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Seventh Abhisheka


Kundalata, Dhanistha and othergopis blissfully performed the next abhiseka. Radha's moon face shone brilliantly. A special attractiveness manifests when there is union with a person of similar qualities. "O friend! Protect this new kingdom with the seventh abhiseka, which makes gopis like Candravali pale in fear, and makes the women of the seven upper planets white in comparison with Your glories. May Vrindavana broad¬cast Your glories by blossoming with flowers." O friend! Look! With Her smiling face and all pervasive bodily effulgence Radha is making this bless¬ing come true. Uniting Herself with the water, Radha has made the universe become liquid as well.


Kundalata and other gopis bathed Radha with fast flowing, attractive water from the yellow sapphiie pot. What living entity would not become blissful on seeing this? Look friend! As the pot pours its scented water on Radha it appears that the moon is bathing a desire creeper in streams of nectar. Look! Dhanistha and other gopis are bathing Radha, the object Yasoda's affection, who makes the lotus heart of Krishna blossom and melts the moon-like hearts of the sakhis. At the abhiseka in Krishna's forest, Radha is bathing the fourteen worlds in showers of nectar with Her face decorated with smiling, half-open bee-like eyes moving playfully about. "O Murari! The streams of water are hiding the shivering of Radha's body due to love. But what can hide Your trembling?" Hearing Madhumangala's frank words, Krishna then displayed His full face with sweet lotus eyes. As instructed by Her friend, Radha secretly cast a frown at Krishna. What can compare with the meeting of Her eyes and those of the gallant Krishna? A good reason for the crooked glance!