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Bestowal of Gifts


In Her in status as the newly enthroned Queen of Vrindavana, Radha wanted to distribute gifts to nil Radha stole the hearts of the citizens with Her mercy, just as the moon wanting to distribute its nectar, shines everywhere and melts the moonstone. First Radha gave Paurnamasi a small box made of buds, engraved with Her name and filled with flowers. The jewel of Her affection was enough to satisfy the brahmacaris, but Radha gave them a multitude of real jewels. Though giving one jewel to each would have been sufficient, Radha gave each one as many as he could carry. While distributing the jewels, Radha's effulgence expanded and seemed to follow after each brahmacari. The brahmacaris were more satisfied with Radha's wealth of humility than the gifts given by generous sponsors. While giving gifts to the brahmacaris, Radha glanced at Krishna, indicating that She was offering Him as well. In this way, They achieved the highest realization.

Madhumangala, Krishna's comic friend, took a jeweled ball and began throw¬ing it around in a drunken stupor. When agopi called out to him, "Madhu" he replied by offering her some honey on her tongue. Radha made Her sakhis say, "O brahmana, please ask for your desired treasure,"


Folding his hands respectfully, Madhumangala said, "Please give me your most dear treasure." The sakhis laughed at Madhu's response, but Radha, bound by the request, frowned in such a way that Krishna became bewildered and had to take the support of Madhumangala. Taking a garland Radha said, "O Madhumangala, ffike your gift." Madhumangala said, "Svasti, so be it!" and took Krishna. While embracing Krishna by the neck he danced in such a way that Krishna also seemed to be dancing. Pulling the cloth from their heads and looking sideways at Krishna's boyfriends, the sakhis laughed.Restraining his laugher, Ujjvala said to Krishna, who now had composed Himself, "Friend! You have become thin by standing so long. Please sit down." In this way Krishna's friends spoke clever words to joke with the sakhis.


Blessings to Radha


"Radha, please enjoy this kingdom of Vrindavana which is served by Paurnamasi." Directed by Paurnamasi, the chief elders gave their blessings to Radha. While giving blessings, their own prosperity increased. After the abhiseka, Radha gave the order, "Let all prisoners (bound creatures) be liberated!" When Radha said this, an astounding event occurred: Krishna be¬came bound up. Upon hearing this blessing of liberation for all creatures, the sakhis, bound by love to Radha, shook in fear. As there were no bound up creatures, the birds and beasts assisting in the pastimes were liberated, but even they could not give up their internal bondage oiprema.Radha's bathing pacified the world and removed all disturbances. Thus there was no one to be punished. When Radha thought of satisfying the worthy candidates for charity, the rivers began to flow with various types of juice (rasa), and the mountains yielded gems. When Radha gave the order to relieve creatures of their burden, the opposite happened. The trees increased their burden by giving honey and flowers. In this kingdom the milk-less cows gave milk and the crops spontaneously grew. Previously Vrindavana had be¬come beautiful when Krishna was bathed, but with Radha's bath Vrindavana displayed a most astonishing beauty.