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All glories to the lotus feet of Shyamananda, by his mercy I have been empowered to write this book.  

Seeing the golden complextion and beautiful mark of tilak on Shyamananda's forehead, the people began to talk:  "By the mercy of Shri Jiva, Krishnadas has received the name Shyamananda and become famous in Vrndavana.  He is the disciple of Shri Hrdayananda Goswami, but now he has left his original guru and taken shelter under the feet of Shri Jiva."  

These conversations amongst the Vrajavasis came to the ears of all the Vaishnavas.  Criticising Shri Jiva they said:  "How can Shri Jiva do this?  He has accepted Shyamananda as his own disciple.  Is there any law in the scriptures which allows such behavior?  Shri Jiva is a great sage, most probably he has done it unconsciously. If he comes to know what we are discussing certainly he will respect our opinions"

Others said:  "This cannot be done by Jiva Goswami."  Yet all of the Vaishnavas were afraid to directly question Shri Jiva. Rather, they simply judged him according to the rumors circulating.

Some Vaishnavas who traveled from Vraja to Gauda met Hrdayananda Goswami and informed him: "Duhkini Krishnadas has left your refuge and taken shelter at the feet of Shri Jiva Goswami. He has given Krishnadas the name Shyamananda das, and changed his tilak, calling it Shyamanandi.  

Hearing this Hrdayananda was furious: "Shri Jiva has accepted my disciple as his disciple," he roared.  "Neither Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu nor Nityananda Prabhu have ever done such a thing, but now Shri Jiva is proving himself superior to Them?  I shall make him understand the mistake he has made."

Saying this he called his disciples and ordered them:  "Five to ten of you go to Vrndavana, bind up Duhkini Krishnadas and bring him back here to me. However, if Shri Jiva tries to free him, then leave Krishnadas there in his care.  If this situation arises give my letter to Jiva Goswami and bring his reply to me.  Ask Krishnadas why he has done this.  How dare he ignore me and accept another guru.  Ask him if he has attained Krishna by the mercy of Jiva Goswami.  If the answer is yes, then we shall all go to Shri Jiva and accept him as our spiritual master also. I have never heard of such behavior amongst the disciples of Mahaprabhu. Advaita Acarya left his own son, but Mahaprabhu never accepted him.  These topics are clearly explained in the scriptures. (something missing)


"Once Mahaprabhu rejected Chota Haridas.  Bereft of his spiritual master, Chota Haridas decided to commit suicide by jumping into the Jamuna. This is the method of Mahaprabhu's religion.  I have never seen or heard of anything like this. It is explained in the scriptures that we must reject the association of superficial persons who outwardly pose as devotees.  If I am such a non-Vaishnava guru then it is good that Krishnadas has left me. I shall arrange a debate with all the Vaishnavas regarding this matter.  If it is proven that I am a non-Vaishnava, then I shall surely take refuge in Shri Jiva.  Now go to Vrndavana as quickly as possible and bring Shri Jiva's reply, then I will understand the truth.  If I am correct, I shall visit all the holy places of Gauda and gather all the Vaishnavas together, then  we will all go to Vrndavana for the judgement."  Saying this he ordered his disciples to leave for Vrndavana immediately.

After a long journey they finally reached Vraja and brought the letter to Shri Jiva. Keeping the letter in front of himself, Shri Jiva paid his sincere obeisances.  He embraced all the Vaishnavas and inquired, "Who has sent this letter?"

"It was written by Hrdayananda Goswami," they replied.  Be merciful to us and read it immediately.

Shri Jiva requested them to finish bathing, be seated and take prasadam.

"We have already bathed and eaten," they replied abrubtly. Please read the letter without delay."

Assuring them that he would read the letter at once, Shri Jiva insisted that they wash their hands and feet and be comfortably seated.

Accepting the order of Shri Jiva, they washed and took their seats.

After silently reading the letter, Shri Jiva smiled and told them: "Listen to me, Hrdayananda Goswami has written this accusing letter, but I assure you I have not made Krishnadas my disciple.  I respect Hrdayananda as a great scholar, I am not even qualified to be his disciple.  I cannot bear his anger.  Shri Gauridas Pandit Thakur is my spiritual master and has alway affectionately treated me like his servant.  

By the grace of Hrdayananda, Krishnadas came to Vraja.  He stayed with be in order to relish the topics of Shrimad Bhagavatam.  I allowed him to stay here only because it was the order of his guru.  The mind of Krishnadas has become completely purified by hearing the pastimes of the Lord, and his respect for his spiritual master has doubled.  Love can only be revealed in the heart of one who is pure.  Who has said that Krishnadas has become my disciple?  Bring him here!"

