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Radha Hankers for Krishna


The hall was scented with the sweet perfume of Krishna's limbs. By the influence of that aroma Radha became dizzy and lowered Her eyes out of anxiousness. Radha mused within Herself, "O disobedient desire! Remember that it is only by good fortune that a qualified person sees Krishna. Do not long for more loving exchanges with Him. Today, on the occasion of this festival, in this temple of pleasure, I somehow out of great longing obtained Ilari. If the rarely obtained Hari goes off with the elders, how will the sakhis' words, like tongues of flame, help Me to tolerate the situation?


"O Creator! You protected Me from the fire of anger and pride, and You made Syama install Me on the throne. But will You not protect Me from the forest fire of pain arising from the desire to get His embrace?"

Lalita and Vishakha, who are unequalled in detecting Radha's emotions and in giving advice, out of love for Radha and Madhava thought, "For Them to stay here alone would be sweet." They wanted to get rid of all the people. Just at that time, Paurnamasi, knowing their intentions, blissfully told the heavenly women, "You have wonderfully bathed Radha in the assembly hall, and Radha has bathed You in streams of beauty and nectar. May shy Radha now attain the utmost pleasure. Having rendered excellent services, you can now return to Svargaloka." Holding white rice in their trembling hands, and drinking the nectar of Radha's beauty with thirsty eyes, the demigoddesses gave blessings to Radha in choked voices. They said, "O Radha! Overcome with love, now attain all good fortune beside Your beloved in this forest. No other person can enter this cottage of creepers. Therefore it is called "Unmada Radhika," the exalted place where Radha becomes intoxicated with love." After being properly respected in front of Paurnamasi, the celestial ladies and their assistants departed for their separate realms while gazing at Krishna and embracing Radha's every limb. It was difficult to ascertain how and where they went. Paurnamasi sent the other ladies to Yasoda's house with the message: "Radha's abhiseka has been accomplished. Under our supervision Radha will spend the night in the forest."


Then Paurnamasi said, "O Hari! I am now going for some time to do some personal business. Until I return, You must protect Radha. After pleasing Mother Kirtida I will come back. Then Radha will spend the night here under my supervision." Saying this, Paurnamasi suddenly disappeared. Krishna said, "I will go herd the cows." But seeing that Paurnamasi had disappeared, Krishna glanced around once and then quickly approached Radha's throne. As Krishna did this, an astonishing even occurred: the bril¬liance of entangled clouds and lightning flashed in all directions.