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Chapter 16


1- Seeing that Radha and Krishna had awakened and risen from Their couch, the gopis, Subala, and Madhumangala, who had all awakened previously, approached the Divine Couple.

2- Taking Manjuvak and Kalokti, the learned male and female parrots carefully trained by her, Vrnda-devi also approached the Divine Couple.

3- Humbly bowing their heads, the two parrots then recited the following prayers: All glories to the king of Vrndavana. All glories to the queen of Vrndavana. All glories to the gopi-friends of the Divine Couple. We pray that all of You may be pleased with us, and show us Your mercy.

4- Understanding the hint offered by Radharani's glance, intelligent Vrnda-devi commanded the male parrot: recite! In obedience to her order the male parrot recited the following prayers, delighting the entire assembly:

5- Even though my poetry has neither good qualities nor sweetness, because it is filled with descriptions of the transcendental qualities of the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead, it will be relished by the saintly devotees, just as the iron dagger in a hunter's home, when turned to gold by contact with a touchstone, becomes an appropriate ornament for the most elevated persons.

6- All glories to Shri Krishna's lotus feet which are marked with the signs of the disc, half-moon, barleycorn, eight-pointed star, waterpot, parasol, triangle, sky, bow, svastika, thunderbolt, cow's hoofprint, conch-shell, fish, urdhvarekha like, rod for controlling elephants, lotus flower, flag, and ripe ambu fruit. Taken together these transcendental markings indicate the bearer to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

7- By hearing the description of Shri Krishna's lotus feet, one loses the thirst to attain anything else. By meditating on Shri Krishna's lotus feet one become free from all calamity and attains transcendental good fortune. By seeing Shri Krishna's beautiful lotus feet one becomes filled with wonder, and all his senses become delighted. By touching Shri Krishna's lotus feet one becomes free from all fatigue and full of transcendental bliss. I pray that all my aspirations may become fixed on Shri Krishna's lotus feet.

8- Simply by meditating on Lord krishna's lotus feet one attains good-fortune, transcendental beauty, spiritual virtues, and spiritual and material wealth. We pray that these lotus feet of Shri Krishna, which are the abode of innumerable transcendental pastimes, may become the be-all-and-end-all of our life.

9- By worshiping Shri Krishna's lotus feet rocks become cintamani jewels, cows become kamadhenu cows, and trees become kalpa-vrksa trees which fulfill all the desires of those who approach them. Who would not take shelter of Shri Krishna's lotus feet, which are generously offered to those who will accept them?

10- The lotus flower of Lord Giridhari's feet has scented all the worlds with it's fragrance and delighted the bumble-bee devotees, expert at relishing transcendental mellows, with it's sweet nectar. What person, expert at relishing transcendental mellows, is able to give up that lotus flower?

11- I worship the cooling lotus flower which is Lord Krishna's feet. The filaments of that lotus flower are the Lord's toenails, and that lotus has made all directions fragrant with it's sweet aroma. That lotus flower is filled with the sweet honey of the Lord's beauty. That honey is drunk by the bumble-bees which are the eyes of the youthful gopis.

12- Lord Hari's lotus feet are more pleasing and delightful to the senses than the red lotus flowers. With their generosity and other virtues, Lord Hari's lotus feet, have defeated the blossoming twigs of the kalpa-vrksa trees. To what may Lord Hari's lotus feet be compared?

13- The splendid Ganges river of Lord Krishna's toenails, the charmingly blackish Yamuna river of the upper part of Lord Krishna's feet, and the reddish Sarasvati river of Lord Krishna's soles, all meet at the sacred Prayaga-tirtha known as Lord Krishna's feet. This sacred place, known as Triveni, fulfills all the desires of everyone.

14- Seeing the splendid glory of Lord Krishna's feet, the demigod Aruna, who presided over the sunrise, engaged in a contest to establish his own superiority, but was defeated and cast down into the darkness. Seeing Aruna's defeat, the moon became frightened, and to save himself he surrendered to the military divisions known as Lord Krishna's toenails.

