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Chapter 10


1- Lord Krishna seemed to be lament the many impediments obstructing His wish-fulfilling cupid-sacrifice. Understanding the meaning of Lord Krishna's glance, and appearing to be also very depressed, Kundalata approached Lord Krishna, and spoke the following words:

2- My dear Krishna, You are just like the demigod Siva. Just as Siva burned the cupid to ashes, in the same way You have made cupid powerless, and made the sacrifice to him useless. If You retain the nature of Siva, how do You expect to reap the benefits of performing the cupid-sacrifice? My dear amorous Krishna, at once give up this alien nature of Siva, and accept Your own original feature.

3- Formerly everyone thought Me the incarnation of Lord Siva, the enemy of cupid. Now I shall prove I am not Cupid's enemy. I shall make a gift of each one of My limbs to My beloved Radharani, the friend of cupid.

4- Lord Siva is famous for giving half of his body to his wife Parvati. I shall eclipse his fame. I shall now become more famous than all expert and submissive lovers, for I shall now give My entire body to My beloved Radharani.

5- Shrimati Radharani was afraid of Krishna, and She alertly watched to ward off His approach. He stealthily approached without Her knowledge. Eager to embrace Her, He spoke the following words:

6- My dear fair-complexioned girl, please take this body, I am offering to You. It is actually the body of Lord Siva. As Lord Krishna spoke these words, He yearned to embrace Shrimati Radharani. Hearing His words, She at once began to flee, but Lord krishna forcibly caught Her in His arms.

7- Simultaneously smiling and crying tears, Shrimati Radharani reproached Him with broken words. Somehow She extricated Herself from His embrace, and angrily stood before Him.

8- Eager to taste the nectar of Her face, a swarm of bees flew near Radharani's ear, frightened Her with their buzzing sounds. Radharani lost all Her peacefulness. She gazed at Krishna, the master of Her life, with anxious, restless eyes, and suddenly fell upon Him, embracing Him with Her arms.

9- When the gopis began to smile at all this, Radharani became embarrassed and earnestly tried to slip out of Krishna's embrace. Krishna laughed, held her very firmly, and would not let Her go. She appeared like a glittering lightning flash permanently resting against a dark cloud.

10- For Lord Krishna's pleasure, Radharani at once began a verbal and psychological war with the gopis, who were all filled with a combination of anger, shyness, happiness, and female duplicity, and who were all intent on encouraging the amorous pastimes of the Divine Couple.

11- Struggling with both hands, Shrimati Radharani freed Herself from the tight embrace of Her lover's arms. Simultaneously smiling and shedding tears, She spoke clever puns mixed with curses, prayers, vociferous criticisms, and humble apologies, all intended to mean the exact opposite of what was said. By all this, She delighted Her gopi-friends and Lord Krishna.

12- When the gopis saw the strong embraces of the Divine Couple, their faces blossomed with transcendental happiness, and they trembled, showing various signs of ecstatic bliss. Observing all this, Vrnda-devi spoke to Nandimukhi the following words:

13- The gopis are not embraced by Lord Hari. He does not even touch them. Still, when they see that Shrimati Radharani strongly embraced by Him for a long time, they become filled with ecstatic bliss, just as if He had embraced them, and not Radharani. This is certainly very astonishing.

14- When the gopis cannot see Lord Krishna, then they yearn to see Him. When they see Him, they yearn to touch Him. However, when He touches them, they become angry and contrary. This is certainly very astonishing.

15- Nandimukhi then said to Vrnda-devi, the controller of Vrndavana-forest: The beautiful and exalted Vraja-gopis only desire the pleasure of Lord Krishna and for this purpose they dedicated their bodies and minds. For this reason their activities for His pleasure are not at all astonishing.

