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Description of the Room


Blooming campaka trees embraced by jasmine creepers welcomed Radha. The moon and stars shining through the jasmine latticework conquered the beauty of the city gates. From all directions swarms of bees flew to the thick vegetation, covered with a variety of colorful flowers. The bees thought that the Sarvabhauma Grha was a jeweled plateau, wherein the floors were tiled with gems, caressed by Malaya breezes loaded with colorful pollen, which spread over the floor like its dust. Inside there was a flowered place with ajeweled area and a tall tree beanng fruits and flowers, which was the king of trees, endowed with all wondrous qualities appearing like Krishna decorated with ornaments standing on top of Govardhana Hill. This tree defeated the kalpa vrksa with is fruits and flowers. It is not surprising that Krishna can never give up this tree, which was wedded to a sandal wood creeper scented like the Malaya mountains, giving constant flowers, and filled with birds constantly conversing about love. BeČneath this tree all the seasons, though contradictory, mixed harmoniously and its golden boughs resemble a throne. Like an immovable lotus, this tree spread its branches in all directions, under which there were many jeweled pots filled with thick rasa. The leaves of this tree, like trembling lips, seemed to sing as the bees buzzed within, next to a tall lamp with a long flame, marked with black soot, like a golden lotus surrounded by bees. In this auspicious place the jeweled floor, the throne, the trees and treasure house all accepted the best of qualities.


The throne in the Sarvabhauma Grha, served by all other thrones, was the king of thrones and also the throne of kings. It was equipped with a small footstool appearing like a small servant boy. The footstool, which was covČered with a tiger skin, held a cushion, appearing like moon rays reflected on the mineral stains of Mount Sumeru. Various paraphernalia including queen perfume flasks, flower caskets, toy lotuses and balls were situated in that marvelous place. Even Radha and Krishna were surprised with its beauty.Manifesting all perfect qualities, this place gave the utmost pleasure to Radha and Krishna. Seeing the assembly hall, decorated with the beauty of the throne, which would bring the appearance of Govinda, Radha, taking supČport from Vishakha, manifested ecstatic symptoms for a long time. All Radha's associates followed Her example.