15- Vrnda-devi then glanced at the female parrot, indicating that she should also say something. Filling her tongue with the sweet aroma of the descriptions of Lord Krishna's lotus feet, the parrot Kalokti spoke the following words:

16- Some poets explain the reddish color of Lord Krishna's soles in the following way: Aruna, the reddish complexioned demigod of the sunrise, scorched by the fierce rays of the sun, took shelter of the cooling shade of Lord Krishna's lotus feet. Because of His presence there Lord Krishna's soles are reddish.

17- I differ with them. My explanation follows: Full of passionate love for Lord krishna, Shrimati Radharani thinks within Her mind: Krishna's lotus feet are My only shelter. The effulgence of Her passionate love is the origin of the reddish luster on Krishna's soles.

18-The lotus-eyed gopis hold in their lotus hands the toy lotus flower of Lord Krishna's feet. They hold in the golden vases of their breasts the asoka flower of Lord krishna's feet. The red lotus flower of Lord Krishna's feet grows in the lake of their hearts. Let me glorify these lotus feet of the lotus-eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead.

19- Lord Krishna's lotus feet are more fragrant and cooling than the moon, lotus flower, sandalwood, camphor, or the usira root. Shrimati Radharani caresses those lotus feet with Her hands and yearns to place them on Her breasts. Those charming lotus feet are anointed by the kunkuma powder worn by Shrimati Radharani, and they are the abode of all beauty and playfulness. We pray that we may be allowed to continually massage these lotus feet.

20- Speaking in this way, the two parrots filled the ears of the gopis with nectar. In compliance to Shrimati Radharani's order, the two parrots proceeded to describe the other limbs of Lord Krishna's transcendental body.

21- Lord Krishna's round, smooth, glistening ankles have defeated the splendor of the blue lotus buds. Those ankles are splashed by waves of beauty greater than the violent waves of the Yamuna river.

22- The young gopi-bumble-bees lick with the tongue-tips of their eyes Lord Krishna's ankle's which are like two cups fashioned from fresh tamala leaves and filled with the honey of the most exquisite beauty. When the young gopi-bumble-bees once lick that honey with the tongue-tips of their eyes, they become immediately intoxicated and they stagger about without finding any relief.

23- I think that the creator Brahma, on the pretext of placing ankles above Lord Krishna's lotus feet, has placed two very ripe karamarda fruits there in order to provide food for the two parrots which are Shrimati Radharani's eyes.

24- The young girls which are Shrimati Radharani's thoughts imagine that Lord Hari's ankles are like two small balls for playing.

25- In order to rout the strong soldiers which are the chaste composure of the pious young girls of Gokula, the demigod cupid has fashioned two small tamala-wood clubs, and disguised them as the shins of Lord Hari.

26- Lord Hari's shins like two emerald columns fashioned in the shape of plantain trees and established by the creator Brahma to hold up the foundation of the palatial building known as the three planetary systems. Lord Hari's shins are like two sapphire goads used to control the elephants which are the minds of the young girls of Vraja. I pray that these shins of Lord Hari may purify me of all sins.

27- Lord Krishna's shins are like two streams filled with the nectarean waves of transcendental beauty. The dark splendor of Lord Krishna's shins is like two currents of the Yamuna river, at the far end of which are two sweetly warbling swans known as the Lord's tinkling ankle-bells.

28- From seeing each other's great beauty, the two shins of Lord Hari became very eager to meet each other. They met when Lord Hari sat down to play the flute, and when the rest of Lord Hari's body became stunned in ecstasy by hearing the sweet flute music, Lord Hari's shins responded in a different way, constantly trembling in transcendental bliss.

29- Lord Hari's enchanting knees are like two resplendent seats on which the opulence of transcendental sweetness is enthroned. Lord Hari's knees are like two knots in a fragrant aguru tree embraced by the creeper of transcendental beauty. Lord Hari's knees are like two jewelry chests in which the ornaments of the treasure of transcendental splendor are kept.

