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Proceeding to the Spring Forest Cottage


When Radha, following Paurnamasi, entered the grove to receive Her clothing and ornaments, it appeared that the moon had risen on the eastern mountain to decorate the stars. Putting Krishna and the heavenly women first, the all worshipable Paurnamasi made her way to the grove, which was show¬ered with flowers and praised by the sakhis. Radha, surrounded by the sakhis, followed behind Krishna. She looked like the moon, surrounded by the stars, being approached by a dark cloud. The sakhis surrounding Radha brought Her to the central chamber of the spring forest cottage in the madhavi grove on the path indicated by Vrinda.Radha, like spring personified, illuminated the room and worshiped Vishnu according to the rules. The heavenly women laughed and Krishna smiled in embarrassment. Sitting Radha on a cushion upon an ivory seat, they seated themselves around Her.


The Puja


Paurnamasi offered madhuparka, for the astrological texts say that the moon is satisfied by offerings of milk with ghee. Then Radha worshiped Her guru, Paurnamasi, and Chaya and Sanjna, the gurus for those knowledgeable of the planets.


The Beauty of Radha


In fear of Radha's beauty, infamy fled here and there, and finally took shelter of the moon to become its spots. Desiring to hear Radha's glories, Rati did not die along with Her husband Cupid when he was burned by Shiva's glance. In his man's body Cupid felt himself unfit for Radha's service, so he made Shiva get angry and burn up his male body. Just as the ocean increases when the moon appears, the beauty of Krishna increases upon seeing the in¬comparable beauty of Shri Radha.The beauty of Radha's limbs turns base metals into gold, and Her kunkuma transforms into silver and pearls when smeared on the bodies of the Pulinda women. Seeing their reflection, Radha's limbs said, "What is the use of orna¬ments, we are the ornaments!" Radha:s limbs make Krishnas own limbs begin to sweat, for in the presence of person with qualities, a person of similar qualities will develop affection.


The munis continually praise the beauty of Radha, which steals even the heart of Hari. Radha's beauty is such that the creepers of spring and the spring season combine to manifest many eyes in the form of flowers. As Radha sat in the kunja, Her golden beauty combined with Her fragrance to bewilder the bees, and seemed to spread everywhere as the Yamuna and Manasa Ganga waved camaras. The beauty of Radha was dignified by the raised umbrella, which even when lowered, defeated the moon's beauty. Admiring the matchless beauty of Radha, the thirsty sakhis, praised even by the heavenly women (whose eyes never blink), desired to have unblinking eyes. Overwhelmed by Radha's splendid beauty, everyone present including Krishna and the cowherd boys, who stood to Radha's left, Paurnamasi and the elder women, who stood in front, and the heavenly women, who stood on the right, sank in an ocean of tears. Radha's beauty was such that the sakhis waiting to dress and decorate Her became similarly decorated with Her beauty.