16- All the gopis, the personal friends of Shrimati Radharani,are equal to Her. Krishna is pleasing to the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi, just as the moon is pleasing to the lotus flower. His pleasure-giving potency is known as hladini, of which the active principle is Shrimati Radharani. She is compared to a creeper with newly grown flowers and leaves. When the nectar of Krishna's pastimes is sprinkled on Shrimati Radharani, all Her friends, the gopis, immediately appreciate the pleasure, a hundred times more than if they were sprinkled themselves. Actually this is not at all wonderful.

17- The pastimes of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna are self-effulgent. they are happiness personified, unlimited and all-powerful. Even so, the spiritual humors of such pastimes are never complete without the gopis, the Lord's personal friends. the Supreme Personality of Godhead is never complete without His spiritual potencies, therefore unless one takes shelter of the gopis, one cannot enter into the company of Radha and Krishna. Who can be interested in Their spiritual pastimes without taking their shelter?

18- Shrimati Radharani is as beautiful as a blossoming golden creeper, and Lord Krishna is as handsome as a blossoming tamala tree. Who would not become delighted by seeing this handsome Divine Couple?

19- The beautiful gopis are the purest lovers of Krishna. When they display crookedness and contrariness toward Him, they act only to please Him. They do not act for their own happiness.

20- Shrimati Radharani yearned for the touch of Lord Krishna, and when His arm firmly pressed against Her breasts, She became overwhelmed with transcendental bliss. Nevertheless She crookedly continued to pretend to chastise Him. She said to Lalita:

21- My dear clever Lalita, you have met with Lord Hari's tricky messenger Kundalata, and the two of you have placed Me in the hands of Krishna, the king of rascals. As you stand on the shore of this Radha-kunda, you may cast your crooked glance on the impudent dancing of this Krishna, the king of cheaters.

22- My dear Lalita, although you are generally sharp and passionate by nature, you have suddenly become sweet and good-natured. Although Lord Krishna is generally gentle and good-natured, He has suddenly became sharp and passionate. This sudden change is not so wonderful, the two of you have exchanged nature, one becoming like the other.

23- Although Lalita was actually very pleased to hear these words, she pretended to become red with anger. Although she vehemently criticized Lord Krishna, her criticisms caused everyone to smile with happiness. She said: My dear Krishna, my dear king of those who impudently destroy the chastity of young wives, why do You act in this sinful way?

24- Lord Krishna responded: My dear Lalita, I have done nothing. It is all Her doing. You should rather ask your friend Radharani why She has forcibly embraced Me, strongly pressing Her body against Mine.

25- Lalita replied: My dear Krishna, You are like a nagakesara tree and Radharani is like a madhavi creeper. A creeper may embrace a tree with it's limbs, but it is not at all proper for a tree to embrace a creeper.

26- Lord Krishna replied: I have given My body to Radharani, and She has accepted that gift. I have given that gift, and it is too late now for Me to take it back. What is the harm if My gift embraces Her?

27- Cruel, powerful, angry Lalita proceeded to destroy Lord Krishna's good reputation by saying: My dear libidinous bumble-bee Krishna, please give up this attempt to push Your celebrated licentious wickedness on this pious, chaste housewife Radharani.

28- Lalita continued: When I am present even the wind cannot touch Shrimati Radharani. Give up trying to embrace Her.

29- As Lalita and the other gopis were angrily talking in this way, Lord Krishna became overwhelmed with transcendental bliss. He manifested various symptoms of ecstasy, such as trembling, shedding tears, and standing up of hairs on the body.

30- As Lord Krishna became overwhelmed with transcendental bliss by touching the body of His beloved Radha, and as He became frightened by hearing Lalita's threats, His grip on Radharani loosened, and the flute fell from His hand. Radharani then slipped out of His embrace, picked up the flute, and quickly fled.

31- As Radharani fled, She carefully concealed the flute in the folds of Her garment. After Her escape the following conversation was exchanged between Visakha and Lord Krishna:

32- My dear Krishna, just see how Your plan to forcibly capture the star Radha in Your rahu-arms is now frustrated. Your rahu-arms can only catch the moons of Candravali. They have no power to catch the stars known as Radha and Her friends( Rahu only eclipses the moon, and not the stars. Candravali means a host of moons).

