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Heavenly Women Dress Radha


When the dressing began, Krishna's beautiful face was also reflected, for that beauty is the clothing for Radha's limbs. Seeing that the heavenly women were eager to decorate Radha, the sakhis said, "Please bless Radha with your touch."


Sanjna, the daughter of Visvakarma, dressed Radha's hair, and by doing this her inherent qualities as the daughter of Visvakarma doubled. The sakhis again created privacy by creating a wall around Radha. Though Radha became invisible to Hari's eyes, She was visible in His mind. Radha's unbound hair extended down to Her hips in a wide array. The place became attractive with the items collected for dressing Her hair.The cloud of black hair seemed to shower flowers. Conquering the effulgence of a black cloud, it spread out haphazardly like conflicting waves in the Yamuna. When that hair spread its fragrance, the sparrows of Krishna's inhalations fluttered. Radha's hair was soft even without oil, and though uncombed it was radiant. Combing, cleaning, and dressing were unneces¬sary. Sanjna rubbed Radha's hair with a fine cloth and separated the strands using the edge of a jeweled comb. The combination of hair and comb was like long lasting lightning flashing in storm clouds. Using her hands, Sanjna made a part, which produced the height of beauty. She then braided Radha's hair, by which Mukunda's mind became bound. Decorated with gems and flowers, the braid was like a creeper, over which die bee-like eyes of the sakhis hov¬ered. When she placed a peacock feather at the base of Radha's braid, she sealed Krishna's heart with love. Radha's flowered hair braid was as attractive as the quiver of Cupid (which holds flower arrows of love). By this, Radha acquired a new weapon to conquer Ajita, the unconquerable Hari.


Whatever bliss Sanjna attained by her service was also attained by Chaya, her co-wife, since they were one in heart. Smelling Radha's head, Sanjna withdrew and Chaya continued the work. Chaya finished combing Radha's hair, applied scented oil, garlands, and jewels, which glittered like stars in the night sky. When Chaya applied sindhura on top of Radha's head, it appeared that Cupid's arrow had pierced Krishna's heart and stained it red.When Chaya offered a great jewel to Radha's hair part, it lit up Krishna's lotus eyes. She then placed a crown atop Radha's hair, which possessed the light of the sun and moon. As the stars and moon appear in the red tinged evening sky, from the edge of Radha's red cloth the crest jewel glittered like stars and Her face shone like the moon. Chaya-devi then said, "Later I will apply tilaka."