30- Lord Hari's charming knees are like two sapphire jewelry chests which contain the cintamani jewels of the thoughts of countless pious young gopis.

31- Lord Hari's knees are decorated with beautiful folds of skin, and they are larger than the Lord's lotus feet. During the fierce amorous battle Shrimati Radharani caresses those knees with Her lotus hands. We pray that those knees may grant transcendental auspiciousness to us.

32- Lord Hari's charming and delightful tapering thighs are thinner at the knees, and gradually become broader. Those smooth thighs are the abode where beauty personified performs pastimes, and they are the dancing arena for hosts of cupids. We pray that those thighs of Lord Hari may become manifested in our hearts.

33- Are these the two sapphire columns which hold up the palatial building known as this universe? Are these the two sacrificial pillars used in the worship of the demigod cupid? Are these two posts used for binding the elephants which are the minds of the beautiful young girls of Vraja? My friend, they are not any of those things. These are the two thighs of Lord Hari.

34- Two beautiful blue plantain trees grow on the pretext of being the two thighs and hips of Lord Hari. These two trees contain many fruits of transcendental charming sweetness which are the perfect foodstuff for nourishing the many parrots which are the eyes of the beautiful young girls of Vraja.

35- Lord Hari's thighs tear apart the plantain tree's pride in their own beauty. The softness of Lord Hari's thighs crushes the mad elephants pride in their trunks' beauty. Lord Hari's thighs are continually served by Shrimati Radharani's lotus hand. To what may poets compare the incomparable thighs of Lord Hari?

36- Lord Krishna's beautiful broad thighs are the dancing arena of millions of cupids along with their wives. The saintly and beautiful young gopis yearn after the resplendent beauty of these thighs.

37- Lord Krishna's resplendent hips are like an irrigation trench circling the roots of the sapphire tamala tree which is His torso. The swan of Lord Krishna's belt, which generally performs pastimes in the waters of transcendental beauty, sports in the water of that trench.

38- On the pretext of fashioning Lord krishna's hips, the creator Brahma made a charming large cushion covered with blue cloth. He has done this in order to delight Shrimati Radharani's royal heart which constantly sits on the throne known as the transcendental form of Lord krishna.

39- I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord hari's hips, which are the cave in which the lion of Shrimati Radharani's mind resides. Those hips are like a pond filled with the nectar of transcendental beauty to provide a place for the saphari fishes which are gopis' eyes to perform pastimes.

40- In between Lord Hari's navel-lake and the river known as the lower line of His abdomen is a plain where the king of dancers, known as Shrimati Radharani's heart, performs the rasa dance with her many wonderful associates.

41- On the pretext of fashioning a navel and lower abdomen decorated with a line of hairs, the creator Brahma has placed on the body of the infallible Personality of Godhead a series of nectarean watering-places to slake the thirst of the surabhi cows known as the Vraja-gopis.

42- The creator Brahma has transformed Lord Krishna's abdomen into a sapphire grinding mortar to completely remove the chaff of all material desires from the treasury of grains which is the gopis' thoughts. I pray that that abdomen of Lord Krishna may appear within my heart.

43- How is it that on the pretext of fashioning Lord Krishna's abdomen, the creator Brahma has given as excellent damaru drum, broad at both ends, to the demigod cupid? Cupid attained this gift by his constant worship of Brahma, and now that he has it, he is able to challenge Lord Siva himself.

44- On the pretext of fashioning a thin waist, the demigod Brahma has just now placed the letter jihvamuliya ()() between Lord Hari's broad chest and hips.

45- When the lions saw the beauty of Lord Krishna's thin waist they feared that their own waist would no longer appear glorious in comparison. They became embarrassed and fled, disappearing into inacessible Himalayan caves.

46- Lord Krishna's deep navel-lake is filled with the many whirlpools and tidal waves of the turbulent waters of transcendental beauty. Trying to drink those waters, the thirsty elephants of the gopis' hearts have drowned in that lake, never again to rise from its waters.