33- I am the star Visakha. My friends Radha, Jyestha, Dhanistha, Citra, Bharani, Indulekha, and many others too numerous to count, are all stars. The rahu-planet of Your arms can never catch us. All Your arms can do is briefly catch the host of moons known as Candravali. Leave us. Go and catch Candravali.

34- Lord Krishna replied: My dear Visakha, I thought you were the delightful incarnation of Lord Siva, the regent of the northwest. I thought Lalita was the incarnation of Lord Indra, the eastern regent who carries a fearful thunderbolt. How is it that you have all suddenly become stars?

35- I have already enjoyed easy-to-get Candravali many times in many ways. I am tired of her. I have left her, and now I yearned to taste the nectar of Radharani's beauty, which is so difficult to obtain.

36- Although rahu may enjoy his passage through the realm of the various stars, he does not capture them. It is only the crescent moon named Indulekha that he yearns to catch.

37- Speaking in this way, Lord Hari approached Indulekha to embrace her. Frightened, she backed away from Him. Knitting her eyebrows, she spoke the following words to the smiling Krishna:

38- Insolent rahu, You have no right to touch this crescent moon of Indulekha. I order You to pass by all these stars and go at once to the full-moons of Candravali.

39- Unseen by Him, Lalita stealthily approached Lord Krishna and said: You can never attain the star Radha without first approaching the star named Visakha.

40- Lord Krishna then approached Visakha and touched her. Visakha said: By enjoying Radha, Visakha is automatically enjoyed, but before You attain Radha, You must first approach Jyestha.

41- Unseen by her, Lord Krishna approached Jyestha and touched her. Jyestha  became furious and spoke the following words to the wilting Krishna: O insolent Rahu, without first approaching the star Citra it will be very difficult for You to reach any of the other stars in the heavens.

42- Lord Krishna then approached Citra and forcibly embraced her. Citra said: O debauchee Rahu, leave me at once. You have no right to pass by the stars. You must now travel along the pathway of the planets.

43- Tungavidya then said: O Citra, we cannot allow this Rahu-planet to travel among us. He must radically change course and travel among the planets instead.

44- Citra then said: O Tungavidya, perhaps we are too harsh on this Rahu-planet. I think that because of our mistreating Him, the scales of justice, in the form of the sign Libra will enter my place, and then go on to give trouble to you also.

45- When Lord Krishna touched Tungavidya, she said to Him: My dear insolent libertine. The painful scales of justice, otherwise known as the sign of Libra will soon pass from the realm of Ranga-devi to my realm. After that they will approach You. Will You be as eager to embrace them as You are to touch us?

46- Lord Krishna then approached Rangadevi and touched her. She said to Him: My dear Rahu-planet, by touching me You have now entered the sign Virgo. The sign Pisces has now assumed the form of Campakalata-gopi. You can clearly see her before You. Go to her.

47- Lord Krishna then embraced Campakalata. She said to Him: Rascal, leave me and go at once to Sudevi, who is known as the sign Aquarius.

48- Then Lord Krishna touched Sudevi. She said to Him: O Madhusudana, go to the girl Kancanalata. She will fulfill all Your desires.

49- Lord Krishna then embraced Kancanalata. She said to Him: My dear cakora-bird Krishna, why have You come here? Go at once to the moon-faced Radharani, and quench Your thirst by drinking the moonlight of Her beauty.

50- Eager to kiss Shrimati Radharani, Lord Krishna stealthily approached Her unobserved, and embraced Her. Feigning aversion, She said: Rascal, if You wish to kiss Me, You must first renounce Your other wife, this flute.

51- After a little time Lord Krishna noticed that He was no longer holding the flute in His hand. He became momentarily perplexed, turned towards Kundalata and asked: Where is My flute?

