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Portraying the qualities of Radha, the dancers swayed in bliss and some¬times became frenzied while performing the tandava nrtya introduced by Lord Shiva. Radha listened to the poets, whose praises of Radha defeated all those proud of their good qualities. The poets glorified Radha saying, "Oh Queen of Vrindavana! By Your moon-like beauty now the lotus is without the bee (Padma-sakhi is devoid of Krishna.) It is astonishing that Your glories, spreading throughout the uni¬verse, have made the moon become spotless. (Radha has deprived Candravali of Krishna's love sports.) Sometimes the sun scorches the earth and sometimes it floods the desert with water. But Radha, Your intense love simultaneously sprinkles Your beloved with nectar and withers the opposing parties.


"O Queen of Vrindavana! By the spotless nature of Your glories the oceans have suddenly taken on the nature of the Milk Ocean, night has taken the qualities of moonlight, and the dark parts of the earth have become Svetadvipa. But most astonishing is the fact that the black effulgence of Hari simply increases its blackness!

"O ruler of Vrindavana, Shri Radha! Your brilliance conquers all. Having defeated Candravali, it went searching in all directions. It could not even glance at Indra's wife, it found Brahma's wife devoid of excellence, and it annihilated the splendor of Parvati. Your radiance made Laksmi become Your amsa (part) to experience Your pastimes and good fortune.

"Oh Vrsabhanunandini! Your kingdom is the playground of Krishna. Your friends are dearest to Krishna and He is Your beloved. You are the ruler of the earth. Your powers overwhelm my mind, so how can I sing about Your un¬limited qualities?"

Thus astonishing everyone with their recitation, the female singers at¬tained the glance of the Divine Couple, and received countless cintamani gems from Them.