11- As all this happened, Lord Krishna and His friends took their bath. The servants bathed *them, massaged Their limbs, anointed Them with oil, rinsed Them with water, dressed Them in clean, fresh garments, combed Their hair, anointed Them with tilaka, and decorated Them with garlands and ornaments. After all this was complete, Lord krishna and His friends entered the dining room and sat down to eat.

12- Mother Yasoda began the meal by serving the boys coconut, panaka, mangoes, and various other fruits.

13- She then served Them piyusa-granthi, karpura-keli, amrta-keli, vataka cakes, laddus, and various other foods nicely cooked in ghee.

14- The boys laughed at Madhumangala's jokes and made each other laugh with their own jokes. After they had finished eating and drinking they happily rinsed their mouth with water, and rested for a moment on a soft bed.

15- The servants fanned the boys, gave them betel-nuts, and serve them in various ways. The boys then returned to the barn to milk the surabhi cows with their cowherd friends.

16- Dhanistha then took the remnants from Lord krishna's plate and had Gunamala secretly carry them to Shrimati Radharani.

17- Shrimati Radharani and Her friends relished eating the remnants of Lord Krishna's meal. They then climbed to the candrasalika on the roof and felt great bliss by watching Lord Krishna enjoy the pastimes of milking the surabhi cows.

18- One time during the summer season, as Lord Krishna was walking on the path, He begged His mother to allow Him to bathe in the Yamuna with His friends. She allowed Him, but sent many servants after HIm, carrying varieties of food, various bathing articles, garments, ornaments, and other paraphernalia.

19- The boys bathed, dressed nicely, ate, drank, and rested. They then returned to the barn to milk the surabhi cows.

20- On the pretext of going to take a bath at the end of the day, Shrimati Radharani went to a place downstream from the place where Lord krishna was bathing. In this way She bathed in water that had just touched the body of Lord krishna.

21- Radharani secretly sent Kundalata to Lord krishna with a gift of food. When Krishna's remnants were brought back, Radharani relished eating them. She watched Krishna for as long as She could, and then She had to return home.

22- The servants, carrying in their hands waterpots, cups of betel nuts, and fans, and the cowherd boys carrying cow-ropes, sticks, and other paraphernalia, followed Lord Krishna as He walked home.

23- Lord Krishna happily watched as during the milking activities Lord krishna's father Nanda Maharaja sat on a couch observing the many buckets of milk and pointing to the cowherd boys and servants as they walked here and there to perform their duties.

24- Lord krishna happily watched as the thirsty calves mooed, and the cows responded by mooing to their calves. The cows raised their faces and ears, and gazed at their calves with eager eyes. As they began to walk to the calves, their heavy udders poured milk on the path. At this time some of the cows were milked by the cowherd men, others waited to be milked, and others had already been milked.

25- Lord Krishna happily watched as the cowherd boys called each cow by name, and the calves also called out to their mothers. The boys milked the cows for a long time, filling many buckets with milk as the cows gazed at the path before them.

26- Lord Krishna happily watched as the servants engaged in milking the cows entered the house with milk-buckets and left with empty ones. They then stood before Maharaja Nanda, the king of the cowherds. They were all very eager to see Lord krishna.

27- Lord Krishna happily watched as the best of the bulls fought each other for the sake of a cow. They repeatedly scratched the earth with their hooves and horns, filled the sky with deep, loud bellowing, and furiously charged each other.

28- Repeatedly pushing their heads against their opponents head, the calves playfully fought. Lord krishna watched them with great pleasure.

29- After asking His father's permission, Lord krishna happily went to milk the cows. The cows surrounded Him, and He pleased them by speaking many comforting, gentle words.

30- Lord krishna pleased the cows by rubbing and scratching them. he milked some cows and arranged that other cowherds milk other cows. He let the calves drink their mother's milk.

31- The calves drank their mother's milk until their bellies were completely filled. After they had finished, there as still no scarcity of milk in the cows' udders. This greatly pleased the cowherd men.

32- As the cows fixed their eyes and hearts on the lotus face of Lord krishna, milk began to spontaneously flow from their udders. The cowherds collected this milk in many buckets, and brought it to Vraja's King Nanda.

33- Lord krishna, Balarama, and the cowherd boys then led the vows and the calves embraced by their mothers to their respective place in the barn. Lord Krishna then approached Vraja's King Nanda.

34- Vraja's King Nanda had porters carry the milk to the milk-house, posted guards at the cow-barn entrances, and then returned to his own palatial home with his two sons Krishna and Balarama and his many friends.