52- Kundalata's restless glance pointed to Radharani as the flute-thief. As soon as Lord Krishna understood, Radharani secretly passed the flute to Tulasi-devi.

53- Tulasi took the flute, went behind Visakha, Lalita and the other gopis, and hid it carefully. Lord Krishna again approached Radharani. Yearning to embrace Her, He spoke the following words:

54- My dear thief, first You wounded My clear mind with the pointed hook of Your amorous sidelong glance, and then when I was bewildered, You stole away My flute without My knowledge. This is very wonderful.

55- I shall now bind You with many ropes, confiscate the ornament that decorate the hook of Your amorous glances, lead You to the Vrndavana-prison, and place You before king cupid.

56- Wounded by love, Shrimati Radharani could not move, although She stared at Lord Krishna with contempt. When She started to go Lord Krishna checked Her by force on the pretext of investigating the recent flute-theft.

57- Lord Hari said to Shrimati Radharani: My dear thief, You have stolen My flute in vain. Unless You return it to Me, I shall not release You from these ropes.

58- Moving her creeper eyebrows and restless crooked eyes, and smiling with sublime arrogance, Lalita pretended to be very angry. She at once stood before Lord Hari and chastised Him in the following proud words:

59- O polluted libertine, O destroyer of young girls' chastity, Go away! Go to some other girl and leave Radharani in peace. Radharani has just now bathed, purifying Herself for the worship of the sun-god. Do not now make Her impure by touching Her or by speaking all these lies.

60- Lalita continued: My dear rascal, when You were at the Kusuma-sarovara lake, You became intoxicated by drinking the liquor of Saibya-gopi's lips. When You were bewildered in this way, the bold Saibya stole Your flute. If You do not believe me, then hear the facts from Tulasi-devi, who personally witnessed the entire affair.

61- If a criminal does some mischief, the blame sometimes falls on the innocent. Just see; even though Saibya is the actual culprit, innocent Radharani is falsely accessed of stealing the flute.

62- With a glance Lalita hinted to Krishna that He should go to Tulasi to satisfy His desire. He did, and Shrimati Radharani escaped, just like the nectarean moon escapes the grip of a dark cloud.

63- Understanding Lalita's hint, Tulasi suddenly handed the flute to Rupa-manjari. When Tulasi tried to leave, Lord Krishna checked her by force. Touched by Krishna, Tulasi began to tremble and the hairs of her body stood up in ecstasy.

64- Tulasi folded her hands in supplication, placing them against her face. She begged: O merciful Lord, please leave me in peace. I am Your maidservant going to worship the sun-god. It is not at all proper for You to approach me in this way.

65- Tulasi continued: You are arresting me to get the flute. I do not have it. In fact, just today I have seen Your flute in the hand of Saibya-gopi. As Tulasi spoke in this way, the movements of her eyes hinted that flute was in the hand of Rupa-manjari.

66- Lord Krishna left Tulasi and approached Rupa-manjari, Intelligent Rupa-manjari understood that she bore the unmistakable fragrance of the honey of Krishna's flute, she at once gave the flute to Lalita.

67- Lord Krishna quickly approached Rupa-manjari unobserved, and bound her with the ropes of His arms, searching her bodice for the flute, He said: My dear thief where have you hidden My flute?

68- Rupa-manjari pushed Him away and said: I am the thief. Now You have gotten Your flute. By good fortune You have attained Your desire. Go now, and call the gopis to this place.

69- You have Yourself hidden the flute. This search for the flute is simply Your trick to rape the wives of others.

70- The movements of Rupa-manjari's eyes hinted to Krishna that Lalita had the flute. Krishna slackened the bonds of His embrace, and Rupa-manjari quickly escaped. Krishna then approached the frightened Lalita, who secretly slipped the flute to Kundalata.

71- Angry Lalita said to the approaching Krishna: Stand back! Why have You come here? You cannot impudently take Your flute from me if I do not have it.

