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Chapter Eight


Dressing Radha


Asgayatri is supreme among the meters, Radha appeared supreme among the sakhis. Though the bee-like eyes of the sakhis were roving about intoxi¬cated with the sweet rasa, they desired to taste Radha's beauty even more. The damp clothing seemed to wilt before Radha's beauty. Her beauty itself was Her clothing! The sakhis were waiting for the order from Paurnamasi to begin drying Radha's body. Surrounding Radha on all sides, they looked like a ring around the moon. When Radha and Krishna meet, even the blinking of Their eyes becomes a kalpa. Thus the screen produced by the gopis became an obstacle as formidable as Lokaloka mountain range, which eternally blocks out the sun's rays from the edges of Bhu Mandala. Prema itself acts in the same way however, for it separates lovers but then again makes them visible to each other.


To satisfy their cakora bird eyes, the sakhis illuminated Radha with their own effulgences within the screened area. Separated from the elders by the screen, Radha gave blessings to the sakhis with Her glances. The sakhis gave Radha fresh dry cloth, and She accepted it with eyes like blossoming lotuses. With the water drops clinging on Radha's body, it appeared that the cloth was breaking out in perspiration in fear of being shed quickly by Radha. The sakhis tied jasmine flowers in Radha's hair after drying it with a fresh towel. By removing Radha's ornaments the sakhis could see Her beauty more freely. When Radha put on fresh cloth with swan designs on it, the swans seemed to come alive with the cooing sound made by the bells on Her belt. Radha put on a delicate black bodice tinted with musk and scented with perfumes. It was tinged with a red color as if Krishna had made an appointment within Her heart. Decorated with flowers so that She would not be without ornaments, Radha appeared to be the goddess of the forest giving radiance to the flowers and satisfying Krishna's desires.


Though hidden from view by the surrounding gopis, Radha satisfied the onlookers with Her effulgence, which radiated beyond the circle of sakhis. When the screen was finally withdrawn, Radha appeared like an excellent performing artist attracting all with Her beauty. It is not surprising that Radha and Krishna gazed at each other in wonder at that time.The heavenly women praising Radha were like the performers oisandhya vandana, praising the sun in the early morning. They performed arati to Radha, not using the moon, which became devoid of qualities, but using their own cintamani jewels, circling Her with countless gems and their eyes as well. Radha left the bathing throne and proceeded to another throne, lit by the jewels of Her toenails. While Radha looked at Her face in a bowl of fresh ghee, it seemed Her face was submerged in the affectionate glances of Her followers.