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The Union


Seeing this, the heavenly women showered flowers while shouting "Jaya! Jaya!" The flower shower appeared like the laughing of the wives of the dik devatas (directional demigods). When the Divine Couple radiated Their brilliance, the beauty of the sapphires on Udaya Mountain and the moon god himself were suddenly annihilated. Cupid lost control and displayed his full powers. While drowning each other in the livei of nectarean beauty, tasting the fragrance of each other's moon face, entering the house of Krishna's conjugal rasa, bathing in the assembly, and fulfilling all Their desires Radha and Krishna, sitting on the royal throne, appeared like a king and queen after a Rajasuya sacrifice. Krishna, the royal authority over Vrindavana, pierced Radha with the arrow of His fickle glance. Though pierced, Radha, being enthroned by the abhiseka, drew the bow of Her eyebrow. A strong warrior never shows weakness.


The sakhis said, "Cunning man! Why did You ascend the throne of Your dear friend?"

Krishna replied, "O foolish girls of Vraja! Radha has been coronated as My Queen!"


In this way a quarrel ensued, which increased the prema, but cannot be understood by mortal man. Showing false anger, the sakhis wanted to com¬plain to Paurnamasi, saying, "Such quarreling is not suitable for this festive occasion. In the future she will judge all affairs." Vrinda Devi, laughing and holding their hands, pulled back the sakhis with cleverness nourished by humble gestures. Seeing the condition of the gopis thirsty for the pastimes of Radha and Krishna, and hearing their quarreling exchanges, Vrinda Devi made them laugh by saying emphatically, "It is not necessary to shout any longer. By Her own actions our Queen Radha will now subdue the forest lord Krishna and also us." Taking the word swami "lord" to mean "husband," the sakhis laughed. Radha, seeing they had taken a bold mood (vamya bhava), and glancing at Vrinda from the corner of Her eye, gazed at Her beloved with an exquisite expression and then resumed Her delicate features.


Appreciating the supreme beauty of Radha's face at this time, Mukunda said, "O beloved! Why spoil this most happy moment?" Saying this, Krishna boldly pulled Radha to His chest. As Radha wept and smiled simultaneously, Krishna tightly embraced Her with both arms. Encircling Radha with His left arm, Krishna wiped the tears from Her eyes with His right hand, for He feared Her whole body would become soaked in tears. Krishna could not recognize Her as the same Radha who had just been installed at the abhiseka. There is no fault in poets if they can find no expression to describe Radha sitting on Krishna's lap on a magnificent throne on a jeweled asana in a forest of desire trees in Vrindavana, and worshiped by all royal paraphernalia. One should only blame the Creator for making that combination. The Divine Couple took on a beauty suitable for conjugal rasa, blackish in hue, but turning red with attraction.As Their limbs broke out with various bhava alankaras (extraordinary symptoms oibhava), Radha and Krishna's bodies glowed with the remarkable color of blackish molten gold. By Their mutual glances, They showered nectar in all directions. In this way, a combination of wondrous forms and flavors (rasas) emanated trom the throne. As Radha sat on Krishna's lap Her hair stood on end and Her body covered in goose bumps. This gave deep pleasure to Krishna's eyes. Krishna's body resembled a bee tasting the sweet honey from the kadamba flower of Radha's body.


The flood of tears and perspiration pouring from the Divine Couple ap¬peared to nourish the crop of goose bumps sprouting all over Their limbs. Their bodies were simultaneously paralyzed and trembling. Their voices choked up as They approached the point of fainting. But clashing together like clouds and lightning, Radha and Krishna again tasted Their blissful union as They drenched everyone in a shower of nectar. The Divine Couple Radha-Madhava, the personifications of beauty, the temple of youthfulness, the kingdom of good qualities, the treasure house of all types of bliss, the essence of all sixty four arts, a heavenly flower scented by Cupid's own fragrance, and the shelter of Their devotees accepted lordship over Vrindavana. Seeing the enchantingly attractive forms and activities of the Divine Couple, the sakhis became astonished and just stood like sticks. Being revived by the intensity of their inner bliss, they watched Radha-Madhava enter a state of extreme ecstasy due to Their meeting. Then the sakhis quickly brought Radha-Madhava back to external consciousness by using different techniques.


While His own body erupted in tiny bumps of joy, Krishna tenderly showed His love for Radha sitting on His thigh. Offering Her tambula, Krishna soothed Radha in many ways. As the heavenly women showered flowers, the earth brimmed with bliss. Standing on either side of the throne, the sakhis served the Divine Couple in a royal manner. But they thought, "Our friend Radha has overcome oceans of suffering to come to Krishna's forest of Vrindavana. Revealing Her sweet love during the abhiseka ceremony, Radha has quickly and forcefully brought Krishna and the forest of Vrindavana under Her control. O heart, my friend! Do you have any other desire to be fulfilled?"