35- Nanda and the cowherd men then washed their feet, and watched the sandhya-arati worship-ceremony, a brahmana boy priest offered to the Salagrama-sila form of Lord Vishnu.

36- Vraja's Queen Yasoda brought the many varieties of food cooked in ghee, sweets, fruits, garlands, scents, and betel-nuts that had been offered to Lord Vishnu, the husband of the goddess of fortune. Vraja's King Nanda happily distributed this prasadam to all the cowherd men in the assembly.

37- Lord krishna's cowherd friends happily conversed with Him for a few moments. They had surrendered all their senses and life-breath to Him and were unable to give up gazing at Him. Finally, they reluctantly left and went to their own homes.

38- Vraja's King Nanda approached his brothers as well as Subhadra and his other nephews, and repeatedly invited them to stay and dine with Lord Krishna.

39- After inviting them all, Maharaja Nanda sent a brahmana boy to tell his wife Yasoda to arrange a great meal for everyone.

40- Vraja's Queen Yasoda then called for the wives of her brothers-in-law, her nieces, and other female relatives.

41- After a little time Queen Yasoda sent a brahmana boy to summon the guests, who washed their feet, entered the dining hall, and sat down to eat, placing Vraja's King Nanda in the central seat of honor.

42- Nanda Maharaja's two elder brothers sat to his right, and his two younger brothers sat to his left, Nanda's two sons, Krishna and Balarama sat facing him. Subhadra and the other cowherd boys sat to Lord krishna's left, and the brahmana boys sat to Lord Balarama's right.

43- Vraja's Queen Yasoda then asked Subhadra's mother Tungi, who was expert at understanding the wishes of others to serve the meal assisted by Rohini-devi. One by one they served the various courses to their own husbands, brothers-in-law, sons, nephews, and the sons of the brahmanas.

44- First they brought great kettles piled high with aromatic, tender, white rice sprinkled with golden ghee, and then they brought smaller pots of various kinds of sauces and condiments. They placed all this on little tables before the men and boys.

45- As the men and boys were eating, Tungi and Rohini served the other courses, one after another. They served many sauces and condiments in the six kinds of tastes, and they served sweet-rice, samyava cakes, splendid vataka cakes, apupa cakes, and soft capatis from nice platters.

46- Vraja's Queen Yasoda hinted to Rohini what was each person's favorite foods. Understanding these hints, Rohini gave everyone exactly what they wanted.

47- Without interruption Vraja's Queen Yasoda served various courses one after another to the men and boys. She served them thickened milk, buttermilk, sikharini curds, rasala curds, sadava, thickened yogurt, many varieties of pickles, and mango-nectar.

48- In their hearts the mothers desired that the boys eat heartily, finishing everything placed before them. With these words and glances the mothers thus encouraged them to eat. Meanwhile, the fathers, their hearts melting with paternal love, and their bodies drenched with tears, urged their sons hundreds of times to eat more and more. Although the boys were quite full, this encouragement made them happily eat more and more without limit.

49- The atmosphere of the evening meal was radically different from that of breakfast. At the evening meal the brahmana boy Madhumangala was reserved and quiet. He was no longer full of jokes. Mother Yasoda was also very grave and serious in her insistence that krishna eat heartily.

50- The atmosphere at breakfast had been filled with the lighthearted, spontaneous conversation and joking of Krishna and His friends, and the spontaneous caresses of Mother Yasoda. The atmosphere at the evening meal, in contrast, was marked by an absence of these things. At the evening meal Nanda Maharaja and the men felt hundred-fold pleasure by seeing the boys eat heartily, and Mother Yasoda felt a million-fold happiness by gazing at her son Krishna.

51- The opulence of the smile of Lord Krishna's moonlike face, the nectar drops of the words of Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, the breeze created by the palm-leaf fan, and mixed with the smell of the incense and the pleasing aroma of Lord Krishna's transcendental body, and the meal sprinkled with the sweet nectar of eating together with Lord krishna, all combined together to bring intense delight to the five senses of nanda, Yasoda, and the other elderly gopas and gopis.

52- After everything had finished, eating and drinking, they rinsed their mouths with water. Feeling very tired, they rested on different beds, Father Nanda and his peers going to the vedi courtyards, and his son Krishna going to the attalika part of the house. As they rested, the servants brought them betel-nuts, fanned them, and rendered various other services.

53- As Queen Yasoda and her gopi-friends faced the tall mountainlike roof where Lord Krishna was resting, they repeatedly drank the splendid moonlight of His face. By feeding the thirsty cakori birds of their eyes in this way, they completely fulfilled all their desires in all respects.