47- The tamala desire-tree which is the form of Lord Krishna has a navel-hollow filled with the honey of transcendental beauty. The greedy bumble-bees of the gopis' eyes have entered that hollow. Immersed in the nectar there, they will never emerge from that place.

48- The Ganges river descended from the tip of Lord Vishnu's lotus feet, which Bali Maharaja glorified with many prayers. Jealous of the Ganges glory, the Yamuna river has appeared disguised as the line of hairs extending upwards from Lord Krishna's lotus navel, which is praised by three Bali Maharaja's in the form of the three folds of skin (bali) at the Lord's waist. One who sees this line of hairs-Yamuna river becomes situated in pure love of Krishna. He becomes completely cleansed of all other desires.

49- Just see the line-of-hairs black snake which has half-emerged from the hole that is Lord Hari's navel. This clever line-of-hairs snake lives by day and night swallowing the breezes that are our thoughts.

50- The playful young bumble-bees which ar the eyes of the young girls of Vraja drink the nectarean honey contained in the lotus flower which is Lord Krishna's navel. After drinking this honey, however, they become intoxicated, and although they try to fly away, they cannot help but fall back onto the lotus petal which is the Lord's abdomen. They rest there, appearing to outsiders to be the line of hairs running up the Lord's abdomen.

51- Lord Govinda's abdomen has defeated the beauty of an assemblage of trembling lotus petals. That abdomen is decorated by the garland of bumble-bees which are the gazing eyes of the devotees enchanted by its sweetness. That abdomen is ornamented by a line of hairs which appears like a tilaka-marking drawn in sandalwood paste. That hair-tilaka mark shines with a glory and splendor exceeding the glory and splendor of the three planetary systems.

52- Lord Krishna's abdomen is decorated with a host of bumble-bees which are the eyes of the devotees. With it's delicate beauty and sweet fragrance, that thin abdomen cools the burning pride of the fresh tamala leaf anointed with musk.

53- On the pretext of being a line of hairs, a river of transcendental nectar, it's banks a little shallow, and it's middle a little deep, descends from the mountain of Lord Hari's chest and enters the lake which is His navel. I pray that that river may flow within my mind.

54- The transcendental pond which is Lord Hari's abdomen is very splendid and beautiful. That pond is filled with the nectar of transcendental beauty and the small waves in that pond are the three folds of skin at the Lord's waist. The hairs of the Lord's body are the bumble-bees which frequent that pond and the saivalaka planets growing within it. The Lord's navel belt is the warbling cranes on that pond's shore, and the Lord's navel is the lotus flower growing in it's waters.

55- Shrimati Radharani's thoughts are the swan eternally playing in that pond, and Her eyes are the two saphari fishes who constantly sport there.

56- The two handsome, gentle, and affectionate lovers who are the two sides of Lord Hari's torso yearn for the touch of their beautiful mistresses, the two sides of Shrimati Radharani.

57- Lord Hari's broad chest is very splendid and beautiful. On the right side of that chest is the splendid insignia of Shrivatsa, and on the left side the goddess of fortune is present in the form of an auspicious mark. That chest is eternally beautified by a garland of forest-flowers and by the splendor of the kaustubha jewel hanging down from the Lord's neck. That chest is like a milkingpail which grants all desires for the gopis. That chest is a sapphire throne for the monarch who is Shrimati Radharani's mind, and that chest enchants the minds of all the young girls in the three worlds with its sweetness.

58- I offer my respects and praise to that prayaga-tirtha which is known as the chest of Lord Krishna. That prayaga-tirtha-chest is the king of all holy places and its touch grants all auspiciousness to the residents of the three planetary systems. The clear Ganges river which is the Lord's pearl necklace, the reddish Sarasvati river which is the central ruby in that necklace, and the dark yamuna river which is the Lord's bodily hair, all meet at that sacred place.

59- The beauty of Lord Krishna's chest is like a sappires swing whose ropes, which are the Lord's handsome luster, are tied to the two pillars which are Lord's arms. Cupid and Rati continually perform pastimes on that resplendent swing.