72- Shrimati Radharani's gopi-friends live in the realm of cintamani gems, and they would not condescend to kick Your bamboo flute with their feet. O rascal, why do You accuse them of stealing Your flute?

73- This flute is hard and dry. It is defective because it has so many holes. Day and night it disturbs the three worlds. That this flute has been stolen from the Lord's hand is an auspicious blessing for many people in this worlds.

74- Let this flute be a disturbance no longer. Let the women of Vraja happily perform their household duties, their undergarments and hair remaining firmly tied. Let them not become agitated by the sound of Krishna's flute. Let the does wander freely with their husbands without becoming spellbound by the sound of Krishna's flute. Let the rivers quickly flow to the ocean without becoming stunned by the sound of Krishna's flute.

75- Because You stole the garments of the unmarried gopis and because You made them suffer with cold by forcing them to remain naked in the water of the Yamuna, You must therefore suffer by having the flute stolen from Your hand. Those who cause suffering to others must suffer themselves.

76- The dry bamboo flute, faulted with many holes, was resting in Lord Krishna's hand. Also, alas, who has stolen this flute, the dearmost treasure of the master of Gokula.

77- Lord Krishna was stunned and depressed by hearing Lalita's contemptuous joking words. Kundalata, considering Krishna's depression to be merely a clever trick, secretly handed the flute to Radharani, approaching Lord Krishna, and very feelingly spoke the following words:

78- because Your bamboo flute was so full of holes, it was defective, and was hardly worth half an conch-shell when it was new, what to speak of now that it is old and battered. That such a flute was stolen from Your hand is actually a blessing. You are the prince of the cowherds, why should You lament the loss of an insignificant bamboo flute? All the gopis are very happy to hear the flute is lost. In fact, they are giggling so loudly that I am practically dead with embarrassment.

79- Lord Krishna replied in the following words: My dear Kundalata, you speak in this way because you are unaware of the many virtues possessed by My flute. It is a great wonder that neither you nor your friends appreciate the virtues of My flute.

80- Just as the spiritual potency of Lord Narayana fulfills all His desires, in the same way this flute very easily and perfectly fulfills whatever impossible to obtain desire may arise within My heart.

81- This all-powerful flute fulfills all My desires. Radharani and the other gopis are well aware of this flute's extraordinary power. For this reason they have become very eager to steal it.

82- Lalita then replied: My dear libertine Krishna, we were not aware that this flute is the queen of procuresses, so dear to You for her occupational skill.

83- My dear Krishna, Your flute is like a rope that constantly binds the wild elephants of the minds of women who are as charming and beautiful as nectar. Your flute is very expert at constantly ebbing the impeccably pure piety of the women in this world. Your flute constantly enchants Laksmi, Parvati, Samjna, and all ;other young girls. Your flute is famous in the three planetary systems for it's wonderful qualities.

84- Lord Krishna then said: First this ferocious Lalita steals My flute, and then she blasphemes both Me and My flute with crooked words as sharp as thorns.

85- After hearing these words, Lord Krishna tried to grasp the edge of Lalita's garment. She quickly retreated and spoke the following words to the smiling Krishna, whose creeperlike eyebrows were knitted as if he were angry:

86- My dear Krishna, I am the Lalita, You know very well. I shall leave now with my gopi-friends, and therefore Your mischief will not be successful today.

87- Seeing Lalita about to depart, Lord Krishna grasped her garment and said: If you do not return My flute, you will not find it very easy to go to your home.

88- Lord Krishna continued: If you have not stolen My flute, then why do you flee in fear? you may, of course, go if you like, but if you wish to clear your reputation, you should stay here and show Me each of your limbs one by one to prove that you have not concealed the flute on your person.

89- Pulling her garment away from Krishna's grip, and staring at Him with crooked eyes, Lalita said: Lusty madman, examine the limbs of Your sister-in-law Kundalata.

