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Arati on the Throne


The heavenly women near the kalpa vrksas desired to drink the beauty of Radha and Krishna with their eyes, but could find no shore to that ocean of beauty. To satisfy the eyes of all, Radha and Krishna entered the hall. Radha arrived at the throne, and though worshiped hundreds of times by the eyes of the gathering, Vrinda Devi performed arati with the best of gems and purest devotion. Repetition here was no fault, as it was filled with love.Flawless music, which doubled in intensity with each shout of "Jaya! Jaya!" caused all people, animals and plants to shed tears, while showers of flowers fell and Syama's mind reeled in astonishment. As all eyes worshiped Her, Radha ascended the throne. Holding Lalita's hand, Radha placed Her foot on the footstool. While each sakhi desired in her heart to support Her, Radha ascended the throne in deep bliss.


If the sun were to become gold, and if lightning bolts were to become immobile on a jeweled mountain in the east, it could not compare to one particle of the beauty of Radha's body as She ascended the throne. While the brahmacaris chanted "dhruva dyau" and other Vedic mantras, Paurnamasi performed arati to Radha sitting on the throne. There was a white parasol overhead, a canopy of flowers above that, and a pair of shimmering white camaras on either side. Seated on the gold throne, Radha appeared like the devata of Mount Meru seated on its pinnacle, sprinkled with drops of water from two streams of the heavenly Ganga, bathed in moonlight, and decorated with a multitude of stars. At the time of offering the ghee lamps, the flames of the lamp doubled and tripled their brightness, nourished by Radha's radiance. By association with a great person, what wealth of qualities can an object not attain? The forest goddesses headed by Vrinda uffeicd obeisances to their mistress Radha, and She acknowledged their services. They however could not accept themselves as the controllers of the forests. At that moment, the spirits of the trees, herbs, lakes, rivers, creepers, mountains and tirthas arrived at the royal assembly hall with celestial bodies endowed with good qualities.


Krishna Seated by Paurnamasi


The new Queen Radha gave permission to seat all the worshipable personČalities. Paurnamasi was thinking of three deep considerations about the seatČing arrangement for Krishna. Is it beneficial to seat Hari at some other place, not on His own throne visible to His beloved? When the moon from the east colors Udaya MounČtain, can even one particle remain neutral? (Wherever Krishna is seated She will be affected.) Since Vrsabhanunandini has obtained lordship of the kingdom, it is not proper to place Krishna on the same seat. But from the effulgence of Radha's limbs Krishna could experience Her beauty, as the moon becomes joyful, baskČing in the rays of the sun. When the moon is in the presence of the sun, out of shame, it hides its face, and the kumuda, being offended keeps its petals closed. But when the moon comes near, then both the moon and the kumuda reveal themselves to the bees. (Being shy before the public, Krishna does not show His slyness and skill, and thus Radha keeps the signs of anger on Her face. But when Krishna can come closer, the beauty of both increases while the sakhis observe with appreciation.)