60- I think Lord Hari's chest has become cupid's trap for capturing the khanjana birds which are the gopis' eyes. For catching those birds the Lord's transcendental beauty is like a great flower's net, His mark of Laksmi is the post to which the net is tied, and His mark of Shrivatsa is the noose around the net's entrance.

61- Lord Hari carries a pair of sapphire doors which are disguised as His chest. Those doors have two small doorknobs which are disguised as the nipples of that chest. These two doors guard the entrance to the treasury building known as the mind of Shrimati Radharani, the jewel among young girls.

62- The tamala desire-tree known as Shri Krishna has sprouted two fresh branches which are His arms. Although these branches have sprouted in order to fulfill the gopis' heartfelt desires, nevertheless the cruel hunter cupid, taking advantage of the situation, has fashioned these branches into two clubs, to mercilessly slaughter the helpless rabbit which is the gopis' chastity.

63- Lord Krishna's arms are two sapphire pestles for threshing the chastity-husk from the grains of rice which are the desires within the gopis' hearts. Lord Krishna's arms are two beautiful bolts fashioning the door leading to the room which is the heart of Shrimati Radharani and the other gopis. Lord Krishna's arms are two bars on the cage which is the home of the parrot which is the mind of Shrimati Radharani and the other gopis.

64- The long, broad, beautiful, and charmingly round arms of Lord Hari are desired by Laksmi-devi and all other beautiful women in the universe, and they fulfill the desires of the Vraja-gopis, who have beautiful swollen breasts. i pray that these arms of Lord Hari may become manifested within my mind.

65- Is it possible that these are two elephants, named Madhurima(sweetness) and Madana(conjugal love) roaming in the jungle which is the body of Lord Hari, who is fully blossomed in the springtime of youthfulness?

66- These elephants, who are the Lord's handsome arms, carry in their nicely curved trunks the two excellent lotus flowers which are the Lord's hands. Without any restriction these two elephants feed on the blossoming flowers which are the splendid beauty of the Lord's knees.

67- Is it possible that on the pretext of fashioning Lord Krishna's arms, the creator Brahma has constructed two wonderful sapphire posts which support the swing which is Lord Krishna's charming sweetness? On that swing the minds of Laksmi-devi and all other women appear to be moving to and fro.

68- Some poets have said that King Cupid has placed two sapphire posts in the arena of his sacrifice to destroy the chastity of the gopis, and these posts are now disguised as Lord Krishna's arms. For my part, I think that Lord Krishna's arms are actually two currents from the pure nectarean ocean of transcendental love.

69- Lord Krishna's hands are splendidly marked with the signs of the conch-shell, half-moon, barleycorn, rod for controlling elephants, club, umbrella, flag, svastika, sacrificial post, lotus flower, sword, club, bow, parigha weapon, kalpa-vrksa tree, fish, and arrow, and His fingertips are all marked with the sign of the whirlpool. All these marks indicate that Shri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

70- Some say that because Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, His hands must be very soft and gentle, and others say that for the same reason His hands must be very hard and strong. Both statements are true. We may understand that the Lord's hands are supremely hard because they have such a devastating effect when touch the gopis' breasts, which are as stiff and hard as turtles' shells.

71- Their hearts wounded by cupid's arrows, the young goddesses of fortune in Vrajabhumi are in great distress. The only cure for their suffering is the two freshly sprouted medicinal plants which are the hands of Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja. Shrimati Radharani is helplessly tossed about by the nectarean waves of pure love for Lord krishna. The two golden vases which are Her breasts are the receptacles for the two fresh lotus flowers which are Lord Krishna's hands.

72- If it were possible for them to say it, poets would have said that Lord Hari's hands, which are red on the inside and blue on the back part, are a pair of red lotus flowers growing within a pair of blossoming blue lotus flowers. They would have said that Lord Hari's fingers are lotus petals lined up one after another. They would have said that His the tips of His fingers are sharp-pointed, glistening goads used by the demigod cupid. They would have said that His fingernails are a series of full moons. They would speak all these metaphors to describe the hands of the Lord.

