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The Concluding Request


This work, ordered by my guru, Shri Rupa Gosvami, and partially described in his work entitled "Dana-keli-kaumudi"(1549 a.d.) has now been completed. With all my intelligence I have not even been able to vaguely describe this blissful pastime. Far from presenting the details, I cannot even present a general description. The form of the moon is only manifest in the full moon. Though given the order, I have not been able to carry it out completely. If the rasika bhaktas in some way taste even a portion of this work written by me, then my efforts will have borne fruit. Just to be seen by the devotees of Krishna, the slayer of Agha, makes one's whole life successful. May Shri Radha, who is endowed with the most intense bliss, who experiČences continuous haooiness whose bodv is covered with bumps of ioy and who tastes the sweetness of various emotions inspired by Her beloved while sitting on His lap on the royal throne in the forest of Vraja bestow supreme beauty to everyone. I eternally serve beautiful Krishna and His servant, Shri Rupa Gosvami, who have made my present and future life auspicious, whose precious lotus feet are most worthy of service, and who, as personifications of magnanimity, have bestowed their ownprema bhakti on me in a shower of mercy. In 1555 a.d. one jiva living in Vrindavana completed this new poetic work by his own desire.