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Sixth Abhisheka


Vrinda and her friends made preparations to bathe Radha. Vrinda's forest rained honey and flowers as perspiration and hair standing on end. For a long time, Vrinda had carefully worked these forests. She was crowning Radha the lord of the forests to make Radha's position known to the three worlds. "Protect these forests, endowed with six seasons, using the six qualities of  the ruler. For this purpose we bathe Your six limbs (two feet, two hands, head and waist) in the sixth abhiseka." With these words did the Mandakini her¬self enter the water and bathe Radha? The pot made of emeralds, worshiped with flowers and containing the object of all desires, smiled with white kunda flowers for bathing Radha. The sakliis bathed Radha after pouring this pure water into smaller pots. As the water flowed, people thought that Vrada was whispering some news of Krishna in Radha's ear.Look! When the water approaches Radha's hair it becomes yellow-black like honey. When it comes to Radha's moon face, it turns white like nectar, and when it comes to Her breasts, it becomes a waterfall and takes the hue of Her beloved Syama. It seems that the wife of thousand-eyed Indra is bathing Radha in jewels. But this is not true! With the reflection of thousands of eyes on Her limbs, Radha seems to have assumed a thousand eyes to see Krishna better.


"Krishna, to hide Your emotional reactions, I, Kinkini, have been making loud noises, while Your kinkini (waist-bells) have become silent. Now be¬cause of Your uncontrollable trembling, should I and Your bells reverse roles?" Hearing this from His boyfriend named Kinkini, Krishna tried to sup¬press His emotions but He became stunned. If the weaker tries to conquer the stronger, does he not quickly get defeated?


As the Ganga stops momentarily at a hole, and then resumes its path to the ocean, for a short time, due to shyness before Her friends, Radha's eyes restrained themselves, but on this occasion they wandered around with great force, going towards the ocean of rasa, Krishna. At that time, the sakhis' eyes stopped blinking due to drinking the sweetness of Radha's lotus face. Fearing competition from others, their faces contorted as if to drink the nectar even more. One of Radha's companions said, "Look Gandharva friends! You and I are in agreement. You should look at Hari with a frown, for He is very involved with other women." Then with Her blue lotus-like glance, Radha pierced the heart of fickle-eyed Krishna. The appearance of the cloud of intense affection of the sakhis was the prime instigator at the abhiseka ceremony. Paurnamasi, who was arranging the union of Radha and Krishna, caused the dancing of Their peacock eyes and increased Their bliss. Look! At this abhiseka the merciful sakhi group leaders put the youngest of their group in the front, according to age, like the progressive phases of the waxing moon beginning from the second day.