73- Some poets have said that because Lord Krishna is the Supreme personality of Godhead, therefore His shoulders are so large and broad that they chastise the large humps on the back of Indian bulls. I disagree. I think that because of the constant touch of the two lotus stalks which are Shrimati Radharani's arms, Lord krishna's shoulders have blossomed with happiness. In this way they have become so broad and stout.

74- I think that Lord Hari's resplendent shoulders are so broad and stout because the two heads of His shoulders are constantly craning their necks, eager to see the sweetness of the Lord's neck, decorated with the glistering Kaustubha gem.

75- Lord Hari's back is very stout and broad at the top, and it gradually tapers to His slender waist, which is like a charming current from the great flood of transcendental beauty. Lord Hari's back is a great sapphire throne where the monarch of transcendental sweetness sits. Lord Hari's back is the object of the yearning and worship of the deerlike eyes of the Vraja-gopis. Let me glorify this splendid back of Lord Hari.

76- Lord Mukunda's splendid round neck is very broad at the base and gradually becomes a little thinner from that point. In this way it looks so beautiful that it has removed the lion's pride in the charming sweetness of their own necks. Lord Mukunda's neck is the exquisite couch where the hairs of His head find their rest.

77- The sapphire conch-shell which is Lord Hari's neck is resplendently beautiful. The splendor of that conch-shell appears to be the decoration which enhances the attractiveness of the Kaustubha jewel resting on it. The loveliness of the three lines which decorate that conch-shell delights the eyes of the living entities in all the three worlds. The waves of sound emanating from that conch-shell chastise the inferior sounds produced by the cuckoos, bees, flute, and vina.

78- Lord Hari's throat is an imperishable nectarean lake where the regal swan which is the Kaustubha gem performs pastimes. Innumerable transcendental rivers, which are many charming jokes, beautiful poems, and sweet songs, constantly flow from that lake in all directions.

79- All glories to the lotus flower of Lord Krishna's face. The Lord's nose, jaw, lips, cheeks, chin, and ears are the glistening petals of that lotus. The Lord's tongue is the whorl of that lotus, and His beautiful teeth are its filaments. The Lord's eyebrows and curling locks of hair are the black bumble-bees sitting in that lotus, and the Lord's eyes are two khanjana birds also resting on that splendid and aromatic lotus flower.

80- Bad poets say that the moon of Lord krishna's face became free of all shadows and was then born in the family of Vraja-gopis. I cannot agree with them. This moon is spotless by nature, and never needs to become purified of any darkness. In fact, anyone who associates with this moon himself becomes immaculately pure.

81- If the creator Brahma had furnished the moon not with spots, but with two bandhuka flowers, two mirrors, a series of nice kunda buds, two dancing khanjana birds, a half-moon, a sesame flower, cupid's bow, and a garland of moving bumble-bees, then the best of poets would have described Lord krishna's face by saying that the moon which is Lord Krishna's face has two bandhuka flowers which are the lips of the Lord, two mirrors which are His cheeks, a series of nice kunda buds which are His teeth, two dancing khanjana birds which are His eyes, a half-moon which is His forehead, a sesame flower which is His nose, a cupid's bow which is His eyebrows, and a garland of moving bumble-bees which is His curling locks of hair.

82- In His childhood, Lord Krishna's mother caressed His small, slightly raised chin, placing her thumb in its middle, and two fingers beneath it. Filled with a great flood of transcendental beauty, Lord Krishna's charming and unlimitedly splendid chin chastises the small beauty of the rising moon and the lotus petal.

83- Slightly long, Lord Hari's splendid jaws touch the Lord's ears, and reach down to also touch the base of His chin. Lord Hari's jaws are worshipped by the devotees, they expertly increase the beauty of he Lord's face. They are a great net of transcendental sweetness which traps the birds which are the eyes of all living entities.

84- The fineness of Lord Krishna's ears has defeated the most delicate pastry, and the wonderful loveliness of those ears has defeated the handful of kusa grass. Decorated with glistening, shark-shaped earrings, the beauty of Lord Krishna's ears has swallowed up the eyes and mind of all living entities in the great network of its splendor.