90- We have neither taken Your flute nor seen it. If You are so cruel that You will not leave us in peace, then at least go to Kundalata and see if she can sell You a flute to replace the one You lost, and if You do not like her price then go to some other market and buy a flute there.

91- I will tell our friends on Govardhana Hill, the two aborigine girls Nalli and Bhrngi, and by my order they will serve You by bringing a hollow bamboo stick to replace Your flute. This stick will be far superior to Your flute, for it will not be faulted by all those holes.

92- Lord Krishna then said: These fortunate aborigine girls are very affectionate to Me. They become free from all unhappiness when they smear their bodies with the kumkuma powder that has fallen from My lotus feet onto the grass. They bring Me gunja, mineral pigments, and other nice things from Govardhana Hill. They are My maidservants. Please tell Me how you have made friendship with them?

93- Lord Krishna continued: First you steal My flute, and then you insult Me. In retaliation I shall bind you and then punish you severely. Let whoever is your protector step forward now and protect you.

94- Visakha at once stepped between Lalita and Krishna. Smiling she humbly spoke the following instruction to the Lord:

95- My dear Krishna, You should try to find Your lost flute by gathering information about it and weighing that information with a cool brain. Cruel punishment of the gopis will not help You to find it.

96- Then Campakalata said: Why are You so eager to reclaim this lost flute? Why do You think this bamboo stick is such a valuable treasure?

97- Then Tungavaidya said: O foolish Campakalata, you don't understand. Listen: This flute is the be-all-and-all of Krishna's life. There is nothing He will not give to get it back.

98- My dear Krishna, if You wish to regain Your lost flute, You should offer a valuable reward for it's return. That would be better than this threat of punishment.

99- Then Visakha said: My Lord, I speak for Your benefit; You should offer both a reward for whomever returns the flute, and a punishment for the thief.

100- Lord Krishna said: I shall give a large flower-garland, a necklace of jewels, and a valuable magnet to anyone who tells Me where I can find My flute.

101- I shall punish the gopi-thief who has stolen My flute. I shall contiscate her garments and jewel-ornaments. I shall take the jewel of youthfulness from her waterpotlike breasts. I shall bind her with the ropes of My arms and drag her to the prison of Vrndavana-forest to be severely punished by King Cupid himself.

102- Visakha said: My dear Krishna, my dear prince of the cowherds, this generous reward to again place the flute in Your hand is very appropriate. You are not a miser.

103- Visakha continued: Actually Kundalata knows about Your flute, and because we are close friends, I also know a little about it. This whole affair is very troublesome and uncomfortable for me, but if You first give a reward, then You may tactfully inquire about the fate of Your flute.

104- Jubilant Visakha then said to Kundalata: Ah my friend, your good-fortune has just arrived. Now you can claim a costly reward for returning the flute to your brother-in-law Krishna.

105- Hearing these words of Visakha and Kundalata, and understanding their intent, Shrimati Radharani took the flute and secretly handed it to Tulasi-devi.

106- As expectation-filled Krishna stared into her face, Kundalata said: My dear Visakha, I don't know anything of this flute-theft, I swear.

107- If I knew anything about my brother-in-law's flute, I would tell Him, even without any reward. My property is always available for Him to take. I am not like you other gopis, who are eager to cheat Him at every step.

108- Visakha then said to Kundalata: My dear friend, you know everything about the theft of the flute. Please take this bribe of jewels, and tell Krishna where the flute is. If you are at all inclined to your master Krishna, now is the time to place the flute in His hand.

109- Take the bribe and tell Krishna where He can find His flute. I promise, You shall gain both. You shall gain the reward, and He shall gain the flute. I vow that I shall personally become the collateral to protect both your investments.

110- Lord Krishna was very eager to retrieve His flute, and He could understand the hints dispatched by Kundalata's glances. At that moment, however, He became suddenly stunned, attacked by the sharpened arrows of many sidelong glances shot by His beloved Radharani. At that time Kundalata spoke the following words to the motionless Krishna.

