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Third Abhisheka


Look friend! Chaya and Sanjna are taking water from the jeweled pot and filling the small pots. Why do tears well up, preventing us from seeing the beauty of th is festival? In the forest of Krishna, which cannot be compared with the assembly hall of the devatas, Radha is being bathed on a jeweled throne in a house of creepers, blissful in the rays of the moon of Gokula. A desire creeper with flowers of playful eyes and laughter is showering us with nectar.  By pouring water the pots from the different directions protected by their respective demigods (Indra, Agni etc.) are bestowing happiness. They seem to have stolen the posts of the wives of the dik devatas (lords of the direc¬tions), assuming the role themselves.


"O Radha! You are the life of the forests of Vraja. Murari is the sustainer of Your life. In bathing You to make You the queen of Vrindavana, this water makes its name successful, as the third giver of life." Saying this and blessing Radha with long life, the wives of the dikpalas (protectors of the directions) broadcast Radha's glory. Then Sanjna, knowledgeable of the rules of abhiseka, along with her younger co-wife Chaya, overcome by affection for Radha, bathed Radha in water from the pearl pot amidst the tumult of blaring conch shells. Look friend! How splendid is Radha's body bathed by pure water from the pots made of pearls. Radha is the limit of the ocean of luster, youth and beauty. The water streams are like rivers of beauty joining the ocean of beauty. Look! The fresh, cool tears from the eyes of *he spectators, imitating the abhiseka water pots, are bathing Radha in all directions.With a sweet voice, Ujjvala said to Krishna, "Friend! Radha's sakhis are laughing, saying, 'Seeing Radha become the ruler of the forests, Krishna has become frightened.' My friend, please give up Your fear."


The small, gentle streams of water gradually increased until they chal¬lenged the ocean. Surpassing the power of eyesight, the abhiseka reached incredible heights, increasing the beauty of Radha, Krishna and all its elements at every moment. Just see how this festival, like the ocean, is making the moon-like faces of all the people rise. As fish cannot live without water, so the eyes of the assembly, like fish, cannot live without the condensed rasa, life-sustaining nectar, and thus they move about in this ocean. It is not at all astonishing. "O sakhi Radha! You are showing anger against me. But Hari, who steals the heart, seems to be very timid now. What shall I say to You?" When a sakfii said this, Radha embraced Krishna with the corner of Her roving eye.