85- A little distant from Lord krishna's earrings are His slightly long ears. These ears are cupid's net for catching the fish which are the eyes of all women. These ears are the traps for capturing the deer which are the minds of the gopis. These ears are the ropes for binding the two khanana birds which are the eyes of Shrimati Radharani.

86- Lord Madhava's ears thirst to drink the nectar of Shrimati radharani's arrogant joking criticisms. I pray that those charming, nicely proportioned ears, which are reddish on the inside, may become manifested in my heart.

87- Lord Krishna's cheeks are as splendid as two full moons. They are the dancing arena for a pair of shark-shaped earrings, and their beauty removes the pride of the sapphire mirrors. They are nourished by the sprinkling of nectar from the lips of Shrimati Radharani.

88- Bathed in the effulgence of His teeth, Lord Krishna's lips chastise the small beauty of freshly blossomed flowers washed in milk. The corners of His mouth are like two whirlpools in the gushing mountain stream of the nectar of transcendental sweetness.

89- Lord Krishna breathes through His slightly parted of His lips. The colors red and blue meet in these lips which defeat the beauty of the bandhuka flower. Slightly raised and expanded, the Lord's lips are situated at the topmost summit of all beauty.

90- Those who see Lord Krishna's lips, which are more beautiful than the bimba fruit, lose all attraction for anything else. By playing the most wonderful music on His flute, which has become aromatic with the scent of the nectar of His lips, Lord krishna enchants the minds of all living entities.

91- Lord Krishna's lips are the cup of nectar drunk by Shrimati Radharani, and they are the jewelry chest which contains the entire wealth of the beautiful young girls of Vrajabhumi. I pray that Lord Krishna's lips, which are decorated with a row of beautiful teeth, may constantly appear within my heart.

92- Lord Mukunda's teeth chastised the meager loveliness of jasmine buds, and with a small particle of their glory they remove the pride of the diamonds, pearls, and sikhara gems. Lord Mukunda's teeth are by nature as lovely as pomegranate seeds, and they have transformed the beautiful-eyebrowed gopis into parrots who yearn to taste the bimba fruits which are the Lord's lips. By tasting the nectar of His dearmost Shrimati Radharani's lips, these teeth have become reddish. Lord Mukunda's teeth are also like cupid's chisels for breaking the ruby which is His dearmost Radha's lips. Those who are fortunate meditate on Lord Mukunda's beautiful teeth in this way.

93- All glories to the moonlight of Lord Krishna's smile. That moonlight dispels the darkness of ignorance from the minds of the Lord's own loving devotees, and it sprinkles the entire world with drops of the Lord's mercy. That moonlight causes turbulent waves in the ocean of Shrimati Radharani's love for Lord Krishna, whose moon-like face is very dear to the gopis.

94- I meditate on the honey which is the smile of Lord Krishna's lotus face. Laksmi-devi and other celestial goddesses yearn to relish the fragrance of that honey. the bumble-bees which are the gopis' eyes repeatedly drink that honey. Lord krishna places the sweetness of that honey in the sound of His flute.

95- Lord Krishna's tongue is a mine filled with countless jewels which are excellent poems rich in the mellows (rasa) of divine love. That tongue is the untiring gourmet expert at tasting the six flavors (rasa). That tongue grants transcendental bliss (rasa) to the entire world. That tongue relished the nectar (rasa) of Shrimati Radharani's lips. because it is expert in these kinds of rasa, Lord krishna's tongue is known as rasajna (the knower of rasa).

96- The curd preparation which is the sweet words of Lord Hari is prepared with the ghee of the Lord's sincere love, sweetened with the honey of His smile and the sugar of His jokes, and spiced with the camphor of methaphor, alliteration and other literary ornaments. That curd preparation delights the entire world, curbs the pride felt by the ocean of nectar, and cools the hearts of the gopis, who are much afflicted by the burning heat of the sun which is the desire for conjugal love.