54- As Lord Krishna rested on the roof, He gazed at Shrimati Radharani, who was looking at Him from Her window far away. Lord Krishna drank the stream of honey flowing from the beauty of Her lotuslike face. With this honey He fed the thirsty bumble-bees of His eyes. In this way His longing to see Radharani became satisfied.

55- Vraja's Queen Yasoda insisted that Tulasi, her friend Kasturi, and Dhanistha all eat the evening meal. They refused to eat or drink anything unless Shrimati radharani had taken first.

56- When Queen Yasoda heard this she was very pleased to see how the gopis loved Shrimati Radharani. Yasoda said: O Dhanistha, you and your two friends should immediately take all these foods, sauces, and condiments to Shrimati radharani and Her friends.

57- Balarama's mother Rohini gave to Dhanistha the remnants of the foods, sauces, and condiments eaten by Lord Hari. Dhanistha privately gave these remnants to Tulasi, who placed them in a jeweled box.

58- Vraja's Queen Yasoda fed the servants and cowherds, and after they were fed, she took her meal with Her daughters-in-law, sister-in-law, and other female relatives.

59- After Tulasi had already left with the remnants of Krishna's meal, Dhanistha met Subala in a solitary place, told him of the planned rendezvous in the forest, and gave him the remnants of Krishna's betel-nuts.

60- When Tulasi arrived she showed all the food to her friend Rupa-manjari. They were both very pleased by seeing the food's pleasant appearance and smelling it's pleasant aroma.

61- Tulasi then took Rupa-manjari to the dining-room, where they served the food on various plates for Shrimati Radharani and Her friends.

62- Jatila then called Visakha and said to her: My son Abhimanyu has already eaten, and he has now gone to the cow-barn to take a nap. Do not disturb him by calling him to eat. Just call my daughter-in-law Radharani so She may eat.

63- Jatila then gave Visakha the remnants of Lord Krishna's meal, and said: Radharani became tired from walking in the forest, and therefore She is now sleeping in Her room. Go there and give Her this food.

64- Visakha happily brought to Radharani that food and other food also from the dining-room. With great delight she narrated to Radharani all that had happened at Lord Krishna's house.

65- Shrimati Radharani entered the dining-room and sat with Her friends on a golden platform to eat the remnants of what had been eaten by Her lover Krishna. She appeared like a female swan thirsty for nectar.

66- Lalita sat on Shrimati Radharani's right side, and Visakha sat on Her left. The other gopis sat in their respective places facing Shrimati Radharani and at Her sides.

67- Rupa-manjari and Tulasi-devi served the meal to Shrimati Radharani and the gopis with great love, just as Mohini-murti served the nectar to the demigods.

68- The food brought by Radharani's affectionate friends had been eaten by Lord krishna, touched by His hand, and sweetened by the honey of His lips. All the gopis present desires to eat it. The amount of food was actually very small, but when Shrimati Radharani glanced at it with Her lotus-eyes, it suddenly became limitless in quantity.

69- Shrimati Radharani and the gopis became delighted by eating the remnants of what had been eaten by their lover Krishna. they appeared like female swans eating the roots of lotus flowers, does eating budding twigs, bumble-bees drinking honey, or cakori birds drinking the nectarean moonlight.

70- When the gopis had finished eating they rinsed their mouths and then enjoyed the betel-nuts chewed by Lord krishna. They were attended by the maidservants, and then, very satisfied at heart, they lay down to rest on many beds.

71- Tulasi and Rupa-manjari happily took the remaining food and gave it to Malati to bring to Vrnda-devi.

72- After feeding Radharani's closest friends, the other gopi-friends and the maidservants happily ate the remnants left by their mistress, Shrimati Radharani.

73- As they began to serve the food to each other a momentary dispute arose over what was the fair way to divide the remnants.

74- After they had finished eating, they rinsed their mouths and approached Shrimati Radharani's lotus feet. They chewed the betel-nuts that had been chewed by Her, and they rendered service unto Her in various ways.

75- All glories to the splendid pure moonlight of the early evening pastimes of Lord Krishna, the moon of Gokula. That moonlight melts the candrakanta jewels of the vrajavasis' hearts. It causes tidal waves on the ocean of their happiness, and it make the lotus flowers of their eyes blossom wide with pleasure.

76- Thus ends the twentieth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's sunset pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessings of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service i have rendered to Shrila Rupa goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.