"Two sannyasi's from Vraja came to Gauda," they replied, "and reported that Krishnadas had left Hrdayananda and accepted you as his guru.  The Vrajavasis also say that by your mercy Krishnadas painted the tilak named Shyamanadi and received his new name, Shyamananda.  Hrdayananda was astonished to hear this and has written this letter to find out the truth."

"Call everyone together," Shri Jiva said.  "Now we shall find out whether this story is true or false.  If it is proven to be true then certainly I am quilty."

Protesting, the devotees replied: "We believe you.  We want to hear the truth from you only, then we shall report to Goswami.

Replying sweetly, Shri Jiva said:  " Listen, and I shall tell you everything.  One day I asked Krishnadas, 'Who has given you this name.'  He explained to me that by the grace of Hrdayananda Goswami, he accepted his new name.

"Now let me tell you about Krishnadas.  He always serves Radha Krishna and the kunj, and listens intently to Shrimad Bhagavatam. He chants lacs of holy names throughout the day and night.  He regularly takes darshan of Shri Govinda, takes prasadam, and serves the devotees daily.  He constantly sings the glories of Radha Krishna, always remembering Their eternal pastimes.  Krishnadas stays in my kunja and cleans it daily, absorbed in the service of Radha Krishna.  One day Krishnadas had a dream which he revealed to me.  In his dream Hrdayananda appeared before him while he was busy cleaning the kunj.  Krishnadas offered him a seat made of grass, and Goswami asked Krishnadas what he had been doing. Krishnadas humbly replied that, according to his order, he was living in Vraja and serving the kunj, keeping the lotus feet of his spiritual master in his mind.  Hearing this Hrdayananda was very happy and told Krishnadas that he was extremely fortunate to be engaged in that way, as Radha Krishna eternally reside in the kunj.  Hrdayananda explained that even great personalities like Brahma, and other demigods, pray for the precious opportunity to serve the kunj.  Thus he advised Krishnadas to remain in the kunj and carry on with his duties, in this way eventually he would have the darshan of Radha Krishna.  He told Krishnadas that: "Shyama Shyam (Radha), being pleased with your service will give you the name Shyamananda."  Blessing him, he placed his feet on the head of Krishnadas and immediately a new tilak spontaneously appeared on his forehead.  Hrdayananda Goswami then circumambulated the kunj and entered into it.  From the day that Krishnadas told me this story I have taken the order of Hrdayananda as supreme, and called Krishnadas, Shyamananda.  Not understanding what actually took place, the people in general only guessd what had happened."

The devotees were relieved to hear this explanation, and happily recorded the words of Shri Jiva in a letter. Shri Jiva then requested that they confirm this story with Krishnadas.        Coming before them Krishnadas bowed at their feet and verified the words of Shri Jiva.  "I hold the lotus feet of Hrdayananda Goswami on my head," Krishnadas said.  "He is my lord and master. It is his order that I live with the Vaishnavas and associate with the devotees of Mahaprabhu.  While in Vraja, I have spent many days with Shri Jiva Goswami, listening to Shrimad Bhagavatam and topics related to Krishna.  Shri Hrdayananda Goswami is my last resort and the life of my life, and I regard Shri Jiva like my guru.  I desire to spend the rest of my life serving Radha Krishna, the kunj, and the feet of all the Vaishnavas.  I want to have darshan of the kunj daily and serve Shri Vrajamandala, Shri Govindadev, and Shri Hrdayananda Goswami.  My life, body, and mind are fully absorbed in this ecstacy.  By the grace of my guru's guru I am enjoying the pleasure of the darshan of the Rasastahli. My mind has become soothed by seeing the Yamuna and the Kadamba. My daily worship and meditation is the lotus feet of Shri Hrdayananda Prabhu.  Not knowing this, people have made false accussations, without proper understanding.

Hearing this, all the devotees happily embraced Shyamananda. Shri Jiva then fed all the Vaishnavas sumptuous prasadam.

In the morning Jiva gave them a letter for Shri Hrdayananda Goswami, and bade them farewell.  After visiting the sacred places of Vrndavana, the devotees started for Gauda.

By the grace of the lotus feet of Shri Shyamananda, I received the ability to write this book.  Remembering the lotus feet of Shri Rupamanjari, I have described the episode of chapter two in short.