97- The beautiful tip of Lord Krishna's nose is as splendid as a sapphire sesame flower tilted downwards. That tip of the nose is like a sapphire cupid's arrow. That tip of the nose chastises the attractiveness of the sapphire parrot's beak.

98- Lord Krishna's eyes are like two moving moonstone globes studded with a pair of moving sapphires. Lord Krishna's eyes are expert at breaking the pride of the whorls of two white lotus flowers within which two black bumble-bees wander.

99- How merciful is the creator Brahma to expertly fashion these two spheres of beauty, red on the edges, white within, and black in the center, which are known as the two eyes of Lord Krishna?

100- Lord Krishna's splendid eyes have flooded the entire universe with the nectarean monsoon rains of complete transcendental beauty, the gushing nectarean streams of complete mercy, and the great inundation of the nectar of the transcendental madhur-rasa.

101- Lord Hari's large, wide-open, nicely reddish, beautiful eyes are like two treasuries containing the saffron particles of transcendental youthfulness. These eyes are decorated with the large, glistening, restlessly moving clouds which are the Lord's eyelashes. i pray that these two eyes of Lord Hari may be constantly manifested within my heart.

102- As sharp and hard as cupid's arrows, Lord Krishna's splendid sidelong glances are expert at breaking the firm chastity of the pious young girls of Vraja. These sidelong glances are the best of generous philanthropists. They give extensive charity, fulfilling the desires of the poverty stricken conditioned souls far beyond their dreams.

103- The curved bow which is the creeper of Lord Krishna's eyebrows shoots many dancing arrows, which pierce the deer which are the minds of the young girls in the universe and cause them to writhe and stagger from their wounds. Simply by the expansion of its fame, the creeper of Lord Krishna's eyebrows has made cupid's flower-bow seem as insignificant as a blade of grass.

104- How is it that the serpent Kaliya placed His daughter before Lord Hari to receive a benediction, and how is it that the Lord placed His own mark on the shy girl's eyebrows? When Kaliya's daughter glanced at the young girls of Vraja's, she made them all faint with envy within their hearts.

105- Let me glorify Lord Hari's forehead, which is as splendid as the moon on Krishnastami evening. On the beautiful sides of that forehead are the Lord's curling locks of hair, and the two creepers which are His eyebrows. That forehead is decorated with colorful designs drawn in mineral pigments from  Govardhana Hill. That forehead bears resplendent kunkuma tilaka marking, which are like cupid's expert trap for catching the deer which is the mind of Shrimati Radharani.

106- Above Lord Gopinatha's forehead is the resplendent, charming swarm of bumble-bees which are His curling locks of hair. That swarm of bees has now become a great fishing net where the fisherman cupid catches the saphari fishes which are the eyes of the young girls of Vraja.

107- Lord Kesava's fine, thick, glorious, curling locks of hair glisten with a great luster that chastises the splendor of a swarm of bumble-bees. These locks of hair are pleasantly aromatic as a blue lotus flower anointed with musk, and they are as resplendent as a black camara fan, or the flag of cupid. Charmingly parted, these locks of hair appear like the mark of the deer on the nectarean moon which is Shrimati Radharani's heart. We pray that these beautiful locks of Lord kesava's hair may become manifested within our thoughts.

108- The limbs of Lord krishna's transcendental body are like a host of limitless oceans of nectar of sweetness. Lord Krishna's limbs are so beautiful that instead of being beautified by wearing ornaments, the limbs themselves make the ornaments more beautiful. In this way the Lord's limbs are the ornaments of His ornaments. Lord Krishna's limbs are so beautiful that they appear to shower nectar on the eyes of the residents of the universe. Lord krishna's limbs are so beautiful that even Lord Ananta cannot describe them with His thousands of voices.

109- The voices of the two parrots then became choked with ecstasy, and they stopped speaking. At that time the gopi-audience became momentarily stunned, their minds drowning in the nectarean ocean of the parrots'' words.

110- Thus ends the sixteenth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book, which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.