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Chapter Summary


Being bathed by water and rasa and attaining lordship over Vraja, Radha gave bliss to the cloud called Hari, satisfied the cakora eyes of Her friends, and produced rivers of tears in all the assembled people. May Radha, whose beauty increased from the abhiseka and attainment of lordship of Vrindavana, who sits in an attractive grove in the forest, who became dazzling by the heaps of jewels, the beauty of the moon of Hari's face, and the consequent expressions of ecstasy, bestow protection on all. I eternally serve beautiful Krishna and Shri Rupa Gosvami, Krishna's eternal servant, who preventy'/vas from attaining impersonal liberation by the ropes of their infinite qualities, who bind them up in the net of gentle love, and who deliver souls like me wandering on the wrong path.