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Second Abhisheka


The corners of the eyes of the crowd were filled with tears, but their eyes were not yet full of rasa from the festival. To accomplish this task, Paurnamasi made Uma fill a pot with rasa (water) and pour out streams of rasa on Radha. Soaked by the cloud of Vrindavana, Radha became the field of love for Krishna's pastimes. Nourished by the beauty of Krishna, Radha's beauty produces fruits and sprouts that madden the bees (of our eyes). Before bathing Radha a second time, Uma and her associates first bathed their own bodies with their tears. The scriptures say that one who is as purified as a deva is qualified to worship a deva. "I am bathing You a second time to make You the unequalled beloved of Krishna, who is one without a second, in the forest of Bakari (the enemy of Baka)." With this blessing, like the second phase of the moon, Radha emaŽnated matchless splendor.


Uma took pure water from a large coral pot and filled some smaller coral pots. Look! As she pours the water on Radha, Radha's beauty and the beauty of the pot combine to create a new beauty. O friend! The pot above is shining like the sun, and the streams of water falling out of it are the sun's rays. Below that are the dark clouds of Radha's hair. Below that is the moon of Her face. Below that is the creeper of Radha's limbs. The king of pots called padma (coral) is bathing Radha. Radha, who trembles in fear at the name of Padma (Candravali's friend), gives us happiness as She assumes the role of the queen of the earth. The bodily effulgence of Radha, which spreads throughout the universe, revealed ever-fresh beauty on the occasion of this festival and turned everyŽthing in the mandapa yellow. The streams of falling water shine like the Ganga on Mt. Sumeru, and appear like showers of personified punya.Devi! Seeing this abhiseka, you must give up all pride, thinking yourself so complite and generous. these pots are not ordinary because they continuously pour water. Will the pots and the tears fill up this assembly hall?


Smiling Hari, with the arrow of His glance, broke the lotus-like, soft bodŽice of Radha. which had become loose from the constant onslaught of water. Then Radha, bold in rasa, arched Her bow-like eyebrow and quickly devasŽtated Krshria. Krishna secretly caught the corner of Radha's eye. Their eyes met but Radha quickly withdrew Her eyes. Krishna withdrew His eyes too, but then Radha glanced at Him. The Divine Couple engaged in a game, withdrawing and attacking in the battle of glances. "O Mukunda! When You are with Your friends why do You secretly glance at the lotus face of Radha? Don't be shy! When the bee of Your attractive glance meets the lotus of Radha's face everyone becomes bewildered."


When Krishna's friend Vasanta uttered this privately in a joking manner, Krishna increased His absorption in Radha's face. Krishna's left eye collided with His right eye, indicating some internal conflict: the desire to see Radha versus His hesitation because of the presence of the elders. Look friend! Previously the sakhis' eyes were like bees and Radha-Krishna's love was a lotus. Now look! The lotus is opening and the bees are flying quickly toward the lotus in bliss. "Radha! In this world You are the queen of all women. This is well known. Even for Your own pleasure do not make the slightest advances toward Krishna." Hearing this, Radha became stunned due to Her intense desires.