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In the fifth chapter the family life of Shyamananda  is discussed.  The previous four chapters have dealt with Shyamananda's desire to attain the grace of Krishna.  The ninth chapter describes the perfection of Shyamananda's sadhana.  And the last, or tenth chapter, deals with the birth of the feeling of madhurya viraha (separation) within Shyamananda.  Who could possibly describe the intense desire of Shyamanada by which he attained the opportunity of personally serving Radha Krishna?

When Shri Jiva came to Vrndavana Shyamananda left his body out of seperation from Jiva.(?) In the tenth chapter Shyamananda attains his spiritual form and begins to live happily with Shri Rupamanjari.  Shri Radha Krishna favoured him and kept him in Their service.  Kanakamanjari became a favorite of Lalita, Shri Rupamanjari and all the sakhis.

I have described Shyamananda's attainment of the spiritual abode only in hints, as I have been ordered to do so.  I am the most unqualified and ignornat person but due to the grace of Shri Shyamananda Goswami I have written this book and presented it before all the devotees.  Although I have no ability to write, by the mercy of my spirtiual master this book has been completed.