111- My dear Krishna. I can now see that the dark nectar flowing from Your flute which attracts the entire universe to You, has now become transformed into a dot of black musk, and You have now placed this same musk-dot on the chin of Your beloved Radharani.

112- Radharani has taken this musk-dot from Your flute and placed it on Her chin, but She is so foolish She has neglected to hide it.

113- By good fortune You are now able to see the mark of Your flute in this musk-dot on Radharani's chin. At once reclaim it with Your lips. Afterwards You can punish Her for theft, and also reward Her for returning Your flute.

114- Take Your flute from Radha. I did not steal it. I will not lose anything. After that give the promised reward to Visakha and she will hand it to me at once.

115- After hearing all these words, Lord Krishna said: I shall now take the flute and then immediately give the reward to Visakha. Then I shall imprison this culprit Radharani in the grove of Vrndavana and punish Her very severely.

116- As Lord Krishna spoke these words, He began to approach His beloved Radharani. As Krishna was about to kiss Radha's chin, Lalita placed herself between them. Simultaneously smiling and pretending to be very angry, Lalita spoke the following words:

117- Radharani has not worshipped the sun-god yet today. By interrupting Her worship You are forcing Her to act sinfully. Why is it that You have no fear of the sun-god? Why do You have no fear to violate the rules of religion? Leave. Leave this place at once.

118- At that moment Lord Krishna addressed Her: O Radha, do not worry. Neither I nor My teeth shall harm You. I shall simply reclaim the musk-dot from Your chin.

119- I see Your friend the musk-dot has become frightened to see Me, and has run to take shelter of Your lips, which are like a great fortress to protect Your teeth. In order to reclaim My musk-dot I shall now attack the fortress of Your lips with My teeth.

120- Then Kundalata said to Shrimati Radharani: Although You have skillfully written a wonderful poem entitled "The Musk-dot's Retreat", still Lord Krishna, the king of poets, has become angry with You, and has written His own poem "The Return of the Musk-dot" to surpass You.

121- Those who understand the superexellence of Krishna's virtues, see that He is completely faultless, and they try to please Him in all respects. O Radha, You should also try to please Him by giving Him Your necklace of jewels as a gift.

122- Shrimati Radharani then said: My dear friend Kundalata, when you consider the cooling virtues of your brother-in-law Krishna, you blossom with great happiness. I think you should worship Him, not I. Just worship Him now by offering the flowers of your teeth on the altar of His reddish lips.

123- Hearing these words, Kundalata became angry. She addressed the infallible Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, in the following words: My dear Lord Hari, this girl is Radharani, the talkative granddaughter of Mukhara, and this other girl is the harsh Lalita. How is it possible for a meek and gentle person like You to reclaim the stolen flute from such nasty person?

124- You are a single gentle-hearted person against this host of crooked-hearted, domineering girls. You cannot defeat them. My advice to You is: Carefully protect Your garments and ornaments so they do not snatch them from You, and flee at once to Your cowherd friends.

125- My dear Krishna, these girls do not care for piety or impiety. They are simply obsessed with greed to attain the association of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

126- Although these gopis are all religious, pure-hearted and chaste, they have spoken improperly to You, my young brother-in-law, and they have also blasphemed me with many harsh words. O Krishna, give my reward to Visakha, and free me from these bonds so I can at once visit their homes and complain about their behavior to their superior.

127- Krishna laughed and said to Visakha: My dear pious girl, come here. Come here and take these jewels. As Visakha approached, Lord Krishna embraced her. The gopis then began to smile and laugh. They all surrounded Visakha and Krishna.

128- During the loud quarrel that ensued, Shrimati Radharani carefully decorated Herself with silence, slipped away unnoticed, and disappeared into the forest.

129- Fearful Tulasi took the flute and fled to the nearby grove of Vrndavana forest. Vrnda-devi met her there, and took the flute from her hand. Pressing the flute against her breasts, Vrnda-devi said:

130- My dear flute, you are the crown of your entire family, for even though you took birth in a family of insignificant bamboos, you have become the cause of these wonderful pastimes enjoyed by Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.

