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Chapter Nine


Approaching the Throne


On the occasion of installing Radha on the throne, the words of Paurnamasi and others, which defeated all obstacles and established their aim, and their blissful expectations were the favorable breeze. As these two pleased the assembled persons, they were praised. As the full moon rises in the east and shines on Udaya Mountain, Radha, to fulfil Hari's desire, proceeded to the throne and spread Her radiance every¬where. Looking at the assembly, Radha slowly entered the arena. Step by step Radha revealed Her auspicious qualities while being praised by the musical instruments headed by Krishna's flute. Carrying the parasol and other royal paraphernalia, Lalita, Vishakha and other loyal sakhis followed Radha. Though almost stunned in ecstasy, they remained conscious by their attraction to Radha's qualities. When the devas showered flowers, the heavenly bees in those flowers swarmed to Radha's lotus feet to taste the nectar. All eyes were enchanted by the shower, which appeared to be five colored fragrant powders mixed with pollen, or puffed rice mixed with flowers.


The earthly and heavenly women engaged in praising Radha were aston¬ished as they gazed at Her with unblinking eyes. They offered respects to the beauty of each of Radha's limbs. To see Radha, other heavenly women had arrived in chariots that jammed a far off section of the forest sky. Accompa¬nied by Her sakhis, Radha passed through three chambers and then arrived at the Sarvabhauma Grha, like the moon accompanied by the planets sur¬passing Udaya Mountain and rising in the sky.