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Completion of the Dressing


All of Radha's limbs were scented with incense, which awakened Krishna's desire. The bliss in Radha's face upon seeing Krishna reflected back on Krishna, making His face even more blissful. The sakhis offered Radha a jeweled mirror, in which Her image was reflected. Krishna's form also appeared in that mirror as a special gift at this festival. Receiving Krishna's association through the reflection in the mirror, Radha, intoxicated with love, extended Her arms to the sakhis who had offered the mirror. The public revelation of the union of Radha and Krishna was like meditation on the mirror-like sun of the kama gayatri, which produces a vision of Radha and Krishna in conjugal love.


Praises and Gifts


Radha offered ornaments to the sakhis and Her other friends who had assembled there. The poets recited the following verses: "O Queen of Govinda's kingdom! You give glory to the moon (Krishna). You are the crest jewel of the earth. You mercifully wear these jewels, just so that we can glorify Your beauty. Your hair is dyed with red sindhura, Your eyes are tinged with black kajjala and Your chest is multicolored with neckČlaces. Bv Your beautv everything in the world has become pure. Have all the good qualities been called to some higher planet? Parvati desires Your qualiČties and Laksmi pays respects to Your toenails. "Did the crown, Your earrings, the pearl on Your nose, the various neckČlaces on Your breasts, the belt around \our waist and trie bracelets Dound to Your body, all achieve liberation, or are they bound to our hearts? Is Radha not a desire tree, with hands and lips like tender shoots, ornaments as flowČers, effulgence like pollen, a smile like a shower of honey, and eyes like bees?

"Generous people satisfy poets by offering them shining ornaments, but Your effulgence turns all our ornaments to trash. O Radha! The moon is Your umbrella, its light is the two camaras on Your sides, the planets are Your ornaments, and all eyes are cakora birds. Why do You hide Yourself in shyness, covered by a garland decorated with bees, like a prisoner bound by ropes?


"In combining the beauty of Your form, Your tasteful dress, Youryouthful-ness, Your wealth of qualities which flourish in the presence of Hari, Your sweet pastimes, and the jewel of Your beloved the Creator has made our hearts unsteady." Queen Radha pleased the poets by giving them hundreds of ornaments as the assembled persons exhibited ecstatic symptoms. Krishna Himself gave everything up to His Kaustubha jewel, but the poets did not accept, desiring the treasure oiprema.