131- Anxious because of her friends laughter, Visakha moved her eyes restlessly. She stared at Krishna, stuttered, and with a great struggle broke free from His tight grip. She angrily spoke to Him the following words:

132- We are neither Your family members, nor are we Your servants. How can it be proper for us, then to take gifts from You, a stranger? O king of cheaters, I think You should give Your gifts to Kundalata, for she is Your sister-in-law, a member of Your family.

133- Visakha then turned to Kundalata and said: My dear friend Kundalata, if you are so intelligent, why do you act like such a fool? Why do you neglect your brother-in-law's gifts, and to obtain things elsewhere? Why do you act in this sinful way?

134- Kundalata then said: O visakha, generous Krishna is simply trying to gain good karma and eliminate His bad karma by giving this charity to the brahmana ladies like yourself. Why should I stop Him?

135- Why are you afraid of Krishna's gift of love? Take it, double your own wealth, and then you may also give in charity.

136- Citra then said: O Visakha, why are you trying to renounce your own honestly earned wages, thinking they are not your own property. Now that you have become wealthy, give some of your wealth to your friend Kundalata, who standing right before you.

137- Then Kundalata said: O Citra, I think you should become the claimant of Krishna's gift. If Krishna gives His own jewel away and you do not accept it , it is not He who become the loser.

138- Kundalata then turned to Lord Krishna and said: My dear Krishna, because You are very generous, You are trying to give charity to these girls, even though they are too small-minded to appreciate it. I think You should give this gift only to Shrimati Radharani, for only She is wise and liberal enough to understand it's value.

139- Searching for Radha with His glance and not finding Her anywhere, Lord Krishna said: O crooked Lalita, where have you hidden your friend, the thief Radha? Bring Her before Me! Disobey, and will be punished.

140- Lalita replied: I am not her warden. Who knows where She is? Find Her by Your own efforts and rule Your little kingdom with Her as Your queen. I am going home.

141- One gopi announced: I am also going home. Another gopi announced: I am going to the temple to worship the sun-god. A third gopi announced: I am going to bath again in the Manasa-ganga river to purify myself from the contamination of krishna's touch.

142- As the gopis were trying to cheat Lord Krishna in this way, He turned to the face of Kundalata. Her glance signaled Him to the forest, and He entered it without delay.

143- Lord Krishna then bound Kundalata and the other gopis with ropes made from forest-vines. He brought them to the four gates of a courtyard deep within the forest.

144- When Shrimati Radharani saw Her lover Krishna coming, She began to flee. Krishna caught Her and forced Her to enter the courtyard and sit down on the couch there.

145- By that time Shrimati Radharani was burning in the forest-fire of amorous passion. the mad-elephant of Lord Krishna took Her to secluded place in the forest and enjoyed Her to His full satisfaction.

146- As Lord Krishna fought to untie Her bodice and undergarments, alarmed Radharani fiercely resisted, Her moving arms causing Her bracelets to loudly jingle. The soldiers of Lord Krishna's impudence routed Radharani's peaceful composure, shyness, contrariness, and other defenders. Lord Krishna happily stuttered as He demanded: Gi gi give Me My My My flute. Their bodies decorated with the glittering ornaments of Their previous joking words, and Their bent necks singing and sprinkling a shower of nectar, They enjoy a great festival of happiness. All glories to these sweet pastimes of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna enjoyed in the grove of Vrndavana.

147- Thus ends the tenth chapter of Govinda-lilamrta in the matter of the Lord's midday pastimes that delight the gopis. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami has ordered me to write this book. which I have been able to do by the blessing of Shrila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and the saintly association of Shrila Jiva Goswami. I consider this book the ripened fruit of the service I have rendered to Shrila Rupa Goswami, who is like a bumble-bee relishing the honey at the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.