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Sakhis dress Radha


The sakhis made preparations for ornamenting Radha's body as an expres¬sion of their deep friendship. Trembling and stunned from ecstasy, the sakhis brought in other sakhis, who had choked voices, changed color and goose bumps, for dressing Radha. Below Radha's hairline they drew creeper pat¬terns using musk and bud patterns with gorocana. Between the patterns and Her eyebrows, Radha's forehead appeared like a golden lotus petal kissed by two lines of bees.The black kajjala on Radha's eyes highlighted Her thirst for Krishna, as if embraced by Krishna's black effulgence. When the kajjala was applied, Cupid seemed to have supplied Radha with two new sharpened weapons. The Cre¬ator, seeing Radha's fickle eyes, seemed to have made Her eyes extend to the ears, but this could not stop their restless movement. Would Radha's eye¬lashes become bees around two kumudasl With the appearance of the moon of Syama, Radha's lotus eyes opened wide, and Her bee-like eyelashes be¬came soaked with the honey of tears. Radha's bow-shaped eyebrows were linked to Her nose, which was an arrow of sesame flowers. Seeing the pearl at the tip of Radha's nose, Krishna's determination, though unshakable, was instantly shattered. Radha's ears, like creepers kissed by the edges of Her rolling bee-like eyes, blossomed with earrings. The pollen of the lodhra flower was useless for Radha's pink cheeks, which were like two moons in the evening sky reflecting Her golden earrings. Were the patterns on  Radha's cheeks the spots on the moon? Radha's two rows of teeth were the moon bringing the two red lotuses of Her lips into Radha's bloom. Though Radha's lips were naturally red when-She smiled, they turned pink, putting the tambula color to shame. The black spot of kasturi on Radha's chin resembled a bee tasting a ripe mango. As the moon of Radha's forehead, teeth and cheeks serve Her face, so does the spot on Her chin. Radha's neck was as exquisite as the Pancajanya conch shell touched by Krishna's hand, and the three lines there indicated Radha, Krishna and their love. On Radha's neck was a choker engraved with Krishna's name, radiating Her internal chanting of His name constantly. Radha's shoulders were slightly lowered, as if holding the weight of Krishna's sapphire arms, or carrying the weight of a garland. Radha's whole body was a lake for the pleasure of Krishna, starting with the lotus stems of Her arms, and the lotus flowers of Her navel, feet, hands, breasts, face and eyes. All the rings on Radha's fingers caused turbulence in Krishna's heart. The rings, together with Her ruby fingernails, appeared like Radha surrounded by Her sakhis. Radha's arms, like desire creepers holding the flower cluster of Her breasts, attached themselves to Krishna's shoulders. Studded with gems and pearl necklaces, the black bodice covering Radha's breasts was like a stormy sky with rainbows and lines of flying white cranes.Radha's breasts, decorated with gunja necklaces, were called manohara because they attracted the mind of Hari. Not only do Radha's breasts steal Krishna's heart, but they also steal the reflections of Krishna in His chief jewels. Radha's navel was a honeycomb with bees crawling towards the nectar of Her two lotus breasts. The folds of skin on Radha's belly were the fulfillment of all desires, causing Krishna to eternally act as the doorkeeper, as Vamana did for Bali.


Hari saw Radha decked in garlands of lotus, asoka, mango, blue lotus and jasmine, which were the sharpened heads of Cupids' love arrows. Radha's thin waist between Her broad hips and breasts cannot be described, any more than a thin man can be noticed in an assembly of fat men. Surrounding the cloth covering Radha's waist was a belt of bells, which produced a sweet  indistinct sound that attracted the mind of Hari. Radha's ankle bells were like swans making noises amongst the lotus eyes of the crowd, or like the chirping of the wagtail bird, which excited Krishna's desire. Radha's gem stone toe rings were like stars surrounding the moon of Her toenails. The Creator made Radha's feet all attractive with the signs of conch, crescent moon and ankusa. Radha's feet would turn red just on touch¬ing, which made the application of lac unnecessary.In the kingdom of Radha's effulgent beauty, all Her gold ornaments were like indragopa insects next to golden Sumeru. All the ornaments attained glory in association with Radha's beauty, just as rivers gain greatness as they near the ocean.


Exchanging Garlands


When the screen oigopis dispersed, Sarasvati desired to present Radha with a blue lotus garland from Savitri, her mother. Parvati took the garland from her hand, and laughing placed it on Krishna's neck, as if by mistake. Then Yamuna asked her, "Why have you offered this garland to your brother? Can there be love between you two?"


Laughing, Parvati replied to Yamuna, "I am always making mistakes." She then took the garland from Krishna's neck along with a necklace and put them both on Radha, saying, "Please accept Your garland." Radha's lotus face, floating above the heavenly garland of blue lotuses, was like a king pressed by crowds of followers on both sides. Wearing all Her ornaments, Radha gave life to the ornaments. If the ornaments were re¬moved, Hari would still be attracted to Radha. "What is the use of a necklace touched by another man?" Saying this, Yamuna removed the necklace from Radha and put it on Hari. "Greedy Yamuna, showing her boldness, is exchanging Radha's garland with Hari's necklace." Saying this, Parvati took some musk from Krishna's chest and placed it on Radha's forehead as tilaka. The joking of these two caused the whole assembly to laugh. Unseen to all, showers of flowers fell from the sky.