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The Beauty Described


Considering these facts, Paurnamasi offered Hari a jeweled seat so daz¬zling that it seemed like a royal throne. Though the Divine Couple were seated separately, They were quite close together and visible to the people. Radha and Krishna Themselves and all others believed that They were sitting on the same throne. Seeing Them both seated and smiling, the public assem¬bly thought, "There are two Udaya Mountains before us, with two moons, but how can these give rise to unlimited moons?"

Others thought, "On the jeweled asana, Krishna is a tamala desire tree and Radha is a heavenly golden creeper. But with the desire to embrace, They are both growing shoots of beauty towards each other."


Radha's Royal Emblems


With respectable women sitting all around Her, Radha looked like the pot of nectar surrounded by the devatas after churning the Milk Orean Whilp flowers fell from the sky; while Krishna smiled sweetly; while beautiful women danced and the assembly followed suit; while the poets offered praise; while everyone shed tears of joy like strings of pearls; and while young girls imi¬tated the actions ot the Gandharva women the sakhis, their breasts heaving like Mandara Mountain and their faces like the ocean of nectar, seemed to give birth to Laksmi in the form of Radha, seated on the throne, accompa¬nied by the insignia of good qualities. Look! All the ornaments such as the golden scepter, which are supposed to give beauty to Radha, are taking shelter of Radha's beauty. Radha makes them more beautiful. Everyone sees this with blissful eyes. Paurnamasi said to Krishna, "Oh, Lord of the hearts of the inhabitants of Vraja! Here, Radha is shy before the elders. Therefore You should assign posts to the sakhis and make Radha happy."


The Sakhis' Appointments


Then Hari, taking Radha's side-long glance as a garland of permission, gave excellent ornaments to each sakhi and assigned her duties, while Paurnamasi complimented everything with her humorous words. Paurnamasi, with a smile like sandalwood arising from seeing Hari's face covered by the radiance from Radha's face, spoke some camphor-like words. Who would not be soothed by them?

Krishna said, "O Lalita! You are the princess of Radha and your name is Anuradha. You two are situated together inprema, as the constellation Vishakha (Radha) and Anuradha (Lalita) are next to each other in the sky. In this kingdom, you first offer all objects to your leader for Her enjoyment. "O Vishakha! You are the councilor of Radha. You two have the same mind and name. (Vishakha is another name of Radha.) By the power of your expert counseling, the Laksmi of Vrindavana bestows upon you ever-increasing opulence."Thus engaging all the sakhis, Krishna also engaged others as their represen¬tatives. Respecting Vrinda by giving her the best ornaments, Krishna appointed her protector of the forests. In this way, Krishna gave suitable gifts to all the living entities of Vrindavana. Paurnamasi, whose face had changed color, then addressed the moving and non-moving creatures in a choked voice.


Paurnamasi's Consolations and Worship of Radha


Paurnamasi said, "O trees! Being satisfied along with your wives the creep¬ers, bestow all desirable objects. O best of birds! Keep singing along with the bees. O beasts! Continue to be happy with confidence. For Radha, served by Her leading sakhis, has now become the Queen of Vrindavana! Radha has assumed control of Krishna and Vrinda. Now the forest of Vrindavana is suitable for smgara rasa, having gained an excellent leader." Radha worshiped Paurnamasi, the wives of the sun, and the three brahmacaris. Then the singers, musical artists, and Puranic reciters enter¬tained the assembly. Although the attention of the crowd was moving here and there, the performers telt that everyone was looking only at them.